pushed to the point of naked

By pinestate

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I awoke to the sound of a frog, croaking outside of my window and the warm sunrays against my face. My phone, which lay on my nightstand, began vibrating out of control, working its way to the edge. Stretching my arm out from the comfort of my bed I reached to grab it before it fell to the floor. The little screen said I had a missed call from a buddy that I was hitting the town with later on.

Crawling out from my bed I drearily made way to the bathroom. The cool air made my body shiver. I quickly started the shower and turned on the music. While waiting for things to heat up I made my way to the living area, logging in to my favorite social networking sites. Same usual drawl. A smile appeared on my face as I received a ‘poke’ from a familiar friend that I had grown accustomed to over recent weeks. [new part start] she had just posted her first story and I clicked on the link and began to read. it was a very erotic but my time was short and the shower was ready. the story had already taken its toll and I was very horny stepping into the shower. the water had a whole new feeling like hands running over my body. my body started to drift it to a dirty haze.[new part finsh]

The sound of my phone vibrated loudly from my bedroom, wrapping myself in a towel I ran to answer it. This time it wasn’t the buddy from before it was my good friend Maggie. I haven’t thought about her in many nights and the things that run through my mind when she is around can only be described as deeply pornographic. My finger couldn’t hit the green button fast enough when her pretty face popped up on the screen.

"Good morning miss Maggie,” I cheerily said.

"Wow Chris. Tom has tried to be getting hold of you all morning,” she said with a slight giggle in her voice.

We went on talking about what we had planned for the day and then I found out she would be joining us on the night out in a very busy tourist town in Maine.

I pictured her dressed for the night out and my mind began to wander. I was so lost in thought I forgot I was on the phone and was snapped back by the sound of her saying my name. We said our goodbyes and I went on with finding the clothes to wear out tonight.

My excitement for the evening ahead was evident in how slow the day was going. I carried on with the mundane tasks of the day when suddenly there was a knock on my front door.

A pair of long legs and pretty face biting the corner of her lip quickly found me. She had walked in on me just pulling my shirt over my head. I thought I might have just seen her biting her lip in my head as I slide my shirt over my chest but it could have been my mind playing with me.

She greeted me with a hug and she felt amazing pressed against me in her short skirt and v cut top. We made our way to the car and off to the bar we went. It was a tight fit in the car with five of us jammed in. I was in the back behind the driver and she was in the middle. She being a tall girl had long legs that needed to go somewhere and I offered my lap to her. My hands resting on her calf and my fingers making small swirls along her leg. I know I’m a tease and I enjoy every minute of it. A couple times she shifted and gave me a little nudge along the inside of my leg. I think I was just over thinking things but secretly hoping I was turning her on with my flirting.

The drinks were soon flowing, shot after shot. My head was soon feeling light and the atmosphere was electric. It must have been the whisky-fuelled feeling that drove me to grab Maggie by the hand and drag her to the dance floor. Her hips moved to the music. Her slim body was pressed hard against me. She had an amazing look in her eyes which gave me the signs to know it was safe move my hands over her very sexy body.

As the song was ending, Maggie grabbed hold of my belt buckle and led me off the dance floor and back to our table. She pulled me close and whispered in my ear that I should come with her out side for a smoke. She seductively swayed her hips; memorized by this sight I could not look anywhere else. Her curvaceous ass, pert and tight in her short skirt made my cock ache in my jeans.

I followed her swaying ass as she walked down the path towards the beach. My cock throbbed in my jeans. The cool sea air was perfect. We stumbled upon a bench under a dimly light streetlight. I moved my hand up her arm and down along her side. My hand stopped with my fingers just slipping in to the top of her skirt along the small of her back. I smiled as she let out a low moan, knowing that I had found a sensitive spot. Her ass was pressed against the back of the bench. Wrapping her legs around my waist her white panties were pressing against the ever increasing bulge in my pants. We kissed passionately; her tongue was working against mine. I pulled her off the bench, and turned her around, there in all of its glory was that perfect ass. I slowly pulled up her skirt; my cock throbbing as I slowly unveiled it. Like a delicate gift at Christmas. It was so amazing; I could feel precum oozing from the tip of my growing cock. Her white panties clung tightly to it. As she leaned forward and grabbed the back of the bench, there was a visible wet patch on her slit. I began to work my finger against her slit, through her wet panties. Her moans and groans were increasing. I slowly pulled down her panties so she was fully exposed. Her wanting hole, throbbing as I pushed my finger deep inside of her, slowly finger fucking her. I began to increase in response to her screams.

Maggie looked amazing as she bucked on my fingers, rubbing her hard little clit. I could feel her pussy contracting as her juices squirted all over my fingers. I turned her around and sucked my fingers to taste how good she was.

Reeling from her orgasm she got on her knees in front of me. Looking up at me with her cock hungry eyes she frantically began to pull the belt from my jeans. My throbbing cock immediately sprang free from my boxers. Maggie looked up at me as she took it straight in to her mouth like a pro and went as deep as she could until she gagged just a little. Her eyes looking up at me were so sexy and the sound of her working her fingers in and out of her pussy almost made me reach my climax.

As much as I loved her working my cock with her talented mouth, I couldn’t neglect her pussy any longer. Pulling my cock from her mouth I lay her down on to the grass next to the bench and moved my head down along her inner leg kissing my way to her pussy, sucking on her lips and tasting her sweet pussy covered in her own juices. Taking her hands she pushed my face deeper into her pussy, I began devouring and sucking on her swollen clit. Her hips once again bucking as she began to reach her second climax of the evening. Her pussy juices tasted divine on my wanting tongue. Without further hesitation I pushed my hard cock deep inside of her aching slit. Our bodies writhing as we fuck hard and fast on the cool grass. Her pussy contracting, tightening around my hard shaft. Kissing her neck I can feel my own orgasm building up inside of me. I ask her where she wants my cum. Positioning herself in her earlier stance, Maggie bends over the bench; putting one leg up on the bench she exposes herself fully to me.

‘Fuck my ass’, she whispered

Without hesitation I work the tip of my cock into her wanting ass. With a wince I take it slow until she has me half way inside of her. She starts to work it back and forth until she has the whole length in side of her self. I could feel my self getting very close to cumming and with a couple hard deep thrusts I let loose what feels like the biggest load I have had in a long time deep into her ass.

The walk back was fast and full of giggles and wandering hands. The rest of the group we found around the car patting Tom on the back while he throws up behind the car. Assisting Tom inside of the back seat, Maggie and I exchange cheeky glances.

I woke to another message the following morning from my buddy Tom saying "sorry if I threw up on either of you in the back! When I cleaned out the car there was a wet stain in the back seat".

I can’t wait to go out again next week!