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Pushing Limits

Reese and gin play in public.
We walked in the club, it was dark and private. It was my suggestion to take things up a notch. I was testing his kink, and my own. Could we do something so out of character? Could we not only watch public sex, but could we be brave enough to participate? I knew the answer was yes to both. If the environment allowed for it, I believed that public sex would always be a option for us, once we got over the fear of the first time.

We had reached a point in our lives where we were no longer attached in any longterm relationship. We were young and sexually open. We had lust for each other and a emotional connection that could make us feel like the only two people in a sold out arena. With only eyes for each other, the background noises and faces faded away. The colors ran in our peripheral vision when our eyes locked, like somebody threw paint thinner on the walls of a art gallery.

We attended a well known San Francisco club that included a play dungeon during a night when there was a masquerade theme. We liked that we could wear masks and feel more comfortable and anonymous.

I wore a short black figure hugging dress with red trim and red ruffles at the hem. In addition, I wore black fishnet stocking, black garter, blood red lace thong, five inch high heels and no bra. Reese wore a dark suit.

We both wore matching black and red satin masks. Reese's mask was black with red accents and mine had a bright red Gothic rose on one side.

We both agreed that we would only go so far. We would stay together, we would watch others play, we would play with each other, but not participate beyond that.

We navigated the corridor like walkway and stopped at each dark alcove to see what the scene going on was.

In the first, there was a young girl kneeling on the floor with only a g-string and a pink collar with leash attached. She wore no mask.

A man in a expensive business suit and plain black leather eye mask, sat on a red lacquered wooden stool. Her owner, a tall older man with salt and pepper hair in a equally nice suit, stood on the side holding her leash. He wore a emerald Venetian style mask.

He gave her the nod to service the man sitting on the stool. She crawled over slowly and seductively, with her ass swaying, her training was very apparent. Her owner smiled with pride. The seated man leaned forward to get a better view. When she reached the man's feet, she used her head to nudge his legs apart. He obliged. She put her hands on his knees and looked up at him innocently with her lips parted. He leaned towards her, his face next to hers. He ran his hands down his thighs until they sat on top of hers. He angled his mouth to hers and she quickly looked at her owner for direction. He nodded again. She turned back and accepted the man's deep sensuous kiss. After a few minutes of kissing, the owner yanked gently on her leash to break the kiss, as he did not want this intimate act to take away from the more intimate act she still had to perform.

When their lips parted, a slick stream of saliva hung still connecting them. The man on the stool sat up tall and smiled at her owner.

"She tastes wonderful," he said with a grin.

"Pet?" the tall man spoke softly.

She turned and look up at him.

"Service this gentleman like you have been trained," he said.

She smiled at him and turned back to the sitting man with the same sexy smile. She unzipped his trousers and pulled them, and his boxers, down to his feet. The sitting man's erection sprang free and even from the distance where we stood, the glistening head was apparent.

She teased the man's cock with her tongue, flicking it around the ultra sensitive head. Swirling, kissing and sucking, she expertly cleaned the head before diving in. The man groaned when she took him completely in her mouth and into her throat. She stayed there awhile breathing through her nose so she could keep his hard-on nestled deep in her throat. Her eyes searched his face for pleasure. She flexed her throat muscles to softly milk him, while she continued to breath through her nose. Her tongue must have been moving around his shaft in her mouth because the man was moaning louder.

Reese, who like me had been standing frozen, just trying to get over the initial shock of watching a public sex act, pulled on my hand. I turned towards him and he reached for the back of my hair and twisted it roughly in his fist. He did not take his eyes off the scene in front if us while he did this.

He slowly pulled my head back and then turned towards me. He placed his mouth over mine and sucked. The lust and desperation in his kiss was dizzying. He needed my affection, his pet's affection, to relieve the pressure and excitement that had built up while watching the other owner's submissive service the sitting man. He wanted my services, but only for himself. He was not interested in sharing me, nor would he ever.

Reese released my mouth from his, and led me down the corridor by the hand. He was desperate to find a spot for us. It was our turn to provide a show.

He found a empty alcove that had a single metal folding chair. He sat on the chair, pulled me on to his lap, where I straddled him. His hands on my face, he pulled me in for a kiss. I wrapped my hands around his wrists like I was hand cuffing myself to him.

I felt the bulge in his pants when I sat in his lap. The longer we kissed, the larger the bulge felt. Having our sexual parts so close, separated by really only the thin fabric of his pants and my thong was excruciating. His hands slid underneath my dress and yanked at my panties. I stood up slowly not stopping our kiss. I used one hand to slide my panties off and began to sit back down on his lap. His hands moved to my outer thighs were he pushed my dress up in the opposite direction when I sat back down.

He stopped kissing me so he could push my knees apart and look at me. I instinctually brought my hands down to cover myself, feeling shy in a public space, but Reese swatted my hands away roughly. He always would do this to me. Anytime I would move my hands in the way of what he wanted, he would swat them away expressionless.

He reached over to gently pull my breasts out from the low cut halter front of my dress. He gave them each a slight tug and they spilled out under the pull of gravity. I was very much exposed and feeling a little braver, I leaned back to give him a better view of what was his.

There was one man standing at the entrance of the alcove watching. He wore a simple gold mask. I could only make out his mouth. His expression did not change when I looked at him. He seemed like he may be a regular and perhaps we were, in his opinion, a pretty mild mannered couple.

A dungeon monitor walked by to make sure we were not breaking any rules and continued on.

I suddenly felt self-conscious and scared. Reese sensed this and grabbed my face and pulled it close to his and we stared at each other. "It's just us Gin," he said softly and kissed me.

He removed his mask in a show of confidence, and I too removed my mask to show my trust in him. I let the mask fall to the ground so I could focus only on my Dom.

In each other's eyes, we were alone. We had experienced this many times before. Sitting at a coffee shop talking with each other, we would be transported to a table in the middle of a open field were nobody else was around. I would be locked and transfixed by Reese's stare. It was hard to look away because I did not want to miss any of what was really going on behind those eyes. I needed desperately to catch those glimpses of what he was really feeling.

He was mostly reserved around me, so the primal part of him lay hidden. But in his eyes, like a child exploring that same open field we sat in, I searched around tracing the ground hoping for something of value to catch the sun rays, reflect and draw my attention.

He would ramble on about life and I would nod my head and make small gestures indicating I was listening, all the while I studied his face. The fine straight bridge of his nose, strong jawline, the blue eyes with pupils that always seemed a bit dilated like he was wanting to take in more light than was in the room, his perfectly white teeth and tan skin. I observed how he would suddenly gasp and grin wide like a child when something excited him that we were discussing. I noted the thin skin of his hands and how his knuckles would turn white when he made a fist. These same hands I would hold in my own, comparing the texture, tone and color. My soft fair hands with long fingers and manicured nails against his hardened and unmanicured hands.

I wanted to always be in contact with him. Wanted him to know I was near. In a public setting I would reach for his hands. Sometimes I would distract him with my touch. He would be thrown off and stop the rambling to look at me with a puzzled look. I detected something else was on his mind. Had nobody paid attention to the details like me before? Was he not worth me attending to all the details?

I was fascinated about the man in front of me whom, like myself, was evolving slowly when we were apart, and more rapidly when together. We were feeding off of each other. The Dominant and the submissive. Our true characters would surface shallowly in everyday life, but in private it would erupt into a powerful display. Like a display that was unfolding in the club.

Reese pulled out a small flog from his coat pocket. Still sitting straddled on his lap, he gently ran it over my breasts and circled each nipple.

"Tongue out," he commanded.

I did as told. He then ran the flog across my mouth so I could taste the leather. I took a deep inhale also, and noted that he had dabbed his cologne on the leather. That smell drove me wild and I was more aroused than I thought possible.

The flog was pulled away from my mouth abruptly and he retracted it over his shoulder. He paused to measure the force he wanted to deliver. I pushed my chest forward to indicate I was ready and willing for whatever he wanted. For whatever pleased him.

He brought the flog down hard on my breasts. I yelled out in pain. The man watching us shifted his stance. Again Reese flogged me hard. I yelled louder. The staring man's chest was visibly rising and falling now. We had stirred something in the observer. Reese did not look at the man, but I knew he was aware that the show we were putting on was causing a visible reaction. He continued to flog my chest and then moved down to my pussy.

"Stand up," Reese barked at me.

I stood up immediately. He got up from the chair and had me switch places with him. I started to sit in the chair when he corrected me.

"Kneel on the chair facing away," he commanded.

I did as I was told and knelt on the chair with Reese behind me. Without warning, he reached under me and inserted two fingers in my pussy. He pulled my behind up, by my sex so my ass was in the air and my face was pitched forward into the seat of the chair. I turned my head so I could fit more comfortable in the chair. My head was now facing the observer. A second man was now standing with him.

With my ass propped up high, and crotch level with Reese, he now had me where he wanted. He took the reverse end of the flog and tapped it around my pussy. He got close to my entrance but would pull the handle away to tease me.

He would alternate between starting to insert the handle in me then pulling it out. I whimpered when he would pull it out. I was so wet and so exposed to the two strangers that I couldn't help but be excited. Reese noted my excitement and brought his mouth to my pussy and inserted his tongue. This took me by surprise and I let out a moan. He expertly lapped up my juices with loud smacking noises.

I eyed the three men now in the entrance to the alcove, who were watching with enjoyment. The first observer was gently rubbing his crotch on the outside of his pants. This excited me even more. The thought of these men standing there watching me exposed with my cunt on display was something I had never imagined. I was doing this for Reese. I was his property and if he wanted to expose me in this way, that was his right.

Reese stood up after taking a few more bites of his pet's snatch. He brought the handle to my mouth so I could devour my own juices. I sucked the handle dry and Reese showed his approval with a soft, "Good girl."

He then flipped the handle away from him, so he could concentrate on the leather straps which he moistened with his tongue. He spent time properly wetting the straps before he stepped back and took a underhanded grip on the handle and paused.

I waited not knowing when he would hit me.

Smack! The flog leather, wet with Reese's saliva, hit hard against my pussy.

"Fuck yes!!" I yelled out unexpectedly.

The pain was incredible, then it was quickly followed by a rush of endorphins. The pain subsided and I was dizzy with pleasure. He hit me again harder and I was not able to hold my voice and screamed louder. The observers shuffled to the side when the monitor walked by and took a peak in at us.

He asked me softly if I was consenting and I said I was. He walked away and the men shuffled back to their original position.

Reese continued his onslaught. He abused His pussy, because simply put, he could. He liked when my pussy lips were swollen, so he was paying careful attention to strike them head on.

He leaned in to ask if I was okay, and I whispered weakly, "Yes."

By this point, I had come already several times. It was impossible for me not to with the rush of pain and pleasure from his assault. I had composed a beautiful song with my screams.

I heard him put the flog down and unbuckle his belt. Oh sweet Jesus, how I loved that sound.

Reese dropped his boxers and pants. I heard a wrapper opened. Rules in the dungeon were condoms were mandatory, so Reese slipped one on. He gently entered me from behind, while I remained in the same position on the chair. He grabbed my hips and began to thrust in and out.

Reese looked down and watched himself enter and exit me with immense pleasure. I was so swollen that I engulfed his cock with my sensitive folds. I moaned while watching the men watching me getting fucked. They were rubbing their cocks and looking lustily at me. But they would never have me. I was Reese's pet, and my body was only for his pleasure. Reese does not share.

I felt his grip tighten and his pace quicken. He came inside me with a loud and joyful grunt. My eyes never left the observers. I wanted to see every ounce of their want during the act. I came while watching them.

Reese removed the condom and placed it in the specific canister for bio waste and pulled up his pants. He helped me off the chair and pulled my dress down. I grabbed my underwear and placed it in my purse. I did not forget our masks. They were souvenirs to a incredible initiation.

As we walked out of the alcove, I felt empowered and bold so I blew a kiss to the observers and smiled. I was positive our performance would be in their dreams that night and beyond.

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