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Redfaced in a Mint Green Blouse

Too sheer w/o a bra...
I had taken a part time job at the mall's jewelry store to help pay school expenses. I grew to like it and they found me a natural saleswoman. 

My manager was quite open to my ideas and also quite forgiving with some of my actions. The dress code for example required professionalism. Which meant stylish, yet conservative. I was given more latitude than the other girls since my sales were always high. He knew my teasing outfits did bring in the guys but he also wanted to protect the store's image. Needless to say I was always pushing the limits. Not always on purpose but just because of a difference of opinion between him and me. Too short, too tight, too low cut, too sheer or my favorite... 'too cold in here for that'

The other girls who worked there didn't complain since my taste in clothes was not theirs. We were all great friends and teased and taunted but never were mean-spirtited in their comments. Often we went for drinks and partied together. 

I found this absolutely gorgeous mint green sheer blouse while visiting a GF the week before. When I tried it on I knew I could never wear it without a bra; well I could but not many public places. When I say sheer I mean see-thru as in my areolas were clearly visible, not just slightly. I showed it to the girls at work and my boss too. He shook his head and started to ask if I was going to wear that to work. I told him the girls and I were going to buy a matching bra on our lunch break. He seemed relived he didn't have to put his foot down AGAIN!

"You might want to consider a camisole or slip too?"

I smiled and told him 'sure' but didn't mean it. 
Off we went to shop but could only find a front snap bra that matched the mint green color and it matched fabulously too. Sadly it was one size too small. I never owned a front snap bra before but decided to give it a go since I was dying to wear the blouse. It was opaque and full coverage and hugged my tits very snuggly.

Saturday was a Promo Day and we were busy as heck. I wore my blouse with the bra of course and a navy skirt and navy scarf. My manager thought my sheer blouse was borderline acceptable but we were busy and there was no time for me to go home to change.

This really handsome guy in a suit came in and asked for my help. I sensed he was a big spender so I turned on the charm. And maybe flirted a little. He was trying to find something perfect for his mom. Couldn't make up his mind so I was forever getting trays out from under the showcases to show him more choices.

I had two trays on the counter and bent to get another. When I stood up "POP GOES MY BRA", unsnapped with each cup going to the sides of my breasts. So there I was with a tray in each hand, two on the counter and my nipples completely in full view. I couldn't leave right away because of the jewelry on the counter. No one could come to my rescue since we were all busy. 
So there I stood blushing red and trying to be modest and professional at the same time. He acted like he didn't notice... like that was possible. Didn't say one word.

"I will be right back as soon as I take care of a small emergency."

I put away the trays and hurried to the office. I didn't trust the snap anymore and could not find a safety pin to save my life. I found a vest behind the door and decided it was my only choice. 
I returned to my customer and he acted like it was no big deal. Made the sale but it needed sizing so he left his business card so I could phone him.

I found out his chain would be done earlier than expected and so I called him. 
He thanked me and said "I know you had a horrible incident today and thought you might appreciate a drink after work to relax. I feel I sort of caused it by not making up my mind. Join me?"

I was pleasingly surprised and first said no then called him back and agreed.

My boss was curious why I was wearing the vest but said it was more tasteful, then laughed shockingly when I told him what happened. He gave that 'I told you so' look regarding my attire.
I took off the ill-fitting bra but did wear the vest for modesty when I met the guy. Had to wear something! We sat at a table off to the side in the crowded bar. After two martinis and small talk I was getting really relaxed with him.

While taking a bathroom break, one of the girls there asked "Why are you still wearing your company's work vest?" 
I had kinda forgotten and replied "Tacky I know but..." 
I opened the vest to show her how sheer my blouse was. 
She smiled "Trust me girl you won't be out of place in this bar!"

So while looking in the mirror I took off my vest and thought 'OMG this was so risque!' but what the heck and walked back to the table. He watched me walk toward him and smiled approvingly. 
"I was told my vest was tacky and I figured you already saw 'my girls' like this in the store so what the heck."

He finally admitted he found it hard NOT to stare at my exposed nipples in the store. Others in the bar noticed me and I kept seeing eyes watching me.

I got pretty drunk and flirty and made a few more bathroom trips trying to coyly cover my girls bouncing along. I needed a ride home so my knight offered and I accepted. My roommate was gone. I usually don't fuck on a first date and this wasn't really even a date but one thing lead to another and his hands were all over my girls and my blouse almost came off. It was not like I had anything left to hide.
I never bought another matching bra for that blouse but did wear it a few times, just never to work, except under a vest or sweater!

He became a regular, and a repeat customer at the store too!

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