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Someone's always watching (Part 2)

A surprise involving big delicious cock is ALWAYS fucking great!
"Are you sure it's not too much?" I asked my husband as I adjusted my thigh high boots and fishnet stockings. "I mean, it's just a party at your friend's house. Maybe we should go back so I can change?"

He looked over at me and led my hand down to the bulge in his crotch. "Babe, trust me, that outfit is perfect"

I immediately felt the heat spread from my belly down to my center. No point in letting a nice stiff cock go to waste, right? I removed my seat belt and shifted over in my seat so I could face him, then leaned in and started using my tongue and teeth on his neck while my hands busily unfastened his pants.

"Damn if I had known I'd be getting road head, I'd have told you earlier how smoking hot you looked" he said to me as he set and adjusted the cruise control.

No seduction was needed since he was already rock hard and ready for whatever I was willing to give him. I stroked the full length of his shaft a couple of times, allowing his sweet pre-cum juices to moisten the tip of his head before I took him into my mouth.

"Fucking shit Babe" he groaned. "You're going to get us killed with that amazingly skilled mouth of yours"

Knowing how much he was enjoying it caused me to more than moisten up between my legs. I couldn't resist feeling myself as my tongue and mouth glided up and down the length of him. There wasn't much time left before we got to the party so I had to work fast. I started sucking him harder and faster as I guided his hand down to his own balls so that he could play with them while I hungrily sucked his dick.

"I'm cumming so I hope you're ready" he managed to say before he grabbed me by my hair and pushed my head down all the way on him.

Luckily I have no gag reflex because I didn't expect his dick to be rammed down my throat, but it sure as hell primed me for my orgasm. I started flicking my clit faster and faster, circling my finger over my swollen bulb, then letting out a moan as I exploded onto my own hand.

"Hey buddy, how's it going? Hi what's going on?" We walked through the house saying hi to everyone, smiling and waving as we saw people we knew. The party was in full mode so everyone was already drinking and people were gyrating to the music.

"Get me something hard so I can catch up to these drunks. I'm gonna go freshen up" I told my husband when he asked me what I wanted to drink. I chuckled to myself thinking about how good it felt to be out with friends, especially after a long ass work week.

Feeling a big hand on the small of my back, I felt the warm breath by my neck as they whispered in a deep voice, "Hey sexy, do you want to dance?"

Although the voice sent tingles up my spine, I had to tell this stranger that I was happily married so thanks but no thanks. The refusal died on my lips as I turned and came face to face with my neighbor. My high heeled boots put me almost at eye level with him. His 6'4", thick athletically built body was standing so close to me, that it had my breasts brushing up on his chest as we stood there in the dimly lit hallway.

"Um, hi. I'm sorry but I'm going to meet up with my husband" I managed to say after I found my breath. This is the man who jacked himself off as he watched me take my husband's cock into my ass! The memory of it caused a tingling in between my thighs and heat to flush into my cheeks.

"I guess I should formally introduce myself. I'm Will, your neighbor. And I'm well aware that you have a husband. I'm pretty sure he won't mind us being here and talking, since he's the one who invited me here tonight."

"Invited you?" I whispered, the tingling in between my legs now increasing to a hard throbbing. I looked over at my husband. He smiled at me, nodded his head, then took a swig of his beer.

What the fuck!? Did he just give me the 'go ahead' signal to bang this guy? Fuck it, I guess I'll find out the hard way if I misread his signal or not. I'd seen the size of Will's impressive cock, and I didn't want to miss this opportunity.

"Why don't we forget about the dancing, since I know that's not what you really had in mind?" I purred to him. I wasn't feeling shy or surprised anymore, I was primed for sex and more than ready to enjoy myself. I turned around and was surprised to see that my husband was no longer standing where I had just seen him. "I need to look for my husband because I can't do this without him there."

"Don't worry about him, I'm sure he'll find us" Will said as he took me by my hand and led me to a room in the back of the house. The music and laughs sounded farther and farther away as we walked away from the party in search for more privacy.

Will stopped in front of a door and with a cocky grin said to me, "Baby, I'm about to show you just how much I've been wanting to get inside of you."

'Oh yes please!' I yelled inside my head. I can't believe this is about to happen. I'm about to fuck another man who isn't my husband, and my husband is ok with it! Will opened the door widely and I got a clear view of the room.

In the middle of the room was a king sized bed with an Egyptian cotton spread and colorfully plump pillows. Next to it was a nightstand with a lamp that gave the room an exotic glow, helping to set the mood. My eyes scanned the room, tastefully decorated, then stopped on a dimly lit corner, where I saw my husband sitting in a chair while enjoying his drink and a cigarette.

"No wonder I couldn't find you" I said as I gave him a knowing smile. Before I was able to step forward, I felt a hard body pressed up against my back, and firm hands sliding from my legs up to my breasts.The thin material of my shirt strained against my erect nipples. I closed my eyes and relaxed my head back back, as I enjoyed the sensation of having another man's hands on my body.

The touching stopped for a few seconds before I realized that Will's hands were no longer caressing my breasts, and his hard body was no longer being rubbed up against my ass. I opened my eyes to find both men sitting on the bed, watching me with eyes full of lust.

Smiling, I began rubbing my hands across my breasts, and not wanting to waste time on seduction, I took one hand and began rubbing my moist hot pussy. Wearing a skirt, crotchless fishnet stockings and no panties was a terrific idea. I felt my clit stiffen as I flicked it with my fingers.

I reached down to my thigh to attempt to remove my boots but my husband reached forward and stopped me. He nodded his head and pulled me towards him, as Will began stroking his crotch, his dick straining to be freed from the denim.

My husband kissed me deeply, as he used his hands to free my breasts from my shirt, then slid his tongue down my neck to my left breast. He used his tongue to flick my erect nipple, then bit it just a little too hard, right before he took me into his mouth. Just as I was about to reach down to touch my right breast, I felt another warm wet tongue slide along on that very sensitive area just blow my tit.

I was in heaven, and things were just getting started. I felt the moistness drip from my pussy down onto my thighs as I reached down towards both men's cocks. My husband moaned softly and released my breast from his mouth, then leaned back on the bed so that I could release his member.

I knelt in front of him, and began unbuttoning his pants. The anticipation was so great, that I could smell the sweet scent of my own arousal. Smiling up at him, I took him into my mouth using my hands to play with his balls. I felt Will lift up my skirt and gently spank my ass, which caused me to jump up when he startled me. I was so caught up with my husband's delicious cock, that I'd forgotten all about Will.

I noisily popped my husband's dick out of my mouth, then looked over my shoulder with the intention of giving Will an inviting look. My breath caught in my throat at the shock of seeing Will's stiff huge cock right in my face. I had seen it before and it looked so big, but now, seeing it this closely, it was downright enormous! It's going to be both pleasure and pain trying to take that monster into my tight wet pussy.

"Go ahead Babe, see how much of that you can take in" my husband said to me as he guided my head towards Will's engorged cock. I stretched my mouth over the head, then using my tongue to slicken up his shaft with saliva, I slowly took his cock in, inch be delicious inch. I moved my head back and looked up at him, then moved my head back down and started sucking on his balls as I used both of my hands to stroke his enormous dick.

"Get up on the bed Baby" Will said to me as he pulled my head back away from him.

I stood up and removed my shirt and skirt, then put one knee on the bed while I attempted to remove my boot. My husband took this as an invitation. He spread my asscheeks and dove his tongue into me hard and fast.

I squealed in delight as my husband assaulted my twat with his clever tongue.Will started rubbing my tits as he positioned himself on the bed, then guided my mouth back towards his stiff cock, pushing my head all the way down his entire shaft.

I had several inches of dick down my throat, rough hands playing with my breasts and pulling roughly on my nipples, a tongue assaulting my clit, and very gifted fingers sliding in and out of my asshole. It can't possibly get any better than this, or can it?

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