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Saturday Afternoon

Kids away, the wife gets frisky

The kids were at the grandparents for the evening. I was replacing the doorknob on the back door and the wife was going in and out, taking things to the garage.

I really wasn't paying much attention to what she was doing since I was cussing at the non-functioning doorknob. I sensed, more than saw her as she passed by me the last time to go sit on a patio chair on the back porch. When I finally looked up to see what she was doing, I saw that she was topless. She was wearing khaki shorts and nothing else. Keep in mind, that this was about 3:30 in the afternoon on a Saturday.

We live in a suburban neighborhood. All of the homes around us are single story and surrounded with a six foot wooden fence. I'm always trying to get her naked outside and/or to let me take digital pictures of her, but the opportunity doesn't really present itself too often.

She sat there looking at me with "that look" on her face. The look that says, "you're going to fuck me soon." I sat back from working on the doorknob and put down my tools.

As I stared at her, she reached up and cupped her breasts to me, pinching her nipples until they were hard. Then she looked around, and lifted up her butt and slid her shorts and panties off completely.

I jumped up and grabbed the camera. When she's in the mood for this and initiates it on her own, I can usually get away with just about everything.

I decided to take this a little further and spoke a little more roughly than I normally do. "Spread your legs wide," I told her. She obeyed my instructions willingly, pulling her feet up into the chair.

"Show me your pussy," I told her next. She didn't even bat an eye as she reached down and spread her lips. "Touch yourself," I said as I began to take her picture, "bury those fingers deep."

I took several pictures and then asked her what she had planned to do next. "What do you want me to do?" she asked me in a very submissive tone. I dared her to walk out into the backyard and lay down in the hammock.

She boldly stood up and walked through the grass and posed for me. First she sat down on the edge, then slowly laid back until she was stretched out in the rope hammock. The sun on her body was a wonderful sight to see. I had tried for weeks to get her to sunbathe naked but again, there just aren't that many opportunities. I told her to hold on, and I ran into the house. I took a picture of her from our bedroom window. It was just amazing that there, out in the backyard, in the middle of a Saturday afternoon was my naked wife.

I returned with her purple vibrating dildo that doesn't see too much action at our house. I held it up as I approached her. "Give me that thing," she said as I got near. She grabbed it and without much hesitation, and slid it inside of her.

I took a lot of pics. I kept telling her how hot she was and how hard she was making me. I think my encouragement convinced her to do more. I absolutely love it when she gets crazy like this.

Next, we went into the garage and I took a few pictures of her posing around and in her car. She sat down a big box and pulled one foot up on it and said, "How's this?" Well, it was great, that's how it was.

She brought the dildo back out and I took several pictures of her posing with it sticking out of her pussy. Then I had her sit in the passenger seat of the car. She leaned back in the carseat and slowly worked the vibe in and out as I rubbed her clit or pulled on her nipples. I had to stop several times because I didn't want her to come, thus ending our playing around.

Next, I surprised the hell out of her by opening the garage door. I got several awesome pics of her sitting in the passenger seat with the daylight of the neighborhood behind her. Then I grabbed her clothes and threw them in the backseat, giving her only a shirt to cover up with.

"Why are you putting my clothes in the car?"she asked as I got in beside her.

"Because we're going for a drive," I told her.

She protested a little, actually less than I thought she would. She hurriedly threw on her shirt and buckled up as I backed out of the driveway. We didn't have a lot of time, so I drove around the neighborhood for a few minutes.

I fingered her as I drove. Twice I had her close to coming, but she finally told me that she wanted to be able to see her breasts naked when she came, so I had to quit. No sense getting arrested or seen by the neighbors. I snapped a few pictures of her holding her shirt up as we drove around, but they came out too blurry.

I drove back into the garage and she jumped out as soon as the door was closed. She climbed up onto the big box again, this time on her hands and knees. She looked behind her and told me to hurry up and fuck her.

I took her from behind. She was incredibly wet and I reached around her waist to finger her clit. She came really fast and I wasn't far behind, slamming into her and then pulling out to shoot my cum onto her back.

I kid you wasn't ten minutes later that my mother pulled up in the driveway bringing the kids back to us.

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