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Silliness At The Neighborhood Mall Sports Bar

He made me crazy to a point where I'd do things I thought were beyond me.
I've come to realize that along with a wicked exhibitionist streak, I love being submissive in a mild sort of way. I think being told what to do, and therefore not being wholly responsible, takes away some of the guilt I sometimes feel. I owe this discovery to an ex-boyfriend, who had a certain way of getting me to do things. The way he'd whisper in my ear telling me how hot I looked and how every guy there wanted to fuck me, among other things, just sent me into a state of mind where I wanted to prove him right. I'd done things for him that were really over-the-top, which only pushed my limits further. But I feel somewhat less slutty knowing that in all those experiences, alcohol was a factor. 

We were in a neighborhood sports bar watching the world series I think. He had worked me up and I was loving all the attention his friends were giving me. He had tricked me, to get me there just wearing an old short sun dress I like to lounge around the house in. He showed up at my doorstep just after I had gotten home from work and rushed me to go out and watch the game at the sportsbar near the mall. I just had the chance to slip on my flip flops or I would have gone in my bare feet, that's how urgent he made everything.

When we got there, his friends were gathered at the back corner table. So much for rushing there to get a table. Every movement I made was the focus of attention, but the guys wisely didn't say anything about my appearance. I mean the dress just covers my pussy and ass when I'm standing, and it was pretty obvious that I wasn't wearing anything else. I'm glad they let me maintain my air of innocence, which is very important to me. I'm sure my boyfriend had clued them in on this.

We drank and cheered, and I was having a great time feeling more at ease, and beyond. I'm sure they felt their patience rewarded when my boyfriend, coaxed me up onto his lap. He sat on a high bar chair, and his grip around my waist along with my movement upwards caused my dress to raise and expose my pussy. You could've heard a pin drop. I remember seeing all their faces and the expressions some of them had almost caused me to burst out laughing, but I didn't. When my boyfriend started planting soft kisses on my shoulder and neck, I just leaned back into him, while he coaxed my legs wide by spreading his own legs. Our legs were intertwined, so I was at his mercy.

With my eyes closed, I enjoyed the wicked comments he'd whisper in my ear. I felt my legs spread really wide, then close, then open, until I realized he was keeping with the beat of the music playing in the bar. I giggled alot. I was feeling shame and humiliation, but I was also excited beyond belief.

I worked up the courage to peek at what was going on and was surpised to see that a couple of the guys seated nearest me had their faces just inches from my pussy. The rest had bunched around closer and the shyest guy of the group was at the back constantly looking around, which I presumed was to keep look-out. This went on until I came. I remember convulsing to my orgasm and can only imagine how I must've looked slumped against him, with his hands cupping my bare breasts.

Looking down, I saw that he had lifted my dress exposing everything. I was just about to straighten myself up and pull my dress down, when the one closest to me buried his face between my legs. The sensation of his mouth, along with the brushing of his hair against my inner thighs captivated me. I surrendered, leaning back and spreading just a little wider to allow his tounge full access. I was delirous with pleasure. I also realized that the rest of the guys were pushing and jockeying to be next. I know I should be ashamed, but I loved it.

I'm pretty sure I came at least twice more. It all broke up when our waitress unexpectedly showed up, and quickly left. Some of the guys seemed nervous, and others seemed disappointed. I got off my boyfriends lap, and made myself respectable. I felt like crawling away somewhere and wanted to be left alone, but the farthest away I actually got was a few feet from my boyfriend.

I was grateful that he sensed my discomfort. He said our goodbyes, with me avoiding eye contact with everyone. But I couldn't help holding my gaze upon the one who had eaten my pussy and gave him a knowing smile. He looked kind've silly with his face wet and shiny with my pussy juice. He licked his lips and smiled back.

They all tried to convince us to stay, but we left.
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