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Sexy Walk on the Beach

Me and Nora are walking down the beach, naked.

We're both naked. The lukewarm waves wash over our feet and bury our toes in the wet sand underneath. The sun has turned orange, dipping lower under the horizon in front of us, glazing the sea with fiery reflections of a warm summer evening. We walk along the cove, holding hands, listening to the sea.

The beach is about two miles long with a stretch of unkempt sand dunes behind it. There's a small nudist section at the side of it, but we've gone way past that. We're walking free, against the last swimmers and sunbathers on their way to the hotel. Our clothes, towels, the hotel keys -- we've left everything behind.

'Come on, don't worry about that,' Nora said when I started tucking my swimming shorts into the beach bag. 'Nobody will steal it here, let's go.' I looked up at her naked curves in front of me. Her round breasts, the left ever so slightly bigger then the right, her flat belly and narrow waist, the tattoo of a rose on her thigh. The setting sun made her figure look divine. I dropped everything into the sand and set out after her.

We walk past a closed beach café and surf rental and head even further away from our clothes. My penis sways from side to side with every step. And when my eyes veer aside, I see that Nora's boobs move in perfect synchrony. Her areolas are dark and symmetrical, nipples hardened by the soothing breeze that brushes past them. She doesn't have any tan lines. None at all.

The people we pass are mostly couples. The men wear jean shorts and white polo shirts. The ladies are draped in flailing floral sundresses. Exhausted after a day of lounging in the heat, they're hauling their kit back to the hotel. The large colourful towels tucked inside beach bags made of straw. The folded parasol dangling from the man's shoulder, weighted by the portable fridge that he carries in his hand. 

The wives scowl and look awkwardly away from us. But the husband's eyes linger. They make sure to skip a step, so their wife doesn't notice the pervy looks they give Nora's swaying hips and the thin landing strip between her thighs. She smiles at them and walks confidently on. The braver ones even turn around, catching a passing glimpse of her jiggling ass.

She likes them looking. I know she does. That's why we're here and not by our towels in the nudist section. The thrill of mischief, of doing something naughty and being caught. That's what she lives for.

We pass a few more beachgoers, and this last time, the wife didn't look away. I'm pretty sure that she was looking straight at my cock, hugged by the amber rays of the setting sun, limp, moving from side to side. Then she looked up and smiled. I'm far from being limp now, and I wish that she would see it semi-hard. The veins on it are filling with blood. I start feeling the tension of excitement. I get it why Nora likes this so much.

'Oh, darling,' she says, sounding vaguely distressed, and I hear her giggle. She's looking down at my fully erect cock. She bites her lip when our eyes meet. More people are walking towards us, and I'm about to suggest that we take a short swim to cool me down a little bit. But she's quicker.

'Over here, honey,' she says, extending her arm to me. She grabs my cock. Her thin fingers wrap around the shaft and tug me gently towards the dunes just as the people walk by. Two couples. Their eyes are open wide and the husbands' heads turn. But Nora pays them no attention. Her eyes are fixed on mine. She feels no shame.

She leads me across the burning sand into the dunes. When the people are out of sight, she drops to her knees in front of me and slides her hands down my abdomen and thighs and then wraps them around the base of my cock. I breathe slowly when the head disappears inside her mouth. She pulls the foreskin as far down as it will go and circles her tongue around the glans.

'You're so salty,' she complains, smiling, and she swallows my penis whole. A gag and it's back out, glistening while she strokes it with her hand.

'Like that, baby?' she moans and the world spins around me. I nod, and she goes on sucking and licking and gagging. She cups my balls with her other hand. She pulls them and massages them, and I completely forget about our towels at the other end of this cove. I forget that we're standing in the middle of one of the busiest beaches on this island, completely naked with nowhere to hide.

I close my eyes. Nora ramps up the pace, making me moan. My body twists and then the sensual explosion of an orgasm takes over me. I tremble with pleasure while my cock pumps a load of semen all over her face.

'Hmmm... delicious,' she whispers, licking her lips. I jump a little bit when I open my eyes. Three men are standing atop the dune about a hundred feet away, all of them looking at us. The drooling disbelief on their faces mixes with lust. The old one in the middle is even rubbing his lopsided swimming shorts.

Nora gets up and looks unperturbed when she sees the audience. She pulls my foreskin neatly over the head of my cock, grabs my hand and starts towards the voyeurs. Her face is still covered in semen when we pass them. She smiles, but this time her lips part even wider. She picks a drop of my cum from her chin with her finger and licks it off. She gives them the cheeky wink while their eyes dart frantically across her golden body.

The sun has set, and it's getting dark. We decide to head back to our towels. I pull Nora's body closer to mine and wrap my hand around her waist. Then I let it slide below it to stroke and squeeze her juicy bottom as we walk. She grins at me and my cock is hard again.

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