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Surprise at the Mall (A Madi Story)

A lonely guy gets the surprise of his life at the mall.
Hey folks, my name is Matt and you may not believe the story that I am about to tell you but I swear to you it actually happened. You see most guys have that fantasy where they will be out in public and a gorgeous girl will hook up with them in the most random way in the most random place.

Today is the day that fantasy came true for me. I was at the mall, hanging out in the food court. It had been a shitty week, my ex had contacted me to let me know she had found some more of my stuff and was wondering what I wanted done with it, so I had come to the mall to try and find a distraction.

As I was sitting there trying to decide which stores to check out first I saw a stunning teen sit down a few tables away facing me. She looked to be about 5’4”, athletic build, and was wearing a very sexy looking short black skirt with a maroon top that showed off part of her flat stomach. I suddenly realized that I was staring and that it hadn’t gone unnoticed. As I pulled my eyes away from hers I was sure that I saw her wink at me.

A few minutes later I ventured another look in her direction, and she was looking down at her phone. I was about to look away when I saw her legs shift under the table. Now I’m not generally the kind of guy who would sit there and check out a teenage girl at the mall, however it had been about three months since my girlfriend had left me, and being a 25 year-old guy I certainly didn’t want to pass up a chance for a mental image I could use later when I was alone.

I watched as she slowly continued to open and close her legs, each time spreading them slightly further. I was transfixed on the sight which I knew was soon to come. Suddenly her legs snapped together and it shook me out of my daze. Quickly looking up I saw her staring at me, but this time I couldn’t look away. I was so embarrassed. Then I realized that she was smiling at me, and with a wink she spread her legs again ever so slowly.

I couldn’t believe it, she was actually sitting there in a public place teasing a guy she had never met. I swallowed slowly as I lowered my eyes back underneath her table and watched as inch by inch her long legs got further and further apart. My heart was racing, wondering if this was really happening or if I was at home in bed dreaming. Finally her legs were just far enough apart that I could see that whatever she had on underneath whether it was a thong, booty shorts or panties… they were bright pink. After a brief glance she quickly closed her knees together and stood up.

I watched as she walked over to the trashcan and dumped her tray. Looking back at me she nodded her head as if to follow her. I sat stunned as she walked away, and as she got to the edge of the food court she again looked back and this time there was no question I was being asked to follow her. I was more nervous than I had ever been in my life as I stumbled through the tables making my way over to where she was waiting. She grabbed at the front of my shirt and tugged me down one of the hallways.

“So did you like what you saw?” she asked.

“I, I umm well yes, I’m sorry I didn’t mean to stare. I just couldn’t help myself.”

“It`s okay, I was kind of hoping to find a cute guy like you, I need to go shopping for some sexy lingerie and I need someone to model for and get an opinion. I’m Madi by the way.”

I stuttered again. “ sorry did you just say what I think you did?” I asked. 

Madi proceeded to drag me into La Senza, she stopped along the way grabbing thongs from one shelf, and bras from another, handing them to me as I stood there with a puzzled look on my face. Once she had moved through the section with the night wear, she again grabbed me and this time pulled me into the changing room with her. As she shut the door I snapped out of my dazed state asking her what we would do if the staff saw us come in here together.

Madi looked up at me and smiled. “Don’t worry, it's only my friend who is working today and she already knows not to disturb us.”

Madi stepped back, slipping her shirt off over her head, revealing her flat toned stomach to my eyes as I felt a bulge start in my jeans. She had on a push up bra that appeared to match her underwear, but I was about to find out for sure as she started sliding her skirt down. My jaw must have been to the floor as she giggled at me.

I watched as she stepped out of her skirt, now standing before me in just her bright pink thong and push up bra. She could clearly see how excited I was as she reached forward and brushed it with her hand, teasing me as she grabbed a black lace thong from the pile in my arms. Stepping back she turned away from me, sliding her original thong down her legs, bending at the waist giving me a clear view of her smooth shaved pussy from behind. I heard her giggle again as she stood back up, turning in a slow circle modeling the new thong.

“What do you think?” she asked. 

I took a deep breath and swallowed hard before answering, “That is the best sight I have seen in months!”

Madi laughed and continued to try on various thongs teasing me more and more.

After about 15 minutes she walked towards me again, this time though when she reached down she didn’t stop with a brush against the bulge, she went right for the zipper, sliding it down and reaching into my jeans. I could feel the coolness of her fingers brushing lightly against my rock hard cock.

“Are you sure about this?” I asked. “I’m 25 and you look a bit younger than me.”

“Age is just a number, and you have what I want!”

I pushed her back against the wall, letting my desires take over. I leaned down, sliding my hand through her hair, bringing her lips to mine. I felt her tremble as she quickly went to work on my buckle, pushing my jeans and boxers down. She pushed me back and got down on her knees, looking up into my eyes as she wrapped her lips expertly around my swollen shaft, pumping it in her fist at the same time.

I watched in awe as she worked my cock inch by inch into her mouth, deep throating me like a pro. I don’t know where she learned her skills but this girl certainly knew how to work a cock and I soon had to stop her before I filled her mouth with my cum.

I pulled her back to her feet, releasing her tits from the blue bra which she had been trying on last with one hand, while the other slid its way down into the matching booty shorts, feeling how wet and excited she was for the first time. I slowly teased her clit, watching her bite her lip as she continued to slowly pump my cock in her hand.

Pushing her back against the wall again I dropped to my knees this time, pulling off the booty shorts and lifting her left leg over my should. I kissed my way up her thigh, passing her pussy and kissing my way down her other thigh, teasing her as I heard her moan in anticipation.

She grabbed the back of my head and directed right where she wanted me as my tongue darted out striking her clit, almost dropping her to the floor. As I worked my tongue in slow circles adding more and more pressure, I went to work sliding my index finger slowly inside her feeling how tight she was, as our excitement continued to build.

After a few minutes I worked a second finger inside her and stood to my feet, replacing my tongue with my thumb. She tilted her head up to meet mine as our lips met once again, her tongue sneaking its way into my mouth as mine pushed back to meet hers. She came, moaning into my mouth. I felt her orgasm rock through her body as she struggled to stay on her feet.

“I need you in me now,” she panted. 

I picked her up and she wrapped her legs around my waist, leaning back against the wall. I reached down and began to slide the head of my cock against her tight slit teasing her, only letting the head just part her lips before sliding it back out again. Madi leaned forward and bit my shoulder before telling me to stop teasing her and give it to her already.

I pushed inside her, feeling her stretch to accommodate me as her warm wet walls squeezed against my cock, the friction almost too much to bear. As I worked deeper inside her, Madi continued to rock her hips into my thrust, biting into my shoulder as she struggled to control her moans so that the other customers on the other side of the wall wouldn’t know what was happening just feet away from them.

Madi came a second time, and I pulled out of her lowering her back to her feet. I turned her around facing the wall and placed her hands up against it, bending her over and sliding back inside her. Grabbing her hips I began to drive my cock into her harder and faster with each thrust, sweat rolling down my forehead as I fought to remain in control, as Madi flexed her muscles milking my cock for all it was worth. I reached around below her and found her clit yet again, working it fast as we rocked against each other, feeling her orgasm build with mine.

Madi cried out as she came the third time and it pushed me over the edge. Bottoming out inside her, I released string after string of hot sticky cum deep in her tight slit, leaning down over her and kissing the back of her neck. We stayed like that for several minutes, regaining our composure as my cock shrunk inside her.

I pulled out of Madi, and she turned to me dropping back to her knees she took my soft cock back into her mouth and sucked it clean, making sure that she didn’t miss a single inch. She then kissed the head and stood back up.

She grabbed her skirt, putting it on without her thong. Then replacing her bra and top. I pulled my boxers and jeans back up around my waist. Madi reached out and stuffed her bright pink thong into my pocket.

“Something to remind you later that this wasn’t all a dream,” she said with a wink.

As we walked out of the changing room, and back into the mall, Madi turned to me and we traded phone numbers. As she turned to walk away, I stopped her.

“Just out of curiosity, how old are you exactly?” I asked.

With a grin she replied '17'," and disappeared into the crowd.

*This story was written for Madi, it is a work of fiction based on real desires. Comments and constructive criticism are welcome and appreciated. Any copying of this material is strictly frowned upon as it is the work of the original author for a specific person's pleasure, and is posted here for others to enjoy as well.*

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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