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A mellow lazy Saturday afternoon, at my condo in downtown, Detroit.

I met her when TA, was 19 years old, she had already been in a bad, and very abusive marriage, she left, and lived for a short time on the streets. That is where I had met her, she offered me anything I wanted for $50.00. I gave her a hundred, told her to get into the car. We have been together for the last couple of years.

Now, she seems to be my shadow, as we are always together, I was 61 in November of this past year, and people are always asking if she is my daughter or my grand daughter. I usually play around with the answer, but the truth is, she has become one of my best friends, and I trust her with my life. She knows she will always be taken care of.

“Come here, stand in front of me. I want you to strip for me. I want to see your naked and beautiful body fully naked as you present it to me”.

“Slowly strip for me, very slowly”.

“May I keep my panties on, since I am cleaning and doing things around the house”, you ask.

“No, you know that I love you fully naked, ready to totally submit to my lusts and desires, offered by you, for my pleasure”

You aren't wearing much already, one of my shirts, with only half the buttons buttoned, your bra and a pair of cotton panties. At first you remove the shirt and hang it on a hanger, then your bra, falls to the ground, then you peel down your panties to your ankles and step out of them. As you stand in front of me totally naked, I tell you how beautiful you are, and I can see the smile form on your face as you feel me watching you. “You have such beautiful nipples”, now that they are bare and starting to swell in anticipation. I like the fact that you are committed to do anything that I desire.

You look out the big patio door window, and into the windows of the office building across the street.

“I know the drapes are open”, I tell you, “if anyone wants to watch, let them, you can make them happy this afternoon, also”.

Now that you are totally naked, I know that thought of being seen and exposed, excites you,

“Are you getting wet”, knowing that you are being watched by total strangers, I ask you

“Yes” you say softly, being a little embarrassed that I know you like to be seen, and exposed.

“Show me, let me taste your fingers”

You reach with your hand between your legs and I watch your fingers slide up and into your wet pussy lips. You reach your hand out so I can lick, and suck on your fingers.

“Damn, you smell so good and are so wet, you taste so good, so fresh”.

I watch your nipples as they are swelling and getting very hard,” Pinch your nipples, and get your nipples harder, for me”.

I can hear you, starting your whimpering and soft moaning, very soft, but getting slurred and louder as you are getting wetter and closer to orgasm.

I tell you to turn around, facing away from me as I bend you over at the waist and tell you to reach down, and grab hold of your ankles. I spread your ass cheeks, wide open, and I start licking the crack of your ass. I tongue, lick, and nibble your asshole. Each time I flick my tongue around and in your asshole I feel your knees buckle a little and your body start to quiver.

I reach my hand over, and now my fingers were also penetrating inside your asshole helping my tongue reach deeper inside by spreading your asshole, wider with my fingers. I am also using your own juices from your pussy, as natural lubricant, so my fingers can slide deeper into your asshole.

I can feel you pressing your ass back into me, to get closer, allowing my fingers to go deeper into your ass. While I continue to finger your ass, I feel your mussels tighten as you are start to cum, and I feel your waves of orgasm and quivering start. I see the juices running down both of your legs.

We both can feel the eyes from the office building across the street, on us, and with the glare from the sun light on their windows, it is hard to tell who is watching, but I am sure that they are enjoying your beautiful nakedness so close to our windows in the middle of a Saturday afternoon.

Now I open my robe, and I reach around your waist and pull you back on top

of me in my sitting position. I feel you reach down between your legs and guide my hard penis into your wet and throbbing pussy, you are so wet, I slide in so easily.

Your legs lay across mine, so when I open my legs, it spreads your legs even wider, exposing your wet pussy and the total naked front of your body, exposing you from head to toe, to the sunlight and window, and the sets of eyes across the street. I cup each of your breasts with my hands, and I press each of your nipples between my thumb and forefinger, pinching and stretching them, one then the other, feeling you flex your back and butt deeper into my stomach and thighs.

I slide my penis out of your pussy and I lift you with one hand and start the head of my dick into your already wet asshole, You scream out a little, but you have told me how you like to be licked and fucked anally, in the past.

I lay as still as I can, and tell you to rub your open exposed pussy, I ask you to spread open your pussy lips from each side, opening and exposing all of her pure beauty, knowing that with my penis still inside of your ass. I tell you to reach over and get the 9 inch dilto that is laying on the coffee table nest to you. I tell you to put the dilto into your pussy. Now you have the dilto in your pussy, and my dick in your ass, I know that I can just enjoy the ride, as you masturbate your dripping, pulsating pussy to ecstasy.

I whisper in your ear, that I know this exposure and my dick in your ass is really turning you on.

You say rather loudly, ”Yes, Yes, Please Fuck Me”. You are really bucking your ass, and grinding it into me, now. You also are really pumping the dilto in and out of you pussy. I feel you freeze as the waves of orgasm are running through you body.

I can feel myself getting ready to explode. I reached for your nipples as I shoot a full load of my cum in your ass. I twist your nipples and twists them and pinch them as I unloaded my full load. We lay there for a few minutes as I go partially soft, and we both start breathing somewhat normal.

I feel you lift off me, turn around and drop to you knees, you take my now half soft dick and balls in your hands and you start cleaning my shaft with your tongue and your mouth. Once I have been licked clean, I closed the front of my robe, I help you stand up, and tell you I will meet you in the shower.

You deserved to be bathed fully, from head to toe, for being such a good girl, so far, this Saturday, afternoon. It has been such a pleasure, maybe we could both use a nap after our shower. I know that you won't be getting much sleep tonight.

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