Sex at the Swimming Hole

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Story about voyeurism and exhibitionism at nude swimming hole
There was a great swimming hole that I used to go to in Jeffersonville, Vermont. It was a series of waterfalls and small pools. For years people had used it for nude sunbathing. Once, after climbing to the top of the falls, I spotted a couple on a large flat boulder in the middle of the stream. I was partly hidden in the thick woods but could see through the trees well enough to see that she was giving him a blowjob. When they spotted me she stopped what she was doing. I was nude myself and, like the male member of the couple, had a huge erection.

I could not believe it when he looked up at me and said, "Do you have a match?" I walked out from the trees ad began wading across the stream. He and I were just engaging in meaningless small talk. Eventually I moved within about four feet of the couple.

She made some playful moves toward him as if she were going to suck his dick again. Eventually, she did with me standing right there. As she sucked she watched me and saw that I was jerking off. This seemed only to make her suck more intensely. He, on the other hand, continued talking to me almost as if nothing out of the usual was happening. Again, he asked if I had a match. Where he thought I might be hiding it - I don't know.

I told him I would look for one. I wanted to do something to keep this interaction going. I climbed back down to the bottom of the falls. I asked a couple there if they had some matches I could borrow. An erection at that location would not have been acceptable. Fortunately, I had time to calm down by the time I got there. Unfortunately, the couple in the stream was gone when I returned with the matches they had requested. Who knows what would have happened had we met up again.

A girlfriend who I was seeing a couple years after the incident knew how it excited me. One day, when we we were visiting the falls she offered to fuck me in one of the pools about mid-way up. We were both up to about our knees in the water. She bent over and propped herself on a boulder. I stepped behind her and we began fucking doggy style. Initially, we could not be seen by anyone. But that changed when a young nude attractive couple climbed up from a lower pool.

She spotted us first and began laughing nervously. She put her hands over he eyes and gestured to him indicating they should climb back down. He looked surprised at first but seemed in no hurry to leave. I watched as he whispered something in her ear. She shrugged her shoulders and they began to walk around the edge of the pool.

This was quickly becoming one of the great sexual experiences of my life. I had always liked the idea of having sex with people watching but I was not sure about Kelly. Like me, she enjoyed porn - something I thought was a little unusual at the time. (I had never had a girlfriend who really liked porn.) But, as the other couple waded through the water, she began to heave and moan. I don't know whether her orgasm was real or whether she was acting for the benefit of the unwitting spectators. Either way, it got me even more excited.

The couple stopped about ten feet from us. He sat down on a boulder - perhaps as a way of hiding his obvious excitement. I heard her say, "What are you doing?"

I forget exactly what he said but it was something to the effect of, "Let's just wait a few minutes." So they sat on a boulder next to each other watching us fuck! Well - sort of.

He was watching intently. She sat next to him continuing her nervous giggling and looking mostly at him. At first she giggled every time she turned away from him to look briefly at us.

This was so cool! We were fucking outdoors in a beautiful location and being watched by an attractive couple. It was more than I could take. Imitating what I had seen countless time in porn films, I pulled out, held my dick in my hand, and came on her ass. Kelly reached back with her right hand and wiped some of the cum off with her fingers. She looked right at the guy, smiled, and licked the cum off her fingers. I couldn't believe it! She was really into it.

I looked over the couple and said, "I hope you enjoyed the show." They both laughed.

Kelly stood up, pointed at the guy's hard cock, and said, "Well he clearly did."

The other girl teasingly put her hands briefly on his dick to hide it from Kelly's sight. I thought for a moment that this might turn into a voyeuristic fantasy as well as an exhibitionist one. No such luck though.

He was the first to speak to us when he said, "This was a first. I never saw people having sex before, at least not live."

I surprised myself by how casual I was in responding. I explained that we had only intended to have sex and had not planned on putting on a show.

He laughingly said, "Well it didn't seem to affect your performance.

I explained that I had never had sex with people watching before but really enjoyed it.

Kelly agreed and said, "This was great. It was so much more exciting knowing that people were watching us."

Finally, the other woman spoke up. She said, "I like nudity but I can't imagine ever being able to have sex with people watching." She looked back at her partner as if to ask, "What about you?"

He looked a little sheepish and shrugged.

As she slapped his shoulder and laughed as she said, "You would like that wouldn't you?"

Then she said, "We better get out of here before he gets too many wild ideas."

He said very sincerely, "Thank you."

Kelly responded with, "It was our pleasure."

Indeed it was.