Sex at school

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The story of when I fucked a redhead in my school's auditorium.
I was all over guys throughout high school, especially during my junior and my senior years. And I ended up sleeping with quite a few of those boys. But, my absolute favorite sexual encounter, was fucking a guy during school in my junior year. I had just turned 18. I was pale, 5'6". I had long blonde hair, 36D breasts, and was pretty slim. I had had my eyes on a senior boy that I'd known for some time. He was my height. He had red hair, which was probably the reason I was so attracted to him, I had a weakness for redheads!

Eventually, we started talking, and after I gave him couple of blowjobs, he decided he wanted to fuck me. My parents had been home all week, and I couldn't find a way to get to his house (I didn't have a car and couldn't drive my dad's truck.) so we decided to do the deed in a place my parents wouldn't catch us, and we both saw each other; school.

Before then, the most public place I had ever had sex was the couch in my living room, but the idea of public sex had always turned me on quite a bit, and it was something I was definitely ready to try out.

We decided to skip our 7th period class to do it. we went to the storage closet in the auditorium where couples always had sex. The place reeked of cum, but we didn't mind it. We had sexted all day, even had snuck off to the bathroom to take a couple pics, and we were both horny as fuck and ready to go.

Immediately we started making out. He had his tongue down my throat, and was rubbing all over my tits and ass, stopping to rub my pussy through my tight jeans occasionally.

After a while, I stopped and pulled off my shirt and unhooked my bra. He started sucking on my nipples, and I moaned softly as he used his tongue on it and his rough hand on the other.

I pulled down my pants and he slipped his free hand into my panties, fingering me hard. 

After a while of this, I pulled down his pants and spread open my legs. He slid his hard dick into my tight, wet pussy, and I wrapped my legs around his hips as we started fucking hard. We were both moaning and we were rocking our hips at the same time, and before he came he pulled out of me. 

Being as experienced as I was, I immediately got down on my knees and starting sucking his dick, which by now was throbbing. I tasted both our cum on his cock as I deep throated his very large dick, and felt his hands on the back of my head, forcing me down even deeper. He came and I swallowed every drop of his cum, and I stood up.

He slid his cock back inside of me and we fucked hard again, until I had to hold back from screaming his name. I came on his dick, and he slid out of me and started fingering my tight, wet pussy again. 

I guess we were making quite a bit of noise, because at that moment a teacher barged into the room, and caught us in the act. We were both suspended, our parents were notified, and class with that teacher was never the same, but damn, it was all worth it!

Me and the redheaded boy never had sex again, but I had sex in that closet many more times (more careful to not get caught, of course), and even more public places. Public sex is one of my favorite things to do, it gives me a thrill like nothing else does. ;)