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Shelter in the Park

A lunchtime walk became so much more...
The office seems stuffy today so we decide to go for a walk while we eat our lunch. The sun is shining, but grey clouds are starting to build. It looks like rain may be coming.

Hopefully we should have finished our lunch before it pours, but despite any concerns we head off towards the river. The swans had their cygnets not so long ago, it will be nice to see how much they have grown.

It’s lovely outside in the fresh air. As we stroll along, we fall into step together. I like spending time with you; you are funny, charming and smart, but every now and then I glimpse a depth I am unsure of. It's very tempting. I can't help wondering what would happen if we both decided to indulge?

Oh wow, the cygnets are almost fully grown and hungry! I feed them most of my roll and when they still want more, you pass me some of yours. I love feeding wildlife, thanks for helping me.

Leaving the swans, we continue walking along the river, chatting and teasing each other. Somehow the conversation turns to sex and before long we are discussing our favorite sex positions.

Your's intrigues me, but I can’t quite picture it, so you go into more detail. You explain how it all starts with spooning, and ends with the lady penetrated with your fingers from the front and rear.

As you lie on your side, she reclines against you. One hand is trapped between you both and these fingers start to tease her from behind. Your other hand comes over the top and caresses from the front. Depending on the situation, you are able to ass fuck, pussy fuck and finger fuck at will. You tell me how you love to have your partner squirming and cumming on both hands at once.

The imagery you are creating is really arousing me and I can feel myself getting wet. To make matters worse, or better, you suddenly step behind me and cup my ass, reach for my lower abdomen, pulling me to you.

"There, a bit like this," you say to illustrate your meaning. I become slightly unbalanced and reach for you to steady myself. You hold me firmly as an electric charge shoots through me. I realize I can feel your erection bulging between my cheeks; you are as turned on as I am. Before I have time to properly think, your lips are on my neck. Oh god yes!

Turning in your arms I smile, shyly, as I catch my breath. Seconds later our lips are locked in a passion filled kiss.

In the distance I hear a rumble, but my concentration is all on you. You pull me into your arms as the first large drops of rain begin to fall; quickly we run for shelter as the rain increases.

A large tree provides us with some protection and you shield me with your body, but you are getting so wet. It feels so good to be in each other's arms, I don't think either of us really cares how wet we get. It’s only a passing shower and as the rain starts to settle I see you pretend not to shiver.

Maybe I can help you warm up? Your wet shirt is molded to your body, and you look fantastic with it clinging to you. As small slivers of sunlight poke through the clouds, I wonder how wet the rest of you got? Perhaps I could just slip my hands in the back of your trousers, pull you a little closer, and check for myself?

Oh no, my hands won’t fit. I have to undo your trousers, properly, to reach round and cup your ass. Your trousers slip, and I kneel down with them getting a close look at your underwear; it’s bursting in front of me!

I can’t help rubbing my face against you, inhaling your scent and you moan as your hands cradle my head.

Standing up, I remove your shirt, open mine, quickly undo my front fastening bra, and press our skin together.

It feels so good as I slip my hands into your boxers and cradle your sexy arse cheeks in my hands. This of course just pulls you even closer, until we are only pushed slightly apart by your growing bulge. You feel great with your damp skin pressed against me and I can't help grinding into you. All the while our lips are nuzzling and your fingers caress me.

My hand slips up and teases your chest, then slides lower again, down across your abdomen. Lower still and into your shorts, before my fingers wrap around your hot hardness. I nibble your nipples, kiss your stomach, and lick in and around your bellybutton. Do you like that? You seem to. I feel you shiver from the cold rain, or was it a shudder from my touching you? I hope so.

I can feel moisture on my palm. I lower your underwear to investigate. You are such a sexy sight with your bare chest gleaming, in the dappled light, with your shirt off; even more so now your trousers and shorts are around your ankles!

I moan out loud, "Oh wow!" Kneeling again I have a closer look at where the moisture was coming from. Softly I blow across your cockhead and see it jerk slightly. My tongue snakes out and licks your wetness all up; holding you in my hand I can feel you throb.

The tree we are sheltering under is hidden from the pathway, in a small clearing. Hearing voices we pause, realizing just how close we are to the path. The chance of being caught only seems to heighten our arousal, if that's possible. Locking eyes, we stifle a giggle, and resume our feverish grope.

Licking my lips, I rub your cockhead all around my mouth. You feel so good. Unable to resist, I suck you gently into my mouth. Mmmm. I love the soft hardness of you.

Sliding my hand up and down your cock, my other hand cradles your balls. I begin to suck you further into my mouth, and then almost all the way out again. Sucking you, stroking you, cradling and caressing you.

Repeating over and over as your body begins to tense, I look up at you. You have your head arched back with your eyes closed, nipples erect, all your gorgeous body on display out in the open. Oh god, what an arousing sight!

I can feel my pussy dripping and I can’t resist touching myself. I release your balls and your eyes quickly open.

Now you watch me, as I push my panties off, slide a finger into myself and start to probe in and out. You hear the wet sounds and your mouth starts to water.

Wanting to share, I slide my dripping finger out and hold it up for you to see. But before you know what is happening, my finger finds your anus and starts to rim you. Now my pussy juice is all over your ass and crack; you even have some on your balls.

My mouth has never left your cock, which is constantly leaking and jerking in my hand. Now releasing you from my mouth, I lick all the way up your body until I am standing against you. Wrapping our arms around each other our lips lock in a passionate kiss.

I release from the kiss and reach down for your wet shirt and begin to wring out the raindrops from a sleeve. "This will help," I say, and tie the sleeve around your wrist.

"How does that work then?" I ask.

Before you have time to think, I pull the other sleeve around the back of the tree trunk and wrap it grab your free wrist. You’re not exactly keeping up, as I tie a simple knot; there, you are now nicely fastened to the tree.

You ask, "what the fuck are you doing, Helen?", but I just flash you my wet pussy as I hurriedly grab my phone. I use the camera to capture your helpless, sexy body several times, from different angles, for my later enjoyment.

I place my panties over your head as a blindfold, with my damp gusset at your nose. You inhale my scent, and relax again when my mouth returns to your cock.

I slide my tongue up and down you, licking you like a lollypop, and then sucking your sac into my mouth. My hand starts to stroke you as my tongue flicks at your firm balls. Moaning, you bend your knees slightly in an open invitation, and my tongue sneaks further still.

I lick your sensitive perineum and feel you tense in enjoyment. Then as you arch further, my tongue finds your ass, and starts to play.

It’s then that I sense movement behind you. The voices we heard earlier must belong to the two smiling ladies heading our way. Should I tell you, should I hide? They have been talking, but as they get nearer, they put their fingers to the lips. They want to surprise you!

I think you might enjoy this, so I step aside with a wink to my two new accomplices. As my tongue leaves your body you moan your disappointment, and when you realize we are not alone, you become worried. Your enjoyment soon returns when your feel four hands, and two sets of lips, running all over your naked body. For the next few minutes you are teased and toyed with by two strangers. I watch as they kiss and flick your nipples, and poke, stroke, suck, everything but fuck, your cock, balls and ass.

You are crouched with your knees wide, sandwiched between both tongues when I remember the camera and take some more shots, this time for your enjoyment.

As your moans grow louder, I step back towards you. I want you now!

Realizing their time is up, the ladies kiss you and leave. When they are gone, I undo your wrists. With a groan, you whip my panties off your head and you pull me back into your arms.

You reach down and lift my leg, opening me up to you. My wet pussy lips envelope your cock and we hump a little, enjoying the sensations. Your cock keeps nudging my clit and soon we are both squirming and dripping; I’m desperate to feel you inside me.

Stooping slightly your cock finds my entrance. As you stand, you pull me closer and your hard cock slides deep inside me all the way! My inner monologue cries out, "Aahhh. Oh god, you feel so good!" My pussy spasms tightly around you, as you pause inside me. Holding each other close while kissing, and caressing, we start to grind and rock a little.

The erotic sensations cause tingles to shoot through my body. We are moaning. This feels so good, but suddenly, you stop!

Gently you push me away and step behind me. I feel your fingers reaching for my pussy as your other hand finds my ass. You are teasing me from both front and rear, just as you described earlier, only it’s so much better.

As you penetrate both holes at once you are somehow able to rub my clit as well. Over and over you probe and rub, as you kiss and nibble my neck, until with a loud moan, I explode all over your hands.

As I try to recover, you place my hands on the tree and push me a little lower so my hips are stuck out. Coming close behind me, you rub your cock up and down my slit and then thrust deep inside me again.

Now you continue your control and powerfully ram your cock into me over and over. Your hands reach for my nipples, and you pinch and pull them as you drive into me, over and over. Grabbing my hips you pull me back against you as you thrust into me, our bodies slapping as our juices drip.

I didn't think it possible, but your rhythm quickens. My muscles tense and your balls are tight. Exquisite pain bursts from my clit and spreads throughout my body as I feel you shoot jet after jet of hot creamy cum deep inside me. Our moans scare some nearby birds, and we giggle as we begin to regain our senses.

Still breathing heavily, we struggle to rearrange our clothes as reality dawns and we realize how late we will be back to work.

Later, as your pull a leaf from your damp collar, a wistful smirk crosses your face, and you shuffle in your seat before returning to your notes.

As I’m leaving the office for the day, the boss calls me into his office. I hope he hasn’t noticed I’ve not been able to wear my panties this afternoon, I’ve been careful not to cross and uncross my legs while he’s been around. Sitting by his desk are the two smiling ladies from the park; ‘Oh crap, I’m in for it now,’ I think, ‘Have they complained?’

He introduces me to them. Oh no! They are his two daughters and will be working with us over the summer.

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