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My muse from across the way.
She was curled up on the windowsill in a short gown or dress of some sort. Looking out the window she shifted. Her bare legs extended out with the gown riding high up her thigh. She looked up and saw me across the way looking at her. Initially she started to shift away but something came over her and she turned ever so slightly in my direction exposing more of her leg. I am smitten. I am drawn to her body, to her face, to her eyes.

As I stand from my desk, she is looking at me, daring me to stare at her. It is lunch time. No one is around. I act like I am going through papers on my window sill, still staring at her, wanting and willing her to turn more toward me to expose more leg and perhaps something more. She turns fully to her left exposing all her legs to me. Because of the distance I can’t see all the way up her gown. But I want to see her pussy hair. I want to see her breasts. I want to see her nipples. I want to watch her come out of the bathroom drying herself. I want to watch her put one foot up on the bed and run the towel up and down her cleanly shaven legs. I want to watch her run the towel over her pussy, rubbing her labia and clit.

She turns again to her right this time and pulls the gown up to her waist. I see her rub her hand over her pussy but I can’t determine if she has panties on or if she is fully exposed. The distance is too far to discern the dark hair of her pussy from a dark colored pair of panties. I am wishing her to pull the lips of her pussy apart to expose the pinkness of her inner labia and the moistness of her cunt, so that I might get a glimpse to confirm that she is in fact pantiless.

She flexes back, the gown riding even higher. She turns full on toward me and teases me opening her legs ,then closing them. She stands and moves next to the curtain. She seems to be hiding from everyone else but me. She pulls the gown above her waist. Yes….she is pantiless.

She spreads her legs and starts to rub her pussy. She sticks her fingers in her mouth simulating sucking a cock. Removing the moistened fingers from her mouth she starts to rub her pussy. She arches her back , thrusting her pussy closer to the window. She is rubbing in a circular motion over the top of her pussy. Every now and then she moistens her fingers sucking on them like a cock and returns to her pussy where she continues to rub her clit. I watch as she tenses, arching back even further. As she calms down she looks over at me and licks her fingers one last time.

She steps back from the curtain deeper into the room away from the window. Still looking at me she pulls the hem of her gown up over her head. She stands there, back away from the window, just enough for me to see her nakedness. Her breasts are small but I can tell from my spot in my window that she has incredible nipples. I watch as she twirls each one between her thumb and forefinger. She pulls on them causing them to extend even further from her breast.

Looking up at me she smiles….a sensual come get me smile. As she pulls on her nipples she backs further into the room until I can barely see her. I am frustrated…I want to see more. As if she can sense my frustration, she comes back toward the window….her left hand still pulling on her nipple, but her right hand is down between her legs. She sits in the chair legs up and starts rubbing her pussy in circular motions. Again she sticks her fingers in her mouth wetting them and moving her hand down across her mons.

She continues to pull on her nipples with her left hand. I can see her moving her hand faster in circular motions over her clit. She starts to lift herself off the chair thrusting her pussy up to her hand. As she arches her back she thrusts her fingers into her pussy and pulls up on her nipple. She shudders and drops back down into the chair. She slowly rubs her pussy almost padding it like she is putting out a fire. A look of satisfaction and shyness comes over her.

She looks over at me and smiles sheepishly. She bends down and pulls the nightgown over her head. She pauses as if to give me one last look at her incredible body, then lets the gown fall over her.

Looking up she smiles, waves and pulls the curtain closed.

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