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Spicing it up

A little fantasy story I wrote for a friend. She knows who she is.
It all started when Chellie wanted to try something new. Eric and Chellie had been talking about things they could try to spice up their sex life a little, but couldn't find anything that they could agree on. It was all either way too rough or way too weird for their tastes.

They found a website that had discussions on a ton of different things that couples did to enhance their love making. Eric and Chellie did not need these tips because they were attracted to each other; in fact it was because they were so attracted to each other that they couldn't stop fucking for the first years they were together.

Eric was an average twenty-one year old, 5'8 white guy, who was very athletic and in shape with a six pack and a seven inch cock. Chellie was a petite eighteen year old 5' Asian girl with perky 32B tits and a tight little butt.

Eric and Chellie were in Eric's room one evening searching the website they had found for something to try. They kept seeing things like BDSM and rough sex ideas. They weren't ready for those things yet and wanted something softer. They thought about giving up until something caught Chellie's eye: Exhibitionism.

Eric clicked on it and they both began reading and became very interested.

"The thought of having sex in public and being watched sounds really hot," suggested Chellie.

"Yeah I think that is something we can do!" Eric said excitedly.

As they began talking more and more about it, Chellie and Eric knew they had to try it. They had agreed that they would start slow and have sex in Eric's car somewhere in public and work their way up from there to more risky and public things.

Eric had come up with a plan and wanted to surprise Chellie with it, so he told her to meet him at his house the next night at 7pm wearing only a short skirt and tank top; no underwear was allowed. She was very intrigued and turned on so she went home and got right into bed to masturbate before she slept. She got off thinking of the fun she and Eric were going to have the next night.


Chellie woke up, still naked and could not wait to get through the day so she could get to Eric. She put on the shortest jean skirt she had and slipped on a white tank top and headed out to school. She felt very naughty all day walking around school in no underwear. She had to bend down to drink from the water fountain and she knew everyone behind her got a full view of her bare pussy and this only turned her on more.

It was finally night time; Chellie looked at the clock and ran out of her door right at 6:45 to make it to Eric's house by seven. She knocked on the front door and Eric answered in only gym shorts with no shirt on. Chellie felt her little slit starting to get wet already with anticipation.

"Damn, you really know how to turn a girl on, Eric," Chellie said trying not to stick her hand between her legs.

"Come on in, Chellie, I'll go throw a shirt on and we can get going," Eric said.

"No. I don't want you to bring a shirt." Chellie winked, grabbing Eric's arm and pulling him towards his car in his garage.

They hopped in his SUV and Eric backed out of the garage and started heading towards the local park in their town. Chellie started to recognize where they were going and she thought it was a good spot to have sex in Eric's car; not too many people but enough to make it risky. As they started getting closer to the park, Eric told Chellie to get naked and start playing with herself. Not needing much convincing, Chellie slipped her shirt off, pulled down her skirt, kicked it off and started rubbing her mound.

This was when Eric's plan really got interesting. When they were about two blocks away from the park, Eric pulled over and got out of his car. He walked around and opened Chellie's door. He began making out with her and pulled her out of the car. She was now standing outside of his car, completely naked on the side of the road. She was extremely turned on and could not wait to fuck Eric, but Eric had a different plan.

Eric immediately stopped kissing her, ran to the driver's seat, hopped in and locked the doors. Chellie pulled the handle, but Eric had already locked it. He rolled the window down just enough to talk to her.

"Open the fucking door, Eric!" Chellie screamed at him.

"I'm gonna drive to the park, I'll meet you there standing outside of my car naked as well," Eric explained to her, thinking how cute she looked angry as he drove off down the street with her clothes in his passenger seat still.

Chellie stood there in shock for a minute until she came back into reality. Fuck, she thought to herself, I have to get to that park before anyone sees me. She took off running down the public street, still completely naked. She couldn't help but think of Eric standing against his car, completely naked waiting for her and she began getting wet while running down the street.

Chellie finally reached the park and could see Eric in the distance, completely naked against his car. She looked around and could only see a group of teenagers on the other side of the park and she hoped they could not see her. She ran over and jumped into Eric's arms and began making out with him passionately.

"I hate you for that," Chellie whispered in his ear, "but I am so horny now, I'm going to fuck you so good."

"Get in the trunk, baby, and lay down," Eric whispered back, opening the back of his SUV.

Chellie lay back and Eric got down and began licking her pussy. The rush of being in public and the thought of getting caught made Chellie cum in a matter of seconds. She exploded on Eric's face and then pulled him into the car and began sucking his cock until it was standing straight up.

Chellie got on top of him and slipped his dick into her wet little slit with her facing out of the car. She was looking out at the street while bouncing up and down on Eric's throbbing cock. The thrill was too much for both of them and as Chellie saw a car drive by only twenty feet in front of her, she came again all over his cock. The flood of cum all over his penis caused Eric to then bust his nut into Chellie.

Chellie collapsed on top of him, but quickly recovered as the same car drove past again going the other way. She could see the driver was a forty year old man who was now staring at them lying in the back of Eric's car. She told Eric and the two of them quickly hopped into the front of the car and drove off down the road, headed for home still naked.

"That was the best sex we have ever had," Chellie muttered as she was still panting trying to catch her breath.

"I'm glad you enjoyed it because I want to keep doing things like this, if you do too?" Eric asked hopefully.

"Fuck yes, I want to see just how crazy we can get without getting caught!" Chellie exclaimed.

It turned out that she enjoyed the thought of possibly getting caught and was willing to push the limits.

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