Small Opposites: Part One

By SensualDesires83

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He stood there by the poolside, naked and dripping, his thirty-five year old shaved smooth cock sticking out in front of his body pointing to his hotel room just across the way. There was no one around the pool, but he was hoping tenants saw him. They would mainly see him anyway. He was almost certain nobody would pay attention to his small erection. It had always been unnoticeable.

He walked over to the chair, his erection shaking as he walked, and grabbed the towel he had placed in the seat before he jumped in the pool. He was not hard when he took the first dive, being in the water and the thrill of being seen did that to him. As he swam, the adrenaline rush kicked in and stimulated him sexually and the rise of his cock in the cool pool’s water was inevitable. Every time he traveled on a business trip, this is what he lived for. He may have been a business man well traveled, but he was an exhibitionist at heart. Having someone see his small erect penis was what he loved. He loved showing it off.

After having dried off, he sat in the same chair where he put the towel and his small erection pointed upward. He had always been proud with his hard, not quite five inches erection, and that is why he loved exhibiting it in places he knew that nobody knew him. As he sat there, his small cock pulsed with every beat of his heart and he sat there watching it bounce as it did. He was hoping that someone was actually looking out their hotel room window and watching it jump too.

And she was.

She stood at the corner of the window, being careful not to pull the curtain back too far, and watched as he had swam and got out of the pool, his small hard appendage sticking out in front of him. She liked what she had seen. Now, she liked what she saw as he sat there, his little erect cock jumping as the blood was pumped into it. She also liked how he was shaved smooth. She had never seen a shaved smooth cock before, and never a smaller one. It was sexy as hell she thought to herself. She wanted to feel his tiny hard cock in her hand, wanted to stroke it, make it even harder, and watch him enjoy it.

She stood there naked as well, her twenty year old young slim body getting hot as she watched him. She felt her body with her free hand, running her hand over her flat chest, feeling the tiny nipples that only bulged when she was sexually stimulated. Running her hand down her tight stomach, she felt her inner thigh before moving over to her small slit and feeling its tiny folds of smooth skin that concealed what was inside. She knew why she liked watching him so much. She compared to him in an opposite way. Having a flat chest and a small pussy, she understood what he was doing.

He continued to sit in the chair, his tiny hard sexual organ standing straight up and still pulsing with every beat of his heart. He was extremely hard and it felt so good. The cool breeze of the night air blew around him and soothed his smooth ball sack and made him even harder. He spread his legs a little more as he sat there, causing his erection to be more prominent. He never touched it though, he was just showing it, hoping that at least one person saw it.

She still saw it; he just did not know it. When he spread his legs and she saw how his small cock protruded, she literally moaned and felt the moisture slide out of her small slit. She loved how she compared to him oppositely and it excited her. She felt her dime sized nipples get hard forming mounds on her flat chest that she normally would not have been there. She loved being sexually stimulated. She could finally feel small puffs on her chest instead of soft flatness.

She could not take it anymore. Her body was reacting to watching him and his small hard cock and she had to let him know she saw it. She walked over to the door, opened it slowly, and naked, walked out and pulled it shut. There was nobody else around so she got a rush by walking the second story level to the stairs that led her down to the pool deck. She planned on surprising him somehow.

As she walked, she felt the feeling in her body get more intense. This was the first time she had ever done this type of thing. Her thing was exposing herself to others on her webcam. She was always in the comfort of her home when she did that. She had the chance to explain to her watchers that she was flat-chested and small-pussied. Here, sneaking up on some guy she did not even know, was new to her. This would be the first time she ever exposed herself in this manner. She knew the minute she walked out the door she was exposing herself. Deep down, it was invigorating.

He had his eyes closed as he sat there, his erection having subsided and he was now to normal size. He began daydreaming of what he had done and how his body had reacted. He loved it when his body reacted the way it was supposed too. He thought about all the times he spent on business trips and various hotels and exposed himself in an exhibitionist style. He was happy that he was able too and happy that he did, but only once was he approached out of all those times.

Not tonight though. She was almost to him. Still, the adrenaline flowed through her and stimulated her body. She was still sexually excited. She felt the risen knobs on her chest stick out into the air. She felt the slickness inside her tight pink spot as she walked. The folds of skin that made her slit seemed to slide back and forth as she moved.

Slowly, she snuck up to him and when she was almost standing over him from the back, she saw that his cock was back to normal. She smiled and thought it was cute. Yes, it was now smaller, but not much. She couldn’t wait to see it grow. She always got a thrill of watching guys get hard. She knew she was helping them and moreover, she got a sexual rush from it also, even if she was not in the same room. Which was the case most of the time. Even through a camera lens she was able to get off.

As she stood behind him, she could see that his eyes were still closed. Slowly, she reached out her arms and gently, she touched his bare shoulders and whispered in his ear, “I’ve been watching you. I liked what I saw. That’s why I am here now,” as she massaged.

The voice that he heard was soft and sensual with a touch of class. Highly erotic and intoxicating, he smiled. Immediately, there was a stirring in his groin once again. He was ecstatic inside knowing that he had yielded an observer. It thrilled him. It made him drunk inside. He wanted to look over his shoulder and see what was standing behind him. As he started too move his head around, she stopped him.

“Uh huh. Don’t move. Just enjoy this. Let me tease you. Let me feel you. Let me make that small cock rise again! I want to watch it get hard!” She said and continued rubbing his shoulders, deliberately standing behind him.

Her hands felt good upon his cool skin. He smiled inside as she, whoever she was, he thought to himself, rubbed circles and massaged his shoulders. Indeed, he felt the stirring in his cock and knew that it would soon rise. He was glad she wanted to see his erection again.

She watched with anticipation as she rubbed his shoulders, reaching over and running her fingers and hands all over his chest. She saw how his cock was quivering, wanting to stiffen and lengthen. She watched his balls move in their sack preparing themselves for the release she was going to give him.

Slowly, she brought her hands back up to his shoulders and started pressing with her fingers into his flesh, feeling his tight muscles, all the while keeping an eye on his now lengthening cock. She watched his cock come to life as she kneaded his hot flesh. As she watched his sexual organ slowly grow into its sexual state, the feeling inside her was intense and she felt the wet reaction inside her tiny slit. Her nipples even became erect and formed her small pudgy mounds that normally were not there. She could not wait for him to see her.

As he finally reached his fully erect state, she was mesmerized at his small erection. She thought it was sexy as hell as it stood at full attention. His cock was nothing like bigger ones she had seen and had. Once his small cock was hard, it was rock hard and not semi. She had seen some guys with huge cocks never reach a fully erect state. However, with his small member at full attention, she knew that they were both going to have fun.

“Mm, you have a very beautiful erection. I love how it gets so hard,” she said and reached down and ran her hands down his chest as far as she could, giving the impression that she was going to touch his hard member.

He moaned from her reaction on him and she watched how his erection pulsed as he did. He was taking in being watched and being fondled by this fresh young woman that he had not yet seen. He started to imagine what she looked like. As he imagined, his small erect cock pulsed and pre-cum pooled at the tip.

She saw how the sticky clear liquid pooled at the tip of his small erection. She loved how it looked; how the tiny droplet of sexual stimulation just stayed there on the tip of his small hardness. She felt the warm glide of more of her own stimulation flow inside her small opening as she wondered what his pre-cum tasted like. She knew it was time to show him herself.

She continued to rub his chest as she said, “Mm, would love to taste that. Will you let me?”

He did not even answer in a voice. He just shook his head yes.

Immediately, she took the steps that put her in front of him. She did not say anything at all. She just let him look at her and she hoped he liked what he saw.

He took all of her nakedness in with his eyes. He could not believe how beautiful she was. He loved every inch of her body. He loved her flat chest with nipples that stuck out like pink erasers. He loved how small her pussy was also. The seam between her legs was not but a few inches long and he knew what was concealed inside was absolute lust.

“Mm, you are very beautiful,” he said and smiled.

She began to blush and think to herself if he really meant it and then he continued.

“I love how your body compares to mine. Small everything. It’s very erotic and enticing. I can’t wait to play with you.” He said as she stood in front of him.

She felt a little more liquid flow inside her small vagina, so much so, some began to leak out from between her small folds of flesh. It felt wonderful to her. Her pussy was dripping wet, her nipples were rock hard and formed small peaks, and she was about to taste his pre-cum. She was very well sexually stimulated.

He saw how the juices dripped from her tiny slit. He saw how erect her nipples were and how they formed the tiny points that essentially formed her breasts. He loved how they looked and he could not wait to suck them and feel them with his fingers. He could almost feel the hardness of just a part of what made her a woman. He wanted to tweak her erect nipples, feel the small mass that they formed, and hear her moan as he did.

He watched as she kneeled down in front of him. She braced herself using his legs and without touching his small erection with her hands, she lowered her head to it and slowly licked the head, taking in his pre-cum that had formed.

An intense feeling went through him as her tongue slurped in what evaded the tip of his tiny organ. It was a feeling that he had not had in a very long time and had almost forgotten, as if a huge wave had formed inside him and was waiting to crash down.

He closed his eyes as she circled the tip of his erection with her tongue, still without touching it with her hands. The sensation that traveled through his body was a sensation that had been long overdue.

She loved how he tasted. His sexually stimulated clear fluid that pooled at the tip of his small erection was pure sweet syrup on her tongue. She loved how the sweet tangy taste lingered on her tongue. As she tasted the beginnings of something better yet to emerge, she reveled in the taste and immediately sucked for some more.

He loved how her tongue felt on him and he loved how she made the feeling inside him build. He could feel the tension slowly ease into the feeling she stimulated and he let it slowly subside into that stimulation until he knew that he could not hold it any longer. Unfortunately, he knew it would not be long. At least he had remembered what it felt like to ejaculate. Even though it had been a very long time since he had shot a load with the help of a woman, he remembered what the feeling felt like. And the feeling was quickly reaching its fullest potential.

She knew what she was doing to him. She felt his small cock get harder in her mouth. She did not want to make him cum in her mouth though. She wanted to see him cum. She wanted to see that hot load escape his small erect cock. She always wanted to see a guy cum. It was a fetish of hers. She loved to watch a guys cock pulse the pure white flow of an orgasm out.

So, she took her mouth off of his small erection, trailing her tongue along the underside of his short shaft and then wrapped her hand around it and began to pump. She felt his hardness in her hand as she slowly stroked up and down and waited for the inevitable.

Her hand wrapped around his small member felt just as wonderful as when her mouth had been on it. He could literally feel his cum begin its trek through the maze inside his body and it was almost to what felt like the base of his cock. He was about to cum and he knew he was going to erupt like a volcano.

She felt the spasm of his cock in her hand and said, “Mm, you are going to cum aren’t you? I can feel it. Cum for me, I want to see your cock spurt!”

And as she said that, it took him over the edge and the first contraction propelled his sexual fluid out of his small cock in a long stream. He moaned as his cock shot that first load. It felt like his cock was literally blasting off his body the feeling was so intense.

Like slow motion, she watched the stream of his hot cum erupt from his small hard cock. It was like time had stopped. She stared at the long stream of white fluid before she watched it land on his chest between his nipples. Then she felt the spasm in his hard cock again and watched the spurt of another stream fly out and land just under the first one. In succession, she watched him pump seven large spurts that coated his chest and stomach. She was in heaven now. Oh how she so loved to watch a man cum.
His breathing was finally subsiding like his cock. Slowly, his breathe and cock returned to normal. He still watched as she kneeled in front of him. He could see her watching his small penis return to its normal size. And she was smiling. He knew she liked what she saw.

She stood up and as she did, she felt the wetness in her small slit. She was dripping. She slowly took her hand and felt her wet pussy and felt her hard clit then looked down and saw the puddle on the concrete of the pool’s deck. She really enjoyed getting him off. She started to laugh as he saw her sexual puddle and smiled. They had both made a mess.

Slowly, she reached for his hand and said as she pulled him up out of the chair, “Come on, lets go back to your place and clean each other. I want to get dirty with you again and this time, you make me get off!”

He did not hesitate in showing her the direction to his room. He could feel the feeling travel inside him again. He was ready for her to watch his small cock get hard again.

She followed him while holding his hand. She could not wait to make his small cock hard again. She could not wait for him to feel her flat chest with his hand and make her tiny pussy cum.

Finally, they reached his room, he had the door open in no time, and the door slammed behind them. What happened next behind the closed door, was all up to their imaginations. Two individuals of the opposite sex, the same in nature and how God made them, interacting in the way God intended. It was a match made in heaven and they both knew it as they stepped into the shower and let the hot water pour down on them. The result of sexual stimulation washed down the drain, but the exhibition was just beginning— again.