Snow Bunny

By Surgicalscars

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Nothing felt better to me than to have my feet strapped into my bindings and bombing it down the mountain, leaving first tracks in the corduroy as I snow boarded over to my lift. I was 19, and worked as a lift operator on one of the mountains in Aspen, CO. Reaching my destination I came to a quick stop and sat down on my butt, reaching down and unhooking my boots from their cage before walking over to the railing surrounding the lift. Unhooking the ropes that latched around the entrance, I let myself in, making my way over to the right of the lift. Leaning my board against the metal bars I took off my snowboard pack and pulled out the lock that I had stuffed into the front pocket.

It was late January, just past the Christmas rush and though things had settled down there were still a lot of people that came to ride. I liked where I worked, I remembered faces and names and it was nice seeing people enjoy themselves coming down the mountain. Stuffing my goggles, face mask, and mittens into the pack I walked over to the lift controls on the side opposite of me. I knew that my lift partner had called in sick today so I was going to be working the lift alone. A smile came to my slender lips as the chairs shook when the contraption came to life, swinging around to take invisible boarders up to the summit.

Going back over to the entrance, I leaned over the railing to look out over the mountain and the drop that lead to the town at the base. It was breath taking. I couldn’t understand why some people, amongst all this beauty and serenity and doing an absolutely amazing sport could ever be grumpy. There are people like that though.

“Ok, we are open for business.” A male voice came on over the radio that was attached to my hip.

“Thanks Tommy, see you in 8 hours.” I replied back.

“No problem sweet-heart. You have any trouble up there you just give ski patrol a shout.”

“Rodger Dodger!” Another wide smile came to my face.

There was no wind but some snow was lightly falling from the sky, making it a perfect day. Unlike yesterday which was rather cold and windy. Yesterday there had been a bikini snowboarding contest that I had participated in, I wasn’t in my element cause I’m more of a park boarder than a downhill boarder; and it was rather strange anyway hearing all of the guys whoop and holler from the side lines. I have never considered myself very pretty. My skin had no tan and almost blended in with the snow, bright blue eyes pierced through red-brown hair that had grown out to my shoulder blades, not to mention I was a whole 5’ and 100 pounds. When I had gone to the hot tub with my female roommate they teased me about my size, and how I looked innocent and school girl like, very much unlike my personality which was larger than life. They were the ones who told me about the contest, and bragged about how many dicks they could get from doing it. There was a bet going amongst them to see who could get the most.

My thoughts wondered over to some of the guys that had caught my eye as I passed them. I bit my lip a little imagining one of them taking full advantage of me, using his size to control me.

The sound of skis approaching brought me back to reality, and to the fact that my panties were a little damp. Putting on a big smile I walked over to my position and motioned for the ski couple to jump on the lift. There was a slow and steady flow of people coming to my lift. A few I joked with, some of my regulars I asked how their night was, it was all very uneventful and my thoughts kept wondering back to the boys in the sidelines and their various ways of how they would fuck me.

Several hours passed and it was lunch time now so my lift was dead, so I leaned back over the railing and looked down over the trees. I had worked myself up pretty good and now my pussy ached for relief that I wasn’t able to give. Putting my hands on the railing I leaned down, sticking my ass out to stretch my shoulders a little moan came from my mouth when something bumped up against me.

“Oh I’m sorry!” I said, standing up straight and turning around to face a tall male holding a snowboard. “I didn’t hear you come up.” He didn’t have a face mask on, so I could see when he flashed me a smile, but the rest of his face was covered by his mirrored goggles and helmet.

“It’s ok, just enjoying the view.” There was a small laugh in his voice as he set his board on the railing, moving his goggles onto his helmet which he then removed. His short dark brown hair stuck up in all directions, defiantly disobeying the hand that tried to pat them down.

“Beautiful up here isn’t it?” I asked, completely ignoring if he was making a reference to me or not and going back to look out over the railing.

“You’re not from around here are you?” He asked, leaning beside me. “I’m Dagan, by the way.” The young man offered me his gloved hand. Looking at his face I would have guessed he was around 25, maybe a little older. I happily shook his hand.

“Sam, and no I’m not, this is actually my first season in Colorado.”

Dagan nodded his head, looking like he was thinking about something.

“Hey you were in the bikini contest yesterday right?”

I rolled my eyes.

“Yes. And I sucked major balls ‘cause I ride park not cross country.” He laughed at me, brown eyes shining. There was a moment where he looked at me, and I looked back up at him. I realized how close he was to me, and the feeling that he gave off was that he wanted to be a hell of a lot closer. My heart beat harder, clit starting to swell in anticipation of relief.

“So, it looks like you’re pretty dead up here. You want to do a run with me real quick?” He looked around casually before our eyes met.

How could I say no?

“Sure.” Smirking seductively, I turned and put on my gear, grabbing my board and sitting just outside of the entrance to strap in. Dagan followed suit. There was a little area that I knew of that was perfect for an event such as this, and once I was up on my feet I took off in that direction. After a small cluster of trees to the left I veered off onto a path just barely wide enough to fit my board between the trees. There was a small open area in the center with one tree that had grown almost horizontal to the ground to one side. It wasn’t very steep, but once I was out of my bindings the powder came up to my thighs. The cold surrounding me made my nipples hard, but the inside of my thighs were moist from my wanting. Dagan wasn’t far behind me, coming up as I took off my helmet, goggles, and mittens using them to clear off some of the snow from the leaning over tree.

I wasn’t paying attention to him till he came up from behind me and roughly bent me over the tree, keeping a large hand on my upper back as he pressed his hips against me. Through his bulky outerwear I could feel his hard member, biting my lip and thinking about how big it was going to be I moaned slightly.

“Pull your pants down.” He whispered, leaning over me and biting my neck roughly. Obediently I do so, reaching around and unhooking my boarding pants before my thermals, pulling them down as far as I could with my panties before they filled with snow. The cold air on my soaking pussy gave me goosebumps, and I could hear him give a groan in approval as Dagan eyed my shaved hole, undoing his own pants and pulling me back into him.

His head slipped in easily, but he pulled at my hips to stuff the rest of him inside me. My back was arched and I was gasping. He was way bigger than any other white boy I had taken.

“Fuck you’re tight.” He gasped slightly, and I could tell that he was having trouble keeping it together. Smiling I wiggled my hips against him, asking for him to pound into me. He happily complied, pulling out all but his head then slamming it back in. I moaned and braced myself against the tree. Dagan fucked me hard and fast, his rock hard dick pounding against my g-spot as I started gasping and moaning louder. I could hear the skiers and snowboarders going past us on the trail just a few feet away, some had even slowed down to see if they could find where the moans were coming from before sliding past us.

My nails dug into the bark of the tree as I felt myself getting close, screaming and whimpering in pleasure as I contracted around him as I came hard, body shaking. This didn’t stop him though; Dagan kept fucking me with no end. Now I squirmed beneath him to try and get away from the immense pleasure as it continued to build, but he held me still, taking both my hands and holding both wrists together behind my back with one of his hands while the other started playing with my ass-hole.

This made my knees buckle as my whole weight rested on the tree now, feeling the bark start to cut into my exposed stomach. Tears came to my eyes as my screaming continued in one long orgasm, a finger of his slipping into my ass as he continued to pound me.

That was when I saw him. A skier had heard my screams of pleasure and found the way into our hide away. He had already taken off his skis and gloves, and had his dick in hand, stroking it as he watched me take Dagan’s massive cock. Wiggling one of my hands loose, I motioned for him to come and join still panting and screaming from the current dick that was in me. Slowly he did so, positioning himself in front of my face; my tongue happily found the head of his uncut cock, licking and teasing it before taking it as deep into my throat for as long as I could before I felt like I was going to suffocate.

His moans mixed with Dagan’s, as the man behind me started to slow down to watch what I was doing with the skier. Giving head was what I was best at, I loved sucking on cock till they busted in my mouth, and I could tell I was getting this guy off fast. His moans started to get more excited, and breathing get heavier as my head bobbed faster along his shaft, my teeth ever so slightly grazing against his skin.

I clawed lightly at his thighs as Dagan started to speed up again, my pussy already hurting from the first orgasm. The small amount of pain on his legs sent the skier over the edge, and he grabbed the back of my head, forcing his dick down my throat as I swallowed his whole load; his body rocking slightly from the force of his cum leaving the end of his dick.

Dagan’s hips slapped against mine for a few more thrusts before I felt him release his semen deep into my womb. The heat from his cum with those last few stokes was just enough to make me cum for the second time, my pussy squeezing out every last drop that Dagan had left him in. Moaning in pleasure he collapsed over me, his breath as heavy as mine.

The skier after feeling his relief happily put his skis back on and took his leave down the mountain, leaving Dagan and I alone in the snow.

“Thank you for that.” I whispered with a smile as he nuzzled my neck. He chuckled slightly, ever so slowly removing himself from me, his cum dripping down my legs.

“If you liked it that much, we should do it again sometime.” Dagan said back, pulling his pants up. After attempting to clean myself off with some snow I put my clothes back on also, smiling widely at him and bringing out my phone to save his number.

Once we got back up to my lift, he gave me a soft kiss on my lips before getting into the chair and riding up to the summit. I knew I would be seeing him again, but hopefully next time I would be riding him instead of my board.