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Someone's always watching

My first story welcomed
I noticed him watching me as I cleaned my bedroom window. The skimpy shorts and tank top I wore didn't really hide much, but I had a lot of cleaning to do so I wasn't really worried about my wardrobe.

I know I'm married, and I know that I shouldn't look..but he's so fucking attractive, that I just couldn't help myself. I purposely leaned over to give him a tantalizing view of my cleavage (I consider it my best asset) and when I saw his hand rub his crotch over his jeans, I knew I had him hooked. I gave him a knowing smile and gestured to my watch while holding up 5 fingers, then sauntered away to get the rest of my plan in motion, leaving the blinds and curtain open.

I guess I should mention that one of my biggest fantasies is to have an attractive man watch while I fuck my husband. I had no idea that this opportunity would come up, especially with a gorgeous black man. I had just enough time to shower, shave, and whore myself up for my husband before he got home from work. The kids are spending the summer at my parent's house, so I'm able to wear one of the slutty outfits I got for my husband at Fredrick's of Hollywood. He can't resist me when I slip into one of those, no matter how tired he is.

::Doorbell rings:: Right on time. I unlocked the door and walked out of view. (I don't need EVERYONE at my apartment complex knowing what a slutty little whore I was). My husband walked in, looking completely exhausted. He shut the door, locked it, and just as he was about to remove his coverall, I stepped into view.

"Damn Babe, you look fucking hot" he said.

I smiled at him, knowing he had already forgotten how tired he was, and seeing the look in his eyes, I knew he was already imagining his dick in my mouth.

"Go ahead and shower, I'll be waiting for you in our bedroom"

I rubbed my hand over his cock and found him hard and ready. While he showered, I walked over by the window to make sure my tasty neighbor was there, and sure enough, he was.

The anticipation of what was to come was enough to make my pussy wet. I slid my hand through my hair, down my chest (lingering just a little too long on the tip of my nipples), then down towards my heat. I smiled at my neighbor as I moved my g-string over with one finger, while I slowly rubbed my swollen clit with my other finger. A little moan escaped my throat, and just as I was about to slide a finger into my soaking wet cunt, I heard my husband's angry voice.

"What the fuck are you doing!?! Are you showing him your fucking pussy!?! I thought you were wearing that outfit for me, not some other fucking cock!"

Shit..this is not the way I wanted things to go, but a smart girl knows how to get herself out of anything.

"Baby, I wasn't showing anyone anything, I was excited about fucking you, and I decided to play with myself a little bit. So what if someone's watching? I'm yours, and yours is the only dick that I want inside of me. Let him watch. That's all he's going to get to do"

I licked my lips and looked down at his crotch. The bulge in the towel that he had wrapped around his waist was proof that he liked the idea. Perfect.

"Let's give him a good show Baby" I said as I reached out to unwrap the towel. "So, what do you think of my outfit?"

I turned around to show him the back, then knowing that my poor excuse for a dress was going to rise up enough to give him a terrific view of my ass, I bent over for him. Meanwhile, this gave the neighbor a very clear view of by breasts through the see-through material in front.

"I think you look like a dirty little slut. Let me show you what happens to dirty little whores" he said to me, while grabbing my hair and guiding my mouth down on to his already throbbing cock.

Mmmmm. I can taste his pre cum juices. Giving head turns me on so much. I'm already really wet. If he thinks I look like a dirty whore, then that's exactly what I'm going to be.

I lowered my dress down enough to pop my tits out, then pinched my nipples while he fucked my mouth. I moved my hands to his balls and started playing with them, and when he let go of my hair, I took it as my queue. Wrapping my left hand around his dick, I began sliding my tongue down the entire length of him and slowly made my way down to his balls. While stroking his shaft with my left hand, I gently sucked his balls into my mouth, using my tongue to moved them around.

"Fuck. I love the way you do that" he groaned.

I moved my head back and smiled up at him, then looked over my shoulder and smiled at my neighbor. At this very moment he was stroking a very huge, very yummy looking cock with both of his hands. He gave me a cocky grin, then licked his lips suggestively as he increased the speed of his stokes.

Hmmm. I wonder how much of that I can take into my mouth?

Suddenly I felt my head being turned by my hair, and before I could ask what the fuck his problem was, he was ramming his cock into my mouth.

"I know what you were thinking, and that you'd like his dick in your mouth right now. Show me what you want to do to that huge black cock. Be a good little bitch and show me just what you'd do to it"

He let go of my hair, but before he was able to move back, I grabbed him by his ass, and pushed his shaft completely into my mouth. His head was deep into my throat and I was loving every inch of it. I moved my head back and forth, letting him fuck my throat, playing with his balls with my left hand, and using my right hand to rub my soaking wet twat.

I moaned loudly, well aware that the vibrations would increase his pleasure. He obviously enjoyed it because I heard him let out a primitive groan, while thrusting his length into my mouth harder and faster.

My center was literally aching for him. I needed to feel him inside me so fucking bad. I pulled him out of my mouth and gave his shaft one last lick, then stood up and kissed him while he played with my breasts.

"Lay down on the bed" I said, as I walked back in front of the window and started undressing for him. I slowly swayed my hips while caressing my body, then stepped out of the dress after letting it drop to the floor. I felt flushed with power as I stood there in front of him in my g-string and stiletto heels.

"Like what you see?" I walked towards the bed, but right before I reached him, I turned around to face the window and slowly slid my g-string off, bending over all the way, and showing my husband exactly what he was about to feel wrapped around his throbbing member.

I walked over to the bed again and straddled him while sliding my freshly shaven pussy up and down his quivering cock. My body was throbbing with needs, which intensified more when he took my breast into his mouth and suckled hungrily.

"Ooooh. I love the way you do that. Now hold on, because I'm about to give you the ride of your life" I kissed him one more time, then lifted my leg up and over him, so that my ass was now in his face.

Lucky for me, he got the hint. He grabbed me by my ass cheeks and pushed his face in between them, then started sliding his tongue around my asshole. I let out a squeal of delight started fucking my ass with his tongue.

"Damn that feels so good" I squealed.

I leaned down and wrapped my lips around the tip of his shaft, then started sucking it farther into my mouth, sliding my tongue around, while my hand played with his balls. I heard him groan again and decided enough was enough. I had to have his dick inside me now. The aching need was becoming unbearable.

I looked over and saw that my neighbor was vigorously rubbing his huge cock while he was watching us, and that was enough to get me close to cumming. Sliding my body down, and drawing my knees up, I slowly guided his cock inside my pussy. Since by this time I was soaking wet, he slid right in.

I felt his hands cup my ass and pull me up his shaft, feeling the soft velvety skin glide up inside me. I used one hand to play with my tits and rub my nipples, and the other one to play with his balls while I bounced up and down on his dick. All he could see was my back and ass, but I'm sure he was enjoying the view just as much as the sensation.

As for my neighbor, he had a clear view of my bouncing tits, and since my legs were spread wide open, he was able to get a nice look at my pussy taking in my husband's rigid cock. I smiled at him again, and looked down at his cock while licking my lips. That must have done it for him because I saw his dick twitch in his hands while he closed his eyes and mouthed the word "fuck".

He was getting close. I could see it. Good, because so was I. I increased my speed, but right before cumming, I slid my husband's cock out of my pussy, then wiggled my body a bit, and before he knew what was happening, his dick was sliding slowly into my ass. I was so completely aroused at this point, that my juices alone helped guide him inside me, inch by delicious inch.

"Fucking shit Babe, you're killing me." he said in between moans.

Damn. I had forgotten how good his dick felt up inside my ass. I started rubbing my now very swollen clit, while I continued bouncing up and down on his dick. I looked up just as my neighbor started shooting his load. What a waste. I would have loved to swallow every drop of that, then suck his enormous cock dry.

I licked my lips and starting flicking my bulb harder and faster as I slid 2 fingers into my pussy. A loud moan escaped my mouth.

"Fuck yea. Fuck me. Fuck me baby. Damn I love your cock in my ass. Fuck me harder!"

My walls started tightening up around him, just as he started cumming. At this point we're both panting and moaning like animals while my tits bounce around wildly. I felt him shudder at the exact same time that I started cumming. We're sticky, and sweaty, and the room smells of sex.

A few minutes later I found the energy to finally climb off of him, and laid down next to him while I draped my arm across his chest.

"Damn Babe. You're always great, but today you were fucking amazing. I think we'll have to let him come over sometime and see just how interesting things could get"

I smiled to myself. Little did he know that one of my biggest fantasies was to have two men inside me at the same time...

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