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Pulled Over

Woman's night with a rock star takes an intersting turn.
Pulled Over

By: Blmorticia

*Renee's thoughts

###Dream sequence

Seemingly, it took all night for the lights to go dim. I had sat through three bands I didn’t much care about waiting for the "boys" from Soul Metal to come on.

Unfortunately, I was the only one out of my circle of friends that attended the show. The other ladies were tied down with baby issues and work. So here I am, the same age as them, acting like a teenage groupie.

The lead singer caught my glimpse and winked. He looked to the side as if to say, “Where’s the rest of your crew?” My friends and I had seen and hung out with him a couple of times after shows. Only once, did we see the other members before they went girl chasing.

I acknowledged him and nodded as he got into his singing. Once the stage lights kicked in, I noticed all the members were dressed in black; all of them looked pretty attractive but only one could really hold my attention: JC. I was in heaven looking at his sandy brownish blond locks, gorgeous blue eyes, and six foot frame with fabulous biceps; his tattoos seemed to glow under the lights. Due to the heat in the venue, the sweat had already gathered on his forehead and his shirt stuck to his gorgeous chest.

After the last song, I stood there and cheered loudly for an encore. JC's eyes met mine and he summoned the bouncer to bring me backstage. As his eyes roamed to check me out from head to toe, he said hello and we introduced ourselves to each other . Once he shook my hand, he offered me a drink and we sat down. My heart raced and I felt goose bumps on my arms. When I looked at those marvelous pectorals under his shirt, my body temperature rose.

“So, I see you here at the show all the time but I been too shy to say anything," he said after he gulped the last of his whiskey.

A lump gathered in my throat as I heard those words. He wanted to talk to me?

Flirtingly, I batted my eyes and took a sip of my vodka cranberry. “Really, I’m flattered, I thought it was just me who's shy.”

He chuckled and continued telling me how interested he was. We chatted for about an hour before he invited me to leave the venue with him. It's now or never, Renee. Without hesitation, I accepted and we headed for the exit.

As soon as he grabbed my hand, immediately I felt the stares from countless, jealous girls everywhere. They were frowning and turning up their nose as if to say, Who’s that bitch he’s taking with him? or Who’s the black chick that’s leaving with him? I wished I could put my middle finger up at them but I ignored it and we walked out.

As we approached the parking lot, I felt the goose bumps still multiplying and the beads of sweat collecting in my palms. Once we came up to my car, I grabbed my keys out of my purse and reset the alarm. In the next aisle was a black Corvette that looked eerily similar to my car with the license plate "BASSMAN." Of course this hot man drives a Corvette.

"Of course a rockstar would drive a fast car like this." I smirked.

"Yeah, you know the saying; fast cars and fast women are part of the lifestyle," he said with a devilish grin.

If only he knew how fast I was or could be. I grinned back and accepted his hand to guide me into the front seat.

Within minutes, we sped out the parking lot away from the venue.

The car was quiet except for the music blaring from his car stereo. We hadn’t said a word for the last five minutes. The silence got to me so I swallowed hard then asked, “So where are we going?”

“I'm sorry, Renee, I really wanted to go someplace quiet so I was thinking my place… if that’s ok with you.”

His honesty and country tone was such a turn on. “Of course, JC. Wherever is comfortable for you."

He flashed that wicked grin again, "I thought that would be the perfect place for us to get better acquainted. I've had my eye on you for sometime Renee, I just couldn't find the right words to talk to you."

I don't mind babe, I will go wherever you take me. As he put his hand on top of mine, I smiled at him and looked out the window. He smiled back and turned his attention back to the road.

Within seconds we heard sirens behind us. Immediately, he pulled over as he glanced through the rear view mirror . The cop leaned in the window, nodded my direction, and asked for his license and registration.

He took it and went back to his squad car.

“That’s the only thing I don’t like about the country, the cops have nothing to do but stop people who are driving five miles over the speed limit. I’m sorry babe this is cutting into our time, we got all night though.”

“It’s ok it’s not your fault.”

It didn’t matter what was going on with that cop. All that mattered was I’m in his car; the man I have lusted after for some time now. JC got out the car once the cop pointed at the tires on his Corvette.

The officer tipped his cap at me and winked. I winked back and smiled. Mentally tired from tonight's events, I leaned back in the seat and closed my eyes.


Suddenly, I was behind the wheel of this same Corvette driving about ninety-five miles an hour. A squad car pulled out of nowhere behind me. However I didn’t stop, even going so far as to run a stop sign. Then a truck was backing out of a lot in front of me and I slammed on the brakes. The car screeched and stopped right before I could collide with the trailer.

“Shit.” I yanked my purse and pulled out my license and insurance. I looked out my side view mirror and saw a tall, slender cop with a tight uniform and shiny boots get out the car.

He drew his gun and yelled, “Get out the car now with your hands up!”

I opened the door and got out with my hands up as he demanded. Cautiously, he put his gun back in the holster and walked closer.

Still unaware of what kind of person he pulled over, he reached for his nightstick. “Miss lady who you runnin’ from, your boyfriend?”

The sight of him in that tight uniform and the size of both his "nightsticks" aroused me. I licked my lips and shook my hair to tease him. “Obviously I'm running from you officer friendly.”

“Really, but you were going ninety-five before I got behind you.” He snarled.

He put his nightstick back at his side and removed his glasses revealing those beautiful blue eyes. I noticed his hair was tied back in a ponytail. Confident that I distracted him from giving me a ticket, I smirked as he came face to face with me.

“Well Ms. Lady, I’m gonna ask ya’ to turn around so I can search ya’, standard procedure ya' know.”

Ooh yes, please search me. Slowly, I turned around, leaned against the car, and followed his orders.

I heard him step right behind me; felt his hands slide down my sides. As he inched my dress up, his hot breath was on my ear and his tongue tickled my earlobe. Instantly, I was wet when rubbed his crotch against my ass.

“Mmmhh…” He grinded me hard and pulled my thong around my knees. Surrendering, I put my hands on top of the car, inviting him to do what he wanted to me without saying a word.

“Mmm, Officer.” I cooed when he dipped his fingers in my wetness. Once I heard him unbuckling and unzipping his pants, I turned around slightly to catch a glimpse.

“Keep your eyes forward Ms. Lady.”

Obeying, I chuckled and turned back around. Then I closed my eyes and waited for him to penetrate me. After I heard the glorious sound of the condom wrapper, I felt his swollen cock in my ass. Enjoying his painful intrusion, I grit my teeth, clenched my fists and let him continue. Gradually, he pushed into me and continued to finger my cunt. I arched my back for him to get a better angle. The more he rammed into me, I became immune to the pain.

As I rose my head to be parallel with his, his breath was on my ear again; lightly he bit it sending shockwaves to my clit.

“Damn baby this feels good, I need to pull you over more often.”

I smiled and put my hand atop his hand that was fingering me. Close to climaxing, I wanted him to taste my juices so I pulled out his hand and put them to his mouth; he licked them without hesitation. As he started pumping faster, we heard screams and comments from passing cars. They fell on deaf ears because I knew both of us were ready to explode. I held on to the roof of the car and yelled out; my juices ran down my legs.

Heavily he breathed and wrapped his arm around my waist, “I’m comin’ baby are you ready?”

Through my heavy breaths, I nodded my head yes. Only a moment later, he forced me to lean forward on the car and he pulled out to come on my back.

Roughly, he turned me around and cupped my chin in his hand. Out of breath he said, “I’m gonna have to take you in Miss Lady.”

Still in a fog from the fuck I'd just received, I put my hands out so he could put the cuffs on my wrists. He clamped them on then put himself back together. Quickly, he kissed me and led me to the squad car. Once he opened the back door, I climbed in and waited to see what he'd do next. He closed the door then picked up his phone to make a call.

Despite the seriousness of this moment, I was still horny and wanted the officer to take me. With my hands still in the cuffs, I used my thumb to push my thong down to my ankles. I kicked it off then spread my legs wide so use one of my hands to finger myself. The coldness of the cuffs sent tingles up my spine and my clit. I leaned back a little and watched the officer as I slid my finger in and out of my wet pussy.

In moments, a tow truck pulled up in front of my car. As he went to meet the driver, I shook because I was ready to cum again. I gritted my teeth and patted my mound as the liquid drenched the seat. Minutes later he got back in the car and put the key in the ignition. He looked through the rearview and turned around to look at me. Hungrily, he licked his lips and reached over to stroke my pierced clit. Once he noticed I wet his backseat, he flashed a wicked grin and rubbed my inner thigh.

"Shit, you are sumthin' lady, I can't take ya' to the station without gettin' me sum more first!"

I returned that wicked grin and guided his hand on my clit. Turned on by my sexual appetite, he turned back around and backed the car up off the highway into a wooded area.

“Don’t worry about your Vette’ Ms., it’s in good hands.”

I didn't care one bit about my car right now. Ready for him again, I nodded and put my cuffed hands out towards him. He climbed in the back seat with me and pulled my legs off the floor to spread them wide.

"Lie back baby, I gotta taste you!"

As he asked, I lay back on the seat and raised my restrained hands over my head. Patiently, I waited for him while he raised my dress up to my neck and pushed my bra up to reveal my breasts. Aroused again, I writhed as he teased my taut nipples with his tongue. My body was on fire as he continued to plant soft bites and kisses on my body. Aching for his tongue to be between my legs, I grabbed his hair and broke the rubber band around the ponytail.

While I rubbed his head, I pushed it down between my thighs. Teasing me, he licked my slit slightly and fucked me with his tongue. Just as I was about to scream out...


I woke and the scene changed. Still not fully alert, I looked in the driver’s seat and he wasn’t there.

I looked in the rearview and saw him still talking to the cop. They shook hands and he came back to the car.

“Jesus, that cop was annoying and nosy. I can't believe we just stood out there twenty minutes talking about this damn car."

Now concerned I sat up straight and looked into his eyes. “Is everything ok?”

“Yep, he claims he was looking for a black car just like this one. I guess he ran my plates and license before he figured out it wasn’t me they were looking for.”

“Did he give you a ticket?”

“No, he just gave me a warning.”

Lovingly, I stretched out my arms and hugged him tight. The moisture between my legs caused me to make the first move. I took his face into my hands and kissed him long and hard. As he accepted my kiss, he offered his tongue, which I quickly took. Once we broke our embrace he smiled but didn't utter a word. Seeing that I wanted him, he slid his hand between my legs while I put my hand on his crotch. We kissed again, this time slower.

Again we broke our kiss and I couldn't take anymore; I opened my door, got out the car, and walked around to open his door. Immediately, he got out and closed it.

Just as the officer did to me I pushed him against the car. With my body directly against his, I engulfed his lips and groped him. He put his hands on my sides and hiked my skirt up just enough to slip his hands on my ass. Quickly, I pulled my thong down to my ankles and kicked it off. With all my might, I turned him around so I could lean against the car and he would face me. Surprised by my move, his eyes bulged, smile was huge.

“You want it here, right now?”

I nodded and unzipped his pants. Hurriedly, I pushed them down to his knees stroking his cock.

“Yes baby, right here, right now!"

Still shocked by my brashness, he raised an eyebrow and grinned. Even though he was taken aback by my desire to fuck, he pulled his wallet out, got the condom, and handed it to me. I opened it and slipped it on as I pressed my lips on top of his. While I wrapped my arms around his neck, he grabbed my leg and put it around his waist.

Once inside, he crushed himself into me and we started to rock the car. Seemingly, his cock grew the more he pushed. I stroked his hair till I loosened the ponytail. To pull me closer he leaned on my shoulder and gripped my ass .

I licked his earlobe and breathed into his ear. "God, you feel so good JC, I have waited forever for this."

As we continued breathing heavily, I opened my eyes and saw Officer Friendly less than twenty feet away in the nearby bush close to the highway. Turned on by his presence, I looked into his pretty blues and winked. He nodded, licked his lips, and continued to observe.

Only a moment passed and we both came; me a bit harder since only I knew we were being watched. Maybe Officer Friendly is trying to learn something for the next time he pulls me over.

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