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Rooftop sex - NEW extended version

Snuck in to swingers party... we made our way up the stairs to the private "red and white" party, my heart started beating faster, not because of the trek up the stairs, but because of the swinger's party we had managed to slip into. The erotic music playing in the background was becoming louder as we got closer to the rooftop overlooking the Mile High City skyline. The lights of the city twinkling in the background provided an amazing backdrop to the 80 degree evening.

My first sight upon reaching the rooftop was a beautifully tanned girl in a short red dress, and black high heels being fondled by a handsome and slightly muscular man's hands. Next to them appeared to be her partner, or husband, lifting the back of her dress, to give the unknown man, more access. My wife (Melissa) nudged me, as if to say...can you believe we are here, and this is really happening! I gave her a coy smile in return, then promptly made my way over to the rooftop bar to order us some stiff martinis, as she stood with the friends we snuck in with. After keeping to ourselves and watching couples become more playful with every drink, we began mingling with a few other couples who assumed we were in the swinger 'lifestyle', Playing along with the assumption, Melissa started rubbing my erect cock through my pants, which prompted a new found female friend (Lisa) to join her in gently massaging me, too.

I could not believe this was happening to me! I gazed around to find the couple we came with so they could join in the fun. I saw our female friend on top of her boyfriend, humping him with her dress up around her waist, showing off her red thong panties. Just then, I felt my zipper come down and my Melissa gingerly pulling out my erect cock. She then takes it in her mouth while nudging our new friend Lisa over to her so they could take turns engulfing my cock. It was then we decided to go to one of the private rooms set up for the evening.

My lovely wife tells me to undress as both girls disrobed, leaving only their red thigh high stockings and high heels on. Within seconds Melissa was behind me, feeding my straining penis to Lisa. After a few minutes, I felt my body nearing a powerful orgasm. My wife sensing this, tells me to "cum in her mouth, baby!" I hear Lisa moan and say "let me taste you." That's all I needed to hear. I tightened my ass, grabbed her by the shoulders and began to pump my hot load past her beautiful red lips and into her eager mouth. After I gave her all the cum I had, my wife kneeled next to her and began kissing her and licking my cum off her lips as it was dripping out of her mouth.

I was delirious with what had just happened, so I sat down on the brown leather couch nearby and watched my wife and her new girlfriend continue to kiss. After a few minutes they made their way to the bathroom, I'm assuming, to wash my cum off their faces and freshen up a bit.

When they returned, they picked up where they had left off and before long, Lisa was laying my wife down on the leather couch and pulling her panties down and past her high heels, then smiling, tossed them to me and said she won't need these for a while. She wasted no time spreading my wife's legs apart, licking the inside of her beautiful and firm thighs, then began circling her wet, juicy pussy.

After a few moments, Lisa used both of her index fingers, opened Melissa's beautiful pussy lips and inserted her warm, wet tongue inside. My wife had her legs wrapped around her friend and was grinding her hips to take in as much of Lisa's tongue as she could, as she was running her hands through Lisa's, curly blond hair. After about 10 minutes of this amazing sight, my wife began moaning harder, breathing faster and her beautiful cleavage had a few tiny beads of sweat forming. Just then she let out a loud gasp, "oh fuck, I am gonna cum!" Her body began to shake and trembled for 30 seconds or more as Lisa continued to lick her pussy and rub her silky smooth legs at the same time.

Melissa leaned towards her new friend and began softly kissing her on the lips. Lisa loved this intimacy Melissa was returning. They embraced tighter and my wife whispered into her ear..."now its your turn, sweetie!"

Eager to not have this beautiful symphony of lust stop any time soon, I handed each of them their drinks. My wife took a drink of her Cosmopolitan Martini and Lisa had a taste of her vodka & tonic. Like a horny waiter, I had them me give their drinks so they could get back to more important business.

Melissa kissed Lisa, laid her back on the leather couch. She then proceeded to take down Lisa's hot pink Victoria's Secret panties down, move them over her ankles and black high heels and tossed them over to me, just like Lisa did earlier. So there I was, both sets of panties in my lap and my amazing wife about to taste her some beautiful blond pussy! Melissa started by rubbing Lisa's athletic calves, then slowly made her way up to her slightly muscular thighs. She kissed and massaged her thighs for a bit, then reached under her and started rubbing Lisa's tight ass.

By this time, Lisa was desperate for Melissa to eat her pussy, so she put her hands on my wife's head and said, "please lick my pussy, I can't stand it any more!" With her hands still under Lisa, she held onto her ass and dove straight towards her just waxed pussy. She began flicking her tongue across her erect clit then entered her pussy just under the hood. She repeated this over and over again, until Lisa began to quiver and mumble "...ohhhhhhh....ohhhhhh...right there sweetie!"

I looked up at Lisa's perky breast's and was amazed at how hard her nipples were. They looked like gumdrops they stuck out so far. My eyes made it back down to her pussy and watched as my wife continued to lick the her engorged clit. Now Lisa was nearing the point of no return, She moaned deeply, taking shallow breaths and began to cum uncontrollably. "yessssss baby, don't stop...ohhhhhhh yea!

She came for what seemed like an eternity, then her muscles slowly began to relax until her arms rolled off my wife. She looked up at Melissa and said "oh baby, that was amazing!" They kissed, grabbed their dresses and Victoria's Secret bra and panties and headed to the girls room to freshen up, AGAIN.

Oh, the night wasn't over....keep an eye out for the next chapter of "Rooftop Sex" - Denver, CO
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