Summer Crush

By Sandrine

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What happened on my summer vacation

The summer of 2012 was the summer of SEX. I was having sex with my boyfriend Hideki anywhere and everywhere we could get away with it. Hideki literally didn’t know the meaning of the word modesty and had no trouble whipping out his cock for my enjoyment. I was quickly learning his ways and public sex became the norm for us until one day we went a bit too far.

Last month, when he had an off day and no games or practices were scheduled, we went down to the beach for some sand, surf and sex. We placed our blanket down on the sand and I pulled a light sheet on top of us. Hideki wasted no time in pulling off my pink bikini top and sucking my hard nipples while my hand traveled down to his swim trunks. I stroked his cock as my hand brushed against his thick black pubes. As I stroked him faster, his tongue flicked against my nipples as he squeezed my breasts. I could feel my clit tingle from the sensation. I needed to get fucked badly.

Hideki pulled the sheet down, leaving us exposed for everyone around to see. I slid his trunks down and took his cock in my mouth as I rubbed his balls. He reached down and removed my bikini bottoms leaving me completely naked in front of the onlookers. I positioned my pussy above his mouth as his tongue tenderly slid between my pussy lips as I gently gripped his cock and continued to suck it. I could sense people watching us as I heard their chuckles and comments. Life couldn’t be more perfect.

Hideki moved his face away from my pussy. “Ride my cock,” he moaned and I was more than happy to do so. I straddled his hips, inserting his cock inside my pussy, bouncing up and down. My tits shook to the motion as Hideki watched. By this time, some people had their cell phone cameras out and were taking pictures. I didn’t care and neither did Hideki. We loved fucking in front of people and if they enjoyed it too, then all the better.

I bounced on his cock as I squeezed my tits and pinched my nipples. A small crowd stood around us, cheering us on. I was never felt so dirty and so aroused at the same time. Hideki grunted in pleasure as I moved my hand to rub my clit. “I’m gonna cum!’ Hideki moaned and seconds later, I felt his warm cum shoot inside my hot little pussy much to the cheers of our impromptu audience.

I got off him with a trickle of cum gliding down my inner thighs. “Let’s go for a swim!” Hideki suggested. We trotted off for a brief skinny-dip in the ocean, but when we returned to our spot, we found the police waiting for us.

The two officers were clearly not amused as they greeted us with two blankets that they quickly fastened around us. One officer gathered our belongings as we were led away in the little sand patrol “police buggy”. We knew why we were being taken away and no explanation was needed.

“I suppose the two of you think that little stunt was funny,” one of the officers said to us.

“Not funny- hot!” Hideki said sarcastically. I hit the side of his leg as if to say “shut up!” He just winked at me.

“Tell it to the detective,” the other officer replied.

“Detective?!” I thought aloud. “Shit, this is more serious than I thought,” I said to myself.

Hideki didn’t appear concerned in the least.

When we got to the police station, we were ushered into a private room with the officer and all our personal information was taken by the officer. Once he completed all our paperwork, he said, “Detective Chang will be with you shortly,” and he left the room.

“Hideki, I’m scared,” I whispered nervously fearing that we would be locked up indefinitely.

“Don’t worry, let me do all the explaining,” Hideki reassured me. It didn’t help much, but it did calm my nerves a little.

A few minutes later, an older Chinese man walked in the room. He appeared to be about 40 years old and he was dressed in a blue suit. He had small, almond-shaped eyes and thinning salt and pepper hair.

“Of all the fucking stupid shit people can do!” The detective exclaimed.

My nerves were back.

“My name is Detective Liu Chang and I’ve been assigned to this case.”

He glanced at Hideki. “What’s your name, stud?”

“Hideki Ito,” he replied softly.

“And you, Lady Godiva?” He asked as he turned to me.

“Ashley Marin, sir,’ I whispered.

The detective ordered us to stand up. First he opened Hideki’s blanket, then mine.

“I see you both haven’t been allowed to dress yet.”

I shook my head no.

‘Let’s see, public nudity, lewd behavior and having sex in public. Was this some kind of asinine college prank?” He asked.

“We’re still in high school, sir. I’m a junior and Hideki is a senior,” I replied.

“Your parents will be very proud of you,” he replied sarcastically.

Hideki pulled his blanket tighter against his body as I looked down to see my nipple slightly exposed. I wanted to cover up, but was too nervous to move.

“Well, let me tell you this, since you are both so proud of what you got, why don't you both remove those blankets,” the detective proposed.

“I’d rather not,” I wanted to say, but before I could do so, Hideki had already removed his blanket standing completely naked before the detective. Following his example, I shamelessly removed my blanket as well. The detective gave us both the once over several times. Perhaps he wanted us to put on a sex show for him.

Or maybe he wanted more interaction….

(To be continued)