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Sherry in Public

At the Restaurant
Sherry and I have become an adventurous couple in the last couple of months. It all began one evening when we went to dinner at the local Chili’s Restaurant, right across the street from the football stadium at the local university.

We had played around a little with Sherry showing off some to truckers. Once we even got down to both of us being nearly nude. She got on her knees and began giving me a blow job on the freeway. I reciprocated by reaching over and fingering her pussy as we drove along. I passed a truck and the driver’s eyes nearly popped out. Suddenly, I noticed his companion, a woman, was leaning over him looking, too.

We had a CB radio and the woman got on the radio and said, “You guys are nasty!” All four of us laughed as I speeded up and passed the truck. We had both enjoyed that a lot. However, most of our exhibitionism had been in very safe situations, where no one was actually present.

This evening, we were both feeling randy. Sherry has worn a sundress that buttoned from neck to hem, with several large buttons. She wore no bra and some tiny thong panties. It was late spring and we were both having fun.

We had a couple of drinks from the bar while we were waiting for a table. Finally, the lighted device we were carrying to signal our table lighted up. We went to the hostess who seated us at a booth. The booth was open to the café, could be observed over the top of the opposite both from the bar, and the entire side of the restaurant was glass. Since it was close to the end of the school year, many college students were wandering by.

I should have told you. We both graduated from college just three years ago. We have lived together almost 5 years, but haven’t bothered to get married, just yet. Not that we have any reason to stay single. We are totally committed to one another.

Sherry is 5’6” with strawberry blond hair. She is beautiful, with a 36-24-36 figure and B/C cup bras, depending on design. I’m 6’2” and like to stay in shape. I spend time in the gym working to stay fit, though I’m not a professional weight lifter or anything like that.

We both have good jobs in another small town several miles from the capital where we were eating tonight. The chances of seeing someone we knew tonight were not great, but the possibility did exist. In all the games we had played before we had made sure we were in places where no one would know us. This was a new experience. Her boss, mine, our neighbors, friends, could walk in or walk by at any moment.

However, we were both feeling good and neither of us wanted to dwell on the negatives. As our waiter came for our drink orders Sherry leaned over the menu and her sundress gaped open at the top, likely giving the waiter a good view. I almost lost it, as she had never exposed herself in such a situation before. She looked over at me and grinned as she watched the waiter doing his best to get a good view. We ordered drinks and while looking over our menu, Sherry laughed out loud and whispered, “WOW, that was a turn on.”

I’m still amazed that she was doing this here, and now. I asked her to unbutton the top button on the dress before he gets back and she obliges. Not that she is very exposed, but at the right angle, when she leans over, the view is good from the side or the top.

When the waiter brings the drinks he spends a lot of time explaining the specials to us. She looks at me and smiles. Finally we order.

As the waiter walks off, I notice him talking to another waiter at the end of the booths. Soon this other waiter slowly walks by our booth. We know we have their attention, now. I suggest she unbutton one more button. She does, and now, the curves of her breasts are plainly visible from the front.

She reaches under the table and unbuttons two buttons on the skirt and spreads it, so that a lot of thigh is exposed under the table. She reaches over to whisper to me about it. I drop my napkin and go under the table to look. I’m getting turned on.

I look around and realize the couple in the next booth is looking our way. The man is sitting with a direct view under the table, and he has evidently cued his wife to look. They are both smiling, but I avoid eye contact, at this point.

When the waiter brings our salads and is blocking the view from the other booth, Sherry unbuttons another button on the bottom of the dress. I excuse myself to go to the restroom, mainly so I can get a good view. As I return, I realize now it is possible to get a good view of the crotch of her thong stretched over her pussy, while getting a clear view of her cleavage down below her breasts.

I’m having trouble eating, and Sherry is enjoying my reaction. When I tell her that people walking by outside are beginning to notice her bodice, she again laughs. I can tell she is getting very excited.

We finish our dinner, have a couple more drinks and then just before the waiter bring the check I’m flabbergasted as Sherry unbuttons another top button. Her dress is now open almost to her waist, and there are only a couple of buttons left closed. The couple in the other booth are now absorbed, too. Even the wife is making frequent glances.

I notice the husband reach over and whisper something to his wife, and she vehemently shakes her head no.

I give my credit card to the waiter and have to make a comment to get him to stop staring and move on. Again, he co-worker makes another trip past the table. I’m really getting turned on, and Sherry clearly is too. We’ve had enough to drink that we are both feeling a little giddy.

When the waiter returns with the receipt, he stands and waits for me to sign, all the while staring at Sherry. Finally, she looks up at him and smiles, a big smile. I can see him almost melt, and the lump in the front of his pants tells the rest of the story.

As we get ready to leave, Sherry begins to button a button on top, and then shrugs her shoulders and slides out of the booth. As she does, her breasts are clearly visible to me, and I get a spectacular flash of her panties. I’m just about fit to be tied.

We head out the door, and eyes follow her the entire way. No one said anything, but there are whispers from several people as we walk toward the front door. The hostess turns toward us and says, “I hope you enjoyed your meal.” However, when she spots Sherry’s open bodice she has a shocked look and quickly looks away.

As we walk toward the parking lot there is a nice breeze blowing. Sherry’s dress blows open in the breeze and her cute white thong is visible several times. Did I forget to mention, the thong is quite transparent and Sherry is shaved completely. There is not much left to the imagination. As I bend down to get a better view, I realize the panties have become even more transparent and the crotch is very wet.

Sherry pushes my head up and I settle for looking at her nearly exposed breasts. She laughs at my obvious leering. Several college students are wondering around, and it is obvious they are enjoying what they see as we walk to the car.

Once inside the car, Sherry unbuttons the remaining buttons and spreads the dress open completely. Now her breasts are exposed and her nearly transparent panties are in clear view. Sherry has wonderful legs, and very pert breasts.

As we pull out of the parking lot, a group of college students is headed from their car into the restaurant. As we drive by, slowly toward the street, they get a clear view inside our car. Sherry pretends not to notice as the guys and their girls all look hard. They look to one another and grin and begin talking.

As we get onto the street to head home, Sherry reaches over and begins rubbing my erection through my pants. I’m almost ready to cum. She is having a great time and reaches down to rub her own crotch at the same time.

Suddenly, she suggests that we should get a hotel room, rather than drive all the way home. I think it is a great idea, since I’m not sure I could wait to get clear home like this.

I check us in to a room and find a parking space. It turns out that this hotel has only a front entrance. The side or back entrance is clear around the other side of the hotel. I ask Sherry if she would rather go through the lobby or walk around the other side of the hotel. She says, “Let’s walk around to the back.” However, she is getting pretty dreamy.

We get out, lock the car and start walking. I realize she has never buttoned a button on her sundress and she is exposed. It is still only about dusk. I slip my arm around her waist, inside her dress, revealing even more. She looks down and looks up at me and smiles.

She then pushes my arm away and buttons one button at the waist. She is still revealed, but not quite as blatantly. We get inside the hotel and push the elevator button. As we wait for the elevator she reaches over and starts kissing me. The kiss is pretty passionate. I reach down and unbutton her dress. I pull her against me and begin playing with her exposed breasts.

We hear the elevator bell as the car reaches the ground floor but we hold our embrace for another second. The door opens and we start to walk on, only to meet another young couple getting off. Sherry is standing there with her entire front exposed, wearing those transparent panties. The couple is open mouthed as they see us. Sherry makes a feeble attempt to close her dress front and smiles at the couple. They both smile back and turn to get another look as the elevator doors close.

When we get to our floor, we have had a good make out session on the elevator and I point to the camera on the wall. Sherry just laughs. We head down the hallway to our room. Sherry reaches up and takes the dress off completely and then she points at the hallway camera and grins at me.

I get the door to the room open and Sherry throws her dress down and grabs me. I start to head for the bed, but she walks over and opens the curtains. Then she reaches down and removes the thong. She opens the glass door and walks out on the balcony. I follow her and she turns and begins kissing me while she is removing my clothes.

I’m a committed voyeur, but not so much an exhibitionist. I kind of step back as she begins to remove my underwear, but she grabs me and pulls me back out of the room. She turns toward the city, holding my erection in her hand and starts pointing out sights to me. The sun is just below the horizon and the sky is a beautiful crimson. We enjoy the colors for a few minutes, then Sherry points out that there is an automobile dealership just across the parking lot, and there are people milling about both inside and outside the building.

She steps up to the wall of the balcony, which is certainly not a solid covering. It is basically a solid banister with a wire mesh down to the floor. Sherry looks over the edge toward the car dealership and I notice two or three people looking up at us. She waves to them and one of the guys waves back. We are only on the fourth floor, so I’m sure they can see her pretty well.

Finally, we step back into the room and have some of the greatest sex I could imagine. Sherry says that the stares she got simply made her get hotter and hotter as the night went on and at one point she was ready to strip naked in the restaurant and fuck right there in the booth.

I’m glad she was able to restrain herself because if we had ended up in jail for the night, I would have been not only sexually frustrated but mortified as well.

I liked her show almost as much as she did but, now I have to wonder if I can keep her from getting us into trouble when we go out. I think she is addicted to exhibitionism now. The sex we had in that hotel was amazing and the experience is something she has talked about every day since that night.

I know she wants another experience, very soon, and she even told me she had been to the local upscale, sexy dress shop buying some new clothes to see if she will be brave enough to wear them outside the house.

I’m excited to see what comes next. How about you?

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