Supermarket sex

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A trip to the supermarket I wont forget
This story is about some fun times me and my partner, William, had a couple of weeks ago.

It all started with a bet we had on a football game, I lost the bet and unfortunately had to do a forfeit, chosen by my partner.

He told me he would give it some thought and let me know.

Well, a few days later I still hadn’t had my forfeit and so I thought, or perhaps hoped, that he had forgotten about it.

We were running low on food and groceries and so I asked Will if we could go food shopping. He wasn’t keen at first as he said he couldn’t be bothered but after a couple of minutes of persuasion he get a cheeky grin on his face and agreed.

Ok, he said, we can go shopping, but, you will have to do your forfeit if we do.

I agreed and Will headed off upstairs grinning and telling me he would give me a shout when he was ready.

He eventually shouted me up the stairs.

Right, we can go, as soon as you get changed.

What’s wrong with what I’m wearing, I asked.

Nothing at all babe, you look great, but, your forfeit is that you have to wear the clothes I have picked out for you to go shopping in, they are laid out on the bed, but remember, you have to wear exactly what is on the bed, nothing else.

I smiled and went into our bedroom. Laid out on the bed was simply a short black dress a pair of matching high heels and a small cream cardigan that barley fastened round my large tits.

No big deal, you may think, however, the dress has a very sheer lace see through patterned material around the back which sweeps up and over the chest.

It is designed to be worn with a matching silk vest underneath it to protect your modesty but Will had not laid this out, he had also failed to lay out a bra or a thong for me. This was going to be some forfeit!

I changed into the outfit getting horny at the thought of once again exposing myself in public. By the time I was ready my pussy was already moist and my long pussy lips were even more swollen and damp with my juices.

I checked myself out in the mirror, my large tits were clearly visible through the thin see through material of my dress and my nipples were stiff and clearly on show for all to see. I turned round happy to see that the dress barely covered the firm curve of my ass and my tanned legs looked amazing in the black heels. I decided not to bother with the cardigan.

I went downstairs and Will checked me out taking in the view, I looked so slutty, but I was so horny I didn’t care!

We started to drive to the supermarket, Will trying hard to concentrate on the road as his cock began to strain in his jeans from checking me out.

I decided to tease him by hitching up my dress, spreading my legs and fingering my wet pussy. I soon had my lips spread and 3 of my fingers deep inside myself fucking my dripping pussy hard. I moaned as an orgasm ripped through me causing even more juices to squirt from my pussy and drip onto the leather seats of the car.

By this time Will’s cock looked like it was going to burst through his jeans! We arrived at the supermarket and I pulled my dress back down, I wondered if anyone would notice the damp trail my juices had left down my inner thighs.

We went inside, I was already getting a few admiring glances from guys as we crossed the car park. There were a group of teenage boys sitting around on a couple of benches not far from the entrance laughing and joking with each other.

As I approached they fell totally silent and every pair of eyes was fixed on me, my large tits bouncing under my dress, my nipples stiff and on show being stimulated by the thin material as I walked, my long bare legs.

I confidently walked over to the group, all their eyes were on my tits.

Excuse me lads, I said, still their eyes were on my tits, Does anyone have the time?

Eventually one of them managed to stammer out the time. Will was standing a few foot away grinning.

Thanks, I said, I turned to walk away and “accidentally” dropped my bag. I stood with me feet just more than shoulder width apart, my back to the group of teenagers, and slowly bent over at the waist.

As I bent down my short dress rode up over my ass and by the time I got down to my bag my long moist lips, my damp pussy hole that I had only minutes before been fingering, my firm ass cheeks and my tight asshole were all clearly on show to the group.

I took my time checking the zips were all closed up before slowly standing back up, pulling my dress back down and walking off.

Will took my hand as we entered the store.

You are a total tease, he whispered in my ear, those poor lads!

We got on with our shopping, every male and occasionally a female, checking out my tits and ass as we passed, this was making me so so horny, it didn’t help that Will kept making me go up to the sales assistants to ask where things were even tho he already knew, still, I’m sure it brightened up their working day getting to perv over my tits.

We finally managed to get everything we needed and were heading towards the checkout. As we passed the clothing section Will grabbed my hand and quickly led me to the changing rooms.

There was no attendant at the entrance so he pulled me in to the first free cubical we came to.

As soon as we were inside and the door was closed he was all over me, we kissed passionately his hands all over my body tweaking my stiff nipples through my dress and grabbing on my ass.

Soon he had pulled down my dress totally exposing my tits and was sucking and biting on my nipples going from breast to breast. I was dripping wet and so horny.

He hitched up my dress and bent me over, I felt his warm breath on my pussy as he began to go down on my from behind his tongue exploring my large lips as he sucked on them and took them into his mouth.

Every so often he would lick along my pussy and up towards my ass teasing my asshole with his tongue, this made me weak at the knees and I could feel an orgasm building.

Fuck, I said, I’m going to cum.

Will slid 3 fingers deep into my pussy and began to fuck me with them deep and hard, he eased another 2 into my ass, I couldn’t believe it, here I was bent over a bench in a changing room having both my holes finger fucked.

It was 2 much for me and a bit down on my lip trying to muffle my scream as an amazing orgasm ripped through my body.

Will slowly pulled his fingers from both my holes, I turned round and began to suck on them going from hand to hand tasting myself from his fingers.

He bent me back over and I heard him undo his belt. He ran his bulging helmet up and down my soaking slit. I reached round and spread my long thick lips exposing my hot wet hole to him.

He positioned his hard throbbing cock at the entrance to my inviting hole before thrusting himself into me with one hard thrust.

He began to fuck me deep and hard, his balls slapping against my swollen clit my big tits swaying back and forward as he rammed himself into me.

He began to groan as I felt another orgasm building, he eased his 2 fingers into my ass again and began fucking me even harder, his cock filling my cunt his fingers filling my ass.

With one final deep thrust and a grunt I felt him explode inside me, his hot cum shooting deep into my pussy filling my insides. This sent me over the edge and as he filled me with his spunk another orgasm tore through me causing my pussy to tighten round his shaft and milk every last drop of spunk from his balls.

He pulled his fingers from my ass and let his now limp cock slide from my pussy. I dropped to my knees and took his limp dick in my mouth sucking all traces of his spunk and my juices from it.

As I was sucking him I could feel his cum drip from my pussy onto the floor and run down my legs.

He put his cock away and I pulled my dress back up. We found our shopping and finally made it to the checkouts to pay.

The trail of spunk and pussy juices that were now running down my legs must have been clear for everyone to see, I didn’t care, I had just enjoyed the best forfeit ever!