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Schoolgirl Dares with Sarah - Part II

Sarah and Annie's dares get them into more trouble...
After our adventures in the park, Sarah and I go into McDonald’s for a milk shake. It also gives us the chance to use their toilets to clean up. Sarah’s sticky pussy juices are starting to dry on her thighs, so I help her wipe them clean. I also wash her juices off my face and hands, making sure I don’t smell of girl cum too much. We both put our panties back on, and I put my blazer on over my blouse, to hide the fact that I’ve still left my bra off. I can’t be bothered to put it on again!

“While we’re here” says Sarah, “Can we go to New Look or Next? I need to get a couple of things”.

We end up going to both of them, spending about an hour while Sarah tries on a selection of tops and skirts. She then decides she wants to go to the big department store at the far end of the shopping centre. The female fashions are on the top floor, and it’s quite quiet. There is usually someone from security keeping an eye on the changing rooms, but not today for some reason. Sarah finds a couple of rather low-cut tops and tries them on in front of me, making sure she leaves an extra button undone so her little tits are pretty well exposed.

Watching her like this is getting me a bit horny. I’m ready for a bit more fun.

“Hey Sarah” I say when she is naked from the waist up, “I dare you to leave your blouse off when you put those clothes back!”

“What – I can’t go out all bare!” she giggles.

“No, silly, you can keep your blazer on – just leave your blouse off!”

“Ok – sounds like fun!”

So she puts on her blazer over her bare breasts. She does up a couple of buttons, but even so it is pretty obvious that she has nothing on underneath. I peep out of the changing rooms. There are a couple of women browsing the racks, but it is still quiet. Sarah walks confidently out, and saunters back to the racks with the tops, putting them back one at a time. As she walks back, she looks at me, then undoes first one blazer button, then the other. She has a big grin on her face as she gets back to the changing rooms, the front of her blazer hanging open, her firm little breasts pushing their way out, her erect pink nipples just visible.

“How about that, sweetie!” she giggles.

“You’re so naughty Sarah!”

But I have a feeling it’s going to be my turn next – and I’m right!

“Ok Sarah – now I dare you to do that, but you’ve got to go and pay for this top! I’ve decided I want it now.”

“What – go to the cash desk in just my blazer?”

“Yes – why not?” sniggers Sarah. “I’ll give you the money!”

I slip my blouse off and put my blazer on, smoothing it over my bare tits. I make sure it is done up, although I can’t help the obvious cleavage at the front. It does look pretty obvious that I’ve got nothing underneath, but I’m perfectly decent. I take Sarah’s top, and walk across the shop floor to the nearest cash desk. There is a queue of two in front of me, so I have to stand there in line, hoping that I’m not blushing too much and hoping no-one tries to talk to me. What if I see someone I know?

I try to stay cool as it comes to my turn to pay. I calmly walk up to the counter and hand over Sarah’s top with a little smile. I can feel my blazer lifting up at the back - I hope there’s not too much bare flesh on show! The woman behind the counter doesn’t seem to notice anything unusual.

“Do you want a bag love?” she asks in a bored voice, for what is probably the hundredth time that day.

“Yes please” I say, my voice coming out all high and squeaky.

So she stuffs it into a bag and hands it to me. As she does so, she gives me a funny look, and seems about to say something, but I grab my bag and walk back as quickly as I dare to where Sarah is waiting.

“Here!” I say, handing her the bag, “It’s all yours!”

“I’ll think of you every time I wear it” says Sarah.

“I thought she was going to ask me if I wanted to put it on now!” I say. “But actually that was a bit easy – now I want you to go out without your skirt on!”


I thought that would shock her.

“You can keep your blazer on – and you only have to go as far as the escalator and back!”

“Can I put my shirt back on first?”

“No – it’s got to be just blazer and panties!”

She thinks for a moment, then slips off her skirt. She checks in the mirror to see that her blazer comes down far enough to cover her bum. It does – just! – although from the front you can see she is just wearing white panties.

“Right” she says. “Here goes”…

And she’s off, legs bent to keep low, heading for the escalator, trying to keep down and hiding behind the racks of clothes, looking for all the world like some kind of crazy wind-up duck. From behind, I can see her white panties as the tail of her blazer flips up. She sees someone, and tries to pretend she’s looking at a display of bras, then she’s away again. She makes it to the escalator, touches the rail to make sure I don’t accuse her of not going all the way, then scuttles back.

“Made it!” she gasps, pulling the curtain closed behind her. “Did you see that woman though? I thought she’s spotted me!”

“I think we’d better go now” I suggest.

“Oh no you don’t” says Sarah. “You’ve only done one dare – so there’s one more to go!”

I knew I wouldn’t get away that easily.

“Ok Sarah. What do I have to do?”

“Right – you’ve got to go to the escalator too – but with no panties either!!!”

“Oh no, Sarah, that’s just not on!” I gasp. “I can’t do that!”

“Oh come on, Annie, you saw me – the blazer covers you…just about”

“It doesn’t Sarah – I’m not doing that!”

“Ok – let’s just see what you look like. If your pussy’s really showing, I’ll let you off.”

So I slip off my skirt and then my panties. I look at myself in the mirror, pulling the blazer down as far as I can. It does cover my bum, and because my pussy is shaved I almost look less obvious from the front than Sarah did with her clean white panties. My trim little pubic area just seems to merge with my thighs. I think this may just be possible…except I’m feeling a bit aroused, and I can see a glistening of my juices just below my little clitoral nest. If I’m going to do this, it’s going to have to be now.

“Ok Sarah…I’m ready”

“Go for it Annie!”

I slip through the curtains, and follow Sarah’s route, sneaking behind the racks of underwear, trying to keep low. There is one open area just before the escalator, and I dash across, seeming to feel the air blowing around my bare pussy. I clutch my blazer, trying to pull it down over my pubic mound. Touch the rail - then back. I’m feeling a mixture of relief and extreme arousal as I realise that I’m going to make it.

I pull open the curtains and slip inside.


Sarah is there.

But so is someone else.

Oh fuck.

It’s a security guard.

I think I let out a little squeal.

“Well, hello” says the guard. “Here’s the other half of your naughty gang”.

I realise she is female. I suppose that is better than a man…maybe.

“I…I…I…I’m sorry…” I stutter. I’m not sure what else I can say.

A long pause follows. The guard looks at us both.

“Ok you two” she says. “Get your things together and come with me.”

I pick up my panties and start to put them on.

“Don’t bother about that” says the guard. “You can both come as you are.”

She opens the curtains and ushers us out. Both of us are clutching our clothes and bags. At least Sarah has her panties on under her blazer!

“Over there” she says, indicating the way to the security office, holding each of us firmly by the arm. I wonder momentarily whether it is worth trying to wriggle free and make a run for it, but the thought of dashing for the doors in just my blazer doesn’t really appeal. Besides, I can’t leave Sarah – even if this is mostly her fault!

The woman at the cash desk is looking at us. I bet it was her! She must have got suspicious and called security - the cow! But thinking about it, I suppose we were a bit obvious, sneaking in and out of the changing rooms like that; not such a good idea after all.

Luckily, the security office is on this floor. The guard opens the door and ushers us in, shutting it behind us.

“Ok, girls, just put your things on the table and let’s have a look at you” she says.

We do as we are told. There’s not much else we can do in the circumstances.

The guard sits down at the desk and slowly and deliberately gets a pad of forms out of the drawer. She looks at us, and fiddles about in a box in front of her, eventually selecting a pen. She clicks the end, and writes something on the form.

I look at Sarah. She looks terrified, as if she’s about to cry. I think I am too. Why won’t the guard say something? I just want to get this over with.

The security guard looks at us coldly. I notice that she has her name sewn onto her shirt – WALKER, in capital letters.

“Ok, names first” she says.

I wonder if I should give a false name, but quickly decide against it. She’ll soon find out if we lie, and then we’ll be in worse trouble. I think our best bet is to be honest.

“Annie Harrison” I say in a tearful voice.

The guard looks at Sarah.

“Sarah M-Morris” she stammers.

She writes our names on the form, very slowly. I think she’s enjoying this.

Then she puts the pen down and looks at us. I may be imagining it, but there is almost the shadow of a smile on her face.

“Well, you two girls certainly seem to have been having fun” she says. “But I’m sure you appreciate we can’t have this sort of carrying-on in our store! If you want to play your little games in your own homes, then that’s up to you.”

“Sorry Mrs Walker!” I say, as if I was being told off at school.

“I’m sorry too” says Sarah.

“Well”, says Mrs Walker, picking up the form and looking at it. “There are two options open to me. I can call the police, and have you charged with indecent exposure…”

“Oh please no!” Sarah says, sounding terrified, as well she might. I don’t like the sound of that either.

“Or” she goes on “I can call your parents and have them take you home”.

That would be almost as bad! I’d be grounded for ever!

“Oh don’t call my parents!” I plead. “If you just let us go, we promise we won’t do anything like it again!”

I must look so woeful and scared that she almost smiles, and shakes her head ruefully.

“Oh, girls, girls, girls” she says. “Fifteen years ago I’d probably have been doing the same sort of thing myself! But I wouldn’t be doing my job if I let you get away with it scot-free, now would I? What would my boss say?”

She comes round to the front of the table, and sits on the edge of it. She puts a hand on each of our shoulders and looks at us in turn.

“You’re a couple of pretty girls, and I know you were just having fun. I guess you were just daring each other, and got a bit carried away. Am I right?”

We both nod sheepishly.

“Well, I know how I’d be feeling in your place” she says. “And I guess I’d hate to see you getting into too much trouble.”

She squeezes my shoulder, kneading it through my blazer.

“You really are very pretty” she says to me. “Both of you in your little school blazers. So, do you like to play this sort of game together?”

Sarah nods. “We do, kind of…”

“Well, Sarah” says Mrs Walker, “If you two agree to play a little game for me, then I think I can let you be on your way. How does that sound?”

We both nod. What can she mean?

“Ok, let’s start” she says, leaning back on the desk. “Sarah, why don’t you unbutton Annie’s blazer?”

Sarah looks at me.

I’m not sure about this; but there’s not much else we can do.

“Go on Sarah” I say.

Sarah undoes the two buttons. My blazer hangs open at the front, just revealing my little bare titties, the nipples just peeping out.

“Now you, Annie” says Mrs Walker.

I look at her. Sitting on the desk, she is stroking her long legs with her hands.

I undo Sarah’s blazer. I can just see her boobs now.

“Now kiss girls…on the lips”

I lean over and kiss Sarah quickly on the lips. She smiles at me. I actually think she’s starting to enjoy this!

“A proper kiss, girls…”

We know what she means. I put my arms around Sarah and kiss her on the lips, much longer this time. She opens her mouth to let my tongue in. She has her arms around me, and our bare breasts are pressed against each other. Sarah raises her leg and rubs it against the smooth skin of my thigh.

“Take your blazers off girls”

I slip Sarah’s off her shoulders, letting it drop on to the floor. She does the same to me. I’m naked now; Sarah is just in her panties. I look at Mrs Walker. She has undone some buttons on her shirt, and has a hand inside, squeezing her breast.

“Annie – kiss Sarah’s tits – suck her nipples”

I don’t need to be told twice. I cup one of Sarah’s boobs in my hand and lick at it, raising little goose-bumps on her areola, tickling her nipple with my tongue. Sarah holds my head in her hands, and starts to moan.

“Oh yes Annie” she whispers, “That’s so good…”

I reckon the better the show we can put on, the sooner we’ll be out of here. I’m not sure if this is right, but I’m feeling wet between my legs already.

“Sit in the chair Annie”.

That’s a good idea. It’s a swivel chair with arms. I sit down in it, and open my legs wide, hooking one leg over each arm. Good job I’m supple – my legs are really wide apart now, stretching my pussy open. I lean back, arms behind my neck, and stick out my chest.

Mrs Walker has unbuttoned her shirt completely, and has pushed her bra up off her big firm tits. One hand is squeezing them, while the other is down the front of her skirt. She’s really rather hot!

“Lick Annie’s pussy, Sarah” she instructs. “But take your panties off first”.

Sarah quickly slips her panties down, and drops them on the floor. She gets down on her knees, grabs hold of my legs to stop the chair wheeling away, and starts to lap at my soaking wet pussy. She flicks her tongue over my clit, which makes me start moaning. I tweak at my left nipple, pinching it hard. Sarah sucks at my little labia, and then inserts her tongue into my vagina. She laps around inside me, making me squirm and gasp.

“Oh Sarah, baby, that’s amazing!” I manage to say between deep breaths.

I hear a rustle from across the room. Mrs Walker has slipped her skirt off, and has her fingers inside a pair of sexy red panties. I can tell that she has her fingers right up inside her cunt, and her panties have a big wet patch all up the front. She is frigging herself hard.

“Make Annie cum, Sarah!” gasps Mrs Walker.

Sarah knows how to do this. She gets two fingers and shoves them up inside my open slit. She friggs me hard with one hand, while with her other she is frantically rubbing her own clit. I’m squirming about in the chair.

“Ah Sarah, I’m going to cum!” I gasp. “Fuck me harder!”

As Sarah slips a third finger inside, stretching me more, I hear a groan from Mrs Walker. She has her head back, her fingers clenched inside her panties, and I can see more juices soaking through her panties as she reaches her orgasm. The sight of this is enough to push me over the edge, and I let myself go.

“Ahhhhhhhh!” I cry, and I cum; juices squirting out over Sarah’s hand; I cum again, arching my back in the chair, grinding my pussy against her hand. Sarah shuts her eyes; holds her breath; and lets out a sigh. I think she has cum too.

I hug Sarah’s head against my chest. That was good! My breasts are flushed and wet with perspiration, my little nipples hard and pink.

I’d almost forgotten about Mrs Walker. She has pulled her skirt back on and is re-buttoning her shirt. She is very flushed and hot-looking!

“Thanks girls” she says. “That was so hot! I wish I was your age again – I’d have joined in! I think you’d better get dressed again now, though”

Sarah and I gather our clothes together and get dressed quickly, before Mrs Walker changes her mind. There is an amazing smell of sex in the room, and the seat of the chair is soaking wet with my juices. There is another little wet spot on the floor by the table, where Mrs Walker’s juices have dripped. Sarah seems to have squirted too, judging by the stain on the floor and the juices running down her legs. Where does she get it all from?

“Thanks Mrs Walker” says Sarah cheekily. “I think we may come back and play here again!”

“Don’t you dare!” warns Mrs Walker. “I don’t want to have to arrest you again! I’d have to think up a different punishment. And don’t say you’d enjoy it, because I expect you would!”

She slaps me on the bum as we leave. “Take care girls” she says “And have fun – just somewhere else next time, ok?”

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