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Some like it hot.

What I want, and how I want it.
I like it HOT!
I want it FILTHY.

Most people think I'm just a shy 24 year old woman. I am 28, have dangerous curves, a shy smile and a naughty twinkle in my eye that can get me in trouble and give away whatever scandalous thoughts I might be having.

I like it HOT!
Use me, wear me out, make my body hum with PLEASURE.

Here are a few of my favorites:

Things Tried and True

You have a dirty mouth. Your words fill me.
You call me dirty, tell me I like it filthy. You ask me if I like your cock fucking me, not waiting for an answer as you thrust in and out of my body. I'm very vocal about my pleasure and you have no doubt I'm enjoying myself.
Words are powerful and you feel so good in and against me. My pussy quivers, and I can tell by your eyes you felt it. I am your dirty girl and your filthy words get me hot then your body takes me "there". The place my mind and body needs to be to achieve a mind blowing orgasm that leaves my body feeling a little sore and well used but o so good!
You''re sweating and thrusting on top of me faster, but you won't cum until after I do because thats the kind of lover you are. I'm on my lunch break and I'm going to be late getting back to work, but this amazing sex is worth it. It adds naughty points to what we are doing and I know I'm going to fucking cum soon.I do as I look at your eyes in the mirror. We are fucking in your older brothers bed and I cum unglued. You cant hold out any longer and you shoot your load leaving me dripping. I roll over and look at my phone to check the time. I have 3 missed calls from work. I'm never late so they are worried. Ha ha if only they knew.

The date was nice but now its naughty. We are kissing in the parking lot taking it slow. Couples are walking by but we aren't easily seen. The kisses are gentle nips and licking lips but it's heating up. Our mouths begin to imitate what our bodies want to do, and you are such a great kisser. You stick your tongue in my mouth and I catch it gently sucking on it like I would your dick. Your hand climbs up my shirt squeezing my breast and rolling my nipple. I know we have to go or I'm going to jump you right there. I feel my hips thrusting forward; wanting more as I straddle you. I tell you we need to leave and find somewhere a little less populated. We drive down the main street and turn down a road by an empty lot. I'm stroking your dick this whole time and by the time you park I've got my lips wrapped around your hot piece. I'm twirling my tongue around the head the kissing your balls with my lips as I take you fully in my mouth. Finally you start touching my pussy through my panties. You remove them and when you do I feel the cold air against my drenched lips. My panties are now just a silken puddle on your floorboard. Your fingers find their way back to my clit then further to my hole, as you finger me. I'm breathing heavy still going down on you. I know from experience that my face is heated, my lips are swollen and I look a hot mess, but you love me like this. You tell me you would keep me aroused all day just to see how beautiful I look turned on.We get out of the truck and I can see main street from where we are parked. We move to the rear of the truck and you lift my skirt. I'm so ready and turned on I can feel my excitement on my upper thighs. As you thrust into me as I look at the cars driving by in the distance. I wonder if any of them can see us. Somehow this increases my excitement. I love getting it from behind. I feel you slide against the length of my pussy walls.I can feel every deliscious inch of you. I don't last long and you were just waiting me to cum.

Writing it down; it seems like it took us forever to fuck but it was actually pretty quick, and was very exciting. I would love to do this again.

More to come....
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