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Sex on the beach

Sex on the beach

A couple gives people a show
My name is Melissa, and I have a boyfriend named Max. We're both 22, and are in college. We've began dating a few years ago, and our relationship is still going strong. We have sex often, but not too often I guess. We live in a co-ed dorm, and we have each other to make school suck a little less. One thing we always wanted to try was having sex outside. I don't know why, but I found myself getting off on the idea. Max and I actually walked around nude behind the school once. Finally, spring break came along and we sure as hell weren't gonna spend our break on, or near campus. We lived in California, but not towards the beach though. We contacted a friend that had a place out there and asked if we could sublet it while she was gone. She was more than happy to let us. Anyway, we packed up a weeks worth of stuff and went out there. It was way nicer than what we could actually afford out there. It had a great view, and a million other things too.

"You can actually see the beach from here," I said looking out the window.

Max saw for himself, and in no time at all, we both got into our swimsuits. I packed a few different bikinis, and I picked out the sexiest one I had. We went out there with a couple beach towels, sun block, and the feeling that we were ready to have fun. When we got there, we spotted only a few different people, but more people quickly showed up.

"You wanna put some sun block on me?" I asked sweetly.

"Well, the last time I said no, you made me regret it," he told me in not so sweet voice.

"Well, if you say yes, you may get lucky. If you know what I mean," I let him know as I laid down on my beach towel.

He knew what that meant, so he quickly put some sun block on his hands, and I undid my bikini top.

"Whoa, this isn't a nude beach," he said.

"I know, but there aren't any kids around. Come on, loosen up, we're on spring break," I commanded him.

I laid down with my boobs, and he began putting the stuff on my back. He was a little nervous but turned on too though. In the process, I felt his crotch lean up against my butt slightly and he had a major hard on.

"Oh, someone likes his girlfriend being topless on the beach," I said as I looked towards him.

He just grinned, and I grinned right back at him. We both also raised our eyebrows, and exchanged looks. I knew we both were thinking the same thing, but I was more willing to pull the trigger though. I looked around, and still saw no kids around. I just saw other college students, so I turned over, and let my breasts stand out free.

"Whoa, what are you doing?" he asked.

"Well, get on top of me and cover me up," I suggested.

He did just that, and made sure my boobs were covered. We both looked around, and it seemed no one noticed me topless just yet. We both had talked about it, but we never did it. Now we actually had a chance that we didn't plan on. I was gonna have to convince him to do it though.

"Make love to me, Max," I whispered.

"No, people will see us," he said.

"I think you'll get off on being watched, and everyone will just get a special show to watch. We don't even have to call attention to ourselves. Now, stick that hard cock inside me, show me how much you love me," I commanded.

I was just in my bikini bottom, and his chest felt my bare boobs, so he really didn't have a choice in the matter.

"Just slowly push down your trunks, and my bikini bottom. Then gently slide it in, and made love to me," I whispered.

He seemed to have no problem following instructions. He let his bare butt out in the open, and he stuck his cock into my pussy. We were officially having sex in public, and just like I thought, both of us were getting off. For the first couple minutes, no one really noticed. Although, after that I definitely saw a couple checking us out.

"Someone sees us now," I whispered.

He actually put a little space between us, and began thrusting his cock a little harder. My boobs were out in the open then, and I liked it.

"There is the sexy man I love," I said loudly.

I looked around again, and that time, there were more people watching us. The funny thing was, they didn't have disgusted looks. They were more like, 'Oh yeah.' looks.

"Kiss me, let them know you love me, and you don't just fuck me in public," I commanded him.

So, he leaned back down, and kissed me passionately for about a minute. I swear in that moment, it was more of a loving moment. I guess he proved how much he loved me, and it was just a little overwhelming for the moment. Although, as time went by, he seemed to be loving it more and more. He took off his trunks and my bikini bottom completely. Eventually, he kissed me one more time before he had us switch to me being on top. I loved that, then I immediately leaned up, and rode him. He put his hands on my boobs, I guess to cover them, but I wasn't gonna let that happen.

"I want them to see what you get to play with every night," I said slowly.

He smiled, and then leaned up. He kissed me again, and wrapped his arms around me. I bounced up and down really slightly, and we put our heads right next to each other. By then, I saw a lot of people watching. I cheesed like I got an 'A' on a final, I was a happy lady. I put my arms onto his back, and kissed his right shoulder. We held each other really tightly, and just had fun.

"We certainly have an audience now, Max," I whispered.

He looked around for a couple seconds, but he just focused on fucking me. He leaned his head down a bit, and began licking my nipples. That was when I couldn't hold it in anymore, I let out a big moan.

"Fuck," I said loudly.

It felt really good to finally let that out. I leaned back as far as I could, and held onto him tightly.

"Oh, I love these tits, they are amazing," He let out too.

I only had B-cup boobs, but he seemed to really love them. The whole time that I had my pussy around his cock, he got closer and closer to climaxing. Before long, he just couldn't hold it anymore.

"Shit, I'm gonna cum already, Melissa," Max let out loudly.

"Let the people see you cumming on my perky tits, they'll really got off on that," I told him.

It was time, so I got off him, and let him cum on my boobs. Both of us got off on that, and I was pretty sure everyone else did too. After he came, we both put our bathing suits back on, and ran into the water. We made out, and stayed in there for twenty minutes. No one actually said anything to us, but we got quite a few looks. Most of them, good looks. We both call that a very good memory, and neither one of us regrets it. That was our first exhibition experience, and we're always looking for new places to give people a show.
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