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Susie's Roommates Come Home to a Pleasant Surprise

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“Someone needs to break Susie all the way out of her shell,” Brit told me a few weeks ago while we had lunch. “Now that the two of you have gotten to know each other a bit, you could be the one to do it.” She winked. Brit and I have been distant friends since we started college. Now in our senior year, we started hanging out, and that is how I met her friends—most notable, the beautiful, but shy, Susie.

During that lunch with Brit, whenever I wasn’t distracted by her amazing mane of blonde hair, we talked about Susie. I learned Susie wasn’t a virgin, but had only been with two guys up to then. Whenever she was willing to talk with Brit or her two other roommates about sex, she usually left them with the slight idea that she wanted to broaden her experiences before college was over. “Trust me, Tim, she doesn’t tell me these things just to have a confidant,” Brit said. “I’m fairly certain she wants me to hook her up or someone. I mean, I’ve seen Susie get pretty drunk-o at some parties, and when she does… well, she wants to have a good time.”

Brit is the fun, talkative one of her group who keeps everyone together. Susie is her roommate, along with Sarah and Ruby, and let me tell you, their place is nice, and all four of those young women are gorgeous in their own way. I’ve never had a night that’s even remotely boring when hanging out over there.

The next time I met up with her friends in a bar, I talked one on one with Susie for quite a while and scored a date with her. She’s got light brown hair, always pulled back in a loose ponytail, and her eyes have this roundish, lazy-like quality to them. When it comes to conversation, she’s never nervous—always one step ahead of me on the intellectual side of things. And she should be, because she spends so many of her Friday nights reading and studying! Despite feeling like she was slightly out of my league, I had to go for it. This girl put a sort of burn inside my veins that not even the cleanest whiskey would cool.

And so, we went on three nice dates, with a little play time included on night three, but the clothing stayed on. The next night I met up with her ended up being one of the best nights I ever had in college.

There was a decent party that night, which Brit and her other roommates were headed to. They all had dinner, then I met up with them at the bar for a some pregame drinks. The Blind Cat is the best bar ever, where I’ve managed to hook up a couple of times in the past. I know all the bartenders there, and a lot of the regulars. So as Susie and I picked our spot at the tail end of the bar, I’d keep our conversation a little more interesting by introducing her to a few people. We were flirty, as I’d keep finding jokes to spill out, then touch her on the knee. A couple of times, she responded by laughing hard and touching my hand or shoulder, or play-punching me.

“Let’s order a drink already,” she said. “I thought you were the drinker of this pair.”

I chuckled. “I don’t know. I’ve heard some things, Susie.”

She smiled. “Oh, I know exactly what story Brit told you. That’s from when I was an out-of-control Freshman. I’m a bit more sane now.”

“She didn’t tell me any specific stories.”

She raised her eyebrows like she was caught off guard. “Well you’re not hearing ‘em from me then.” She looked toward a bartender and brought her hand up.

I imagined that soft hand slipping down my pants and grabbing firm hold of my balls. Then I had to sweep that image out of my mind before I pitched a tent right there in the bar!

“What do you want? I’ll buy the first round.”

We drank a couple, then I couldn’t convince her to go for a third. As her group started getting up and paying their tabs, I asked her if she was looking forward to this party. She breathed in and heavily blew her hair around, exactly like in a movie, and I laughed. “No?”

“Not really,” she muttered.

My adrenaline eeked out a bit more. “Well I can run you home if that’s the better option.”


Her friends weren’t even surprised to see her ditch the party. In fact, they would have been surprised to see Susie make it there. When I told them all that I’d get Susie home just fine, Brit, from behind Susie, gave me a curious face, then winked at me.

Sure, I wanted to get it on with her, but I had no idea where the night was headed, and the alcohol, mixed with the energy drink I had guzzled down before meeting up with them was kicking me into high gear. I took over our conversation with random topics I didn’t even know I had in me. “I’m not wearing you out am I?” I said while we were in the car.

“Nah,” she said. “I’m always a little tired.”

“Your bed time must be eight in the evening.”

“No! I’m up for doing something if you are.”

“Like what?”

“You decide.”

“Well…” I thought for a moment, but decided to hold on to the idea that came to mind. It involved a pool and nakedness, and wouldn’t pan out so well if she had time to think about it. “I’ll figure it out.”

When I walked her into her living room: “Oh. I know! I’ve never been in your pool before.”

“You haven’t?” She looked me up and down. “You don’t have a swim suit though.”

“Who cares? Summer’s almost over. We can’t let this opportunity go to waste.” I took my shirt off and threw it on the couch, then off went my jeans, and there I stood shamelessly in my boxers, in the middle of her living room.

She was quite flattered by how easily I removed my clothing.

I gave her a goofy look. “Come on. Swim… Swim! I bet you look stunning in a bikini.”

With a cheeky smile, she said, “I guess you’ll get to see soon.”

“Yes!” I went ahead and jumped in the pool.

She came out in a strapless white top and a baby blue bottom. Just seeing her made my dick a bit hard. “Wow. Get in here.” She eased her way in, and we got quite playful from there, even playing Marco Polo one on one for a few minutes. Every time I swam to her, I touched her a bit more, grabbing her hips, or rubbing her thighs, and the way she responded gave me pure elation. It was most certainly on, and my patience was gone. I had to fight through saying words, because my throat tightened up from slight nervousness.

She agreed to have one more drink with me, and we went into the kitchen and made White Russians, with added sugar. She took one sip and smiled with delight. “Ohh,” she said, as we sat down at a table on the back porch. “Something about this type of drink just makes me feel giddy inside.”

“I gotta say, the extra sugar is genius.”

We sipped in silence for a good ten seconds.

“So what are we doing with the rest of the night?” she asked.

“Swimming. All night long.”

I expected her to chuckle. Instead, she leaned toward me, staring devilishly. “Just so you know, Tim, I’ve been wanting to go into the sexual deep end for the past year. I just can’t figure out where to begin. I thought maybe you’d help me with that.”

I nearly choked on my drink, but she kept staring at me. “Well… what do you mean by the ‘deep end?’”

“I just want to do something experimental, you know? All my friends have at least one story of a spontaneous threesome, or sex with a stranger, or sex in public. The only sex I’ve had has been missionary bed sex.”

“So… you want to have sex somewhere besides a bed?”


“How about the pool?”

She smiled, rolled her eyes a bit, then kept talking. “You know something I really am close to doing?”


“I want to drive up to the Wild Pony strip club and enter their amateur contest that they have every Thursday.”

My jaw literally dropped open. “You want to strip in front of people? That would be so awesome.” My dick started getting hard at the thought of her pulling off that swim suit, baring it all on a dark blue stage full of gawkers. I put one of my hands in my boxers and rubbed away. “Maybe you could start getting some practice in right about now.”

“Oh come on. I’m not going to strip for you… At least not out here.”

“Your roommates won’t be home for hours.”

“Yeah but still…” she picked up her drink, then looked under the table. “Oh God, what are you doing?”

“You just told me you wanna go into this crazy ‘deep end’ of the sex world, right? You don’t get there without being a little crazy. Come on. Take the arm-floaty thingies off and jump on in.”

“They’re called swimmies…”

“Look. How about I give you a little lesson in stripping?” I stood up and pulled on her hand to lead her away from the table, to the other side of the porch onto a huge rope-net hammock—an amazing piece of furniture that every household should have, especially if sex happens in it.

“You barely have anything to take off,” she said, sounding a bit amused.

“See, that’s your first lesson in stripping. Taking off your clothes isn’t what it’s really about.” I pushed her back onto the hammock and dropped my boxers. My dick sprung out, almost fully erect, and she hummed in approval. I lowered my voice and edged closer to her. “Stripping is about the eros you can create between yourself and the viewer, in such a short time frame.” I put my hands on her and did my best to imitate a male stripper, even though I had never done anything like this before! “It’s about radiating sexuality, out onto a stunned audience… one person at a time.”

She started putting her hands on me. “Can I touch the strippers here?”


“Oooo. I like this place.” She started jacking me off, and my hips froze.

“Oh hell yeah you can.”

“My, you’ve got a big cock, sir. Can I get this to go?”

“I’ve got the all night shift here…” Just then, what I saw through a crack in the window curtains to the living room made my heart jump and start racing twice as fast. Brit, Ruby, and Sarah were rushing into the kitchen, with hands full of grocery bags, and four other guests trailed behind them—two hot girls and two guys who I recognized but had never met. “Oh wow,” I said, in reaction to them.

“Wow indeed,” Susie said, still completely clueless.

Brit came back into the living room, slowly heading for the door to the porch as they chatted away inside. I kept my voice as cool and calm as possible and said, “Hey, cutie. I heard you’ve been wanting to get a little wild lately,” still playing the role of a stripper.

“Yes I do.” She looked at me, fully attentive and excited. Her grip tightened on my cock. “Why do you ask?”

“Well… I think we’re about to get hit by a jet stream.”

The door busted open, and Brit immediately yelled. “Change of plans. The party’s coming here!” She looked over and saw us, but only from the waste up, because a plant blocked her view. “Hey there. What’s going on out here?”

I kept silent, with a big grin on my face.

Brit stepped all the way over, then slightly gasped, “Oh, what do we have here?” She looked us up and down for two seconds. “Good job, Susie!” then she turned back to the door. “Everybody, check this out!”

“Brit! What the fuck?” Susie said. Even so, she kept stroking my cock slowly.

“What? I wouldn’t be a good friend if I let them miss out on this.”

The others came out, each giving off a hoot of excitement or approval about Susie’s new wild side. We remained in place, like there was a show we had expected to put on for them. Suddenly it hit me that I was getting stroked in front of five hot girls and two guys, and it turned me on more than I could have imagined!

Best of all, Susie seemed to roll with it. For a minute, she lost her focus on me, trying to get her bearings with all her friends. But each one of them just kept egging her on with, “Stroke that cock! Stop making him wait, girl!” or “Come on. Give us a show!” as they formed a tight circle around us.

I put out so much pre-cum that I was fully lubed in her hand, and she started speeding up. All the girls shouted and clapped. Brit was less than three feet away from me, so close I thought she was going to join in. “Grab those balls and suck it, girl.”

Susie giggled.

“Come on, girl! Suck it! Suck it!”

Everyone chanted the words a few times, and finally she put her mouth on me, and within a few seconds it seemed like she was trying to make me blow the biggest load in her mouth that she’d ever receive. Blood rushed to the back of my brain and to my cock. I couldn’t even feel the rest of my body, except when Brit and Ruby slapped my ass a few times and patted my shoulders.

Sarah and one of the other girls sat down on each side of Susie. I could tell they were getting turned on, as they tugged at their dresses or rubbed their tits, like they just wanted to slip their clothes off. The girl behind me started doing so. She was wearing a bikini underneath. Obviously they had all come over here to have a spontaneous pool party, which meant all of them were in the mood for being a little naked. And just like that, everything started heating up. Tops came off, then pants. The girls that lived there weren’t wearing swim suits under their clothes, but Ruby and Brit couldn’t care less. They took their pants and shirts off, like they were going to party in their underwear all night long.

I kept rubbing Susie’s arms and grabbing her hair, then finally made a move of my own. I unlatched the back of her top and slipped it off. She pulled away from me and looked up anxiously, like she wanted to whisper, ‘Are you gonna fuck me?’ I answered by pulling on her arm. She stood up and I stuck two fingers in her bikini bottom and shot it off her hips. The other girls lost their mind with cheers, and Susie cracked up again. My heart was pounding, and I was a bit shocked to learn that I was about to fuck Susie for the first time—in front of seven other people.

“Oh my God! Get on that cock, girl!” Brit yelled.

Susie lay back on the hammock and my cock slid right in. I looked her in the eye and completely zoned out for a minute. Her pussy was silky smooth, and she had a nice, plush vulva that I could pound on. I used the hammock to swing her pussy up and down my cock with a good thump at the end of each pump, and went a little harder each time, until she was moaning loud and fully sprawled out on the hammock. She grabbed each end of the hammock and bit her lip. “Oh God!” she yelled.

All the girls cheered and clapped for us. There were hands all over my back and hands touching her tits. The girls could barely be an inch closer to us, like they wanted to smell the sweet scent of Susie’s pussy while I pounded away at her. Each thrust was pure, fucking, ecstasy, and I made sure to go slow enough to last a few minutes, because each time I pounded Susie’s pussy, Brit was getting wetter, as were the other girls.

I watched them rub themselves through their clothes, until Ruby couldn’t wait any more and took her bra off. She’s a bombshell brunette with dark skin, and when I saw her shake those tits, I had to pause for a good ten seconds to hold back. Brit started rubbing and licking Ruby’s nipples, but they soon went back to just watching us. Then Brit sent me over the edge when she put a hand lightly around my balls, massaging the back of them. “Oh fuck!” I said. I felt Ruby’s tits rubbing up against my side.

I pulled out and shot a huge load on Susie’s tits and neck, and some dripped onto her stomach. Everyone went wild with cheers again and we both had a huge smile on our faces. She leaned her head back and relaxed on the hammock. I damn near fell in love with her when I saw her use two fingers to scoop up a bunch of jizz to taste it. She cleaned some more of it off this way and rubbed the small drops into her tits while watching what was brewing just behind me.

“Ross and Kyle’s turn!” Brit shouted when she saw. The two girls who had come in with the roommates were kneeling on the cushions from the chairs and blowing Ross and Kyle like they were porn stars. We watched them go at it a couple of minutes. After a while, the other girls wanted a piece of that action. Pretty soon, everyone was completely naked and the two guys were on a blowjob tour through a circle of five girls. This went on long enough for me to get hard again. Susie was still on the hammock, and she leaned forward to jerk me off for a minute. I closed my eyes, despite the fact that I could have been watching Brit and Ruby give side by side blowjobs while chuckling and touching each other’s tits. The sensation of Susie’s hand on my cock was all I needed, even if it went on for hours.

“Oh he’s not done over here is he?” I heard Brit say.

I opened my eyes and saw Brit and Ruby coming at us, cushions in hand. They plopped the cushions down in front of me. Before I could even comprehend it, they were giving me a dual suck job—one girl on my balls while the other polishing my shaft, then they would switch it up. And their hands went all over my legs and around my ass.

Brit slowly pulled her mouth off my cock, making a loud pop. “Can’t believe we waited so long for this, huh?”

I couldn’t say anything. She laughed. A long lost fantasy of mine—to hook up with Brit—was coming to fruition.

“Damn, this girl is the best!” one of the guys said. I looked back at the hammock. Susie was sucking one of them while jacking off the other guy! The other girls cheered her on.

“Holy shit!” the other guy said.

I kept my eyes locked on her. One stepped back, like he wanted to relieve her of the duty and go back to another girl, but Susie pulled him back in. She went at them like they were hers to boss around. A couple of minutes went by and she only went faster and faster on them, getting one cock soaking wet while jacking the other, then switching. Their groans started emerging, and it was obvious they were about to burst. Susie kept at it, and one after the other they pulled back and shot a load on her—one guy jizzed on her face and she made the cock in her hand go on her tits.

“Wooo!” Brit yelled while clapping. “Look at this little slut go!”

She looked at each guy and gave them a bright, unbelievable smile, then her eyes locked on me. “Oh he’s mine, ladies.” She sprung off the hammock. With a quick swipe, she took the jizz off her face and rubbed it all over her chest, with so much on her that she was glistening. Already I was on edge, and my heart was racing so much I that I thought my knees would buckle and I would faint right then. Her mouth on my cock felt even better than before, and in less than thirty seconds, she was jerking me at lighting pace, because she knew I was about to cum. “Oh yeah, babe,” I groaned. She opened her mouth for me…and swallowed every drop I gave her. It was so exhilarating and exhausting that I sat down on the concrete.

“What a great night. Thanks for getting this girl out of her shell!” Brit said, as she brought me a drink to cool me off.

We went straight to the pool, still energetic and a little kinky. And I was in one of the best moods of my life. We had great drinks, great talks, and some great music—not just for the rest of that night, but a bunch of times for the rest of that unforgettable summer. Most of those nights we kept our clothes on. But a couple of times…

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