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Stan's Place

This is a true story of what I do at my friend's apartment
I last masturbated at my friend Stan's apartment. He invited three friends over to watch me do it. When I arrived we had drinks. Stan suggested that I strip nude in front of everyone. I stood up and began undressing in front of Stan and his guests. Then we all stood around in a tight circle while drinking, Stan or one of his friends would occasionally place a hand on my ass and caress my bottom. My cock was at full attention because of the touching and my nudity. All of the men were looking at my cock. While one of the men felt my ass, I spread my feet apart and thrust my cock out into the center of the circle. The other two men took turns touching my sex and cupping my balls.

"He has nice balls," Stan said.

"Yes, and his cock is hard and the tip is wet," said the guest, feeling my sex.

"He dribbles precum all the time," noted Stan.

After twenty minutes of this caressing and touching, Stan told me that he thought it was "showtime".

I then left the group and collected a chair I use because it has no arms and a small hand towel to place on the the seat of the chair. I sat down on the chair facing the sofa where Stan's three guests were seated. I spread my legs wide apart, exposing my hard cock, knowing what Stan expected me to do in front of his friends. As I started stroking my dick, my audience asked me questions.

"Are your balls full of cum?" asked one.

"Yes, Stan asked me not to masturbate for several days because he wanted me to shoot a big load for all of you."

"When's the last time you did this?" asked another. I looked over at Stan, standing off to the side of the room.

"I think it was after we ate at the dinner party," remarked Stan. "I had several friends over who were interested in seeing my pet perform."

"Does Stan suck your cock?" asked the third guest.

"Yes, he has a wonderful mouth and sucks me off often," I replied.

"Do you suck him?" I nodded my head yes and smiled at Stan.

Stan encouraged his guests to open their pants and pull out their cocks. All three of them were hard and very well made. At this point in my performance, the room was silent. Everyone could hear the wet sound of my hand moving up and down my shaft.

"Do you let Stan cum in your mouth?"

"I always let Stan finish in my mouth and I swallow everything he gives me."

As I continued masturbating, my load got closer and closer to shooting out. I opened my legs wider.

"Stan, I think your performer is going to cum!"

The gentleman was right. I was edging closer and closer to the finish. I started to caress my balls and stroke my cock, moaning and undulating my hips for the benefit of Stan's audience. I then started shooting my load, rope after rope of cum, all over my chest and belly. I came a lot. Stan, who by now was naked and stroking, came over to me with a bath towel and started cleaning me up. The head of his cock was inches from my mouth.

"Since you were curious about how my young friend here performs orally, I thought maybe you would like to watch him suck me off." announced Stan.

With that, Stan stood at my side and pointed his prick directly at my waiting mouth. I slipped my lips over the tip and down the shaft of his cock. Stan stood there humping his cock into my sucking mouth.

No one spoke.

The only sound was that of my wet mouth being fucked by my friend's cock. When Stan came, he held my head in his hands and pushed his cock completely into my mouth. The three guests watched as I swallowed his entire load. I then sucked and licked his cock and balls clean. When I turned to face my audience, I'm sure they could see the glistening semen still on my lips as I licked them with my tongue.

"Now I think it only fair that you let our guests enjoy the same pleasure that you just accorded me," suggested Stan.

I looked at him and then I turned back to his friends.

"Would you like to have my mouth?"

"We would all love to finish between those shiny lips of yours," said one of Stan's friends.

I got down on the floor and crawled over to his guests as they were pulling their pants off and spreading their legs so that I could suck their cocks.

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