Sex Education 101

By xXshunikaXx

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Sex Education in my school is different then yours...
AUTHORS NOTE: This story is complete fiction. It is just a fantasy of mine which I wished happened. The characters are based on real people. Please rate and comment.

Sex Education in my school was always taught at the start of fifth year to everyone over the age of sixteen. Most of the teachers in my school were in their mid-twenties so they knew what it is like to be a teenager who craved sex every day like me. My name is Shunika. I’m sixteen and about 5’10 in height. I weigh 108lbs. I've perfect C cup breasts and a nice big firm ass. My hair is black and my eyes are green.

No one ever knew what happens in Sex Education class in my school. Anyone who had been never talks about it, they just tell us that we will find out when we go. All we were told was to dress as attractively as possible. When we were told this we just guessed they wanted to try turning the boys on to make a point in the lecture. I choose to wear a short black dress that stuck to me and only went halfway down my ass. I wore a silk black lingerie set my brother had bought be for my birthday. I’ve been giving him blowjobs ever since and not letting him fuck me. I intended to stay a virgin for as long as possible no matter how much I craved sex.

The class started at two thirty. I showed up with my friend Kim. She’s a bit smaller then me standing at about 5’8 and we both weigh about the same. She has natural blonde hair that sparkles in the sun, and sapphire blue eyes. Her tits are D cups and she has a big ghetto booty. We’ve never messed around before but we often stayed in each other’s houses and never wore any clothes as I like being naked when at home and she is the same. We took seats in the front row on the girl’s side because all the seats at the back were taken. Ms. Kelly soon showed up and told us to be seated and be quiet.

“Now we can begin. You have all had sex education class before. You were talked to about your periods and contraception. I know that nearly every girl in here is currently on the pill from the forms your parents had to submit to allow you to take this class. So I’m not going to bore you with stuff that you already know. Today we are going to discuss how to enjoy sex and what you can do for your partner to make them enjoy it more. We will also discuss sexuality. There is nothing wrong with being Gay, Lesbian or Bisexual. I myself am Bisexual along with nearly all the teachers in this school male and female. It is nothing to be ashamed of. I have asked all the girls in here to dress as prettily as possible and you will see why in a minute. I have taught this class for six years now, every year since I've been at this school. And I’ve found a new more effective way of teaching this class. Students learn more by demonstrations and doing it themselves then being told what to do and not practicing it. Your parents and you have all signed the forms to allow everything in this class to happen, so we will now begin. Can I have a male volunteer please?” Ms. Kelly asked the class.

“I’ll do it,” said a guy in the front row. It was my next door neighbour Ryan. He was a very attractive guy. I used to finger myself over him swimming every morning in his pool. He’s very attractive. He has short black hair, blue eyes and a six pack of abs. He got up out of his seat and approached the front of the hall.

“Please strip, Ryan,” Ms. Kelly told him. He did as he was told and took off all his clothes in front of the class. He was now standing in front of everyone naked. I was fixed on his cock, it was about 7 inches long and he was shaved like a swimmer should. He wasn’t erect and clearly felt no arousal having everyone stare at him naked.

“Now Ryan, choose any girl,” Ms. Kelly told him. I was dreading these words; I knew he was going to pick me. I like him and would love to fuck him but not like this.

“Shunika,” he said pointing at me. Having no choice I got up from my seat and headed to the front.

“Please strip, Shunika,” Ms’ Kelly told me.

“Ryan, you strip me,” I told him sexually.

“Very good Shunika,” Ms. Kelly said. Ryan came over to me and pulled at the zip on the back of my dress. When he got the zip all the way down my dress fell off me. I was now facing the class in my bra and thong with Ryan behind me. He moved his hands around to the front of me and slipped then up my bra and started playing with my nipples. My nipples started hardening, and I knew everyone could see it. He slipped one hand out of my bra and brought it around the back and unclipped it.

He then slides his hand down to my thong and kept bringing it down to my ass. He brings his hand up to my pussy and starts rubbing it slowly. His other hand leaves my breast and goes down and replaces his hand at my clit, rubbing. He slides one finger up my pussy and feels around. I feel another finger going up into my pussy. He now has two fingers in me. I’m holding onto the desk for support. He finger fucks me a few times before he takes his fingers out and brings them up to my mouth for me to taste myself. I take his fingers in my mouth and suck them clean of my juices. He reaches down and pulls my thong off me, still rubbing my clit.

I move his hand from my pussy and turn around. I kiss him passionately. Our tongues dance in each other’s mouths. After a minute I break the kiss, and get onto my knees. I start to wank his semi-hard cock. It grows in my hands to its fully erect state. I continue wanking it while kissing the head of his cock. I lick his shaved balls, taking them in my mouth and sucking. I move from his balls to his cock. I take half it in my mouth at first and suck for two minutes. I start to deep throat his cock taking it all in my mouth. He’s moaning now, I know he’s loving this.

He grabs my hair and holds me like a little slut. He starts thrusting into my mouth. I’m gagging with each thrust. He finally stops and pulls me up off my knees. He lifts me onto the desk and gets on his knees. He starts kissing my clit, and then licking it. I’m moaning a lot, the feeling is heavenly. He brings his hand up and starts fingering my pussy while his other hand fingers my asshole.

“I’m cumming! I’M CUMMING!” I scream. I feel my orgasm take control of my body and juices rushing out of my pussy onto Ryan’s face. He licks as much as he can up. He gets up off his knees and brings his cock forward and puts it right into my pussy hard and fast. I scream in agony. Ryan had just taken my virginity and I was nearly crying with the pain. He starts to thrust slowly in and out before Ms. Kelly comes over and tells him to put a condom on. He puts it on and starts thrusting again into me. The pain started to ease and I was getting a lot of pleasure now instead of pain. I had completely forgotten we were in class. I opened my eyes to see everyone in the room naked in their chairs fingering or wanking including Ms. Kelly.

Ryan’s thrusts start getting harder and faster. I’m starting to moan loudly as Ryan increases his speed. I can feel another orgasm building inside me. Ryan pulls his cock out un-expectedly. I look down and see him rip the condom off and stick his cock back in my pussy where he trusts hard and fast.

“UGH,” he moans. I feel my pussy fill with his seed. He had just came inside me and was still cumming. I orgasm and my juices mix with his cum. I’m lying flat on the desk exhausted. He pulls out of me and I see his cum oozing out of my pussy. I stick my fingers down and take a bit of it and put it in my mouth. His seed tasted amazing. It was my first times tasting Cum as I’d never let my brother cum in my mouth only on my tits and then have him lick it off. He got down onto his knees and licked the rest of it out of my pussy.

“That was fun,” he said.

“I know, we have to do it again sometime Ryan,” I reply. “I’m too tired now, but maybe tonight,”

“The class isn’t over yet you two, we still have gay and lesbian demonstrations which you will both be taking part in,” Ms’ Kelly says.

“Ok miss, can we rest a little bit first,” I ask.

“Sure! Look at the class, you will have a while to rest before this lot are back to normal and ready to learn."

I look up at the class and see all of them are having sex with someone. There's cum on the wooden floor all over the place along with puddles of juices. I turn back around to face Ryan and put my arms around his neck and start to kiss him, not having a care in the world.

To be continued with Sex Education 102.