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Spicing it up Part 2

A continuation of the first fantasy, another gift to my friend.
Chellie could not get her and Eric’s first adventure in the park out of her mind. She found herself thinking about it late at night in bed and she often touched herself to the thought. She knew that they had to continue their escapades and get even more risky. She thought that she would surprise him this time, so she began thinking of a plan.

The next day, Eric came over to Chellie’s house and they went upstairs to her room. She pulled him onto the bed and began unzipping his pants.

“Baby your parents are right downstairs,” Eric said. Then he inquired, “Aren’t you afraid of getting caught?"

“Fuck them, I want to suck your cock,” she mumbled as she quickly began taking his dick into her mouth.

She licked up and down his now hardening shaft and then took all 7 inches down her throat. She bobbed her head up and down, going faster and faster. Eric could feel his toes start to curl and he knew he was about to cum. Chellie felt this too and went all the way down on his cock as he shot his load directly down her throat.

“Holy fuck that was amazing,” Eric panted. “You never suck my dick like that, what has gotten into you?”

“Well I was thinking about our first adventure last night in bed and it got me thinking,” she said. "I came up with another idea.”

“Oh really?” Eric asked extremely intrigued. “I would love to hear your idea.”

“It’s a surprise,” Chellie winked at him. "Just be at my house tonight by 8pm and don’t ask any more questions.”

Eric went home and sat on his couch, but he could not wait for the night so he figured he would take a nap until the night came.

He woke up and began getting dressed for the night. He put on jeans, with no underwear, and a t-shirt. He ran out the front door and sped off in his car towards Chellie’s house. She met him out front and hopped in his car and said they would get to their adventure, but first there was a new movie that she was dying to see.

Eric could not refuse Chellie, especially how cute she looked right now in her tight, short skirt and small tight tank top. They arrived at the movie theater only 5 minutes before the movie started. They ran to the ticket counter and asked for two, the cashier said that they were almost sold out so they might have trouble finding seats. They grabbed the tickets anyway and ran towards the theater. As they walked into the theater, they looked around and saw that it was extremely crowded. They looked around for a couple minutes but could not find two seats together. Chellie rejoiced in her head, as this was all part of her plan.

“Come on,” Chellie said as she grabbed Eric’s hand and headed to the very top of the theater. "We’ll just share a seat in the back.”

They found one empty seat in the back row. Eric sat down and Chellie sat on his lap. They got comfortable in their seat just as the movie was about to start. It was a chick flick so Eric leaned back and got ready for the long movie. About halfway through the movie, there was a very steamy sex scene between the two main characters, which caught Eric’s eye. He began getting a little hard at the sight of the beautiful actress getting naked.

Chellie felt Eric get hard underneath her lap, and she became excited as this was the moment that she was waiting for. She leaned back and kissed him passionately.

Then she whispered into his ear very softly: “I want you to fuck me right here,” Chellie said seductively as she reached her hand under her and began unzipping Eric’s jeans.

Eric had no idea what to think; he was completely shocked that his girlfriend wanted to fuck in the middle of an extremely crowded movie theater with people right next to them. He didn’t have to think though because before he realized it, Chellie had his now rock hard cock out and she was rubbing it against her wet pussy. She had hiked her skirt up just enough and she began sliding his cock into her wet little slit.

Eric breathed heavily as Chellie began slowly grinding her ass into his lap with his cock still inside her. They moved ever so slowly so that no one around them would notice. The excitement of fucking with so many people around them made the sensations so much stronger.

Chellie began feeling her pussy tighten around Eric’s dick and she knew she was starting to cum. She let out a slight moan as her cunt began dripping cum onto his cock. The man to their left looked over at them, but they sat stone still until he looked back at the screen.

The exhilaration of being so close to getting caught and the feeling of Chellie’s pussy clenching his cock, Eric felt himself blow his load into her tight little cunt. They both sat there breathing heavily, but trying not to give themselves away. They watched the rest of the movie with his cock still inside her pussy, both of their cum dripping out and covering their laps.

When the movie ended, Chellie tucked Eric’s dick back into his jeans and zipped him up and then pulled her skirt down just enough to cover her sweet ass. They got up and began to walk out of the theater. Just as they were walking out of the door, the man that was sitting to their left walked past them.

“Thanks for the show,” he whispered just loud enough for the two of them to hear. "You have some cum running down your leg.”

Chellie looked down and quickly wiped up the stream of cum dripping down her leg. She and Eric hurried back to the car, hopped in, and quickly drove off.

“How did you like my surprise?” Chellie asked Eric as she was rubbing his thigh while he drove.

“It was amazing,” Eric admitted. “I had no idea you wanted to get this risky.”

“That was only the beginning of what’s to come baby,” she said as she was unzipping his pants again. "Good thing you didn’t wear any boxers, now let me clean you off!”

She began licking and sucking his cock and continued the whole way home. Once they got back to Chellie’s house, he parked in her driveway and returned the favor by licking her pussy clean until the front lights clicked on. Chellie pulled down her skirt and hopped out of the car, greeting her daddy.

“Damn that was fucking close,” Eric thought. He then began wondering what kind of fun adventures awaited them next!

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