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Sailing out of Oyster Bay Part 2

our sailing adventure continues in magical SXM
We were relaxing in the cockpit. Anne heared a splash and turned around to see the other boat close by. It turns out that one of the guys dove into the water. She looked at me funny and asks how long have they be there. I smile and indicate a while. Anne turned red in the face and asked if they saw anything. I suggest that I wasn’t sure with a quirky smile on my face. (Anne loves nude sailing but she is a little shy when others are around)

The guy in the water throws his swim suit onto the boat and suggests the others join him in the nude. We watch the others three strip down and jump into the water and start to swim around. The lead guy starts to swim around their boat and the others follow. They get closer to our boat and stop to say hi.

They ask us if we were interested in joining them on shore to enjoy the sun for a while. It’s only a sort distance to shore but Anne is uncomfortable with the request so they stayed in the water holding on to our transom chatting for a bit. Once we got to know each other a little one of the gals asked us again to join them onshore. Anne told them to go ahead and we will be along shortly.

After they left I told Anne that they seemed like a fun group and we should go ashore for a while for some sunning as Anne loves the beach. She finally agreed and we both jumped into the water without our suites and swam after them. By the time we landed on shore the couples were already sunning themselves allowing the sun gods to kiss the boys and girls…

This was the first time we really saw them au natural and I must admit all four of them looked good. We fit in really well from a shape and size perspective although one guy had a rather long dick even soft, while the others were standard sensual packages. All of the gals were in good shape with lovely looking breasts, one trimmed very close with only a small patch on top and her lips were nicely shaved and looked beautiful, another had a lot of bush (Anne keeps herself completely shaved). It wasn’t hard to tell that all of us enjoyed the sun with our all over natural tans.

After a while one of the gals commented on the great scene they witnessed when they first arrived, Anne playfully hit me in the chest saying I thought they didn’t see anything. Everyone piped up that it was one of the most erotic scenes they had the pleasure to witness. As the chatter continued all of the guys dicks started to rise to half mast and the girls were clearly enjoying the show. Anne couldn’t take her eyes off of the one guy who must have grown over 9 inches, what a sight even if I do say so myself.

The two ladies started to stroke their men while Anne and I looked at each other, this is another first for us watching live erotic acts and getting very turned on in front of others! The two ladies started to suck on their man’s dicks so I looked at Anne and she said are you ready for round 2? Well when in Rome what’s a guy to say. I was in heaven getting another great blow job and watching and hearing two other couples going at it on a beach in sunny SXM.

The two guys didn’t last too long from the great treatment they received and shot off in the ladies mouths then on their golden breasts. One of the gals leaned into the other and started to lick the cum off of the others breasts. Once I saw that it was my turn and exploded in Anne’s mouth and on her chest. We laid back on our backs and looked up into the sun and sighed, and this is only day 2 of our trip.

The six of us laid around on the beach for a while enjoying the sun and the surroundings not to mention the company. It was very clear that the two couples were quite into each other by their casual touching and subtle comments. I enjoyed being around them and the comfortable atmosphere they exuded. I could also tell that Anne was feeling the same, it was amazing how relaxed she became.

Looking around at the group of us it felt like we belonged together even though we just met them. Unfortunately our oasis was invaded by a few other people landing on the beach down from up in their dinghy wearing a lot of clothes so one of the ladies invited us to join them back on their boat for some more sunning, lunch and of course drinks.

We told them we would stop by our boat and join them in a little while. Anne and I swam back to our boat and freshened up. Anne was very quiet so I asked what she was thinking. She blushed and mentioned that she hasn’t been turned on so much in a very long time. I could tell as she was glowing.

I asked her what made her feel so good and she responded the whole experience, showing off in public, watching others enjoy themselves sexually and then she lowered her head. I kept after her to share her thoughts with me and she wouldn’t. I mentioned that I was also extremely turned on by the whole experience and loved watching her in the sun, showing of her nude body and being turned on while others were around.

I assured Anne that what happens on holidays stays in the Islands and she had my blessing to explore her sexual limits. She then kissed me passionately and hugged me so close I could feel every inch of her breasts and stomach pressing into me. I caressed her back and ass, squeezing her ass cheeks. I then slipped a finger between her legs and could feel her wetness and heat; she was on fire!

I had to do something so I laid her on her back and climbed between her legs, spreading them and started to lick up one thigh and then the other. I asked her why she kissed me so hard and share her thoughts while I continued to lick her thighs. I started to lick all the way up to her pussy without touching it and back down the other leg. She mentioned that she was turned on by the other girls. She liked the way they looked with the sun shinning on their tanned bodies plus their nice figures and friendliness.

I started back up to her pussy again and lightly licked her lips. She continued saying that she never saw a cock so big before as I started to suck on her pussy lips, drawing them into my mouth. Wow was she ever wet and so sweet tasting! I sucked up her nectar and then went to her clit then asked her to tell me more in between her panting she wondered what it would be like to play with that cock. I started to suck on her clit harder and could hardly hold her down on the mat in the cockpit. She grunted and said she wanted to try it out and then screamed and came all over my face. Wow was she ever turned on! I held her close and let her settle down for a while then I whispered in her ear on this trip she could have or do anything see wanted. She responded,"Anything?"

I smiled and looked down at my hard dick and said, "Anything." She hugged me again and hinted that we should get going to the other boat.

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