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Spontaneous Public Nudity - Losing the Swimming Costumes

"Accidentally" having the swimming costumes come off.

In my early days I was a very competitive swimmer, as well as being a compulsive exhibitionist (the latter, I still am). Sometimes, watching championships in person, or on TV, I would see a competitor start to lose his swimming trunks during a race, or even at the start, when diving into the pool. When this happened the swimmer had two choices - lose the trunks immediately so that it would not continue to hamper his swimming, or pull out of the race. Everyone I saw opted for the first option.

'What an opportunity,' I thought! 

I never swam fast enough for my trunks to cause me this problem. However, another opportunity came my way when a team from my club was competing against a team from the country at their pool. A springboard diving event was scheduled, and our team had no proper contestants as we had no diving facilities at our club. The team manager asked for volunteers, and of course, seeing an opportunity, I took up the challenge. 

Each contestant had three dives. I did my best on each of the first two, but was clearly way behind the others on the point score. On the third dive, immediately hitting the water, I pulled on my trunks and allowed my momentum to do the rest. They immediately fell to my ankles, whereupon I subtly kicked them off, now being at my deepest in the water. 

It was evident to some spectators that I was now naked, but as I swam to the side of the pool, it became obvious to all. I pulled myself up out of the pool, and stood for a few seconds, peering into the pool, looking for my trunks. It took a few seconds for the water to clear enough for me to spot them, and when I did, I dived back into the water to retrieve them.

Holding them in one hand, I sidestroked to the side, pulled myself back out of the water, and put them back on. All this was in full view of everyone. I was so excited, I had developed something of an erection by this time.

As I walked back to join my team in the stands, I was given rousing applause, particularly when the points for my last dive were announced. The judges, showing true compassion, had awarded me the maximum score for the dive - ten. It was nowhere near enough to get me into a place, but I stood and raised my hands in acknowledgement anyway.

The other episode I want to cover took place much more recently. I was on a golfing holiday on the mid-north coast. We stayed in a guest house fronting a delightful little beach. On one side of the beach, the headland is home to a very popular caravan park. Most mornings would find me swimming in the surf shortly after sunrise, usually to tiny, or non-existent waves. Often patrons from the caravan park would also swim at that hour. Usually, they were older folk, mostly "grey nomads". I would never attempt to lose my trunks if children were around, and usually, there were none at that hour.

On this particular occasion, the scenario was perfect. Better waves than normal, good light, around ten or so other bathers, mostly women, and all somewhat senior, all clustered together where the waves broke. No children. I swam out to the group and chatted a little while waiting for the next set. We older surfers are a friendly bunch!

I let the first two waves of the next set go, hopping onto the third. It was easy getting my trunks down while riding the wave, and kicking them off. When my wave came to its end, I stood naked, finding myself in the middle of most of the group, who had caught the earlier waves. Partially covering my privates with my hands, in a show of modesty, I explained that I had lost my swimming costumes.

What to be done? As my guest house was so close to the beach, I had not brought any other clothes, not even a towel. So the only alternative was to find those pesty trunks.

The next few minutes must have looked, to the casual observer, like a treasure hunt. The remaining surfers had now joined us. We were all looking for my trunks. The water came up only to my knees, or less, and one cannot go around all day with hands covering privates, while earnestly looking for lost trunks. My nakedness, now reasonably explained, had become quite incidental, as we all spread out searching for those recalcitrant "budgie smugglers".

I knew the wayward cloth was much further out, but the more shallow water was revealing me to the max while giving me more time to luxuriate in this fact. Eventually, someone noticed something dark, and out-of-place, bobbing along in the froth of an incoming wave. Eureka! The discoverer snared the quarry and came wading towards me with the good news, holding the trophy aloft.

Trunks now in hand, I began to wade back to shore, and to my surprise, the others began to do likewise. Obviously, the search party had formed a tight bond during its "good Samaritan" work, and needed to celebrate and discuss its success. I had been naked with them so long, that this characteristic represented who I was.

There was no need for me now to interrupt the bonding of "new best friends", by removing the situation that had brought them together. So I kept trunks in hand until the meeting broke up. It was only then that I returned, naked, to the water, and rinsed the sand from my trunks, before returning them to the place where they were meant to be.

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