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She Wants To Watch, Chapter 2

She Wants To Watch, Chapter 2

Julie gets her chance to submit!
The next morning, I woke before the two girls. I went in and took My shower knowing that if I didn't get in there before they girls did, I probably wouldn't be getting in there any time soon! As I finished My shower and was drying My hair I walked into the room to get dressed.

"What a couple of lazy subbies I have," I laughed, seeing them both still in bed.

"Mmmm, good morning Master. We weren't being lazy, it is just sooo comfortable in bed with you!" My pet said.

"Well that may be, but we have a lot to do today. And I don't want Julie here to get the idea that I go easy on you," I said, giving pet's upturned ass a swat.

Pet squealed happily then bounced out of bed, holding her ass and pretending it hurt. "Yes, Master!"

"Now you two get in there and do whatever it is girls do in the morning. Be quick about it too, I am starving," I said, pointing to the bathroom.

Giggling to each other, the two scampered off like a couple of silly schoolgirls to get ready for the day. I went downstairs and got the morning paper, sitting in My easy chair to wait for them. About 15 minutes later I heard the soft padding of the girls feet as they came in and stood in front of Me.

"Master we are here," pet said. I looked up into two lovely faces. The girls had outdone themselves. Both had their hair in ponytails just the way I like and their makeup was flawless. Each girl was dressed in lingerie that added mystery to their looks yet wasn't so overly complicated that it would hinder My ability to toy with them.

My pet had chosen a red leather-look cupless bustier and sheer black thigh-top nylon stockings with 5" high-heeled pumps. The bustier had a zipper front, and as she had been taught, no panties. Julie was wearing a white babydoll with a single pink ribbon-tie right at the front between and below the cups. Everything except the cups was sheer and the cups were lace covered with pink accents. Julie was wearing matching panties as the no-panty rule didn't apply to her... yet.

"Very nice, girls. I am pleased," I said to them both.

"Thank you Master," pet said smiling broadly. "Thank you, Sir," Julie added with her own smile.

"Master, breakfast will be ready shortly," pet said. The two girls went in to get breakfast ready. A few minutes later pet came in to get Me. We all went into the kitchen and I seated the girls as was My routine. I pulled their chairs out and once they were seated, pushed them back in. Julie thought it rather gallant and I explained to her that this was what we did.

Pet began to serve everyone up... Me first, then Julie, finally herself. Julie watched as pet served breakfast, admiring the way we did things. We ate breakfast and talked a bit about last night while we ate.

"So did you enjoy what went on last night, Julie?" I asked her point blank. Julie blushed a very attractive red as she began to answer.

"Y-yes, Sir. I did," she said lowering her eyes. She fiddled with her fingers and fidgeted as I asked her about last night - I could see she wanted to admit it aroused her very much, but she was embarrassed and shy about her reaction.

"What about it did you like most?" I pressed her.

"I you teased pet Sir," she faltered, blushing again.

"Yes, I do love to tease her. The way she moans and squirms and begs Me is so delightful," I told her smiling evilly.

"Yes Sir," she said.

"But in order to tease her and pleasure her, she has to earn it. And today we are going to show you how she earns pleasures like you saw last night," I explained. Julie sat there interested and attentive as I continued. "After breakfast is over, you will get a chance to see what it's like to be a submissive like pet, here. You will take her place and perform just as she would - with the same results she would have."

"What do you mean 'the same results she would have'?" Julie asked.

"I mean that if you don't perform properly you will be punished just as she would be. And if you do well, you will rewarded just as she would be," I said.

"I will do My best, Sir. I don't think I would like to see your punishments!" she said softly.

After breakfast was finished and the table cleared of the dirty dishes, the three of us went into the living room. I took a seat in My favorite recliner and pet knelt in front of Me, waiting to see how I would start. Julie looked at pet kneeling and followed suit, imitating how pet knelt with her knees apart, sitting back on her heels, her chest thrust out, back straight, and head lowered. Her hands were placed on her thighs and she was prepared for instruction or whatever I had in mind for her.

"This is how pet and I start each of our days here, Julie. Once we have gotten up and got our showers in, we come downstairs. I go into the living room and read the paper or watch the news and pet makes breakfast. When we are done we come in here and she assumes her kneeling position to await what I have planned for the day. I will ask her what she needs to do, if anything, and then we will plan the day's activities from that point," I explained.

"That sounds like a good way to do it Sir," Julie said.

"Yes. It helps us get on the same page as far as what needs to be done. It also helps her to be attentive and listen to what I am trying to teach her. I know when she is in this position, I have her undivided attention."

"Yes Sir," Julie said.

"Now then, I think the first step for you girls is to get properly attired. While I do love your outfits and you both look amazing in them, they won't be needed for what I have in mind. So I want to the two of you to stand and remove each others clothes. Pet and Julie stood and faced each other. Pet took the initiative and began removing Julie's clothes, pulling the bow on babydoll's pink ribbon tie. The front of her babydoll fell open and Julie softly gasped. Pet smiled at her and reached up to cup Julie's soft, full tits. Julie closed her eyes and mewed kitten-like, as pet caressed her.

"Ohhh, pet..." she whispered in a throaty voice.

Pet looked over and saw Me smiling My approval at her. She took a nipple between her fingertips and gently pinched and pulled on it - not hard, just enough to make it swell and harden. Pet played with Julie's tits and teased her nipples for a few moments before I let her know to move on. She slid her delicate hands up the babydoll to the thin spaghetti shoulder straps. Easing them off her shoulders and down her arms, the fragile fabric caught on her stiff nipples for a moment before falling free. Pet licked her lips as she stood there looking at Julie's proud, full tits and hard nipples.

"Julie, I think pet wants to taste your tits. Would you like that? Would you like pet to suck on your tits and nipples?" I asked her taunting.

"Yesss," she groaned.

"Well then ask her. Ask pet to suck on your tits," I said.

Julie's knees suddenly went visibly weak at those words. She was extremely aroused at what was happening. I could tell she was going to be fun to play with!

"Please...please pet, suck my tits," she whimpered in a little girl voice.

Pet took Julie in her arms and pulled her closer, she leaned her head toward Julie and tentatively lapped at Julie's aching nipple. Julie laid her head back and moaned.

"Ohhh, god! Oh that feels so good!" Julie said as she pulled pet's face harder into her bosom.

Julie's appreciative moaning only spurred pet on and she began feasting on her best friend's tits in earnest, lapping and sucking on the fleshy globes and chewing on the hard nubs. Julie ran her hands through pet's hair, then one hand trailed down to one of pet's exposed tits. Julie unconsciously (or maybe intentionally) began playing with pet's tits in return for what pet was giving her. The two girls then began an impromptu competition of sorts, each trying to get the other more aroused and turned on.

This pleased me very much! I let the two girls go at it, their inhibitions being stripped away as they worked on each other. I could see their passions rising as the groping and fondling got more intense and frantic, I could hear their moans and pleas increase in lustful desperation, and I could smell the musky-sweet odor of womanlust in the air.

As I watched these two beauties pleasing and teasing one another I could feel My own arousal growing. My cock was steel-hard and getting uncomfortable in My black jeans. I shifted My cock a bit but that was only temporary relief. Finally I had to unbuckle My pants, opening them up and freeing My constrained cock.

My two girls were so completely wrapped in pleasing and pleasuring each other that they did not notice that I was sitting there stroking My cock for some time. I sat there stroking My raging member and watching these two lovelies licking and sucking on each other, kissing and caressing as their moans filled the air.

By now their passions had overtaken them and they had moved to the floor in front of Me. They had completely disrobed each other (not that they had a lot to take off anyway) and pet was busy eating her best friends pussy like she was starving. Julie was laying on the floor pinching and pulling at her nipples like she wanted to pull them off, all the while tossing her head back and forth and writhing on the floor as if she was having some kind of seizures. It was quite an erotic sight these two beautiful girls were presenting!

"Ohhhh, fuck I'm going to cum! Ohhh..." she said as she reached the edge of a tremendous orgasm.

"Pet! Back off, now!" I commanded gruffly. Pet heard Me and instantly obeyed, to the dismay of Julie.

"What did you stop her for? I was almost there!" Julie sat up quite angry.

"If you want to know what it's like to be a slave slut, then you will have to behave like one. Around here we don't cum without permission, do we pet?"

"No, Master."

"Now if you want pet to finish, you must ask Me," I told her.

"Yes, Sir. Can pet continue? I will ask permission to cum when it's time," she said, understanding the rules now.

"Very well. Pet, get her off," I said. Pet resumed her work and within a couple of minutes or so Julie was right back at the edge.

"Ohhh, please may I cum sir?" she pleaded as she struggled against her orgasm.

"No. Not yet," I said.

"Ohhh please! Please I need to cum!" she begged again.

"Not yet." I repeated.

Pet increased her torment, knowing this was a game we often played and thankful she wasn't on the receiving end this time.

"PLEASE Sir, Please I need to cum so bad! Please, please, please!" Julie whimpered desperately.

"What are you?"

"I.. am.. a.. slut," she said struggling valiantly against her need for release.

"Whose slut?"

"Your slut Sir,"

"And who am I?"

"You are... Master," she said, tears streaming down her face from fighting her body.

"Cum, slut. Cum now!" I said.

Julie screamed as her dam broke and she exploded in an orgasm like she had never had before. She writhed and twisted and bucked as the world crashed in around her. She humped the air as if it was fucking her and tossed her head to and fro in her orgasmic convulsions. Finally after what seemed to all of us like forever, she collapsed - exhausted and delirious. She lay on the floor in a semi-conscious state, panting and dripping with sweat, her juices running out of her pussy and down the crack of her ass to the floor below pooling on the hardwood floor.

Pet crawled over to Me as I sat there watching Julie recover. I wasn't going to leave her alone until she had regained her senses so as I watched over her pet came up and knelt in next to Me.

"Master, may I?" she asked. I knew what she was asking so I nodded My approval. Pet smiled and got between My legs and took Me into her talented mouth. She licked and sucked My anxious cock just like she had been taught. She was an excellent cocksucker and always pleased Me when she used her natural talents. She licked and sucked, teasing Me cockhead, lapping at the shaft, and tongue-bathing My heavy balls. She knew how to make her ministrations last too - she would keep Me just below the breaking point as she loved My cock.

Julie finally came back to us and was able to sit up. Still breathing heavy, she was back in her right mind. Before she recovered completely, I wanted to continue with her. I pushed pet off Me, indicating for her to come with Me. I went over to Julie, turning her over onto her stomach with her ass up in the air. I motioned for pet to come around in front of Julie. I grabbed Julie's hair and hauled her up on her knees.

"Now, slut, you are going to return the favor to pet. While you are eating her pussy, I am going to take My pleasure out in yours! Understand?" I growled into her ear.

"Yes Master," she said. I pushed her down into pet's waiting lap and she went right to work, licking at pet's already wet slit. Pet laid back and spread her legs giving Julie access to her and enjoying her friends tongue as it entered her and explored her hot, wet hole.

I positioned Myself meanwhile behind Julie, moving up until My cock was inches away from her still sopping pussy. I fingered her a bit, hearing muffled moans come from her. I fingered her pussy watching as her ass moved in time to My fingers churning inside her.

When I thought her ready, I scooted forward My cock just parting her pussy lips. I rubbed My cockhead up and down her slit, being sure to rub it over her clit each time. She moaned and jumped when I passed over her sensitive clit. Once it was properly lubricated, I placed it at the entrance to her pussy and pressed forward quickly and fully, sinking deep into her hot slick tunnel.

Julie raised up as I entered her, gasping and moaning as she felt Me fill her completely. She would tell Me later that she had never had anyone My size before and that she had never felt so full as she had that weekend. I began slowly pumping in and out of her as she went back to work, although a bit more..."distracted" than before!

Once Julie was accustomed to My size, I began seriously fucking her. My strokes became harder, deeper, and faster. I wasn't going to take it easy on her, either. If she wanted to feel like a slut, I was going to make her feel that way. I pounded into her savagely, as if trying to punch a hole in her.

"Ohhh Fuck. Yes, fuck me. Fuck me harder, Master. Fuck your slut. Fuck me." she cried as I plowed her furrow. She licked and lapped at pet as pet held her face deep into her dripping pussy. I reached under Julie with one hand and began fingering her clit, which made her buck back against Me and drove My cock further into her.

Being eaten by Julie and watching Me fuck her was too much for the already super aroused pet. I saw her legs begin to quiver and I knew that she wasn't going to last long.

"Make pet cum, slut! Make her cum now!" I commanded Julie as I thrust extra hard to drive home My point.

"Ohhh fuck Master please! I have to cum! Please!" pet cried out suddenly. I saw the desperation in her wide eyes as she begged. I nodded.

"OHHHHHFUUUUCKK!!" she screamed as she poured her juices into Julie's mouth, running past her chin onto the floor. A moment or two after pet exploded, it was Julies turn. As I thrust into her hard and fast I could hear her whine.

"OHHHH, MAAASTER. OH Please can I cum? Please?" she cried. I reached over her back and wrapped My hand around her throat. Leaning in close to her ear I growled.

"Cum for Me! Cum for Me My little slut!"

Julie exploded in another earth-shattering orgasm her whole body shuddering under Me and I held her throat in My hand and she was skewered on My cock at the other end. I continued to move inside her drawing her orgasm out and making her squirm as she tried to keep Me away from her hypersensitized clit.

But all this fun had also gotten to Me as well and feeling Julie's pussy clench at My cock had brought Me to the edge also. I pulled out of Julie and stood up.

"I'm going to cum girls!" I said. Instantly the two girls got on their knees in front of Me mouths open waiting for their reward. A couple quick jerks and I came shooting thick wads onto their tits and into their open, waiting mouths. They swallowed My cum like a couple happy baby birds and then after I had finished, pet and Julie licked Me clean, then turned to lick the cum off each other.

When we were all cleaned of our cum, I helped the two girls to their feet wrapping them in My arms as I did. I kissed each girl passionately on the lips and then I sat down with them on each leg. They leaned into My shoulders and I held them both.

"I am so happy I have two little slut girls," I said.

"And we are happy to have such a wonderful Master," pet replied.

"Mmmm," Julie agreed.

We sat there, the three of us for several minutes, until pet said it was almost lunchtime. The girls got up and got dressed in their lingerie and went off to fix lunch. Pet and Julie made some sandwiches and I told them to bring them out on the deck so we could eat them outdoors. Julie was a bit hesitant but after seeing us go out (and especially pet since she was for all practical purposes topless) she felt safe to join us. We ate our sandwiches and as we were finishing Julie spoke up.

Master, can I ask something of you?"

"Yes, what is it?"

"Well I know I have only been here a day or two and I haven't seen much about how you and pet live, but I would very much like to. If it is acceptable to you, and alright with pet, I would like to continue learning from and working with you after this weekend. I would like to learn how to be a slut-slave like pet here. This seems like a fascinating, and very exciting, lifestyle and I would like to know more."

"Julie, My dear, we were hoping you would say something like this. Pet has wanted you to join us for some time and when she told Me that you wanted to see how we lived, she was so excited I could hardly contain her. At first it was a thrill to have you watch us play, but now that you want to play with us and be a part of our games, it is even better. So yes, My slut, you are most certainly welcome to come over anytime and join us. And even spend the weekend whenever you want as well. We will enjoy having another playmate around here!" I said, smiling broadly.

"Thank you Master, I'm going to enjoy being your slut-slave," Julie said, smiling.

"Yes, thank you Master...I have a new slut sister," pet said, leaning over and kissing her best friend and new playmate.

The End

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