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Sally Naked in the Neighborhood

Bob sends Jack's wife, Sally, on a nude walk in the neighborhood.
“Are you going to fuck me?” Sally asked, knowing that in her present condition he could do with her as he pleased. The thought made her squeeze her Kegel. She was aroused and very close. She tried to close her legs but could not. The wind blew through the trees. She could hear the noise from the volleyball courts on the other side of the trees.

Bob saw the changes in Sally before her husband, Jack. The trip with him to the nude resort changed her. He had known she would go back with him to the nude resort the next month, and he had known she would go back with him to his farm in Missouri after the week he spent with them. She was hungry for the adventure.

Once he saw the changes in her, the opening up, the loss of her inhibition, he did not spend a great deal of time thinking about it. He just made us his mind to fuck her as often as he could, more often than her husband if he could. Even if it was a three hour drive from his place to theirs. He had to come to town to come in her.

So Bob often made weekend trips down the interstate to sleep in her bed with Sally while Jack, her husband, slept upstairs in his cock cage. And Bob invited Sally up to his place for long weekends, and she came more often than she did not. When they were together for a long weekend, they would often be together – you know what I mean together – six, seven, eight times. Whenever Bob spent long weekends with Sally, Jack was always in his cage. Jack’s cock cage was part of the eroticism of fucking Sally. He could; Jack could not. He would sometimes let Jack watch him fuck his wife, but most times he sent him away to the upstairs bedroom.

There was no question Bob had been the source of a sexual awakening in Sally. She got so aroused and so wet when Bob sexed her up, and when she came she lost all control of her body, so much so that she would almost faint from the orgasms she had. And when Bob introduced the other men to her, those hot young men that made up the volleyball team, every day at least one of them, sometimes more, she would open her legs and feel each ones hardness slipping up into her, filling her up – she would always ask Bob who was going to fuck her next. Sally loved for Bob to watch her with the other men he introduced into their sex life. In a sense, Sally had two sex lives – one with her husband, Jack, and an altogether amazingly different and overwhelming and erotic sex life with Bob.

One of the changes Bob noticed in Sally was a tendency to submissiveness. He could do with her as he pleased. Bob had discovered she liked to be tied up. It was a discovery she too made about herself. And Bob was eager to exploit her discovery. He would tie her up in places that were increasingly riskier, places that more and more risked that she would be seen. And she got wetter and wetter as Bob made her bondage riskier, and her orgasms would physically overwhelm her. She craved the orgasms Bob gave her. More and more Sally became Bob’s fuck toy.

One weekend when Bob had come to fuck Sally, and Jack was locked in his cage, Bob found a picnic table in a small grove of trees in the park across from Ryder’s apartment complex. It was still a couple of months before Sally would meet Ryder though he was already living in the third floor apartment where he would soon be fucking Sally often in his bed. It was late Saturday night when Bob took her there. He made her take off her clothes. She was not wearing much, but she was wet by the time she took off her tank top and a pair of loose-fitting shorts. He spread a blanket on the picnic table and had her lie down. He tied her wrists together and secured her wrists above her head to the metal support under the table. He spread her legs and tied each ankle to the support pole under the table.

Sally looked up and saw the stars in the clear night sky. She the felt the breeze on her nakedness.

“How does it feel to be naked in the park?” Bob asked her.

She tried to free her wrists. She could not.

“I feel so helpless and very exposed. Is this safe?”

“You are naked and tied down in a public park. No, my sweet, it is not safe.”

Bob felt between her legs, felt her wetness, slipped his finger inside her. She moaned. She tried to close her legs but could not.

He gathered up her top and shorts. “I will be back in a little while.” And he left Sally there tied down to the picnic table to take her clothes back to the car. He sat on the front fender and waited. A couple of guys came by on their way to the volleyball courts where a number of guys were already playing. The lights from the volleyball courts filtered through the trees just enough that Sally’s naked body was visible to anyone who might take a moment to look through the trees.

Bob chatted with the guys a minute, but resisted the desire to tell them Sally was there. They would have to find her on their own. They walked on toward the courts, and Bob walked back into the park and to the grove of trees. He was quiet so Sally did not know he had returned. He leaned against a tree and watched her. He was amazed at how sexy she looked when she was naked. By the light from the volleyball courts filtering through the trees, he could see her long, slim legs. He could see all her bare nakedness. He could see her shaved pubic mound, her flat, naked stomach, her bare breast. He could just see the slit in her labia between her legs. And her nakedness made him hard.

He heard people laughing, the men over at the volleyball courts. Dogs were barking in the night. Late night joggers ran by not more than 15 feet from the picnic table, but unless they looked they would not see her. Two men stopped to catch their breath on the running trail just on the other side of the trees and stood talking, not loudly but just loud enough that Bob and, he knew, Sally could hear. Sally strained against the ties, but she was tied securely and could not free herself. If they looked, they would see her. They stood there for the longest time talking. Bob could see clearly the rise and fall of Sally’s hips and he realized she was aroused.

He listened to the men talking, and he watched Sally, the rise and fall of her hips, the rhythmic rise and fall of her sexual arousal. The two men talked and their voices were like fingers massaging her body, like fingers caressing her, moving down between her legs, feeling her, feeling her wetness. She strained against the ties and pushed her hips as high as she could into the night air. The men laughed at something funny one of them had said and clapped loudly, and Sally strained against the ties and with her body raised high, she came. She whimpered as she came.

Bob saw plainly that she was coming. One of the men thought he heard something and was looking into the trees, but the other said it was just a cat. The men went on their way not knowing what they missed. Bob was amazed at what he had discovered about his Sally. He came to her quietly kissed her on the mouth, fingered her swollen pussy, finding her soaking wet. Her juices had left a wet spot on the blanket between her legs.

“Are you going to fuck me?” she asked, almost pleading.

Bob took off his clothes and climbed up on the picnic table, lowered himself onto Sally. His cock was hard and slid easily into her pussy. He kissed her hard as he entered her, and as he fucked her she began again the rhythm of her sexual arousal, of sexual intercourse, rising up to meet him as his hard cock went into her. Bob fucked her as she asked, and she was so aroused, it did not take too long for her to come again now with him inside her. He kissed her on the mouth to keep her quiet, and then he tensed, shuddered, released, and poured his come into her.

After the sex, he sat naked on the picnic bench and caressed her body. Not once did she ask to be untied. She would have stayed that way, until he chose to untie her, until the sun rose and morning light revealed her nakedness. About three hours after he first brought her to the table, had her undress, and he tied her down to the picnic table, he untied her. He put his clothes back on but made her walk to the car naked. Sally took his hand and walked in her nakedness with great boldness. It was late. No one saw her. Bob wanted her to be seen.

It was one thing for her to be naked at the nude resort, but that night in the park convinced him that she was truly becoming an exhibitionist. Bob was convinced that in the few months he had been fucking Sally he had learned things of Sally’s sexuality about which Jack had no clue.

Bob came back the next weekend because he wanted to get in Sally’s panties again. He knew he would fuck Sally more than Jack this month. Last weekend, he fucked her six times, and during the week Jack had fucked Sally once. Now, it was Friday night again, and he had fucked Sally on hers and Jack’s bed, letting Jack watch in his cage. He sent Jack upstairs, but the sex was not over for the night.

Bob took Sally in her panties out to his car in the drive and drove her two blocks down 18 th Street, the street they lived on, to Portland Street, a main street that ran down to the campus and then curved south into Belmont, skirting the edge of the campus. He pulled across Portland and stopped by the curb. There was a bus stop on Portland. It was late so there was not much traffic. He made Sally take off her panties and told her to get out of the car. She put up a little resistance, but he knew already the thought of being naked in public was arousing her and after another minute, she opened the car door and got out. She was completely naked, and she looked very sexy, Bob thought, in the glow of the street light.

“What do you want me to do?” she asked.

“Go stand at the bus stop. Wait there until you see that I am back at the house. Then you can make your way home.”

He waited till she was standing at the bus stop. Then he started the car, turned around in a driveway, drove across Portland and back up the street. Sally stood naked at the bus stop waiting as he told her to do. When she saw he was back at the house, she started to cross the street, but when she looked up the street there were cars coming and a bus. She had to wait to cross the street. The cars hurried past, and she had no idea if they had even noticed her. But the bus came to a stop right in front of her. The doors opened, and she was standing naked at the bottom of the steps as the bus driver looked down at her. He waited only a moment and then said, “Are you getting on?”

Sally was embarrassed and aroused. “No, no,” she stammered, and backed away.

“I would have been happy to take you for a ride,” the bus driver said. The doors closed, and he pulled away from the curb.

Now the street was clear, and Sally hurried across to hide in the shelter of the shadows of the trees lining 18 th Street. He saw me, she was thinking, he saw me completely naked.

She was naked and barefoot two blocks from her house in the middle of the night. And as she wondered what she was going to do, another car flashed past on Portland. She thought maybe they had seen her because she saw their brake lights come on and they slowed down, but they went around the curve and were gone.

She knew she could not stay there because Portland was too busy. She had no choice but to make her way toward home. As she went up the street toward her house, she stopped beside the great trunks of the Sycamore trees to try to look ahead. She hoped no one would be out this late walking on the street or sitting on their porches. She made her way from tree to tree, stopping by the great trunks, waiting and looking.

She was almost to the end of the first block. Just one more block to go to her house. She peered into the night and realized that someone was in the yard just ahead of her. She stood beside the ancient tree trunk for a while, but whoever it was seemed content to stay there in the yard. She did not know who it was, but she could see it was a man and he was hand-watering his yard, slowly moving closer to the sidewalk. What could she do? If she crossed the street, he would see her in the light of the street lamp. But she could not just stay there by the tree trunk all night.

This is what Bob wants, she thought, for her to be seen. And again she was embarrassed and aroused as when the bus driver looked down at her naked body minutes ago. She started walking. She would just pretend not to see him, even though he was standing by the sidewalk. But he stepped onto the sidewalk just as she was approaching him.

“I was wondering if you were going to stand by that tree all night long,” he said.

His comment startled Sally, and she stopped. “You saw me?”

“Yes, I did.” He paused and then said, “You are out late.”

“Yes, I know. I could not sleep. I thought I would take a walk.”

“You must sleep naked. Looks like you forgot to put anything on before you left your house. Maybe you are a sleepwalker?”

His words about her nakedness went right down between her legs. She could feel herself getting wet.

So many thoughts went through her head. Should she try to explain that the guy who is fucking her, who is not her husband, is turning her into an exhibitionist who thoroughly enjoys standing naked in front of a stranger and talking with him while he looks her over?

“I assume you live around here,” he said.

“Yes, I do, not far.”

“Would you like me to walk with you to make sure you get home okay?”

“Oh no, I would not trouble you. I will be okay.”

“Any time, then, you want to take a naked walk through the neighborhood be sure to stop by my house.”

Sally returned his smile and offered her hand. He shook hands with her, telling her it was pleasure to meet her.

“You do look very good naked,” he said.

“Thank you,” she whispered.

She went on, reached the corner, and crossed the street. She looked back, but she could not see him. Just a few more houses. She ran. Bob was there waiting. She ran into his arms. He held her tight. It aroused him to hold her there in the front yard.

“How was your little naked adventure?” he asked.

“Feel of me. I am so wet. I thought I might come just walking up the street before I could get home.”

Bob felt between her legs, and she was indeed very wet. As he caressed her, her knees went weak, and he had to hold her up. His fingers caressed and went up inside her, and she was coming on his fingers as he held her up. Her body trembled, and she held on to him.

“Oh yes, that feels so good. I think you better fuck me.”

“Here in the front yard?”

“Yes.” She pushed him back to the steps of the porch and made him sit. She was almost out of control. She undid Bob’s jeans and pulled his jeans and underwear down below his knees. She knelt and took hold of his cock and put his cock in her mouth and sucked him hard. She straddled him and rubbed the head of his cock into her wet slit. She eased herself down onto him until she could feel his hard cock in her abdomen. She loved that feeling of being filled with cock. Bob felt her body, and he could feel his hard cock buried inside Sally. She splayed her legs wide on the step so that she was doing the splits. She pushed herself down hard onto Bob’s cock, and he held her tight there in the dark on the step.

“Yes, baby, fuck me hard.”

Bob was very hard as he held Sally down on his cock.

Sally looked once at the front door, and there stood Jack.

Jack was standing behind the screen door. Though it was dark, he could see his wife straddling their friend, Bob. He could see her legs splayed out on the step. He could see she was naked, and from the noises Sally and Bob were making he knew they were fucking, that Bob’s cock was deep inside his wife, that they were very aroused, and they would both come in the next few minutes, Sally on Bob’s cock, Bob in Sally’s pussy.

Sally’s orgasm began first, but hers brought on Bob’s. They were noisy as they came. They could not restrain themselves. Sally collapsed onto Bob’s shoulder, and he held her close. Her pussy pulsed on Bob’s cock as he pumped his come inside her. Jack’s cock throbbed in its cage as he watched his wife coming on Bob’s cock. It was more than he could take, and his cock began to ooze sperm. He was trying so hard to tense up so he could have a good, hard climax, but the cage kept him from being able to finish. His seed dribbled out in drops onto the floor as Bob shot his come deep into his wife’s pussy.

“Baby, I can feel you coming in me,” Sally said as she clung to Bob.

Jack was glad he got to watch.

“What do you want me to do now, lover?” Sally whispered in Bob’s ear.

“I think walking those two blocks naked really turned you on.”

“Yes, it did.”

“I think you are an exhibitionist.”

“You are turning me into one.”

“I think you and I should take a walk together, then.”

“You will go naked with me?”

“No, love, I will wear what I have on. It is you I want to show off naked.”

“You like to show me off, don’t you?”

“Yes, I do.”

“A bus came by before I could get across Portland before. The bus stopped, and the bus driver asked me If I was going to get on.”

“Why didn’t you?”

“Because you told me to come home.”

“Then let’s go back to the bus stop.”

Sally got her legs back under her, and stood. Bob’s come dripped thickly from her pussy and ran thickly down her legs. Bob pulled his underwear and jeans up, took Sally’s hand, waved at Jack, and led her back down the sidewalk toward Portland Street. Jack watched Bob lead his naked wife down the street, and then went back upstairs.

Sally discovered she was disappointed when they walked past the house where she had talked with the man watering his yard. He had gone back inside. She thought it would be sexy to stop and talk with him again with Bob. They went on to Portland Street. A bus was just coming around the curve, so they hurried across the street. When they got across the street, Bob saw a Circle K up at the curve where Portland turns into Belmont.

The bus stopped, and the doors opened. The bus driver looked down at Sally.

“You going to ride my bus like that, woman?”

Sally looked at Bob. Bob said, “We are sorry. We changed our mind.” He took Sally’s hand and led her away toward the Circle K. The bus roared up the street toward 21 st Street.

“Where are we going?” Sally asked.

“We are going to Circle K.”

“But it is so light in there,” Sally said.

“Yes, I know, love.”

They were across the street from the Circle K, and cars were coming north on Belmont. As they rounded the curve onto Portland, Sally was in their headlights, and they honked as they sped around the curve. There were hoots and catcalls and whistles as several cars came by keeping them from crossing the street.

Sally was embarrassed and aroused. She wanted to hide, but Bob held her hand tight, keeping her there in the headlights so the people going by could see her nakedness.

“This is what we want, baby – for people to see you naked.”

“What do you want me to do?” she asked Bob.

“I will wait for you here. I want you to go in the Circle K, and ask for a package of condoms. Here is my credit card to buy them.”

“Are you sure you want me to go in there naked?”

“Yes, I do. Now go while there is no traffic coming.” He pushed her out into the street.

Sally looked back at him as she crossed the street, but he urged her on.

Sally was naked, not even wearing any jewelry except her wedding band. She was a married woman out on the street naked, going into Circle K just a few blocks from her house. She hoped no one she knew would see her. But she was so turned on.

There were two cars gassing up, and the guys at the cars stared at her as she walked up to the door of the Circle K. She opened the glass door and went in. Several men in the store turned and looked at her. Stared at her. Enjoyed her nakedness. Smiled. Sneered. Whistled.

Sally went to the counter. “I need to buy some condoms.”

“I should say you do,” said the boy behind the counter.

Someone called out, “You looking for someone know how to use those condoms?”

Sally blushed, but she could feel her juices starting to run down her legs. The sexual words went right down between her legs where she could feel them entering her.

The boy behind the counter dropped six brands of condoms on the counter. Sally blushed even more. She picked up one and said it would do. The boy rang it up on his computer, and she gave him Bob’s credit card. She signed and grabbed the receipt and hurried out of the store and back across the street. Bob had seen everything. She rushed into his arms. He held her and quieted her.

“I was so embarrassed,” she said.

He reached down between her legs. “And you are so wet,” he said.

“I know. I could feel myself getting wet even as I was blushing.”

When he rubbed her clit, her knees went weak, and he had to hold her up. She was close to coming. They walked back down to the bus stop. Bob leaned her against the pole there and began caressing and rubbing her clit. A few cars went by, and he kept caressing her. He made her spread her legs and there on Portland Street, he finger-fucked her, slipping his fingers up inside her. She was overcome. She did not care she was on Portland and cars were going by.

“Oh, yes, you are going to make me come, baby. Make me come.”

Sally lost all sense of time and place as Bob brought her to orgasm at the bus stop. Her eyes rolled back, her body trembled with the spasms of her orgasm. Bob bit her on the neck and left a bruise. He wanted to fuck her right there, but he knew that was no doubt going too far. When Sally came back to earth, he let her catch her breath, and then they crossed Portland to walk the two blocks back up 18 th Street to home. Sally leaned on him, and he put his arm around her bare waist, and they walked slow and easy like lovers on a stroll in the park. They went up the steps, saw Jack’s come spilt on the floor just inside the front door, went to the bedroom. Bob undressed, and they went to bed naked cuddled up like spoons and fell fast asleep.

But before he went to sleep, he had already decided on a plan to expose Sally even more.

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