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Special Guest at the Underwear Party

I was used as a model at the naughty knicker party.
This is a true story from about two years ago, I have though changed the names of those involved, you will understand why!

As a HGV driver, I do not get home very often during the week as I am usually away in different parts of the country. I do not normally see my wife between Monday morning and Friday evening.

I knew my wife had an Ann Summers party booked for a Wednesday and her friends and our neighbours were all expected to attend, along with the party organiser, Adele.

On that Wednesday out of the blue, I arrived back in the area and needing a shower etc I decided to go home.

I arrived home just as the party was getting lively and was not received very well by my wife. It is against the rules of the party for a man to be present. I said my hello's and made my way upstairs where I showered, then lay on the bed.

A short time passed and my wife appeared in the doorway. She was now quite merry, having consumed a few large glasses of wine. It was clear she was still unhappy with my presence, but accepted I had to come home. She told me it was OK as long as I stayed in the bedroom until the party ended.

I remained on the bed and was dozing when there was a knock on the bedroom door; it turned out to be Adele, the party organiser. Adele is woman of about 25, blond and very attractive. Adele said she had a proposition to put to me. She explained that the guests were all OK with her idea as was my wife. As I was in the house when I was not supposed to be, I could be put to good use.

I was curious as to what she might say. She explained that the guests all wanted to buy some sexy briefs for their partners. The idea was for me to model for them.

I thought it over for a few minutes and asked what was in it for me? Adele said, "Wait and see, I can promise you a good night".
I called down to my wife who confirmed it was OK.

I am quite proud of my body, I am not as slim as I used to be but I am not fat and I have a good sized cock.

Adele was really pleased and brought me a selection of briefs that the girls had selected. I started off wearing a pair of tight boxers that showed my bulge off, too well really. I slipped on my dressing gown and went down stairs to the lounge where I saw lots of familiar faces and some unfamiliar ones. The girls were sitting round a table covered in dildos and sex toys of all shapes and sizes. I slipped off the gown and to my surprise got a few wolf whistles and screams, even from neighbours who had seen me in swimming trunks before.

I tried on another pair of boxers then was asked to move on to some thongs. I modeled these but was feeling a bit insecure. I now had just a thin piece of material between me and about 15 ladies.

The thongs were very sexy and had me quite excited as I was asked to wander in amongst the ladies so they could get a closer look. A couple of the ladies had a little feel of my cock as I walked past.

I went back upstairs and was just stepping out of the latest pair of pants when Adele appeared in the room. She walked over to me as I covered my cock with my hands and just said, "Nice Cock". She smiled at me and pushed my hands away and took hold of my semi hard cock. I noticed that she had thrown something on the bed.

I said, "Whats going on, have I finished?"

She dropped to her knees and took my cock in her mouth and commenced to suck me, this was great but dangerous.

I was almost fully erect when she stopped, she stood up. She said, "Wear these for us," pointing to the clothes on the bed, "and I will finish you later."

I picked up the clothes, which was a sexy pilot man outfit, and a thong with "get your lips round this" and a peephole. The girls would get to see some of my cock if I wore them.
I agreed and slipped on the thong. Adele then produced some spray and sprayed my cock. The spray was supposed to stop me getting an immediate erection once downstairs. I then slipped on the Pilot's uniform, this was the choice of the ladies. This comprised of a white shirt with epulates a flying badge a cap and sunglasses. I wore my own black trousers.

I entered the lounge to find the women all very merry and very excited. They were very drunk, the chants of "get them off" were quite embarrassing. I removed the hat and placed it on the head of one of the ladies. The sunglasses followed, then the shirt, which was ripped from my hands. I thought that would be enough but they wanted the trousers off.

I looked to my wife for assurance and she gave me a cheeky smile. Adele was asking the girls if they wanted to see my new briefs. They all of course said they did, so slowly I slipped off my trousers. I tossed them aside and was left standing in the center of a load of screaming women. I was wearing just a thong with a peep hole in it in which my cock was trying to escape and the logo "Get your lips round this" emblazoned across them.

I was now very nervous and grabbed my hat and glasses and put them on. Adele said to the ladies, "Who wants to feel the quality of these briefs?"

I was passed from one lady to another as they either groped my cock or slapped my arse. I finally got to my wife's best friend, Eve. She looked up at me and gave me a huge wink. She placed her hands on my arse and pulled me towards her. She was sitting on the sofa so her face was in line with my cock.

Eve buried her face into my crotch and kissed the end of my cock which was poking out of the peep hole. She continued to lick my cock which started to harden. I was looking for my wife who again gave me a cheeky smile.

Eve then pulled my erect cock out of the thong. Eve slipped her lips round it and was now deep throating me in front of all these ladies, including my wife. I had to pull away and stop this now as others were keen to join in.

I had to raise my voice and say, "That's enough," and managed to get back to my bedroom, confused and horny as hell.

As I started to slip out of the thong, I saw Adele was standing at my bedroom door. Adele said, "Eve wanted to come and see you because she wanted to appologise."

Adele came over to my bed where I sat naked, still covering my erection. She kissed me on the cheek and said, "I am sorry it went that far."

Adele, though, wanted more. She slipped off her top to reveal a great pair of tits. She dropped down in front of me and in seconds was sucking me like an expert. I played with her perfect big tits and within a few minutes I was coming as Adele sucked me dry.

Adele thanked me, dressed, collected her clothes and left to sort out the ladies.

Once the ladies had gone I went downstairs where I found my wife and to my surprise Eve drinking wine. My wife said, "Eve is staying to finish what she started."

But that's another story.

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