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Sexual Frustration makes me into a slutty little cock teasing flasher

I cannot get laid for some reason and my desires build until I become a naughty little cock tease

What can I say about Steven?  He’s nice, maybe too nice.  He’s tall, gaunt but with an athlete’s build, has a swarthy almost Mediterranean complexion, and works for himself as landscaper and home remodeling contractor.  Being single generally means that I can do what I want, when I want, and I have nobody to answer to.  I love it and wouldn’t trade it for the world.  The only downside is that if you’re a single female, you also have friends that look upon your being unattached as some form of curse or disease that they will try to ‘cure’ for you.

And that’s how I met Steven.  One of my friends has just moved in with her new beau.  Because she’s all a-flutter with those sweet sticky romantic feelings that accompany moving in with somebody, she felt the need to fix me up with a friend of her boyfriend; the aforementioned Steven.  Steven the nice… Steven the too nice.  For me, it’s kind of hit or miss if I decide to go on any particular blind date.  I agreed to go because of the dry spell I’ve been having the past couple of months.  Don’t get me wrong, I can find a man any time I want, I just hadn’t found any that did it for me. Plus, I’ve noticed that I have a curse about me.  Any time I find myself a potential mate it seems that immediately after I sleep with them they find their true love.  My friend Liz has begun calling me “Good Luck Krys” after the Good Luck Chuck movie!

But I was in a dry spell.  I found lots of men that I wouldn’t mind sleeping with, even went out to dinner with one and to a club with another.  Ultimately none of them did it for me.  So I agreed to meet Steven.  I don’t know if it is because I’m a hopeful romantic at heart, or just because I was really craving the feel of a hard cock slamming into my wetness... probably a little of one and more of the other.  Nonetheless, I agreed to meet Steven on a blind date at a restaurant.

I didn’t know exactly what to wear, which seems to be a recurring theme with me.  Not wanting to look like I was merely meeting him to have sex, I decided on a demure frilly long green gypsy skirt and a tasteful, yet sexy, cream colored pullover shirt.  We met at a typical steak house type place early on Saturday evening.  He was there before me and greeted me warmly.   I won’t bore you with all the details of the evening, but I will say that I got plenty of admiring stares from the staff and some of the patrons.  

Steven was nice and on his best behavior.  He was dressed well, but not dressy.  He wore nice black denim pants, casual shoes, and a light blue button down shirt.  We did share many common interests so the conversation went well to the point that we both ignored our bailout calls and laughed about that.  During the evening I steered the conversation towards sex time and time again.  While he would speak with candor about some things, he remained on his best behavior…and nice.  Steven was charming, but not Prince Charming.  

After dinner, he walked me out to my car.  I invited him to my place for ‘some wine’ and even thrust my breasts out and gave him my ‘take me now’ look so he’d get the message.  Either he didn’t or he just wasn’t interested.  I took his reluctance to get me nude as well as I could and asked him if he’d like another evening with me.  He thanked me for not making him ask and we agreed to meet in one week, my treat.  He asked me what I wanted to do and I told him, “Get you drunk and seduce you.”

Despite feeling rejected, I had a pleasant dinner with Steven the nice, but not getting any sex out of him made me just want it more.  The drive to my home from the restaurant was maybe a little more than forty five minutes.  As I turned to get into my car Steven very gently grabbed my arm, stopping me.  I turned to face him and he moved in for a kiss.  Steven may be too nice but he certainly knows how to lay a kiss on somebody.

Gentle at first, then delicately probing, his lips met mine and soon the rhythm of his kiss was in time to my breathing.  I felt my body heat rise, and I almost chuckled mid-kiss wishing I would have chosen to wear panties that night because I could feel the wetness starting to drip already.  Far too soon, he broke it off, blushing and smiling, wished me a good evening and then walked in the direction he had indicated his car was parked.  I got into my car and immediately thought about fingering myself to orgasm right then and there just to relieve some of the lusty tension that had built up.  It was my own fault I suppose.  I had figured that any guy on a first date would jump at the chance for sex with a hot single redhead.  I was wrong.  I was so certain that I was going to get lucky that I was actually surprised that Steven was so nice… too fucking nice.

I didn’t finger myself and get off right then and there.  It had to be at least three minutes later before I hiked my skirt up over my thighs and started rolling my clit in little circles.  Just before my turn off to get out of the city a load of four guys in an SUV pulled up beside me.   I was waiting for the light, as were they.  One of them happened to look down.  I’ll be honest, I was hoping they would. 

My nipples were so hard you could have seen them even through a metal breastplate.  I had abandoned all pretense of being coy and my legs were spread far enough that there was no doubt as to what I was doing.  I was also humping my fingers which made it obvious that I was fucking myself.

Knowing I had an audience made it even hotter for me.  I looked over and all four of them were plastered to the passenger side windows watching me finger myself.  I stopped and smiled and removed my finger from inside of myself and drew a heart on my driver’s side window of my car with my own juices.  As the light changed and I began accelerating onto the on ramp, I blew them kiss and waved at them smiling.

I exited the city, still touching myself, and took the long way home through the country roads rather than take the highway most of the way.  It had begun to get dark and by the time I was halfway home I had removed my bra, which is no small trick when you’re driving and alternated between teasing my nipples and then teasing my pussy.  I kept myself on the brink of orgasm the rest of the way home my mind racing back and forth fantasizing about what could have been with Steven and my most polite and appreciative audience in the SUV.  Steven’s loss I guess.  When I got home I left my car in the drive and sat down on a chair on my front porch. 

Opening my legs to the stars I plunged two fingers of one hand inside of myself and rubbed my clit hard and quick. I came quickly, hard, and loudly; my fantasies somehow combining themselves in my mind.  My orgasm erupted through me as thoughts of Steven taking me while the college boys in the SUV watched and played with themselves.  That night I wore myself out and even burned up one of my vibrators!  I did, however, sleep very well.

The next week was filled with work and plans for summer landscaping, making arrangements for a gazebo I wanted, and more work.  Steven texted me exactly three days later, reaffirming our date for the week.  Over the course of the week, our messages become more and more sexual…my fault I did it on purpose.  The day before our next date I sent him a picture of my pussy and told him on no uncertain terms that I expected my date to put out.  He laughed it off.  Steven is so nice…too nice!  When our second date came (pardon the future pun) I found out why.

I chose everything perfectly, or so I thought.  I reserved us a place at one of the oriental steak grills where they prepare the meal at your table.  I chose my outfit very carefully.  I wore a medium gray pencil skirt that hugs my figure quite well.  It tapers just perfectly at my hips and hugs my ass.  When I walk it rides up from just a few inches above my knees to mid thigh, and when I sit you can easily see the contours of my legs.  It’s soft, supple, and comfortable and it’s one of those skirts that really can’t wear panties with because the lines will show far too much.  I hardly ever wear underwear, so that is no problem.  On top of that, I chose a flowing ruffled deep emerald green blouse.  It is gorgeous.  The cuffs end in lacy bells and the front has vertical ruffles.  Just a little bit of plunge at the neck shows off good cleavage but not enough to make it look intentional.  The fabric is satiny but opaque.  With me deciding to go braless as well, the top looked amazingly sexy.  When I walked the jiggle of my breasts was enough to entice but not so obvious as to be slutty.  Now I like what most people would call slutty outfits, but this wasn’t the time.  I was looking for hot sex, not a wild gang bang.  I did what I like to call my ‘witchy’ makeup to bring out my green eyes and my high cheek bones, and chose a nice slightly orangish red lipstick to accentuate my red hair.

I made the drive into the city the pick Steven up.  He was dressed much the same as the last time.  He was ready and waiting for me when I got there.  He was such the gentleman and held the door for me as I got in.  He got into the passenger seat and we had pleasant chat to the Japanese grill. The whole time I was bringing up sex and how horny I was.  Now, if you talk to just about any guy, he’ll tell you that he likes sexually aggressive women…not all really do; some get scared off by this.  Steven was a trooper.  I could tell that our talk was having an effect on him.  He looked really nervous as we were talking.  My innuendo was getting to him.  As we approached the place I had reserved at, I went to put a hand on his thigh and ‘accidentally’ brushed my hand over his cock.  It was already hard.  When my fingers glanced over his shaft you’d think that I had just shocked him with high voltage.  I felt it practically jump at my light touch and he let out a cross between a moan and long sigh.  I glanced over smiling and saw his whole body quiver slightly.  That had the effect of pushing my arousal into high gear.

We pulled into the parking lot and Steven had his door open quickly.  He jumped out of the car and more or less jogged over to my door.  Knowing that he was all hard over me made me feel wanted, desired, wanton and naughty.  When he pulled open my door I swung my legs out in an exaggerated fashion, knowing that it would make my skirt ride up to the top of my thighs.  My coy maneuver was not unnoticed, and his eyes went straight up my legs to my now exposed bare pussy.  I looked at him and his face was visibly red and he had a nice bulge showing in his groin.  I stayed that way for a few seconds, allowing him to drink it all in.  I pretended that I didn’t notice and took his still outstretched hand and stood up making a show of straightening my skirt.

We went in and were immediately seated.  It was perfect timing.  There were four others seated around the table, and the waitress, complete in a kimono, was taking everyone’s drink orders.   We were seated on the far left edge of the table.  Where we were there were only two seats, one for me and one for my date.  Although the table could seat about a dozen people, there were only six others.  A nice looking young couple, probably in their twenties, was seated at the other end of the table across from us.  There were two other couples all about the same age seated along the long side of the table right by them.  They obviously all knew each other as they were conversing amongst themselves with that familiarity that only friends have.  This seating arrangement gave Steven and me about half the table length between them and us.

We were tucked into a corner by the back wall.  There was a wall to my right and directly behind me.  To the left of our end of the table was an ornate pillar. Because we were so far back and almost walled off it felt like we were our own little alcove even though there were six other people about ten feet away from us.  Our drinks came, and I started on my only drink of the evening; I was driving.  We both quickly looked over the menu and ordered our dishes.  In no time the chilled salads arrived and Steven and I talked as we ate.

Between the salad and the Miso soup, I allowed my left hand to drop and slowly started caressing his thigh.  Steven immediately got nervous.  The air conditioning kicked on and it was then that I noted that we were right below one of the vents.  Although the day had been unseasonably hot, the night air was already cool.  The AC had the effect of giving me little goosebumps all up and down my torso.  My nipples began to stand right out.  A quick glance at my chest revealed what I already knew.  Even seated it was obvious that I was braless.  Steven was concentrating on sipping his soup, but the guy at the other end of the table was staring right at my tits.  His girlfriend (I assume she was) was laughing over something with one of the other girls.  I gave him a devilish smile and turned to my wine.  As I sipped, I straightened up allowing my already hard nipples to press against the fabric.  I had to turn so the guy wouldn’t see me laugh as he dropped his fork.

Our chef came and was quite entertaining.  As the preparation of the meal progressed, I allowed my hand to wander up to Steven’s cock.  I could feel the hardness and was looking forward to having him.  At one point the chef was flipping pieces of shrimp into the patrons’ mouths.  When he flipped one towards me he missed my mouth completely (his only miss of the evening) and it went right down my shirt.  

“Lucky Shrimp,” he laughed and everyone else had a chuckle.  I unashamedly reached down my shirt and fished it out.  I made sure to jiggle a bit more than necessary. The remainder of the meal preparation was enjoyable and I received more than my fair share of appreciative stares.  Close to the end of the meal Steven looked at me and asked me if I was wearing a bra at all.  I laughed and pushed my breasts out so the outlines of the swells of my breasts could easily be seen under my top.  

I had been gently stroking his cock throughout the entire meal.  I wanted to make sure that he knew what I wanted. I smiled at his question.  “No,” I said.  “And I’m sure you noticed that I’m not wearing any panties either.”  As I said that to him I reached under the table with my right hand and pulled his hand under my skirt.  The lusty stares I had been getting all night had made me feel even more desired and wanton; that always makes my juices flow.  At the exact second that his fingers touched my very wet mound, I felt his cock twitching fast.  Then I heard Steven stifle a moan with a cough as a warm wet feeling enveloped my hand.  Poor Steven had cum in his pants.  The thought that somebody found me so hot that would cum just by barely touching my lips made me want to take him on the table right then and there.

Steven was obviously embarrassed.  I’d like to say that the night ended up even hotter, but it did not.  He was so embarrassed that he immediately wanted to leave.  So I quickly paid our bill, leaving a nice tip as he nearly ran out to my car, leaving me all alone.  I decided to have some fun since I was so hot and bothered right now.  The feelings of empowerment and lust over making him jizz himself at the table were rolling through me like thunder.    I ‘accidentally’ dropped my handbag when I got up and turned to pick it up.  I bent over slowly at the waist, hardly bending my knees, until I could reach it.  I felt the cool air rise up the backs of my exposed thighs and knew that by ass was barely covered.  I then straightened up and my skirt, as I mentioned before, had ridden up to the very tops of my thighs.  I turned towards the door and did my sexy walk to the exit.  I saw just about every guy in the place staring at me on the way out.

Poor Steven was waiting at my car when I exited. I unlocked the doors and he got right in; so much for Mr. Nice Guy.  Before I could tell him how hot I thought it was Steven began blubbering about how he has always had this problem and how ashamed he is of it.  He seemed on the verge of tears when he asked me to drive him home.  I did as he asked and tried to explain to him how sexy it was to know that I can turn him on so much that he can cum from so little.  It did not bolster his confidence any.

I dropped my date off and decided to stop by a coffee shop that I go to every now and then.  I prefer the little boho independent one by my store, but this one was just a little off my route home.  It was packed by a bunch of Hipster types but I managed to get a small one-chair table by the window.   I sipped a caramel mocha iced affair while I watched the weekend revelers pass by.  I was about halfway through my cup when I noticed a lone guy seated across the dining area from me.  He was doing some sort of work on a small laptop but mostly kept his eyes riveted on me. I discreetly kept an eye on my admirer as I sipped and eventually noted that he would run his eyes from my legs up to my breasts and then my face and back down again.  Every time my head would turn in his direction he’d quickly glance back to his laptop.  I looked out the window again but kept my concentration on his reflection.  

After a few seconds, I caught him again looking at my hair and could sense more than see his stare devouring my breasts.  My still hard nipples grew even more prominent at the thought of being the object of his lechery.  I slowly spread my legs feeling the tight fabric ride up and spread.  Sure enough, his glance went down and I saw his mouth open agape when he realized that he had a straight view to my nude and still dripping pussy.  This time when I turned to look at him he didn’t pull his gaze away from between my thighs; he didn’t even notice until a few seconds later.  

This time when he finally raised his head he saw me smiling at him seductively and he quickly pulled his gaze away, a mask of shame from being caught on his face.  I laughed aloud and put some cash down to pay for my latte.  I strutted over to him and he pretended to be engrossed in his computer.  I bent over and he glanced up at me with a very nervous and very guilty look on his face.  I whispered into his ear.  “I hope you enjoyed the show.  I’ll be thinking about you when I fuck myself tonight.”

His face went from embarrassed to surprised and he looked me up and down.  “Wow,” was all he said as I turned and walked out feeling the heat of his stare on my ass.  I thought about inviting him outside for a dirty nasty quickie in an alley or something but dismissed the notion almost as soon as it came to me.  

I went to my car, receiving two cat-calls from passerby’s along the way and pulled out into the night traffic.  Taking the long way home, I pulled over about fifteen minutes into the drive and took off my top and rode the rest of the way home topless with my skirt pulled up.  I got five appreciative horn honks but otherwise had no real adventures on the way home.  However, if you ever have the chance to drive at night with a cool breeze flowing over your nude body; the experience is liberating and oh so naughty.

When I got home I didn’t bother pulling my top back on but instead stripped nude except for my sandals and walked around the house to the back door.  I let myself in and grabbed a nice bottle of fruity Pinot Noir.  I didn’t bother with a wine glass.  I strolled out of the house, still nude, and wandered through my garden and decided that since I had some money saved up that I wanted to put a gazebo in the back area by the wall.  I then sat on one of the benches and thought about the evening.  

I am by no means afraid or ashamed to admit that I am a very sexual creature.  I understand that my biggest turn on is being wanted and when I get into a sexy mood I am an attention whore.  I definitely got the attention I was wanting this evening; just not the final result.  Between my admirers at dinner, Steven coming in his pants as I placed his fingertips on my pussy, and my avid fan at the coffee shop I was in high heat.  I got up and moved a few paces onto a bed of grass and teased my clit to orgasm with the neck of the bottle.  My orgasm was lusty and strong.  I moaned and swore loudly as my hips bucked in the dewy grass.  As the quakes subsided within my body, I realized that as strong as that orgasm was, it had merely whetted my appetite for more.  I got up and walked into the front yard grabbing a blanket from my car.  I paused to fold my crumpled clothes and place them on the hood and then danced my way to the top of the swell in my front yard and lay down on the blanket.  

I was far enough from the road that I probably couldn’t be seen by any passing cars but elevated enough that I could see them.  Using my fingers and the neck of the wine bottle I brought myself time and time again.  Eventually, my intense passion slacked just enough that I realized that it was getting a bit cold outside.  I got up and walked inside basking in the afterglow of multiple orgasms.  I threw the blanket and my clothes from the evening into the washroom for later and built a fire in the fireplace.  

Letting the warmth of the flames warm me I admired the light as it danced over my nudity.  The warmth of the flames and the living light inspired me to touch myself even more.  Wishing that Steven wouldn’t have shamed himself into leaving, I inserted two then three fingers inside of myself as I came more and more; drenching myself with my juices.

I fell asleep on my couch and didn’t wake until at least nine in the morning.  Despite my teasing and flashing from last night, followed by a marathon masturbation session, I was hornier than ever.  The need for sex was almost overwhelming, and all I could think about was finding somebody that isn’t afraid of a brazenly sexual goddess like myself and begging them to take me hard.  The morning was unusually hot, hitting almost 80 degrees before even noon.  I racked my brain but could think of no beaus to call to come and fuck me.  I spent a little time perusing a couple of adult sites.  I answered a couple of topics in the forums and read some stories.  That didn’t help.  Before lunch, I had fingered myself to the brink of orgasm a dozen times.  I had half decided that I was going to dress as slutty as I could and go find some hot guy and fuck him right where I found him.  It wouldn’t be the first time I did that, and it won’t be the last.  I love finding some stranger and teasing them into a savage lust and then having them right then and there.  

I ran upstairs and showered quickly, spending a very very long time getting myself shaved smooth.  I nearly brought myself off three times with the shower head and my fingers but won the battle to not finish myself off all the way each time.  With quivering legs, I dried myself off and went into my bedroom.  I quickly chose a very light white cotton sundress.  It wasn’t overtly slutty, but it was very thin.  It would be only mildly obvious that I was nude beneath it while being opaque enough to be acceptable if I found myself someplace where discretion was called for.  I did note that the sunlight streaming in from my bedroom window showed the outline of my body silhouetted on the dress.  A very good choice, I thought to myself as I made to leave and find some naughty mischief.  But as I passed the window I glanced at the garden and thought again about the gazebo.  I immediately changed my mind and decided that perhaps I should distract myself from my sexual urges by getting occupied with my gazebo.

I called the landscaper I use and asked him about a gazebo that I wanted built.  He’s been doing the lawn since I first got married and has always taken great care and been very professional.  He also has a nicely toned college age son.  I was informed that he doesn’t do that sort of thing, but he remembered that his son has some friends that worked for a ‘lawnscape’ company during a couple of summers and he’ll have his son contact them for me and they’ll get in touch.  I thanked him for all of his help and then went outside to plan exactly where I wanted it.

Less than half an hour later I received a call from a man named Matt.  He introduced himself and told me that my landscaper gave him my number.  I told him what I wanted, but the sound of his voice was so sexy that while we spoke I was wondering if he looked as hot as he sounded.  He told me about the gazebos he had built and asked questions to get details.  My mind was racing and if he had known what I was really answering he wouldn’t have sounded so professional.

The conversation went something like this:

“Do you want it light or strong?”.

“I LOVE them nice and strong.”

“How big do you want it Miss Greene?”

“I want it thick and I want it big.”  I had actually started fingering myself while talking to him.  My mind was in overdrive with naughty fantasies.

“Is the area you want it in particularly dirty, lots of mud or anything like that?”

“Are you afraid of getting dirty, Matt?  No it’s open and level.”

“Do you have any style in mind?”

“I know exactly what I want from you.”

“Soft wood?  Stone? Hard Wood?  The harder materials hold up better to the weather and age.”

“Yes, hard.  Definitely.  I want it as hard as you can make it.”

After what was probably only a minute or so of his questions and him either missing my innuendo or ignoring it, he told me that if I didn’t mind he’ll come out and take a look and give me an estimate since he just got out of class for the summer.  I gave him my address and decided that I would need to change my clothes.  I don’t generally play with a random person at or near my house; too risky.  If sexy-sounding Matt came by to do the gazebo and saw my nude contours he might get the very same thoughts in his head that I was having about him.  I smiled at my own hypocrisy as I walked back into my house.  I know that my landscaper’s son is a little bit of free spirit himself.  His hair is a bit long, musician type.  He’s been out here working often enough.  I occasionally give him an innocent flash of cleavage or leg… maybe bend over way too far wearing a short skirt or very short shorts, but I won’t be my usually teasing self around strangers at my home.  I can only imagine the problems of me seducing some young stud worker and then having them show up uninvited and unannounced for a quick fuck whenever they felt like it.

With these thoughts filling my head I decided to change into something a bit more conservative than a thin white cotton dress that shows my body off when the light hits it.  Because of my heightened arousal, my mind fixated on a torrid fantasy of exactly what I was thinking about.  I imagined Matt’s voice calling me a dirty slut as I grabbed his cock and jammed it into my mouth.  My dress off I caressed myself and fingered myself as I thought about him taking me right there on the ground.  This time I allowed myself to cum hard, but not fast.

I relished each and every sexy detail as I plunged my fingers inside myself and rocked my entire body with a screaming orgasm.  My activities had caused me to get all sweaty again so I decided to take a quick shower again so I would look presentable for Matt.   Throwing a more opaque dress over the back of my vanity chair I skipped into the bathroom and removed my white dress with my fantasy of Matt still in my head.  I took much longer than I had planned.  I was really enjoying the feel of my lathered hands over my body and lost track of time.  I had just finished drying off and drying my hair when I heard my door chimes.  

“Shit!” I thought, that must be Matt already. Me with my makeup washed off and my hair still not finished.  “I’ll be right there,” I screamed, hoping he’d hear me.  Without thinking I grabbed the dress on the towel bar (the white one I was planning on not wearing) and shrugged it on, thankful that at least my skin was totally dry.  I ran down the stairs, tripping over the last one in my hurried state.  I got to the door just as I regained my balance and went to open it.  As I pulled the door open, I only then realized that I grabbed the thin white dress instead of the opaque green one I had selected.  Too late now!  So, swallowing what little bit of dignity I actually do possess, I opened the door and put on a smile.   And there was Matt.  It was my turn to say wow!

Matt might have sounded sexy but he looked even better.  Light brown hair that was a bit on the long side crowned his strong features offset with deep blue eyes and full almost pouty lips that I immediately wanted kissing my body.  His body looked to be just as chiseled as his facial features.  His arms were very muscular but not over exaggerated like a professional body builder’s.  I could make out the sinewy lines of his muscles and tendons and his veins popped up just a bit.   He had a very smooth complexion with just enough shaving stubble to make him look even sexier.  His hair stopped just above the collar of his gray t shirt.  That shirt was tightly clinging to his very broad shoulders and I could see the outlines of his chest muscles as his shirt tapered inward sharply to be tucked into his khaki shorts that wrapped around his much smaller waist.  His legs were bare and I could easily again see the outlines of his thigh muscles.  He wore beat up white leather tennis shoes over his feet that I hardly noticed as I drank him in.

I felt a sudden sympathy for Steven right then and there because if I hadn’t just gotten myself off a few minutes ago I might have cum right then and there just looking at him.  He reminded me of an underwear or fitness model.  I laughed at myself for thinking that he’d want me.  There is no way any guy that looks like Matt would be interested in a woman about ten years his senior.  I live in a campus town and he’d have his pick of anyone.  All he’d have to do is walk up and say “Hello” and the girls would fight each other to the death to have him.  

“You must be Miss Greene,” he said.  Right in mid-thought about my age he just threw salt into the wound.  Miss Greene indeed!

“And you must be Matt,” I said rather than shouting “Please fuck me!” which was what my mind was saying.  “Call me Krystal.”

He asked to come in, and I sat him on the couch and sat beside him.  He even smelled sexy.  I got a hint of dragons blood, maybe, perhaps some patchouli; just a hint.  I believe he used herbal soap or something.  I like that.  He smelled manly and fresh, not like he bathed in Brut or something.  He reached into his shorts and pulled out his cell phone.  I truly had to resist the urge to volunteer to grab it for him.  Matt was cheery and pleasant and his voice dripped all over me mirroring the dripping that began in my loins.  He showed me pictures of some of the work he did last year and explained the materials and procedures.

I only half listened and half looked.  I had to lean in close to view his phone screen, and I breathed his scent in deeply.  Sometimes I looked down at the pictures he scrolled through, but most of the time I was looking at his khaki covered bulge wondering if his cock was as lovely as the rest of him.  He then questioned me about the gazebo I wanted.  I did everything I could to think of more questions just to hear his voice.  I wanted to feel his strong hands over my body.  I wanted to free his cock and taste it.  I wanted those lips to graze every pore of my skin.  I wanted to feel his back muscles tightening as he thrust into me.  I wondered how his nude ass would feel wrapped in my calves as he pumped into me.  So much for being demure.  I could feel the heat of my desire burning inside of me like a bonfire.  

I was now glad that I chose the wrong dress.  Keeping my exterior poise as cool as I could muster I asked him to follow me out to the garden.  As I opened the door I remembered how translucent my dress would become.  My passions and lust increased exponentially.  Knowing he could practically see through my dress I did my sexy look at me walk again into the garden.   I showed him the spot I wanted the gazebo built.  He approved of the spot and made a few suggestions for showcasing it properly with plants and landscaping.  I helped him measure the spot making sure to bend in just the right way to show off my body.  

My rule of keeping safe at home by not playing with strangers was forgotten as I did everything to show him that I wanted him to take me.  I saw the bulge in his shorts grow and it looked impressive enough, but that’s as far as my demure tactics got me.  He followed me back inside so he could figure out the quote.  I poured him some tea and leaned over the counter propped up on one elbow watching him write up the estimate.  I made sure that the countertop pushed my breasts up, but he didn’t react.  I wonder how he would have reacted had he known that my other hand was caressing my steaming pussy hidden from his view by the counter.  He told me that he could have somebody out to level the ground on Tuesday or Wednesday and that two of his band mates (a musician I knew it!) would help him and they should be able to have it built in a day, two at the most.  He told me that he’d prefabricate most of the parts in his garage and they could be by as early as Wednesday to drop the pieces off.  Weather allowing they’ll come by Thursday and get it built.  He then quoted me a price.  It was almost half the cost of just buying a build-your-own kit.  I readily agreed and cut him a check for half the amount on the spot.

He shook my hand then to seal the deal and stated that before he got started that he’d have a contract ready to look over.  I opened the door to let him out and stood there watching his tight ass as he went to his beat up old truck.   After he left I stood there like a star struck little girl for at least five minutes.  When I could stand it no longer I reached under my dress and quickly brought myself to another orgasm right there in the doorway.  I then changed into some gardening clothes and set about clearing the area for Matt to work in.  That took up all of my day and most of the next.  The entire time I ran countless fantasies in my mind.  Both nights I scoured the adult story sites and even some of the movie sites reading about women seducing their repair persons or landscapers.
My heat grew and grew until it was all consuming.  I needed release and couldn’t get enough satisfaction from my fingers or toys. 

As much as I attempted to keep the lust demons at bay, they lurked everywhere.  The next few days were chaotic for me, and I’m very glad I’m the boss.  I would cloister myself in my office while at my store spending most of the time fantasizing.  I stopped by the coffee shop each time I was in the city hoping that my admirer would be there.  I was determined to act out my fantasy of letting him take me in an alley or the bathroom.  It could even be on the table in front of the windows at that point, I didn’t care I just needed a real cock inside of me.  He never showed.  My wardrobe became more frilly and lighter and thinner with each passing day.  I’m sure that reality is quite different but I imagined my mode of dress akin to Stevie Nicks’ stage clothes except with fewer layers.  I got quite a few admiring stares and plenty of attention but none that moved me enough to actually do anything with.

By the time Wednesday came I was a ball of lusty nerves.  The tingling that had started a few days before had become an incessant throbbing need.  I was masturbating several times per day.  The level of my desire made me feel sexier than ever which fueled my teasing in public.  Teasing in public reminded me of how sexy some others find me, which made me even more aroused.  That arousal led to more of that intensity.  It was a vicious cycle I had put myself in.  The crew arrived about noon on Wednesday.  The man who knocked at the door was a typical contractor construction worker type with a ruddy complexion, a pot belly, and dungarees.  Definitely not the type for me to get all worked up over.  I watched the crew from my bedroom window and left them at it.  They came and went and did not damage to the rest of the garden.  I was thankful for that.  Later that evening, just as the sun was setting, Matt showed up in his beat up truck with an even more beat up trailer overfilled with what I assumed would be my gazebo.  

My car was in the garage and there was no light on in the house so I think he assumed that I wasn’t home.  I was perched at the window watching him wearing only a t shirt plunging my favorite toy inside of me.  I watched as his muscles bulged as he unloaded things.  I came hard when he stopped and stripped off his sweat-drenched shirt.  He had a nice firm flat stomach.  I watched and moaned, and he bent and stretched.  He never once glanced up to my window.  If he would have, I would have beckoned him up.  Just as he was finishing his unloading I felt myself getting ready to unload again.  He stopped and surveyed everything looking around. 

He then stripped off his shorts and stood there in just a pair of bikini cut briefs.  He then reached into the bed of his truck and pulled out a gallon jug of water.  He poured it all over his head and rinsed the dirt and sweat off of his body.  He then glanced around quickly and took off his soaked briefs and pulled his shorts back on.  His behind was as taut and well formed as the rest of him.  I came hard and had to stifle my moans.  My body was convulsing so hard that I had to lean way back in my chair to keep from falling out.

When I recovered, I glanced back out.  The pile of gazebo parts was there but sexy matt and his truck and trailer were gone.  I went out to eat by myself and caught up with some friends for the rest of the day.  I spent that night nude in bed watching seduction videos and masturbating.  I lost count of how many orgasms I gave myself, but it didn’t matter.  No matter how hard I came or how many I had, I just needed more...if not Matt, then somebody.

Thursday finally came and the weather was perfect.  I was answering some personal emails trying to decide what to do.  I already knew in the back of my mind that I intended on teasing and flashing Matt and his friends despite my own rule about not doing such things at home.  I was trying to talk myself into going into my store when they pulled up.  His two friends were also dreamboats in their own right.  Not as handsome or as perfect as Matt, but nice.  Any one of them would do when I feel naughty, maybe even if I didn’t.  In the mood I had worked myself into I was already having thoughts about fucking all three of them at once.  I’d have to wait until the gazebo was finished, of course, but maybe something that wild was exactly what I needed.  I finished my emails quickly and decided that it might be a little too obvious if I went out there to meet them in my birthday suit.  Before I could decide what to put on, I heard knocking at the door. 

The only nearby article of clothing I had was a silky floral robe.  It’s very short just down to about mid thigh.  It clings to my shape and one can easily see the contours of what I’m wearing beneath it.  In this case, I had nothing on beneath it, and a quick glance at my mirror reassured me that it was obvious that I was nude beneath it.  

Smiling devilishly I pranced down the stairs with a wicked grin on my face. I opened the door and a nice breeze entered making the hem of my short robe billow just a touch.  It also carried Matt’s fresh clean scent.  Happily, I noted that matt was taken a bit aback by my clothing, or rather lack of clothing.  He stuttered a Hello and told me that they were there to get started and hoped to be finished today.  His friends/band mates were not so effective in masking their lusty appraisal of my body.  My goddess I was wet!

“OK,” I said.  “I was just getting ready to come out and supervise.  That is if I won’t get in the way.”

“Oh no, Miss Greene, we’d be happy to have you around.” One of them said.  The look on his face told me instantly that he wasn’t talking about my supervision.

“Do NOT call me Miss Greene,” I said.  “Do I look like an old cat lady?” I accented that with a little dip of my legs and a slight wiggle of the hips.  Their smiles told me everything I needed to know.

“You boys go ahead and get started and I’ll get myself dressed.”  I smiled wide as I gently closed the door and climbed the stairs.  I almost ran into my bedroom and opened the window just a crack before they got around the house.  

I stripped off my robe in a rush and stood naked beside the window listening.  I could hear bits of their conversation as they passed.

“Dude, you said she was hot, but she’s smoking hot.”

“I bet she’d call the cops if she knew the things I want to do to her.”

“Do you think she was really naked under that robe?”

“She’s definitely stroking material.”

I felt a selfish bit of pride that they noticed my efforts.  I didn’t want to give the impression that I was intentionally teasing them so I decided to dress a little less slutty than I would if I were out in the city on the prowl.  In the city one can blend in easily with the college girls going clubbing.  If I went out there in a short skirt and no panties they’d know it was intentional and I didn’t want them to think I’m a piece of slutty trash.  I felt the need to be able to claim innocence, just in case.

Immediately I knew what I’d wear and I watched them for a few seconds from the window before I got into my clothes.  One way or another this was going to be an interesting day!

…to be continued.






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