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girl tease guys at a dance club to arouse herself for her husband

At the club, sitting at the table he watches the girl in skimpy outfits trotting around for a free drink and someone to go home with or to a hotel or the backseat of their car in a dark corner. Breasts almost popping out of the brassieres, patted, lift-ups and implants. Short skirts with thong underwear, the music playing loudly and bodies rubbing, bumping against each other, sweating flesh in tempting heat. She sits at the bar by herself waiting for him to come over to buy her a drink. Last week was an encounter of his fantasy; and hers. Flaunting her legs at him, her sex is getting moist, not from the urge of deviant desires but the humidity of the atmosphere. Yet her urges carry her along in her seduction. A man comes over to say hi. “Hey there,” he says to her, “what are you doing here by yourself?”

“Waiting for you to buy me a drink,” she reply.

He feels that he’s going to be a voyeur again. She teases him by making sexual gestures and innuendoes to the guy. He is quite handsome, medium built, muscular. The guy stares at her as if he wanted to take right there at the bar. The bartender comes over, “What can I get you?”

“An apple martini.”

The guy lifts the beer in his hand, telling the bartender that he wants another of the same. Seconds later the bartender came back with their drinks. He pays for it. They stay there at the bar talking for a while. Then the guy grabs her hand and disappears to the dance floor. He watches as she gives him a naughty smile, licking her lips with her index finger, then blows him a kiss. He stares at her, giving back that naughty smile, thinking, “I’m going to strip you naked later tonight.” He isn’t worried if the guy ever gets to take her home. At best he would get a feel, tongue gymnastics, maybe, just maybe she grabs his bulge in his pants, eagerly wanting her naked. As the night went on he makes his rounds dancing with other girls, rubbing bodies, grabbing asses, protruding nipples. He teases her just as much, building up their urge for the night after. Bouncing to the beat of techno music, then to the rhythm of house music, slowly the forces of their pulls them toward each other.

She sits at a table relaxing as men come over to talk to her, to ask her to dance, to buy her drinks. She humors them. All the while she’s thinking that she might not make it home tonight. His thoughts keep jumping back to that night of voyeurism as he’s dancing and getting a free feel of another woman’s body, watching her and her lover tangle up in one another. His pants begin to feel a little tight from the growing excitement. She watches him, urging him to grab her ass, squeezing, turning to her so she could see. Her sex is wet with that view of him playing with the girl as she dance against him, grinding her sex on his thigh, then leaning against him, her back toward her, rubbing against his stiffened bulge. Without thinking she reaches down under her skimpy skirt and feels her wetness. Her shame of public embarrassment has long disappeared. She rubs her tiny bush, just above her clit, feeling it getting soaked from the sensation. The place is dimly lit. It is always the case, strobe lights flashing, and music playing to distract people from their worldly stress and into the fantasies and desires. Everyone becomes a voyeur, watching others court, grope, and kiss in dark corners. She is in her dark corner touching herself. It is mild hedonism, without the erotic sexual acts.

She catches herself for a moment when she realizes that she has an audience. A nerdy guy comes over on a dare and asks, “Are you enjoying yourself?”

“Oh yes,” she says as she let out a sigh.

“My friends over there was wondering if we could come over?”

“Do you want to watch? Up close?” she teases him.

The return question embarrasses him. “Yes,” the nerdy guy answers with a high pitch voice and a lump in his throat.

She eyes him to let him see that she has an audience around her. He smiles back with excitement. He is sweating profusely from all that dancing. She stops where the guys are sitting and gawk as she stares at him, taking her finger out of her panties, wet, and lick suck on them, tasting herself. It almost made the guys faint and cum like virgins, premature ejaculations.

He smiles at her but couldn’t feel the excitement from his dehydration. He leans into the girl and tells her that he’s going to get something to drink. The girl follows him to the bar. Instead of getting a beer he gets a bottled water. Then the girl leaves to the restroom. Now he’s her other audience.

Without satisfaction, she left the nerdy guys at the table, stiff and yearning for more. She walks over to him, with her devilish smile, and straddles him. “Did you like that show?”

“Oh yes, very much.”

She could feel his excitement on her sex, his bulge hardened against her wetness. With the music still playing loudly, the urge to rip his clothes overwhelms her. She tells him that they’re leaving. Without protest he follows her in hand. She turns to the nerdy guys and blows them a kiss. They just stare at her as she walks out with him. On the way out they couldn’t contain their urges, kissing and grope along the way. She wonders of they would make it home fast enough. He grabs her ass and squeezes it. She has her arm around his waist.

On the drive home she wants him to keep his stiffness. She unzip his pants and pulls his bulge out, naked, stiff and begins stroking it, slowly. Then she bends down to taste it, warm, licking the tip of it. She stops and sits back up, letting him concentrate on driving. One hand holding on to him, the other hand, with her legs stretch as far as she could in the passenger seat, her panties pulled aside and open her lips to play with herself. She keeps an eye on him, a hand on it, as she begins to moan. It gets him more excited.

He tries to keep his eyes on the dark streets and not get pulled over. Her hand keeps him stiff. At one instance he tells her to stop. She could feel the pre-cum wetting her fingers.

The drive home took a bit longer than usual. Just as they arrive at the door, he pins her against the wall, lifts her skirt up, and slides his hand down her sex. They kiss, spinning to the door, open the door and slamming it closed. He turns her back against him and pushes her on the couch, bending her to expose her little hill, smooth and very moist. He ravages her in carnal desires. She takes it willingly, asking for more. Throughout the night after each little break, they play with each other until exhaustion set in and their bodies couldn’t take it anymore; until sleep begs for them.

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