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Strip Club Fantasy

A stripper drives us to lose it...
You and I finally have a night to hang out. I texted you to see if you wanted to grab a few drinks. You've been busy and a little stressed. I want you to relax and have a good time. I’m thinking you need a night of no worries. To be honest, I don’t really care about the drinks, I just want to spend time with you.

We meet up at a bar and order a pair of 'Jack and Coke's. It’s cool outside, but not cold, so we’re sitting on a patio. I've got you smiling and relaxed, I’m feeling good. It’s a good night. As always, you’re looking sexy and amazing. I can barely keep my eyes off you. Yeah, I’m getting a little horny too. I keep thinking about a dozen different things I want to do you. I can’t help it, baby. The laughing turns to flirting as the night goes on. I just want to kiss you, touch you, feel you...drag you out of there and show you what real ecstasy is. But I’m behaving myself for now.

Far too soon, I can’t resist any longer. I reach for you and pull your lips to mine. The kiss is slow and deep, my heart is racing, my blood pumping. My hands begin subtly exploring your body, just grazing the parts of you I can get away with right now. You can feel the need in my body, I can feel the heat from yours.

I whisper in your ear, “Think it's time we get out of here.”

You look at me with a knowing, cocky smile. You know exactly what’s on my mind, “What’s the rush? The night’s young!”

The least I can do is try to get you somewhere a little more private; the bar’s too packed. “What do you want to do?” I ask.

“I don’t know,” you say. “Something.”

A thought flashes into my mind. It’s something I've fantasized about before. But should I suggest it? I think you’ll like it. But right now, all I want is you. I decide to go for it, “I do have an idea…”

Your smile lights up, your eyes sparkle. I've got you curious. “What is it?” you ask.

“How about a strip club? Said you've never been. Might be fun.” I've got a goofy smile on my face, but there’s almost a challenge in my eyes. I’m wondering if you’ll accept it.

“Why not? Sounds like fun,” you reply with a sly grin. I’m instantly hard.

We leave the bar, your hand in mine. This is turning into a great night. I've never been to any of the strip clubs nearby. But I've heard which one’s are pretty good. I drive us to the nearest good one, the smile never leaving my face. I keep stealing glances at you in the car. You have no idea how much I want to pull over and just fucking take you. But I hold off. I've got a feeling that this night’s just getting started.

We pull up to the club and park. We get out of the car and begin walking to the front entrance. I stop you mid-stride and pull you into my tightly. You can feel my hard-on between us. I grab your cheeks with both hands as I lean into you. This kiss is passionate, hot, almost desperate. I want you to know how much I want you. I break the kiss before I start ripping your clothes off. I need to keep my cool for now.

I pay the cover charge and we enter the strip club. The place is pretty dead but not completely empty. There’s a dancer already on the stage. But she’s not doing anything for me and you’re still taking in the place. A waitress comes by. She’s subtly checking you out. I can only smile. I order us some drinks and pull your chair closer to me. I want you near me.

The dancer leaves the stage and the DJ announces the next one. The lights dim. The new dancer comes out. ‘OK, much better,’ I think to myself.

She’s a brunette with shoulder length hair, about 5’6” and slim. Her boobs are a little small for a stripper, but I’m liking them. She’s wearing a red corset with red panties and stockings. I glance over at you; looks like you like what you’re seeing. My smile is back. The dancer begins working a pole as you watch her intently. I can’t tell if you’re ogling her or just watching her routine. I faintly laugh at the thought. As she’s sliding up and down the pole, my hand moves to your back and begins mimicking her rhythm. I can feel your shoulders relax at my touch.

I lean into you and whisper, “You like?”

You turn to face me, a shy smile on your lips. But your eyes are wide open. Yeah, you like. Fuck, you look so sexy.

The dancer finishes the song. A new song begins to play with a heavier beat. I was hoping this would happen. I lean into you again, “Want some ones?”

You give me a questioning look and I just glance at the stage. You follow my eyes and see the dancer moving across the floor to the edge of the stage. She begins dancing just within reach of the edge. You look back at me after you realize what I’m asking. You just nod with a shy smile.

I give you a handful of dollar bills and you make your way to the stage. You lean against the rail and the dancer makes her way towards you. I really wish I could see your face right now, but I know you’re enjoying yourself. The club is still fairly empty and you’re the only one on the stage. I’m hoping it stays that way; I want the dancer to come to our table when she’s done.

As the dancer begins gyrating in front you, I see you take a single and reach up to her. She slides down to her knees in front of you, a wicked smile on your lips. I’m imagining the same smile on yours. She slides a finger beneath the front of her panties, giving you enough room to slide the dollar bill in. Fuck, this is hot. I’m so fucking hard.

The dancer stands back up and turns her back to you. She drops to her knees once more, her covered pussy staring right at you. You reach for her with another bill in your hand. This time, though, the dancer isn’t moving to help you out. Your fingers find the top of her panties, pull them back slightly, and you slide the bill in. She turns back to you, still on the ground. I swear it looks like she wants to kiss you right there. Instead, she stands again.

She reaches for her corset and slowly begins unzipping it as she takes a step toward you. You put a bill in her stocking. The zipper reaches her belly. Another bill in her stocking. Fuck, baby, I can’t wait to see how far this goes. Finally, she undoes the zipper completely, the corset is just hanging off her shoulders, exposing her stomach, but covering her tits. You place another bill in her stocking. Right as the song ends, she slides the corset off your her shoulders. She’s standing on the stage wearing only her panties and stocking. She flashes you a smile and turns to exit the stage. You return to the table with a big-ass grin on your face.

Before you sit down, you bend over to kiss me. Now you’re the one radiating passion and desire. It feels amazing. You sit back down and begin working on your drink. I lean over again, “She might not be done with you…”

You look at me for just a second before I see her out of the corner of my eye. I subtly nod my head in her direction and you turn to see her walking towards us. This is what I was hoping for. She reaches the table and introduces herself. You speak before I can and tell her our names. She asks if we want her to join us. This time I speak first: “Of course.”

She sits and orders a drink. She asks if it’s your first time in a strip club. You tell her, "Yes," and the two of you begin talking about her routine. I’m staying pretty quiet, a huge smile on my face. She makes for great eye candy. More importantly, you’re with me and you’re having a good night. Once the drinks are finished, she tells you that since it’s your first time in a strip club, you get a free lap dance. She asks if you want it. You look back at me questioningly and I can only nod. She takes your hand and leads you to the back booths. With you in tow, she ducks into one and closes the curtain. I have to be honest, I really wish I was in there. I can only imagine what’s going on. I picture her dancing in front of you as she undresses. I imagine her in your lap as she grinds into you. I can see your eyes half closing as you embrace the sensations.

After a couple of songs, you step out of the booth. You have an utterly amazing smile on your lips. It’s a cross between excitement and ‘I can’t believe I just did that.’ Fuck, you look good. I see the dancer walk backstage as you reach the table. This time I stand to kiss you. I ask, “Did you like it?”

You did. You begin telling me about the strip tease. I’m getting more excited as you describe it to me. Then you start describing the lap dance. I can’t help it, I need a little contact; this is driving me crazy. I reach for your hand, pull it to my lap, and place it directly on my hard dick. As soon as you feel it your suck your bottom lip into your mouth and squeeze me tightly through my jeans. You begin massaging my dick discreetly but roughly.

“Careful, baby,” I warn you.

You smile at me as you increase the pressure. I’m worried I'd just blow right then and there. Fortunately, I see the dancer walking back to our table. Her eyes are locked on your hand, she sees what you’re doing to me. You catch her out of the corner of your eye as she reaches the table. You stop rubbing my dick, but your hand stays in place. Oh shit.

She sits down at the table. For the first time she’s looking at me. All of her attention has been focused on you. She asks us if we want a private dance. I really want to get you out of there, I need to fuck you, but this doesn't happen every day. So I leave it up to you. We look at each other for a moment, then you turn to her and tell her yes.

We all stand from the table and she leads us to the same booth. I’m walking behind you, staring at your ass. I know exactly where I want my dick right now. But I need to control myself just a little longer. We reach the booth and she holds the curtain back for us. We step inside and sit down on the sofa, there’s just enough room for both of us. You sit with your legs curled underneath you, leaning an arm against my shoulder. She comes in and pulls the curtain tight. My hard dick is obvious through my jeans.

Music begins to play and she starts dancing to the beat. I’m throbbing now, desperate for a release. My attention is torn. I’m staring at her but thinking of you. This is torture. As she begins to slowly remove her clothes, I feel your lips on my cheek and your hand on my thigh. You’re getting bolder, I’m getting hotter. She removes her corset, exposing her breasts to both of us. Your hand creeps closer to my dick. She creeps closer towards us. She turns around and sticks her ass out at us. You see what’s coming and move your hand up to my chest as she backs into me, coming to rest on my lap. She’s pressing into me as she grinds to the beat of the music. There’s no way she can’t feel my hard dick underneath her.

I give in to the sensations and lean my head back. Your hand finds my nipple through my shirt and your lips begin nibbling on my ear. Fuck, baby. The dancer lifts away from me for just a moment before turning around and sitting in my lap. I can feel her grinding her pussy against my dick, and she’s wet. I wonder if you’re as turned on as the two of us are. Her arms are around my neck, her breasts in my face, your hand is still rubbing my chest.

The song ends and she lifts away. I’m almost relieved, I need to get you out of there. She walks to the curtain, but I’m surprised when she turns and looks at you. Her eyes are darting between your eyes and your hand. You understand before I do, your hand begins moving down my chest, so slowly, until it finally comes to rest on my dick. She nods at you, encouraging you to keep going.

You unzip my pants and reach for my dick. Oh shit, baby. You grip me tightly and free me from my jeans, exposing me to her. You begin to jerk me in front her. I look to you, you’re staring at her. She’s either staring at your hand or my dick, I can’t tell. I don’t care either way.

“Make him cum,” she tells you. It’s almost like we’re both hypnotized. You begin to lower you head towards my dick. I briefly wonder if you’ll really do it. Then I begin to silently beg that you will.

I stop thinking when I feel your warm lips on my dick. You take me into your mouth, deeply, all at once. There’s no playing around. I can feel myself at the back of your throat. I want you to get something out of this too. I slide my hand under your jeans, past your ass, my fingers finding your wet pussy. You are so fucking wet.You blow me hard and fast while I finger you just as quickly. She’s just watching us.

This is too much. “I’m going to cum, baby.” I feel you suck hard one last time on my dick. That’s it. I cum so fucking hard as she watches you take everything I have.

She turns to leave the booth and you lift yourself off of me. My dick is softening, but still exposed. You go to stand and I reach for you, pulling you into my lap. I can feel your jeans on my dick, you feel my dick twitch against you.

“I’m not done,” I say emphatically. My lips kiss the back of your neck, your hand reaches beneath you to feel my cock. “I need to get you out of here.”

You stand again and I quickly make myself decent. We exit the booth and I find the waitress to close our tab. We begin walking to the door, but right as we get there the dancer catches up to us. She slides both of us her real name and number; she wants us to call her. I can’t think about that I now, I need to fuck you. You say something to her that I don’t catch and I lead you out to the parking lot. We walk quickly, almost running, to my car. I parked on the side of the building. There’s a solid wall separating the club’s parking lot from the street. I’m parked in a space in that corner. I realize how perfect the spot is as we reach my car. Nobody can see us from the street or the front of the club. And this side of the parking lot is empty. Good. I need you. Now, baby.

I take your hand and guide you to the back of my car, between the car and the wall. I lean down to kiss you, my kiss is urgent and desperate. My fingers reach for your jeans. Before you can say anything, your jeans are unsnapped and my fingers are down your panties. You’re so fucking wet, baby. With my free hand I undo my jeans, letting them drop to my knees. My dick is getting harder, but I haven’t had a chance to recover fully.

“I need some help, baby,” I say as I guide your hand to my dick. You massage my dick as I play with your pussy.

“I need to fuck you, baby,” I say in a primal whisper.

I take your shoulders in my hands and turn you around, pushing you down on to the trunk of my car. I spread your legs and step between them, bending down to get the angle right. I take my dick in my hand and begin teasing your pussy lips. I can’t tease for long, I need to be inside you. You’re so wet and I’m so driven. I slide into you all at once, burying myself inside you. Fuck, you feel tight. I pump into you hard but slow. I want to enjoy this, to feel all of it. Your head is leaning against the spoiler, I can hear your stifled moans, you’re trying to stay quiet. This is amazing, but this isn't how the night is going to end. I reach around you, sliding my hands underneath your shirt, and I push your bra out of my way. My fingers find your nipples and I begin teasing them roughly. I want you feral.

I lean down to your ear. “I want your ass.”

A loud cry escapes your lips as you feel my dick leave you. I spread your ass cheeks and take my dick in my hand. Right there, that’s what I want. The head of my dick, slick with your juices, finds the entrance to your ass. Finally.

I push into you gently as I can. I can feel you stretching around me. You’re ass is so fucking tight. “Play with your pussy,” I command.

You do as I say. My dick is slowly pushing into your ass, you’re playing with your pussy, my hands are roughly massaging your breasts. Finally, my dick bottoms out in your ass. I’m all the way in. I begin sliding out and pumping in, building my pace as I go. I’m moving faster, harder. I can feel your fingers playing with your pussy to the same tempo. This is amazing. I fuck you there for what seems like hours, my mind entirely focused on you and the pleasure.

I feel your body tense below me and your fingers slow their pace. Your mouth opens wide and your ass clenches my dick. This is it, baby. “Cum for me now!” I command.

You do, hard. Your body goes limp, overwhelmed by your release. I don’t stop. I only go faster. I ram your ass as hard as I can. You cry out as your orgasm keeps going. I want you to keep cumming. “Yeah, baby...cum...”

I’m driving you insane. I’m driving myself to my second release. “I’m about to cum. I’m going to cum in your ass.

That’s exactly what you want, “Do it, cum in my ass.”

I do. Hard. All of my energy goes into one final thrust, my body bracing myself against my release. I cum hard, deep in your sexy ass. All you can do is take it.

I collapse on top of you, pinning you between the trunk and myself as my dick begins softening inside you. Once I’m completely spent, I pull out. I stand you up and turn you around.

“That was amazing,” I say before kissing you. This kiss is long and slow. We break the kiss to pull our clothes back up.

We get in the car and pull away. I briefly remember the security cameras and wonder if anything was caught on tape. The idea gives me a wicked grin, but that’s a thought for another night.

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