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Showing off

How I exposed myself accidentally on purpose...
I am a male, age 48 and would like to share an experience I had when I was a young man still living at home.

My parents had left for the weekend to visit my grandparents out of town and I was left alone for the entire weekend. I was always fantasizing about various sexual scenarios and one of the most powerful for me was exhibitionism. I was young, healthy and athletic and it was the summer after high school. I had a boring, part time job but was off for the weekend with nothing to do but lay around the house. I took the opportunity to lounge around naked, enjoying the freedom that nudity provides.

We lived in an upscale neighborhood at the end of a cul-de-sac. I was sitting on the couch watching TV with the curtains open, so I had a view of the entire street. As I was watching TV and the street, I noticed 2 women going door to door on my street and they were heading in my direction. One was an older, middle aged woman and the other was much younger, late teens or possibly 20 years old. Both appeared somewhat attractive from a distance and I assumed they were selling something or possibly they were Jehovah's Witnesses, who were not uncommon going through our neighborhood from time to time to "spread the word". My family's usual response was to simply not answer the door when they showed up.

As I was sitting there naked, I was suddenly struck with an idea for some fun. I knew that exhibitionism would likely be viewed as "ok" if it appeared to be accidental, so I jumped up and ran upstairs to the bathroom. I turned on the shower, stepped in and got myself wet from head to toe. I then got out and grabbed a towel and waited for the doorbell to ring. In a couple of minutes, which seemed like hours, I finally heard it. I called out "just a minute!" and went to the door with the towel wrapped around my waist.

When I pulled the door open, there, standing on the porch were 2 very attractive women. I greeted them and they introduced themselves, a mother and daughter Jevohah's Witnesses. The older woman apologized for the interruption and acknowledged that they caught me at a bad time, but I assured them it was okay. I wanted to see how long they would stand there and engage me in conversation. I noticed they both kept looking me over from head to toe with their eyes occasionally locking on to my towel around my waist. I kept eye contact between the 2 of them and asked a couple of questions about their church. I was very nervous but tried to stay in control as I planned to expose myself to them, innocently of course. 

After a few minutes, they said they had to go and the mother offered me a few pamphlets. This was the perfect time. As I reached out to take the pamphlets, I lost the grip on my towel and it fell to the floor. There I was, completely nude in front of these 2 lovely women, my cock already starting to get hard. I said, "Oh my god, I am so sorry! Please excuse me!" as I reached down to grab my towel. They stood there in shock. I decided to up the ante, and with the door still open, I turned and started to move away, but tripped and fell down, towel flying out of my hand. I was face down on the floor, with a perfect view of my naked backside. They both said, "Are you alright?" and they actually stepped inside to help me up. As I stood, my cock was sticking straight out and I got my towel and wrapped it around my waist again. I was beet red and they quickly retreated out the door. They apologized and said their goodbyes and left, headed for the next house. I closed the door, my heart racing - I was incredibly turned on. I immediately starting masturbating and it wasn't long before I was cumming all over the towel. 

That experience confirmed for me how much I enjoyed letting others see me nude. I would never flash someone in public, but over the years I have managed some occasional accidents that allowed others to see me exposed. To this day, when I think about my experiences, I still get incredibly turned on.
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