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Roommates Part 1.

A young couple can't conceal their passion from their attractive roommate
I felt like the luckiest man in the world after Jane took my cherry. I'd just gotten royally fucked by the woman I'd been fantasizing about for a couple years now and had probably become my best friend. Not only that, she'd liked so much we were now steadies, so I'd moved directly from monosexuality to rampant, kinky sexuality all courtesy of my voluptuous, delightfully kinky sweetheart. She came over every night and after study we jumped each other bones. Sometimes before we finished studying. And we took nookie breaks. Frankly, we had to dress to go to the john most nights. And most of our friends were pretty happy for us both. Jane had finally gotten with a 'nice guy', and I'd finally got laid. I felt like nothing could go wrong.

The fly in the ointment turned out to be Bobby. He was my housemate and had been Jane's boyfriend right up until the moment she climbed in my bed. And even though he liked to put on the old “I'm too cool” schtick and set the whole thing off by treating her like meat, he was pissed as hell. Truth is he liked being seen with someone as sexy and passionate as Jane. Not to mention the fringe benefits. Hearing her in my room after his big screw up kinda rubbed him raw. He said some things about Jane that weren't at all nice to her, to me, and to pretty much everyone. Every single day. Then he started telling me about all the sexual diseases I was certain to catch because she was only a total slut would fuck a guy like me.

That was when I popped him. As I lifted weights and he didn't, that one shot was enough. Our roommates agreed he had it coming (at least to my face). But Bobby was more popular, so I was the one they asked to leave.

When Jane heard what happened she was of two minds. On one hand she was pissed at me for punching him out. On the other she got a little tingle because I did it sticking up for her. We had a short fight where she warned me of the folly of violence immediately followed by epic make-up sex at her place.

“I'd be glad to move,” I told her while we were recovering. “The question is where? All the people I'd like to ask are already full up. I can't afford my own place, and I really don't want to go back into a dorm.”

“Why don't you move in with me and Missy?,” Jane suggested between gropes.

“Do you really think that will work out?” I liked the idea of moving in with two girls, but real life has never been like television.

“You two have always gotten along, and she doesn't have a ton of money.” It was true that Missy and I were friends. She had been part of our circle of friends since we met freshman year. In fact, she'd been Jane's roommate since sophomore year. She was perky, funny, and totally, utterly hot. Even Jane envied her, and I thought Jane hot enough to fry eggs on a January day. To be honest, Missy was much prettier. She was a leggy bottle blonde whose gently waved hair hung over her shoulders, perfectly framing her heart shaped face, with perfect cheeks, the prettiest smile and big grey eyes. Plus if you taken on a vote on the “best bottom for the class of 1983” Missy would have been the odds-on favorite. Her clothes fit like a glove and flattered her tanned skin, delicious curves and small, shapely breasts. She was cute and sweet enough to take home to Mom and hot enough to give Dad ideas. Which led me to the normal fantasy every man has when the his wonderful girlfriend has a particularly hot friend.

But their apartment had one teensy-weensy drawback. Privacy.

Their apartment was located in a home built about 1920 which had been subdivided on the cheap into apartments. It boasted four rooms and a bathroom. The front room was Missy's, but it had been built as den, with only curtains dividing it from the living room. Still, it had the most privacy as it was the only space you didn't have to enter to get somewhere else. Jane had the back bedroom. The bathroom lay on the far side of her room. If someone had to go they passed through Jane's room. The living room was the only route to the kitchen. Jane and I knew we'd have a hard time finding privacy. We couldn't just lock our door and tell Missy to “hold it” every time we were in the mood, and Jane's not at all quiet when she gets going. So for this to work everyone would have to do a lot of pretending certain things weren't really happening.

Naturally, I wondered if Missy might have a problem with a guy for a roommate under those circumstances. But she said yes without hesitation. She'd already gotten into Bobby for bad-mouthing Jane, and the fact that I'd stuck up for her best friend didn't hurt. Plus my contribution to the monthly till meant she'd have real spending money. So I moved in the next day.

Things started out pretty well. Jane and I were both pretty serious about grades, and the need to be discrete tended to keep us studying when we might otherwise have been pursuing more horizontal activities. Missy had her mind set on a diploma as well. Most nights she headed for the library when she didn't have a date. And Missy had a date every weekend night as guys were lining up for chance to get inside her skin-tight jeans. That ensured Jane and I private time, and encouraged us to get started early so we'd be done when Missy got home.

One night when Missy was out and Jane and I were resting for round two I wondered aloud why Missy never seemed to date anyone for very long.

“Missy's kind of strange about guys,” Jane said between nibbles on my shoulder.

“What do you mean? From what I can see she's doing great with them.”

“She can't seem to find anyone she wants to get with.”

“Plenty of them want to get with her, “ I said.

“Sure, but she frustrates them. You knew she's still a virgin?”

I sat upright in bed. Missy a virgin? Having struggled long and hard to lose my cherry I couldn't for the life of me understand why Missy would want to hang on to hers. Particularly after Jane had proven sex was every bit as mind-blowing as I'd imagined. And I told Jane so.

She smiled but didn't laugh. “You need to learn how to think like a girl.”

“Are you saying girls like being virgins..”

“No, I'm saying sex is different for us.” And she rolled her eyes up because she could see I wasn't getting it. Jane leaned over and kissed me softly. “You're very smart and sweet but sometimes you don't have a clue. So lets go back to Gender 101. How hard was it for you to get laid?”

“Impossible until you came along.”

“Wrong. It was very possible if you'd just asked people out and learned to be yourself.But still, I know it was hard for you. You aren't the only guy with that problem. It can be hard for guys to get laid. Now let's compare genders. How hard is it for me to get laid?”

“Kiss me again and you'll find out!”

“I'm not talking about us, sweetie. I'm now talking like a Psych major. Keep it abstract. If I walked out of here and decided to get some strange how long would it take me?”

I thought about how all my friend ogled Jane and how many times we had discussed. “How picky are you planning to be?”

"How picky are your guy friends?"

"About an hour. Maybe two."

Jane smiled and nodded like a schoolteacher who'd just gotten the answer she sought. “Yep. I'm nowhere near so pretty as Missy, but I have these.” Jane lifted up her marvelously full breasts. “Tarzan want boobs. Jane have." And she shook them for me. "But even if I've got more then most, breasts are standard equipment among women. If you're a girl and you're hot at all most men want to fuck you. You don't have to be hot at all if they're drunk. But ALL most guys want to do is fuck you. They don't want to talk to you, wake up with you, or share themselves with you. They want you to get the fuck out when they're done. How would that make you feel when you just gave yourself to this guy who has been telling you nice things all night?”

“Yeah, but I liked you when I thought I'd never get to touch you, “ I said, running my fingertip around her left nipple. I delightfully stiffened under my touch, and I heard Jane sigh sweetly.

Then she put her hand over mine. “That's why you get to touch me, sweetie. Because I trust you care. Because although I'm glad you're love my girlie bits, I know it's a lot more.” And she leaned over to stroke my hair and kiss my forehead.

“But Missy shouldn't have any trouble finding love. Everybody wants to go out with her. She has her pick!”

“She does. Still, Missy's smart enough to know that bagging her would be worth a zillion guy points And she's got a past too. Not one she liked. She's not near so confident as she projects. Missy wore a retainer all through high school. She had major back surgery when she was sixteen and spent half a year in a back brace. Haven't you noticed how she walks?”

Actually I hadn't noticed. But when I thought about it it came to me that she did walk kind of forward on her feet. So I decided to think about Missy's flaws as opposed to her assets. Her face was a bit pockmarked like she'd once had a real bad case of acne. And while I did this Jane patiently waited for me to put together that our roomie the Queen of Swans had once been an ugly duckling. “But she's dating everybody,” I said, still processing. “Why doesn't she just pick a guy she really likes?”

“Like I did?” Jane gave me a little squeeze then gave me a soft, sensual kiss. We kissed for a bit before the conversation continued. “I kissed a few frogs before I got to you. Missy is like you. She couldn't get a date in high school. The hot guys didn't want anything to do with her. But now her braces are off, her face has cleared up and she's about the cutest thing on two legs. She's dating the people she thought she wanted to date in high school.”

The light finally came on. “She doesn't trust them. She can't let herself go, even though she wants to.”

“You're not so dumb for a guy,” Jane told me before climbing back on top of me and lowering her beautiful, full breasts to my mouth.

Jane and I really did try not to have sex when Missy was home. But that can prove hard even when it seems she's out all the time. Roommates come home early or forget something at the wrong time. Our determination to keep chaste in semi-public lasted about three weeks before we started taking chances. By early April we quit shutting the door and wouldn't even stop when Missy walked through the room to use the bathroom. To be honest her presence turned me on, and I tried extra hard to bring Jane off with Missy in the room. Especially as she tried not to be seen looking but we both knew she was. Or the rare times she came in wearing only a t-shirt and panties.

One night we were all studying in the living room when Jane headed off to use the john. It seems like she took a long time but I was too wrapped in equations to give it much thought. When she returned she was wearing her bathrobe open at the front. Underneath I could see some very interesting underwear that nicely framed her hips, bottom and lifted up her awesome cleavage. I put my book aside and Jane sat right down on my lap sort of draped herself around me. “Don't you think we ought to go to bed,” she suggested while slipping her tongue in my ear.

That was the first time she'd come onto me that flagrantly with Missy in the room.

Missy had been reading on the couch and her eyes too had gone wide when Jane came in. She watched with a sly grin on her face before shutting her book and gave a long, fake yawn. “I think I'll turn in too,” she pronounced before skipping behind the curtain that led to her “room”. Jane simply dragged me to bed. Thirty seconds after we hit the bed I had my tongue in Jane's mouth, my hands wrapped around her amazing breasts and my cock in her hands.

She rolled on top of me and began to grind herself on my right thigh while peeling off her robe. Let me tell you, interesting underwear doesn't see a lot of use, as hers came off in a jiffy along with my clothes. Once nake she covered me again and we kissed, skin to skin, feeling ourselves growing more and more needy. I pushed her over on her back and leaned over her to kiss her hard while sliding my fingertips beneath her sheer panties. She moaned as I touched her nether lips, and as I moved my fingers up and down I could feel her growing wetter by the moment.

I was nibbling her left nipple when we heard a low buzzing noise in the background. Jane pulled me up and whispered in my ear, “Missy bought a vibrator. She showed it to me today and told me she couldn't wait to try it out. “

I didn't know roomies showed each other their sex toys but I admit I was fascinated. The mechanical buzzing filled the room. In the background I heard Missy starting to moan. Her voice was high-pitched and delicate but intense enough to rise above the mechanical din. Then it got a lot, louder, higher and took on an almost pained quality.

We knew right away that Missy had just come.

The buzzing stopped, but the sound Missy's orgasm filled our minds. Jane pulled me on top saying loud and proud that she wanted to be fucked and fucked hard. Her hips slid wide open and her pussy was as hot and wet as it had every been. I pushed right in. I didn't want to wait either. I thrust as hard and deep as I could, and she pushed back with every thrust. Her pussy had never seemed wetter, or tighter, or more urgent. Soon I could feel the sweetness of my orgasm building within me. But this time I didn't hold back, I roared my pleasure as I spurted into Jane's sweet pussy. Jane's own orgasm followed almost immediately.

It was the fastest sex we'd ever had. And the loudest.

We lay there cuddling for a moment or so, thrilled but not sure what to make of this when we heard the buzzing start all over again. Once again Missy's high pitched moans rose above the mechanical din. Her breathing started out barely audible, but then grew in intensity until she screamed out the longest “Yes” I'd ever heard.

Jane dropped her hand between my legs and cupped my balls. “I want more, “ she said loud enough Missy had to here. “I haven't had enough of your sweet cock tonight. I want to taste it, taste your cum and mine mixed on your meat. “ And she rolled her hips before pushing me down on my back.

Down went my sweetie, sucking my softening cock into her hungry mouth. Down she went, sucking and licking and her face grew moist with a copy of semen and saliva. I couldn't believe it as she sucked me, not letting go, literally willing me hard again with her desire and sweet sucking mouth.

It wasn't long until I was hard, and pumping into her mouth. My hands were in her hair controlling her mouth on the bare edge of gagging. Her brown eyes were wide, and looking directly into mine, “I want a drink,” she announced. Jane released my cock long enough to lick around the head. “I want a load in my mouth to match the cum in my pussy.” And she said it loud enough that Missy was sure to hear.

I was thrilled to oblige. I drove my cock into her mouth, savored the sweet strokes of her fingers on my balls, thrilled when she licked the edge of my shaft, then plunged her lips all the way down to engulf me. Soon I was moaning loudly, holding her long brown curls in my hands and fucking her mouth with abandon.

I groaned loudly as I shot, and Jane never moved, holding her lips around me, sucking and swallowing until my spasms subsided. She kept me in her mouth until I softened and pulled out, then she sat back smiled at me and told me, “That was tasty!”

The moment Jane stopped speaking the buzzing began all over. Missy's moans restarted as they had before, soft but growing louder and more insistent. I began to get a feel for her rhythm, and soon recognized the long, mournful scream that meant only one thing.

Knowing I couldn't come back a third time quickly, I pushed Jane back on her back. She giggled and spread her legs wide for me. Her pussy tasted of my salty cum as I dipped my tongue deeply into her before licking up and down. My index finger slid easily into her as I ran my lips across her swollen clitoris, kissing and nibbling. Jane's hips began to move and sigh, so I slipped a second finger insider her and began to fuck her hard. But while my hand moved hard, I fought to keep my tongue gentle, patient and slow. Soon I began to feel her groin muscles trembling and her pussy squeezing down on my fingers. With a loud groan Jane grabbed my hair and pushed me even harder into her sex. And she screamed out her orgasm.

And from across the hall the buzzing began once more.

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