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Roomates, Part 2: Witnesses to sin

Troy and Jane slip up to the attic for a quickie, when they discovers they won't be alone.
The morning after started out like any other. Missy had the earliest class, and she got up and started the coffee and jumped in the shower. I was up next. I wriggled out of Jane's arms with a soft kiss, and headed into the kitchen to make breakfast and finish the chapter's I hadn't quite finished last night. I felt tired, exhausted and nicely sore after a marathon sex session with Jane, inspired by the sound Missy's cries as she gave her vibrator a good workout. I started chopping some onions and chives, and pulled out a few slices of swiss as I mixed up the eggs. Missy came in wearing a bathrobe and a towel around her head, gave me a smile a wink but hung just long enough to pour herself a cup of coffee. Then off into her room she went. I heard the shower start up and realized it must be Jane. For once I found myself uninterested in hopping in with her. After a sexual marathon like the previous night even twenty-one year old men need some time to recover. But I got the chopping done, covered our good frying pan with veggie oil, and started the eggs. Bread went into the toaster. Breakfast was underway.

Missy came back in next, fully dressed but with a towel wrapped around her head and sans makeup. I think I'm probably the only unrelated male to ever see her without makeup. I dared not acknowledge the fact of course. Jane wandered in next in her bathrobe. I doled out modified scrambled eggs and toast. Missy took hers back to her “room” to continue her female ablutions which left Jane and I around the table.

“The eggs taste great sweetie,” she said, dropping some of hers on the bread. “It's nice to have something besides cereal.”

“It's good to do things differently some times,” I said. “Spices things up a bit.”

“Sure does,” Jane said, strangely not meeting my eyes. And I realized I was not trying to meet hers.

We ate silently for a bit. Missy brought her dishes back to set them to rinse in the sink. “Have a great morning you guys.” She waived at us, smiled one of her million dollar smiles and headed off. I almost succeeded in not glancing at her bottom.

I waited until I heard the front door swing shut to speak. “Are you sure she's a virgin?” I asked.

Jane smiled at me. “Well, I've never checked. “

Not knowing what to say next I decided to change topics. “I think I'd like some peppers next time,” I said, thinking about the eggs.

“It's great the way it is, sweetie,” said Jane. We ate quietly for a bit before Jane brought us back on topic. “I don't know what got into Missy last night. Maybe I'll have to try that vibrator.”

“Can I watch?”

“Of course you can,” Jane offered her finest Cheshire smile. “But it's not mine. I never expected something like that, not from Missy. She was so quiet when we were roommates.”

“You mean she never played with herself?”

“Of course she has. Girls play just like boys. And we've both done it when we thought the other was sleeping. One of you starts and while the other pretends to sleep. But it turns you on listening, so sooner or later you sort of join in. And we both pretended it wasn't happening the whole time.”

“Really?” My male imagination was working overtime imagining Jane and Missy lying on the same bed together, touching themselves. And then I thought about them touching each other. “So you both did it at the same time.”

Jane giggled for a moment, then looked away. “Yeah, we did. It was hot too. Listening to her made it better.”

“Like last night?” I asked.

“Exactly like last night,” Jane said.

“Last night was epic,” I said and wrapped my arms my sweetie for a tender kiss.

And she kissed me back with feeling, but warned me she was too sore to play right then. Plus we had class. I picked up then it was my turn for the shower while Jane performed her female ablutions. Jane didn't wear a fraction of the makeup Missy did, but it took time and gave me another reason to be thankful for my Y chromosome. And so we began our week at school.

We were busy. Mid-terms were upon us. Let me tell you no matter how much you try to keep ahead at crunch time you've never done enough. When you're studying you are too aware of all the stuff you don't know the prof might ask about and so you try to cram it all in. Missy turned down all mid-week dates and we spent most of the week at either the house or the library, with the kitchen and “my” room being popular spots. We went to bed late, stayed tired and frankly nobody played with anybody. Which allowed everyone's privates to heal. I finished my last midterm Friday afternoon, and picked up a twelve-pack of Hamm's on the way home. It felt like time to celebrate.

Jane and Missy had already started celebrating. In fact, they were halfway crocked when I got there, judging by the half-empty jug of rose. Missy was in her robe, cleaning up for a date with a grad student named Dave. Jane was clad in her Grateful Dead t-shirt and shorts. A very tight t-shirt I noted, along with her smooth thighs. She's shaved today, I told myself, thinking tonight might be a very good night. Then Jane asked me if I wanted to get Gassed that night.

The way she said that could mean only one thing: the Noble Gasses had a keg. The Gasses were a bunch of geek guys who couldn't get into the frats so decided to create their own once they were all out of the dorms and able to rent a place together. You always knew them because they had shirts made with the right side of the periodic table. If they liked you and you bought a keg for them, they'd give you a shirt too. Which is how I got my shirt.

When I realized I'd learned of the party from Jane, I suddenly realized how much I'd sunk my life into hers. That was fine with me because I had my best friend with major benefits, but normally I'd have known about the party mid-week. Or within an hour of its planning. We Gasses threw a good party, though I expected I might meet with a fair share of friendly abuse tonight for staying so scarce lately.

Of course I wasn't the only Gas to have hooked up with someone, just the most recent. But most of the guys would be jealous as guys tended to outnumber girls by about two to one at Gas parties, and Jane was a top-shelf! Geek girls were in very short supply and highly prized, particularly when shaped like Jane. And she knew it. I watched my sweetie changed over to jeans and a tight rugby top open just enough to encourage men to look downward.

Women claim they don't want their boobs stared at. But they do dress to tempt.

I pulled on my argon shirt and joined her, holding hands as we walked until got to the steps up to a white turn of the century italianate home marked with the sign of the periodic table. The keg was up on the porch and Peabody was serving. Peabody was a tall, slim guy with fair skin, freckles and wild kinky, red hair and a dopey grin. A senior engineering major, he'd already arranged a good job and drove an old Alfa-Romeo. The car had a great sound, but only ran about half the time and was well-known on campus. He grinned at us, and tried for the traditional look down the top of Jane's blouse as we climbed the steps. He poured us each a beer. He and I exchanged handshakes.

“Troy! Jane, good to see you both!” he said while pumping the keg. “I see Jane has put a smile on your face,” he said with only the slightest leer.

“Who wouldn't be happy with Jane?” I said sincerely and was rewarded with a squeeze and soft kiss from my lover.

“I am jealous, “ said Peabody. “But I'm jealous of anybody with a girlfriend, much less the most lithe and lustworthy Jane.”

“You'll get one soon,” said Jane squeezing his arm.

“I hope so. My expiration date is approaching. You know what happens to spoiled milk.” And we laughed at that.

“Anything new?” I asked

“Besides you being back and hooked up? Not much except Randy's little sister is visiting. I guess she's applied here for next year. Her name's Rita.”

I didn't remember Rita, but I knew Randy. He was a bio major, a big guy in every way with short brown hair, a round face and pretty much round everything. But when you got inside you had to wonder if they had different fathers or something because Rita looked nothing like Randy at all. Where he was tall and round she was short, slim with almost elfin features. Fact is she was sort of cute. There was nothing remarkable about her figure, but she looked good in tight clothing, a statement which could not be said of her elder brother. Like Randy she had short, medium brown hair though hers had a hint of curls but unlike him she had a wide smile, cleft chin and delicate gold wire-rimmed glasses. A snug pair of jeans and Hampshire t-shirt completed the package, and you could tell that most of the Noble Gasses were wishing she wasn't the little sis of one of their own.

But she was and she was friendly and bouncy, all full of life at her first away-at-college weekend and greeting everyone with her high-pitched voice and enthusiasm. And she drank all the cold beer they gave her, which being a girl, the Gasses were quick to do. Randy didn't look entirely thrilled about it, but he was drinking himself. He had a beer in one hand and a bottle of Johnny Walker Red with a shot glass on the table next to him. She shook my hand, Jane's hand, announced to everyone she'd be here in the fall, and wanted to know everyone. But I caught her tossing regular sidelong glances at Eric, and he was glancing back.

Eric was the closest the Noble Gasses had to a house Romeo. He was a touch taller then me, with curly blond hair, blue eyes under wire rim glasses and big grin. He alone had the guts to ask girls out and he'd dated plenty, including both Jane and Missy, which gave me a kind of a weird feeling. He was a double math/theater major and pretty popular even among the non-geeks. And after a round of visiting Rita always ended up in front of Eric.

So I decided I'd wander over and talk to Randy. We exchanged handshakes while Jane pulled Rita aside for a little 'girl talk'. We exchanged fist pounds and he poured me a shot Johnny W, which I drank but politely declined all others.

“So that's your little sister?”

“Yeah. I guess she's coming here next year.” Randy didn't sound too excited about the prospect. “Here or State.”

“She's pretty bubbly.”

Randy gave off a bitter laugh. “You don't know the half of it.” He stopped for a moment considering what to say before continuing. “Let's just say Mom and Dad have a hard time keeping her under control.”

“Like you and me?”

Randy gave off a bitter laugh. He stopped for a second, then leaned over to whisper in my year, “You had any abortions yet?”

That caused my jaw to drop. “Well, I can't hardly say I've done that.”

“No. My folks are Catholic and Rita used to be pretty darned pious. And you know how religious girls get when they're horny. They give in but trust Jesus won't let them get pregnant.“

“That might be the only area where I'd rather trust Smith-Kline-Glaxo. Or Trojans.”

Randy snorted out a a bitter laugh. “You got that one right, bro. We finally got Rita on the pill last semester, but everybody's really afraid she'll use the Jesus method again and get knocked up.”

Randy hadn't exactly said it, but it struck me that maybe she'd gotten pregnant once before. Which led to the 'what then?' question which I really didn't want to question my friend on. Instead I poured him another shot. He drank it right down.. “Does Eric know this?” I asked.

“Nope. You know how Eric is about keeping secrets. I just warned him she was my little sis.” And I knew Randy was worried. Eric meant well, but his judgement also weakened when he got loaded, especially in the presence of a girl. And Rita was making her presence felt. She brushed up against him every time she passed.

Randy poured himself another shot. I slipped away to find Jane.

Jane found me though, and pulled me into one of the back bathroom. “You know that girl's had two abortions?”

“No shit!”

“No shit. Came right out and told me about it to, and I've known her all of five minutes.” Liz turned around to see if anyone else was near. Fortunately with the stereo blaring and the party if full flight no one was near.

“She using anything now?”

“Thankfully! But she better be careful. With the pill, it's every day, and you don't dare miss a day if you want to remain childless.”

I thanked my lucky stars Jane was careful. And I ran my finger down her spine to remind her of that, along with the fact that she and I hadn't played since the night we had that aural threesome with Missy. She pressed up against me in response so I let my finger drop to her nice, round bottom to squeeze her lower cheeks.

Jane kissed me, hard. “Don't drink too much sweetie. I want to get laid tonight, and by you.”

I agreed with the sentiment. “I want you right now,” I whispered. “Being careful turns me on.”

Jane laughed and stuck her tongue deep into my mouth. We kissed for a bit, but realized we couldn't stay any longer without being missed. Or drawing a crowd.

We made our rounds of talking and telling jokes. When we got back downstairs Randy was still in his chair, still drinking and noticed his bottle of red was down a fair bit since I'd left. I realized that he'd decided to just get smashed rather then deal with his sister. And son I saw why. Missy's shirt had changed configuration since I'd last seen her. Her boobs seemed smaller, and lower, but still there. And a few more buttons were open. And she was talking to Eric, leaned over just slightly so he'd get a nice look down her top. Everyone noticed her pokies, most especially Eric.

Rita was feeling flirty. She bounced around the room, giving various guys peeks down her top. Then she popped up in front of me. She smiled wide and leaned over a bit. And though I tried, somehow my eyes dipped lower.

Yep, she was now braless. They were real alright, both of them. Pretty nice too if I hadn't already been banging the queen of bodacious. My eyes came up to meet hers again, big and brown. I noticed she wasn't. “Is Jane your girlfriend?”

I smiled. “She sure is, and I'm really happy about it.”

Rita smiled back at me and leaned forward again, tempting my eyes downward. This time I resisted temptation. “She seems really smart and neat. And I really wish I had boobs like hers. Mine are hardly there at all. Then she looked downward drawing my eye with her to her top..

“Oh they're there all right,” I told her, checking once again to make certain. “That's all a girl really needs.”

“Yeah, but guys really look at big breasted girls. Like your Jane. How long have you two been together?”

And I realized she was flirting with me, barely five minutes after chatting up my girlfriend. No wonder Randy was drinking. “A couple months, “ I told Rita unwilling to get deep into our history. “But we've been friends since freshman year.”

“Like two best friends who finally fuck. The whole movie story eh?” and she brushed up against me so I could feel her pokies rubbing against my t-shirt. I looked up at Jane, who was covering her mouth trying not to laugh. Then she winked to let me know she was cool.

Rita seemed to notice nothing. “Pretty much that's the story. Darned glad it happened though.”

“That's so very romantic. I hope that happens to me some day.” and then Rita pranced off, making for Eric.

I made a beeline for Jane. “Did you see that,” I asked her.

Jane was busy smirking. “Rita's bound and determined to get laid tonight. You notice how she's always saying how drunk she is yet she doesn't really drink that much?”

Now that Jane mentioned it I realized Rita was talking about drinking a lot more then doing it, as opposed to the rest of us. “I figured that's because she's still in high school and hasn't been out on her own before.”

“Probably,” said Jane. “She told me her parents have been keeping her under lock and key for most of the school year.”

“Ever since the last visit to the clinic?”

“You think? I bet this is the first chance she's had, and hey, these guys are in college.”

“Like in that scene in Heathers?”

Jane laughed out loud remembering the scene where a popular snooty Heather had turned desperate slut at a college party. “Kinda.”

Then Missy and her date Dave came through the door. Everybody knew Missy, no one knew Dave so he was a bit out of place. Rita seemed a bit put out though, because Missy's jeans were exceptionally tight that day (How did she ever get into them?) and she instantly absorved seventy-five percent of the available male attention. So Rita began another round of brush up, and this time she even offered Jane a look down her top.

Jane just rolled her eyes.

Missy came up to us and introduced Dave, “These are my roommates Jane and Troy.”

Dave took a moment to appreciate Jane's boobs before shaking our hands and introducing himself. We started talking and showed him around a bit. He seemed smart and nice enough. We soon realized Jane and Missy had disappeared for a bit of girl-talk so I led him out to the keg, still being manned by Peabody, who felt pouring and pumping ensured him of regular social intercourse. Like the old me, he was till tongue-tied in the presence of girls, but could maintain a steady stream of beer-related one-liners. I wondered if Rita had brushed up against him too.

He and Dave started talking for a bit and I let them go, waiting for Jane to return with the skinny. And both girls soon returned grinning and greeting their men just like they hadn't talked about a darned thing and we were the most important thing in their universe.

I felt Jane tugging me along. She leaned into my ear. “Dave's staying at our place tonight!”

I did a double take, and bent to whisper in her ear: “Is tonight Missy's big night?”

“Probably not. Dave's roomie has a girlfriend from Cornell. She showed up unexpectedly tonight, so his lucky guy asked Dave to stay out late tonight. Which means Missy wants us to come in late.”

“Damn. I had plans for you tonight that can't happen in public,” I told her licking her ear briefly.

Jane spun around and put her arms around me. “I like your plans. We'll find a way.” And then she kissed me, tongue and all right there in front of everyone.

Then we cuddled for a bit, and I could see Rita off in the distance watching us, before she returned to her rounds.

After a while the keg ran dry and people started to filter out. Peabody stood watching Missy and Dave wandering off. “Lucky bastard,” I heard him say under his breath. Thing is Missy dressed just a touch slutty, so people tended to think she gave it up even though she didn't. Nobody wanted to admit they alone hadn't gotten there. “What I wouldn't give for a night with her.”

“It would be less then you think,” I told him, but wouldn't say more when he pried. “Probably nothing more then a hand job.”

Peabody looked at me like I was an alien. “A hand job from Missy? I could die happy if even one bit of her was wrapped around my naked cock!”

Maybe Peabody had it right. And hand job from Missy was undoubtedly a good thing.

Then I felt someone goose me. I turned around and there was Jane with an impish grin on her face. “I need my man,” she told Peabody taking me by the arm and dragging me away. I could see Peabody's face drop as I disappeared inside the house. Jane led me upstairs and then up another flight into the attic. The Gasses kept an old couch and table up there and used it as an overflow party spot. Fortunately there was a door to the unfinished side of the attic which is where Jane led me.

We barely got the door shut before we went into a clinch. Her lips were warm and wet, her mouth open and she sucked my tongue inside it as if she were parched and tasting her first drink in days. Her curly brown hair felt so smooth and soft in my fingers and the wonderful taste of her peach lip balm filled my mouth. And her hands were busy, squeezing my bottom, kneading me, the dipping down to my belt buckle. I felt my blood rising as we kissed, mixing softer kisses with hungry and open-mouthed tongues reaching deeply into each other.

“I'm hungry, “ Jane whispered. Instantly I understood what Jane was hungry for. I was more then happy to provide dinner. Her hand peeled down my trousers to wrap around my cock. She pumped it, hard, emphasizing each stroke, then leaned over to bite carefully at my neck, the tongue me. Her free hand lifted my shirt, and her lip claimed my right nipple, sucking and nibbling like she hadn't eaten in a wink. Which in a sense was almost true.

My hands fell to her hair, so soft despite the curls. My fingers caressed her head, pushed between the dark brown tresses and held her as she sucked in my nipple, sometimes biting it gently. My right hand dropped to her breast, and squeezed it through her top and thick brassiere.

By then her fingers had finished with my trousers. Down they went and down Jane went, swallowing me in one great gulp. Her eyes looked up at me, mirthful and hungry and she just held my stiff prick in her mouth, letting me get used to the idea that I was about to be sucked.

Let me tell you, it's a very good thing to have a lady who loves giving head.

Jane wiggled her tongue on my shaft then slipped out to lick me from stem to stern. Her left hand cupped by balls but I could see her right hand slipping downward to the catch of her own jeans. From past experience I knew sucking cock made her wet. Sometimes she did it just to warm me up for her pussy. And sometimes she just wanted a stiff drink of cum and I never really knew which when she started. Not that it mattered. Jane pressed her lips around me with purpose, her movements definite, in command. Her lips were tight around me, backed carefully by her teeth, her tongue always busy. Sometimes she'd use suction, sometimes she'd let her tongue flutter on my shaft. And sometimes she'd pump me, driving down to make me fuck her face. I heard myself moaning her name, trying to keep quiet, but my hips were moving now, trying to get deeper even when her lips ran all the way to my balls. I wanted her so badly, wanted that sweet sucking mouth, wanted to take her and make her mine. And from the fire in her eyes Jane showed me she wanted that too. So I took her head in my hands and held it in place, and begin to thrust into her mouth. She moaned around my cock, and I could see her fingers working her pussy beneath her jeans, fast and furious. And I begin to think Jane intended to wash down her beer with a stiff drink of my cream.

But not quite yet. She pushed me away softly, our signal for a break. I pulled away but slowly, and let my saliva-coated cock slip from her mouth. I let her head go, and took my cock in my right hand and bounced it right in front of her face.

Jane leaned over to tongue it with each bounce. She licked it and rubbed it on her cheeks and hair. Her breath was horse, and her covered breasts heaving Then she gave it one long lick and stood up before me.

“I wanna be fucked,” she whispered. “I'm wet and ready now.” she said, pulling her fingers from her jeans. She took two wet fingers out and ran them across my lips. I tongued them, then sucked them into my mouth as she had just sucked my cock.

“Fuck me,” she whispered, peeling down her jeans and panties in one motion. “Fuck me Troy, it's been way too long.” Then Jane turned around and pressed herself against the door, and raised her rump in offering. I reached down to touch her there, so wet and slick. I slid my fingers across her moist pussy, and let one glide between her puffy lips. Jane sighed quietly and arched her back further.

"Fuck me," she said, and reached for my cock. She took it in her hands and wiggled her rump. I took my place behind her and felt the head of my shaft gliding across the mouth of her sex. Again and again I slid across it, sometimes catching slightly, moistening my shaft with her juices. Jane whimpered and wiggled her hips. Then she reached down to guide me inside.

I was in heaven. She was hat and wet and that scratchy feeling of first penetration had continued to the warm mouth of her pussy squeezing my cock with every stroke. But heaven had to wait. We'd gotten in maybe six strokes when we heard footsteps on the stairs. I heard a high pitched giggle that had to be Rita.

“We can be alone here baby,” said a male voice I recognized as Eric. Jane and I froze in place, me still inside her. There was an air vent to our left, just the right height we could see through. Jane began to shift left so I shifted with her. I slid out of her, but kept my hard cock pressed up between her cheeks as we peeked through the grating. I pressed tight against my sweetie and kept my wet cock moving slowly up and down her crack as we peeked through.

It was Rita alright, peeling off her clothes with intent. Eric was swaying a bit, but right with her as he stepped out of his jeans. His meat was long and heavy, uncircumcised and swayed between his thighs.

Jane silently gasped. She turned to whisper in my ear, “I heard he had a big one, but I didn't think it was that big.” My sweetie wasn't easily impressed.

Rita seemed more hungry then impressed. The moment his prick fell free she pushed him back on the couch and crawled up between his legs. I don't know how she did it but she managed to get his whole head and about half the shaft inside her small mouth. From the way she worked her mouth and fingers you could see it wasn't the first time the sucked a man. She seemed famished, head moving purposefully, hands pumping the exposed meat she could not swallow. Her left hand slid between her legs and she began to work herself as she sucked.

Eric, his eyes large, just moaned and took her head in his hands to help him thrust. I pressed my rock-hard cock against harder against Jane's bottom. She looked back at me and wiggled it, then leaned forward to watch Eric fuck Rita's small mouth.

It took him a while, but the caresses of her head turned to grabbing of her hair, soon followed by his ramming her small mouth down on his shaft. I could hear her gagging, struggling to breathe, but not complaining or trying to pull away. Fact is I think she liked being taken that way, rough and hard, because her fingers moved from caresses to fucking herself hard with two fingers.

Jane reached back to guide me back inside her. The angle was tough, but I slid back inside where we both wanted me to be. But I moved slowly, wanting this to last, and not wanting any loud cries to give away our presence.

Eric moaned loudly, fucking her small mouth with purpose. He stopped now and then so she could catch her breath, but her hand on his cock kept pumping, and her mouth kept moving. Then I saw her eyes narrow and she took him in again, this time moving her head hard, pulling his cock fast. Eric's eyes rolled back and he began to moan. He pulled Rita's tiny mouth as far down as it would come. He groaned and his whole body shook. But he didn't move. Only Rita's throat moved as she swallowed the cum he was pumping his come into her mouth. Rita didn't seem the least disturbed. Her eyes seemed to smile as she sucked, and could see his whole body convulse and then go limp. His hands fell from her head but she kept her mouth down until his cock softened and fell from her lips. Little drops of semen ran from a corner of her mouth.

“That was hot,” said Rita, still holding his receding cock. “How long before you can get it up again?”

“Baby, I've been drinking,” slurrred Eric. “Give me a few.”

Rita leaned forward to suck him again. Eric continued to soften. “But I need to be fucked and I need to be fucked right now. C'mon Eric, don't you want to plough my pussy? Don't you want to leave another hot load inside me?”

Damn! Jane and I exchanged a little look, but I kept control, fucking her in slow steady strokes. We watched as Rita kept coaxing Eric who showed not the slightest sign of recovery.

Then we heard footsteps on the stairs. Jane and I froze for a moment wondering if Randy had woken up and decided to come looking for his little sis. But it was Peabody instead. “Anybody up here,” he asked.

Then he saw them Eric lay pantsless stretched out on the couch with Rita kneeling naked before him, running her tongue over Eric's flaccid cock.

Peabody's eyes grew three sizes. “Sorry,” he mumbled and began to turn back downstairs.

But Peabody kept looking as he turned. Rita started wiggling her little butt and looked Peabody back in the eye. He stopped on the steps. She licked around the head of Eric's cock then let it go long enough to ask Peabody if he wanted to fuck her.

Give that Peabody was virginal as I'd been before Jane waltzed into my bed there could be only one answer. Peabody came all the way up the stairs and knelt down behind Rita to lick her.

Rita cooed when he did that before returning to her struggle to re-animate Eric's flaccid tool. And she seemed to enjoy Peabody's ministrations as her hips kept wiggling and pressing back to his mouth. “God,” she said, “I haven't been eaten like that since I left girl's school.”

Jane and I exchanged a long look before returning to full peeping position. In fact, I slipped out of her and had to push myself back in. Jane happy reached down to guide me.

“Oh, that feels so good, “ said Rita. “But what I really need is a big dick all the way up inside me? Think you can do that?”

Peabody's pants came off in about a second flat. Rita looked back at him with a cheshire grin, and arched her back and bottom into receiving position. Peabody was more normal sized and shaped but he wasted no time driving his circumcised tool home. Rita cried out once and smiled at him, then bent over again to resume licking Eric.

Eric's eyes were saucer-sized. “Wow, you are like a total slut.”

“I sure am,” said Rita. “A cum-hungry slut. See how hot sucking you made me? See how much I need another load?” And then she began moaning and pushing back against Peabody.

Jane, meanwhile was pushing back against me. I had a hard time maintaining a good position for both penetrating Jane and watching Rita. I finally decided to slow down and see more, because I had no idea how long this might last.

Longer then Peabody apparently. He began to fuck Rita harder and faster. Their moans mingled but Eric remained flaccid despite the scene in front of him and Rita's skillful ministrations to his cock. But Peabody was going for it, slamming into her hard, Her cheeks quivered with each thrust. And then he was moaning hard and we knew he was coming.

Rita wiggled her bottom slowly, trying to keep him inside so long as possible. But eventually Peabody slipped out. You could see the juices dripping down her thighs. The she climbed up on the couch facing Eric, opened her legs wide and began to play with herself. She pushed two fingers up inside herself and when she pulled them out they were sopping. She licked them one at a time, taunting Eric, asking him if he didn't have another load to add to her cream-fulled pussy.

That got a quiver out of Eric's meat. Rita saw it and went down on him like a starving woman. Soon he was full hard again and this time she straddled him, riding him like he was a horse, pumping up and down upon him.

I decided at that point that I didn't need to see so much as fuck. I pulled back and took full aim and drove my dick deep inside Jane. She pushed back and reached behind to grab my bottom and pull me in deeper. We gritted our teeth trying to keep quiet, but Rita didn't care about quiet at all. Rita's breathless moans and Eric's filled the room. I watched and then I didn't care much about watching at all, just about the feel of Jane's pussy wrapped around my shaft, the way her hair moved with each stroke, and the way she held her bottom for me, pushing back to meet every thrust. I could feel her fingertips across my shaft as she played with herself. And I could feel her squeeze me, and the trembling that so often signaled her own arousal. Jane came first, and gritted her teeth to avoid crying out. I came seconds later, pushing into her while trying to cover my own mouth. My cock convulsed inside her, and I think I pumped a quart up inside Jane. And I stayed put, not wanting to slip out of her. I flinched for a moment, realizing Jane and I hadn't been quite as mice. But Rita made enough noise for the four of us, moaning and begging and pleading.

I leaned against Jane to relax, letting my cock soften inside her when Mike and Tilburn came up the stairs “You wanna fuck me,” asked Rita with a leer, and wipe of cum from her lips. Two more periodic table t-shirts and sets of jeans hit the floor. Rita lay back on the couch and Mike slid between her legs. Rita's sex was wet, and I think I could see a bit of cum leaking out before she wrapped her legs around him. Mike took aim and drove home in one motion. Rita's small, pear-shaped breasts shook with every thrust. Tilburg grinned like an idiot and presented his cock to Rita's lips. She sucked him in. He kept saying “I can't believe this,” as she blew him. “I can't believe it.” Rita didn't care if he believed or not. She swallowed him whole.

For the next two hours Rita took on all comers. No sooner had one guy finished when another moved in to take his place. Semen leaked from her sex and mouth, and she didn't seem to care. She just kept asking for more until the four guys with her finally ran dry and passed out. And when the couldn't get it up any more she stood up, and gathered up her clothes and headed downstairs. Moist cum ran down her thighs. Those still conscious followed.

Jane and I slipped on our clothes and carefully stepped downstairs, and succeeded in remaining unnoticed. I heard some TV from the basement, but by and large the Noble Gasses had gone inert, and their house was covered with empty beer glasses and the other debris of a party.

We found Randy still asleep in his easy chair, his head rolled back and snoring. I was glad he'd passed out before this happened. But I wondered how he'd feel in the morning.

When we got home Dave was sleeping on the living room couch, but it seemed like he was smiling. Maybe he' had scored a hand job, for we knew Missy gave them. Missy's door was shut. Jane and I pulled on our pajamas before falling into bed together. Nobody wanted to talk about it, but it was pretty clear we liked watching and listening.

And I was beginning to think we'd like being watched too.

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