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Seven Days of Lust Part 2

Day two of a couple's anniversary preparations.

Dan awoke with a start. Today was his turn in the week-long fun leading up to his anniversary celebration with Kay. Yesterday she had dolled herself up in schoolgirl attire. He knew how much she loved to exhibit herself, so today he was going to allow her to expose her glorious little body to her heart’s content. Normally he tried to keep her under tight rein knowing how she could get carried away, but tonight he would allow her to flaunt her beauty more than ever before.

He rolled over and looked at Kay. She was going into work a little later than usual today, as she had taken a cab home yesterday and would need a ride to work. Dan slid beneath the covers and spread her legs slowly as to not awaken her.

Kay's body was relaxed as she dreamed of last night and when her husband spread her legs slightly she thought it was just her own reaction to the dreams swirling in her mind. Kay relaxed her legs and allowed them to spread wide. Dan leaned forward and sucked her puffy swollen sex lips into his mouth. He ran his tongue over each outer lip and just along their inner edges, arousing her and tasting her juices as she started to gain moisture between her legs.

He alternated between her lips, loving the taste of her pussy and flesh. Finally satisfied she was aroused as her petal opened more, he sank two fingers deep inside her and lapped at her clit. He caught the little love bud between his teeth and stroked it with his tongue. At once he felt her fingers run through his hair as he licked at her moist centre. Adding another finger to her already wet pussy, he started to slide them in and out and curl them upwards, stroking her spongy inner wall G-spot.

Kay woke up and looked down and saw the covers bulging over her midsection. She felt her husband's tongue darting over her clit and his fingers dipping deep up inside, stroking her where she loved to be touched. Dan continued his assault on her pussy even when she tried to lift him up to her. He knew she would want to be fucked, but he wasn't about to give in. He wanted to make her climax with his mouth and leave her wanting for later this evening.

Dan moved his other hand up to play with his wife's nipples and as he turned each one in his fingers, he felt her arch her back and her pussy grip his fingers as she came in a quick burst. Suddenly she was writhing beneath him and begging him to let up his tongue attack on her clit. But he wouldn't relent. He wanted her a puddle of juices and flesh when he stopped.

Dan pulled away just enough to start fluttering his tongue over her clit as fast as he possibly could. When she screamed and moaned and finally went limp, Dan stopped and crawled up beside her and gave her a deep kiss despite her protests of having morning breath.

"Good morning beautiful. Go get ready for work. Your transportation leaves in thirty minutes."

Kay jumped into the shower and tied her hair back in a ponytail and then threw on a pair of khakis and a blouse. As she came downstairs, Dan greeted her with coffee in her work mug and a breakfast hot pocket. They both laughed as they got into the car.

"So, stud, if I know you, that was just to leave me aching for more and to remain wet all day in anticipation of what is to come later," Kay teased.

"Well, you are so correct honey, if you look in the back seat there is a bag with the outfit you are to be wearing when I pick you up this evening," Dan smiled.

"Ok, any hints? Or are you just going to leave me wondering all afternoon what is to happen tonight?" she asked.

"Curiosity killed the cat, Kay," Dan said as he pulled up to the curb of his wife's workplace. Before letting her out, he kissed her and reached down to stroke her pussy through her pants as she squirmed and returned the kiss.

"See you tonight lover," he said as she exited the car.

Dan had a friend who owned a nightclub or rather a gentlemen's club and he had arranged a very special evening for his wife. One she would definitely never forget.

At 5 P.M. sharp, Dan pulled back up to the building in which his wife worked and waited patiently for her to come out and get in the car.

Once she did, he couldn't stop looking at her. She had fixed her hair and had soft curls framing her face and the dress he had provided for her fit like a second skin. It was tight on top where it barely covered her nipples. It accentuated her breasts, the orbs bulging beneath the top. It tapered around her waist showing how trim and fit she was. Then it clung to her tight little bubble butt gloriously.

She smiled as she slid into the car and reached over to stroke her husband's shaft just a bit.

"Honey, just wearing this has me hornier than you can imagine."

Dan placed a blindfold over her eyes and then drove off. She tried repeatedly to get him to tell her where they were going to no avail. He slipped his finger up beneath the slit in her dress and pushed the panties to the side as he worked his fingers inside her.

Kay, already aroused, pushed her hips forward, drawing her husband's fingers deeper inside her. She managed to keep a hand wrapped around his shaft which was begging for release but he tried to keep her focus away from him. He would be pounding her soon enough.

As he pulled up to the club, he noticed that there were fewer cars than normal and then he realized that with the request he had given to his friend, perhaps a smaller crowd of select patrons would be all that would be present tonight. He knew that Ben didn't want to risk getting shut down for lewd conduct.

As they neared the door, Dan led his wife by the arm so she wouldn't fall as she was still blindfolded. A young, maybe twenty-year-old girl greeted them at the door and ushered them inside with only a smile. Loud thumping music was playing from the room behind the closed door. Inside the foyer and even muffled, he could hear the men whooping and hollering.

The girl took his coat and then led them further inside after locking the outer door. They were the last two patrons that would be entering tonight. Ben greeted them on the other side of the door, a huge smile on his face. He had long waited to see the pretty little wife of his best friend naked, and tonight he would be rewarded with that and much more if things went well.

Ben mouthed, "Everything's prepared." With that, he shook Dan's hand and led them to the booth that had been selected right near the stage. Once they had sat down, Dan removed his wife's blindfold.

A shiver ran up and down her spine as she looked up at the stage and saw the busty beauty performing a few feet away. The girl was stripping and sliding across the stage. She bent forward and pulled her panties to the side, showing Kay her pussy beneath. Kay was not shocked, just horny now. She loved strip clubs and the way the women unashamedly displayed their bodies.

Dan leaned close, "Honey, watch because you are going to be up there in a few minutes."

A smile, a nervous smile at that, crept over Kay's lips. Her husband had always tried to stifle her exhibitionist tendencies but now he was arranging a way for her to get buck naked and strut her stuff.

"Oh Dan, do you really think I can do it?" she asked. "I want to turn all these men on and you as well, by showing them my naked body."

Dan, knowing this would be the reaction, waved his hand to the girl who had shown them in. At once she was next to them and leaning forward so Dan could whisper in her ear. Dan explained what he wanted and the girl grabbed Kay's arm and led her away.

"Knock' em dead honey," Dan called as she left with the girl.

"Dude, you know your wife is a knockout and we are going to have to keep an eye on these guys so no one tries to get her after the show for a lap dance," Ben laughed.

"I know Ben and thanks for going to all this trouble," Dan replied.

"Ladies and gentleman welcome the newest doll to our den of sin, Miss Kandy," the DJ spoke.

Out she walked with a smile on her face. Kay looked beautiful and as the music started Dan recognized it immediately. It was Marilyn Manson's "Sweet Dreams." As the music picked up Kay lost her shy side, "Like she has one," Dan thought.

Kay sashayed across the stage and then started to wiggle her hips. Once she had gotten into the beat, she reached up and loosened the straps behind her neck. As she continued to strut around the stage she paused and turned toward Dan and dropped the top to her dress and let her breasts free from their confines.

The men were getting into it and tossing dollar bills onto the stage as she worked the crowd. Once she had circled the stage, she pushed her dress down further over her hips and then bent with her ass toward Ben and Dan and pushed it the rest of the way down. Now only wearing her thong, Kay really got into the music.

As it took on a heavy metal guitar riff, Kay jumped up and locked her legs around the pole and twirled around it. She slid to the floor and crawled on her hands and knees, wiggling her ass at the crowd. The men loved the forwardness and uninhibited sexuality that Kay showed.

On the next chorus, Kay slid over to the edge of the stage where Ben and Dan sat and pulled her panties to the side, showing them her pink excited pussy. Ben slipped a twenty into the garter on Kay's thigh as she pulled back to the stage. She bent forward and pushed her thong down over her hips and covered her little bald snatch with her fingers as she stood up.

Once she was sure she had the crowd’s attention, she spread her legs wide and removed her fingers, showing them what they had all come to see. She reached down and showed the pink inside to all the men up front as she spread her lips with her fingers.

Kay was wild with arousal and then as she found a whole new level of excitement she lay back on the stage and bent her knees and fingered her pussy for a few seconds. Her other hand was rubbing her nipples, making them rock hard and then she arched her back, thrusting her ample bosom skyward. The voices of the men and experience of this all had her more than ready for some more fun. She wondered just how far her husband would let her take this.

Dan sat there and was mesmerized by the sight of his none-too-bashful wife as she flaunted her body. Her pussy spread around her fingers and her clit throbbed just beneath her fingertips. Her aureolas were tight and her nipples rock hard on her firm breasts. She looked like she was in heaven and now it was time to give her what she was indeed wanting.

Ben looked into the eyes of the sultry vixen on-stage and knew that if was she one of his regular performers, she would be raking in the money and drawing a full house on the nights of her performances. But this was a one-time thing, Dan had made that clear.

So as per his request, Ben had invited only the most well behaved and tolerant of his customers. They were going to be granted a live male/female sex show tonight. No one else was permitted to touch unless the beauty requested it. Although neither Ben nor Dan expected her to want audience participation other than that as spectators.

Ben nodded over to his friend who got up and went to the bathroom and came back out with his clothes beneath his arms. Kay was on-stage in her own little world and hadn't even noticed Dan's disappearance. She was too close to orgasm every second so far and she wanted to prolong it as long as she could stand.

Dan slipped up on stage as his wife bent over and wiggled her chest at a man in the front row. Dan took this opportunity to slide his cock deep inside the pink lips of her pussy and rammed it home. Before she could turn around Dan was sliding faster inside her, holding her hips and pounding her pussy.

Kay had been standing there shaking her pert breasts at the men in front when suddenly she felt the head of a cock press against her swollen pussy lips. Before she could turn around, the cock was slid deep inside her and the man's hands were on her hips holding her still. She knew that it had to be Dan from the length and girth of his shaft, also knowing that he wouldn't allow another man to fuck her.

This heightened her arousal so much that she lowered herself slowly to the stage so she was on her hands and knees and she pumped back to her husband with all her might. Drawing him deeper inside. The men in front had taken out their cocks and were jacking them wildly as they watched this hot little slut get ravaged on stage in front of them.

Kay wanted to desperately suck a cock right now. It was something she loved, but she feared her husband's reaction. She did reach forward and crook a finger to Ben though, who had slid into the front row of chairs to watch her face as Dan fucked her.

Ben stood up and she quickly wrapped her hand around the waist of his pants and pulled him forward. Not caring what her husband would do at this point, she unzipped Ben's trousers and slipped her hand in and found his member. Pulling out his seven-inch cock, she licked her lips and started to jack him off.

Dan watched all of this with amazement, although he had expected this. He had told Ben he didn't think Kay would want anyone else to participate but if she did, then Ben should allow her to do whatever she desired. And the stipulation was that she could only have Ben. They agreed it wouldn't harm their relationship and Dan wouldn't hold it against his friend if something were to happen.

With that knowledge shared between the two and no one else, Dan grabbed the back of Kay's head and stepped forward. Her instant reaction was to turn to look into her husband's eyes and see if he would allow her to further pleasure his best friend. When all he did was look down and slap her ass, she knew he didn't protest this at all.

She quickly wrapped her mouth around Ben's cockhead and sucked hard. Her tongue curled around the cock and she teased the head as much as possible. Her hands kept jacking his hard shaft as she dropped her lips inch by inch down his cock.

Ben couldn't believe his good fortune. Not only had he gotten to see his best friend's wife naked and writhing in her own masturbatory pleasure but he was now standing before her, getting her lips wrapped around his shaft.

As Ben lunged up and fed her his cock Kay was experiencing the most earth-shaking orgasm she had ever felt. With her husband pounding inside her and her own pleasure being received, she wanted to make both men cum hard for her and inside her. She needed and wanted both to cum at the same time, one in her mouth and one in her pussy.

Faster, she bobbed her head up and down over Ben's shaft as she rolled his balls in her hand and stroked his shaft with the other. The hoots and hollers from the men circling them pushed both men over the edge and before any of the three could brace themselves Kay was flooded with cum.

Her husband grabbed her ass cheeks hard and squeezed them as he slammed the last of his cock inside her and pumped his seed inside. As soon as he had started, Ben had reached his peak as well and started to hold Kay's head down over his shaft as he fucked her face fast and hard.

Kay's gulping around Ben's shaft pushed him over the edge and she felt his balls tighten and start to pump their load into her mouth. Kay, being a good girl, swallowed every drop of the seed inside her mouth.

As the three stood up and parted, the men inside the club, as well as some of the other dancers, started to clap and cheer. This had been more than they had expected and they loved it. Tens and twenties were thrown on-stage for the performance. Slowly, Kay bent to pick up her clothes and the money from the stage. She felt her husband's jism slide down the inside of her thigh.

'Damn, we have to get home right now,' she thought as she walked backstage hand in hand with Dan...

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