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Schoolgirl fun

Just some schoolgirls having fun
Back when I was a batxillerat student, for those of you from the UK that means the sixth form, we always used to do this sort of joke on some of the guys in the middle of a party. I guess this is a pretty common joke but bear with me.

We would take a couple of chairs and normally select a couple of guys to be sat down with all of us girls. They were blindfolded and told not to stand up. If we could do this in a private room where the other guys couldn't watch then all the better. Then we would do our best to "provoke" them as they sat there. This meant whispering in their ear, kissing their neck, caressing their legs and so on. The idea was for us to have fun getting them all worked up then suddenly we would pull the chairs out from under them and they would have to stand up with their hard cocks tenting their trousers. We would then all have a good laugh at them.

We did this one summer at a friend's chalet. Everyone was in swimming shorts and bikinis. We chose a quite good looking guy to have fun with (some of the girls preferred doing it to the ugly single guys but that was just cruel) it was to be only him as it was his birthday. We were in the house in the living room whilst the rest of the guys were outside round the pool I guess there were about twelve of us with him. We took him away and placed a chair in the middle of the room. We put on some raunchy music and started making suggestive remarks.

He sat there, knowing all about the game I am sure, and so we told him the rules, that if he raised his hands the game was over. It was always a chance for some of the less popular girls to feel up some of the good looking guys and they sure weren't shy once we had got started. One girl was running her hands through his hair as another started tonguing his ear. Others were caressing his chest and arms. Then Lisa took his left hand and placed it on her own leg. She ran his hand up the inside of her thigh really high up. I would guess his fingers brushed the crotch of her bikini bottoms at the top.

He was grinning like an idiot and, sure enough, starting to get a hard on. Some of the girls were pointing at it and laughing in silence. Anna leant down and started rubbing her breasts against his right shoulder. As she did it her nipples got hard so he had to feel them. Then she took hold of his hand like Lisa had done but she put it straight on her left breast. His fingers closed around it automatically and she gasped and slapped his hand. She pulled it off her as the rest of us laughed and then flattened out his fingers. With his hand out flat she then put it back on her breast and massaged herself with his hand. I could see how she was rubbing her own hard nipple on his palm. He was getting harder and harder.

Maria, who was not one of the most popular girls with the guys but was such a lot of fun, approached him and turned round to sit down on his lap right on his erect cock. He gasped and stopped grinning all at once. She started to rub herself all over his erection. His hard cock lodging between the cheeks of her arse and rubbing against her sex. She was quite flushed and at one point had her eyes closed. Some of the girls were screaming with laughter.

Normally by this point we would have pulled the chair out and laughed at his hard on but for some reason our wickedness took over. I pulled Maria off his lap and knelt down in front of him. I placed my hands on his knees and slid them up his legs inside the legs of his swimming shorts. His legs were waxed so my hands slid easily over his hot skin. I ran my hands up and down his thighs and then over the inside of his thighs. I didn't touch him there but his erect cock was only inches from my face. He was almost quivering as I touched him.

We were starting to really get carried away. Maria was now sucking on one of his nipples as Sara sucked on his earlobe. I stood watching them doubled up with laughter. Meri came round next to me and winked at me. She pulled her bikini cup aside on her right breast and leant in towards him. She brushed his cheek with her hard nipple, he almost pulled away but then he must have wondered what it was. He sat still and she did it again. Meri has always had really long nipples and she used them to good effect. Two of the girls were laughing so hard they had collapsed on the sofa. A couple more had an incredulous expression which said they couldn't believe how far we were going.

The rest of us were cheering her on and laughing. No one said what it was the rest were doing to him, we left that to his imagination. Normally we would do something similar but with a finger or perhaps an object. This time we were going all out. As she brushed her nipple down towards his lips his mouth opened, she looked back at me and I shrugged as if to say, it's up to you. She flicked her nipple at his lips and his tongue chaser after it. Grinning wickedly she allowed his tongue to flick over her hard nipple and then with a wanton expression she pushed it against his mouth. He latched on to her much as a baby might and sucked greedily at her breast.

Meri smiled in appreciation and closed her eyes briefly before pulling away. Her nipple slid out of his mouth glistening with his saliva. He craned forward searching for it and groaned when he couldn't find it. All the time he had other hands on him holding him firmly and caressing him constantly. As Meri stepped away she put her hand to her mouth in shock, she pointed down. His precum was now staining his shorts over the end of his rigid cock. She shook her hand and mouthed "Oh my God" at me. 

I could see that for some of my friends things had gotten too sexual. Some of them were making gestures to say, let's go. Others were reluctant to leave. As we were friends we had few secrets but anything sexual was a bit too much. I think Maria, Anna, Meri and I, perhaps Sara, would have done even more damage but we stopped because the rest wanted to. Carme came in from the kitchen and dumped a glass of cold water over his head. "That's enough of that," she said.

We all clapped and cheered and stood back. He jumped up off the chair in shock but then doubled over because of his erection, he pulled off the blindfold and looked around. Of course she couldn't know who had done what so we were all "protected", his gaze did linger though on Meri, her gonzo nipples were standing out hard through her bikini and left little doubt as to her role in the performance.

I think games like this have made me the exhibitionist I am today.
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