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Sexual Aerial Acrobatics

Brittany and Lance fuck hard while waiting to perform an aerial act with the crowd below

this story was inspired by a forum post not long ago "A Challenge".  thanks to Roccotool for the challenge, though this one could not be shortened enough to meet the 500 word limit, thought it was worthy of posting anyway.




The aerial acrobats stood poised on the narrow platform high above the arena floor, waiting for their turn to perform for the crowd 50 feet below.   The third part of the group stood on his own narrow plank 100 feet away, obscured from view by the darkness in the heights of the arena, the tiger act was still finishing up its performance, and then would be the clowns, the three acrobats had about eight more minutes to wait before the bright spot lights would allow the 3500 spectators to view their feats of astounding aerial acrobatics.   It was the first show of the evening and tension was running high for John, his wife Brittany and the other catcher Lance. But here they perched John on one end of the swing line, and the other two on their own wooden plank, in the darkness that surrounded them.


Lance had long wanted to ravage his partner’s wife, since joining the Fun Time Amusement Park troop.   They had teased each other for the month since the season started, but nothing had ever come of it, John would have literally killed them both for the transgression, and they both knew it.   She stood holding one of the ropes that suspended the plank above the crowd, nervous of John’s suspicions as to the possibility of their misconduct.   She thought silently, ‘they had only flirted, so what was he worried about?’   Lance stood at the other rope, hoping that tonight would be the night, one that had been alluded to for weeks.   “ Brittany , we have eight minutes left, can we do this tonight? You promised” he asked as he moved to the other end of the platform and wrapped his arms around the luscious waist of his partner and kissed her gently on the lips.


She cooed with excitement as she felt the touch of his full lips on hers, her arm tracing around his trim muscular body, pulling him closer, feeling the swell of his manhood through the tights he wore for the performance against her lower abdomen.   She trusted him completely as he held her firm against the rope and wrapped both arms around him as she opened her mouth to take his tongue within her mouth hungrily.   As the brief kiss ended she said “Yes.   Are you sure the people won’t see us? We only have a few minutes.”   He chuckled and replied “That is part of the excitement, the crowd below, and being done before the spot lights glare upon us and bring us into view.”


He took his free arm and slid his hand between them, sliding his fingers deftly to the firm mound above her quivering slit.   He pushed aside the fabric of her costume and pushed his fingers to the bare skin within; she moaned with the rush of sensations that filled her.

He gently parted the petals of her labia and pushed skillfully across her clit with two digits with the entire length of his long thick fingers.   Her body shuddered as she felt the walls of her vagina moisten quickly with his touch as he pushed into her tight canal.   She was but 19, and with her athletic body, everything was firm and tight inside and out of her form.   He quickly aroused her to the point of no return as he prodded his fingers in and out of her willing hole.   She could stand the tension no farther and grasped the waistband of his tights pushing them down over his hips, taking the supporter down as well.   His engorged cock sprang forth between them, enough met to choke her if she were to take him into her throat, but that was not the intended destination.  


She grasped at his manhood and pulled the head to her vaginal opening, and with one quick thrust he was deep into the moist textured walls of her cavity.   He groaned with the feelings stirred in his loins, she stuttered out a brief “Oh… God…. Yes….”   She turned on the platform; now standing sideways with one hand on each rope suspending the narrow plank so far above the roaring crowd below, her feet spread the width of the plank.   The clowns were into the second of five segments of their performance, and the crowd was filled with laughter at the antics.   Little did they know that far above them there was a much more illicit show going on, not for them, but for Brittany and Lance, finally in the throws of lust as she had promised.   He shoved against her and pushed his eight inch cock in almost to the hilt, and began stroking in and out of her now sopping wet snatch as hard as possible, considering the precarious location of there deed.   She began with a cooing sound and progressed through a sigh of pleasure and then on to yelling his name out at the top of her lungs as he brought her to orgasm, the nectar flowed down her thighs past the knee.   Thankfully the crowd was so loud that John could not hear, and the lights so dim that he could not see as his wife got the fucking she so longed to have.   She stammered to Lance “Let me feel you come inside me, now, the clowns are almost done.”   He was more than ready to explode, and thrust his cock as deep as he could and unloaded several ropes of his creamy white cum deep in her canal.   She felt each spasm of his delight and held him tightly as his orgasm ebbed after the fifth spurt.   Her orgasm ebbed as well, only now a trembling of the fury of the quickie she had been privy to.


She turned her back to the rope again, and pulled up his supporter, then tights, his cock still twitching from the tumultuous sensations he had been able to have in such a short time.   He reached down and pulled the fabric around her genitals just as the lights turned upward and focused on them.   The crowd roared with delight as John readied himself and swung from his lofty perch.   Timing it perfectly she grasped the bar and swung to match his approach, on the second sing she released, did a summersault and was caught by the strong grip of her husband, unaware of her post orgasmic condition.   Lance timed his departure and flew from the plank; on her second pass she was released by John, did a triple back summersault and was caught by Lance as his arms surrounded her thighs, his face very near the sweet slit he had just been able to fuck at last.   The sweet smell of sex flooded his nostrils as they swung back and forth twice more before the release. After many more feats of skill and showmanship the crowd applauded the feats of acrobatics as they brought the performance to a close with each doing a flying dismount from high above, a twisting summersault by one, a layout flip by another and finally John with a daring five and a half back summersault, each landing on the net just above the floor of the arena.


They dismounted the net as the crowd gave them a standing ovation.   The show had gone well, little did John know just how well, but some things are best not told.   This new feat of aerial acrobatics needed no fine tuning, but a bit more practice wouldn’t hurt anyone, so long as John never found out.   The next performance would be in two hours, makes one wonder just how many a ‘true showman’ can do in one evening, doesn’t it.


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