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Roadtrip (Part 1)

Tags: toys, collar,
He takes her on a road trip... and they have a little fun.
His name is Draigen. He’s the one who guides me sexually to each and every climax.

He speaks to me when I shut down the computer. His voice is like silk chocolate; warm and inviting. I feel his gaze as it travels down my body; it gently caresses me, causing goose bumps to rise. I shiver and his smile grows. From his pocket he pulls out my collar, and I kneel automatically in front of him, so he can clasp it around my neck.

I hear the familiar click and his hands linger on my shoulders a few seconds longer. I was instantly aroused when he brought my collar out, and now that feeling is heightened by his lingering touch. All too soon, his hands fall away from me and he turns to the nightstand to retrieve the tools of delicious pain and devious pleasure.

I keep my head bowed, looking at the floor, until he tells me to choose two tools to work with. I take a look at what is laid out on the bed, and quickly choose my two favorites – purple suction dildo and the tiny pink vibe. He instructs me to put the rest back into the nightstand and then to get dressed, without panties, and await further instructions… then he leaves the room while I do what was asked.

I shiver with excitement when he returns to the bedroom, my leash in one hand and the car keys in the other. He unbuttons my jeans and pushes them down to my knees. He takes the purple dildo and inserts it into my pussy, and places the pink vibe on my clit. Then he pulls my jeans back up and fastens them. He pushes the vibe button, and I gasp and jolt, and he knows it’s positioned right.

He smiles, and instructs me to walk through the house to the front door. My legs feel weak from the tingle on my clit and the dildo rubbing my pussy as I walk. When we get to the door, he cranks up the vibe, and the added speed makes me catch my breath and freeze in place. He puts his hand in the small of my back and gently propels me forward out the door. He locks it behind us, then guides me to the car's driver's side, opens the door, then turns off the vibe. He motions me to sit, then closes my door and goes to the passenger's side and gets in.

“Don’t cum until I say it’s okay, and don’t get your jeans wet.” I start the engine, adjust the mirrors and ask where he wants to go. “Just follow instructions… we’ll know when we get there. Take the back road out to the highway.”

I turn onto the gravel road and he turns the vibe back on, on the low setting, but it’s enough. I jolt in the seat, but manage to keep control of the car. I’m going fairly slow, there are a lot of bumps because of the gravel. I feel the dildo pushing further inside me as I’m bumping down the road. The vibe is still against my clit, and I’m so wet and fast approaching an orgasm.

He watches me, and I’m concentrating on staying on the road and not cumming. He tells me to slow even more, as there are no other cars on this road, and then to slide front to back in my seatbelt and hump the dildo. He reminds me not to wet my jeans and not to cum until he says I can, or there will be consequences.

I nod my understanding, my hands gripping the steering wheel even tighter, as I hump the dildo and the vibe moves against my tingling clit; every bump in the road adding another level to the sensations. The seatbelt making me feel strapped down, as I arch against it while I rock back and forth. I moan my pleasure, and he reaches over and takes hold of my collar.

“Did you cum?”

“No, but I’m too close to stop it if I keep going like this…” I half-moan-half-breathe at him; he stops the vibe. “Thank you,” I say. He tells me to keep humping the dildo.

As we come to the main highway he says I can stop humping, and instructs me to drive toward town. As I take the turn, he reaches between my legs and feels my jeans’ crotch; it’s wet… so wet that his fingers feel sticky when he pulls them away.

“Did you cum?” His voice is like knives and darkness, and his expression is one of disappointment. I tell him no, because I haven’t – I can still feel it building. “Then why are your jeans wet?”

“Because I’m so turned on, and well lubricated. Honest, I haven’t had an orgasm –yet.” I plead with my eyes for him not to be mad with me. I couldn’t help it, he was teasing me so bad, and I was getting so excited.

“Remember I told you not to get your jeans wet? Remember I told you there would be consequences if you did?” He watches and I feel my face fall because I know that I’ve disappointed him. “Okay, I can’t let this go unpunished. At this light, I want you to remove everything – the dildo and the vibe, and refasten your pants. If you can’t follow my rules, you can’t use my toys.”

The light is red and I do as asked, taking the vibe out first, then the purple dildo. A truck pulls up beside us, into the turn lane. Draigen nods toward the truck, a huge smile playing across his face. I look to see what he's nodding to and I see that I have the rapt attention of the three guys inside the truck. They are all watching me as I take the dildo out. He tells me to clean the toys off and hands me a wipe. The light turns green for the turn lane and the truck goes with the rest of the turning traffic. When I finish cleaning the toys, our light has turned green as well.

As we continue our trip to town, he rests his hand on my neck, just below my collar. He isn’t mad after all, I understand now. I’d disobeyed and I must be punished, but he is being fair about it. He squeezes my neck, almost a massage, and I can feel his excitement at what has just happened.

As we get into town, he reaches down and unbuttons my shirt, then pulls my bra down so my breasts are exposed to passing traffic. He moves his hand over first one then the other breast, squeezing each in turn.

My attention is brought to what he is doing and I feel my nipples harden and my breasts become heavier. He instructs me to turn into a store and park, and when I do he bends his head and sucks a nipple.

When he has filled his desire for that, he pulls my clothing back into place and tells me I can adjust it for comfort, then we go inside the store. He buys things for a picnic – ready-made food and drinks, silverware and the like.

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