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Showing off

What starts out as a trip to the Pharmacy, results in a horny ride.
Hi honey!

I'm Kellie. I am, an Asian hottie, just waiting to make love to you. Before I do, let me tell you that I am 5 feet 8 inches, have 36c breasts, a nice flat stomach, beautiful long hair and lovely eyes that will caress your body.

Looking at me now you wouldn't guess how I'm dressed underneath. I am wearing jeans and a navy blue top with long sleeves and a sweatshirt. Hah. But underneath, I'm wearing my HOT pink thong panties with matching 36c bra. Over this, is a HOT pink bustier with white polka dots. Black thigh high stockings top it off.

I'm headed to the local pharmacy to pick up my medicines. After that, I plan to remove everything except my undies. I am going to drive around town in my sexiest underwear. I love to show off my beautiful body in sexy lingerie. I hope to turn some heads while I drive around town. I am doing this, to get myself all worked up so that I will be ready to fuck you, when you take me in your arms.

After picking up my prescriptions, I drive away through town, and start heading to the beach. While driving, I manage to pull down my jeans, and remove my blouse, revealing my sexy attire. I'm getting excited just thinking of what I just did.

I am so excited right now, that I want to start fingering myself. I push my panties to the side as I reach for my lips. I push my lips apart, revealing my thick clit. Right now, my clit is engorged and I am so juicy, I need someone to fuck me. I need a thick engorged cock in my cunt. I cannot wait to feel those testicles slapping my ass. In and out. In and out. I imagine you fucking my slurping cunt. I love it when you rub my clit while you fuck me. I rub my clit rapidly, and slide my fingers into my slippery cunt. As I fantasize you fucking me, my juices are flowing freely out of my cunt making my lips so juicy, just waiting for you to make your entry.

I am getting so fuckin excited as I drive around town, fingering myself. I pass a truck and a guy in the truck bed is watching me as I breath heavily while steering the car in a weaving fashion, while I tweak my nipples, squeezing my right tit with my left hand. He watches me as I pull my bra off exposing my 36c tits. My nipples are so erect, it tingles. He gets so aroused, he drops his shorts and pulls his dick forward. His erection must measure 9 inches. I can see his cock glistening in the moonlight. His pre-cum is oozing out of the tip of his cock as he strokes it, from the base to the tip. It starts to erupt with cum as he pumps it hard, while watching me in my car rubbing my cunt and grasping my tits. I start to feel the tremor in my cunt as I reach the beach.

I cannot stand it anymore. The truck stops next to me at the beach. I I open my door and before I can get out, the guy hops out of the truck, into my front seat, and starts FUCKING ME! I love it so much that I grab his ass as he puts his fat dick into my cunt and start pushing him into me as deep as he could fuck my juicy cunt. I start screaming,"fuck me", "fuck my juicy cunt!". His dick is in me up to my cunt lips. As he grinds it into me, his fat dick rubs my clit even more! I can feel his big balls slapping my ass! It excites me to no end! My orgasm rocks me so much I shiver like I was freezing. My whole body is erupting and as he fucks me, I can feel his cum streaming and filling my vagina. As he slowly pulls out, I feel his juicy cum pouring out of my cunt, rolling down my ass crack.

As if that was not enough, he starts to lick it up, starting from my ass, slowly up on my lips, to my clit, to the top of my pubis. He grabs my 36c tits with both hands, while running his tongue slowly up pass my navel, continuing up between my breasts, until he reached my waiting lips. He stuck his tongue deep into my mouth. I could taste his salty cum as he kissed me for what seemed like hours. I was so HOT, he pushed his now erect cock into my cunt again as I screamed with joy! As he slowly fucked me, he put his lips around my nipples, first the left side, then the right side, sucking like a baby, trying to suck every drop of milk. He gently squeezes my tits as he sucks them, hoping to draw some milk.

He continues to make love to my breasts as he fucks me. I start to shiver again as I near the peak of my orgasm. I am shaking like an earthquake, when he suddenly pulls his cock out just enough to let the circumcised head kiss my clit. Momentarily, I panic, but he gently pushes the tip of his cock on my clit, almost like his cock was eating my clit. This motion drives me crazy. I return to my orgasmic peak, and cum, screaming, "FUCK MY CUNT NOW!!" Suddenly, he pushes his cock in, all the way to my cunt lips and begins to cum too. His cum shot all the way inside me, so hard it was like I had a water hose shooting in me.

My orgasm was so joyous I invited him home with me to for a fuck fest.

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