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Someone's always watching (The Conclusion)

She didn't hear herself begging, but she did..
Beads of sweat formed a line between my swaying breasts, my body writhing with pleasure as Will greedily lapped up my pussy juices. This would make the fourth time I'd come while his tongue assaulted my now sensitively swollen clit.

They had me laying on the bed, my back resting on the soft Egyptian cotton sheets, my head hanging back over the edge of the mattress, while my husband's massive erection was being forced in and out of my mouth. The upside down position of my head made it easy for him to fuck my throat as far back as his cock would go. I had no problems taking him all in, since I was blessed with no gag reflex.

Suddenly the suckling sounds between my legs stopped and I managed a muffled scream as Will replaced his tongue with his stiff black cock. By body shuddered with pleasure as my sensitive folds stretched out and wrapped tightly around his very impressive girth.

My husband let out a primitive groan as he grabbed a hold of both of my breasts and started pumping his cock down my throat faster and harder. My moans intensified the sensations he felt, as they vibrated around his member. I felt him shudder as he noisily pulled himself out of my mouth and pumping himself, shot his hot sticky seed all over my breasts. I guided his dripping cock back into my mouth and sucked it dry.

"Fuck, that's sexy as hell" Will groaned, his cock glistening with my creamy liquid as he slid the entire length of him of him out of my sopping wet cunt.

"Bring that pussy over here" my husband demanded as he laid back on the bed, stroking himself back to hardness.

I got up on all fours, my twat feeling sore from Will's abuse. As I turned around on the bed I noticed that in our haste to sedate the lust we were feeling, we left the bedroom door wide open.

Leaning up against the door frame was a gorgeous female, vigorously rubbing her smoothly shaven mound. Her beautiful caramel skin was glistening with sweat as she bit her full bottom lip.

I felt a pulsing between my legs as I lowered my cunt slowly onto my husband's hot tongue. My eyes never left hers as I began grinding my twat on my husband's mouth. The scent of my arousal, and the suckling sounds he was making were filling the room.

I let out a moan as she freed her full breasts from her tight shirt and began pulling on her nipples while sliding 2 fingers inside herself. I could see the fluid glistening between her smooth thighs, her breath hitching as she increased the speed, plunging her fingers into herself harder and faster.

My moans became screams as I got closer to climaxing. The combination of my husband's tongue assaulting my twat, and watching this beautiful stranger wildly fingering her own cunt while she watched me, brought me closer and closer.

"Fuck yea. Oh fuck. Eat that pussy baby." I moaned loudly as my husband hungrily lapped me up. Will was busy stroking himself and sucking on my tits as I got closer, the pressure building up inside me.

"Fuck yea. Yea. Yes. Yes. Fuck yea. I'm coming baby. Fuck yea. Suck my clit. Suck it Baby. Fuck yea. Here I come." I yelled as I creamed my husband's face. He devoured my pussy, licking it clean, while Will bit my nipple, tugging on it with his teeth.

"Please" the woman begged as she ran a hand through her long ebony hair while her other hand slid in and out of her sloppy pussy.

My heat was still quivering when Will pulled me off of my husband's face and bent me over the edge of the bed. "Now it's my turn" he grunted as he slammed his cock inside my asshole.

I screamed out, both in pain and delight as his enormous bat violated my hole. He slapped my ass, then tangled my hair around his fingers while he pulled back hard on it. I bucked wildly against him, his balls slapping against my pussy with each thrust.

My husband sat on the bed in front of me, spreading his legs so that I could have better access. I licked his balls then sucked them into my mouth, one at a time as Will continued to viciously fuck my asshole.

"Fuck yea I'm coming" he grunted as he pushed his entire shaft inside me, filling me with his cum. His dick twitched as I tightened my asshole around him.

"Ooooooooh yesssssss" she moaned from the doorway as her body convulsed while she dripped herself all over her hand.

Will emptied himself into me as the female by the doorway slid her fingers into her mouth to taste herself. He collapsed on my back, his ragged breaths slowly returning to normal as he gently pulled his dick out of me.

"Damn that was fun" my husband said, once again sporting a full erection.

The woman by the door made her way towards us, then kissed Will, their tongues tangled hotly while he tasted her on her lips. He playfully smacked her on her ass then looked over at us and smiled....

"Guys, I'd like you to meet my wife"

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