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Taking The New Toy For a Spin

Husband and wife take their new toy for a spin
ITS HERE!” she squealed.

What’s here?” I asked from the kitchen but I already knew what IT was. I just wanted to make her say it.

She almost skipped through the house into the kitchen. “You know, the toy!”


Yes, toy, the vibrator we just bought.

Oh yeah, vibrator. We had just ordered a Lyla 2 remote bullet vibrator.

My wife of 25 years, Lynn, was acting like a kid at Christmas. She tore open the box and pulled out the contents. WOW, that looks fantastic.

She was right the soft looking vibe had an ultra smooth surface and looked great.

"Well get it charged up and we’ll take it for a spin tomorrow."

She knew I wanted her to wear it on our annual road trip to Vegas.

That night Lynn came to bed naked. Her pussy was soaking wet and ready to be fucked. I savored her body, which she kept in great shape. She is 5’8” 36” 30” 38” and at 45 years old,she is curvy in just the right places. Even after three kids her tits only sag a little. I licked the moisture from her freshly waxed cunt and brought her to a quick orgasm. She pulled me up and reached between us to guide my cock into her waiting pussy. It didn’t take long for me to fill her with my cum.

We woke the next morning, showered and after a quick breakfast, threw a couple of bags in the convertible Mustang. She looked fantastic in her blue sundress; no bra, no panties. That was the rule on our annual road trip. She has grown to love flashing truckers on the five-hour drive to Vegas.

“Is it in”?

“Not yet”

“Well, lets go get it.” We made our way to the bedroom. I walked behind her watching the sun shine through her dress. In the sun you could tell she was naked underneath.

“OK, Lay on your back”

I took our new toy from the charger and marveled at the smooth silky texture. I put the remote in my pocket. She’s going to love this, I thought. As I came around the bed, she lifted the dress and pulled her knees up. Her pussy was already starting to lubricate itself in anticipation. I ran the toy up and down her vulva to collect some moisture. She started squirming and I hadn’t even turned it on. I paid special attention to her clit and circled it several times. She began to moan and thrust her hips. I pulled away. “Tease!” She quipped. I ran the toy up and down a couple of more times and then slid it into her slowly. Her pussy closed around the toy like a Venus flytrap. I helped her up and she hugged me tight. “That feels incredible” she exclaimed.

We walked to the car and as we got to the kitchen I reached in my pocket and hit the button. She stopped in her tracks and flashed me an evil grin and closed her eyes.

“Oh My God!” She squealed. I hit the button again and escorted her to the car.

“This is going to be a wild ride.” I thought. As we pulled up to the stop sign at the end of our street, the neighbor on the corner waived and started walking towards us.

“You guys off on your trip?" he asked as he approached the car.

“Yep!” Lynn retorted. I hit the button.

Her head shot back and her eyes grew wide.

I’ll make sure I get the newspapers and keep an eye on things. You OK Lynn

“She’s fine Frank…thanks a bunch, we’ll bring you something back. “ I hit the button again.

Lynn panted “we’ll see you in a few days” I started to drive off.

“Bye Frank”

“OK, you kids have fun”

“Oh we will”

Lynn slapped my leg. “You asshole!” I almost came right in front of Frank!

As we got on the Interstate, I kept hitting the button and enjoyed watching my wife ride the waves of pleasure, but I never let her cum. We came up on our first opportunity to flash a trucker. I pulled along side him and told Lynn to pull her top down. Without hesitation her tits were out. I hit the button. Lynn gripped my thigh and squeezed her right breast and nipple. The trucker was looking right at her and blew his horn as we passed him. I increased the power on the bullet and let it run for a while. Lynn was grinding her hips and trying to get off. I hit the button.

“Oh fuck! I was almost there that time,” she yelled.

Lynn laid back and enjoyed the sun on her exposed breasts and occasionally dipped her finger into her sopping pussy. The next truck came pretty quick. The driver looked down at Lynn with a big smile on his face. Lynn had her head back and eyes closed rolling a finger around her clit. I hit the button. I stayed right with the trucker and Lynn gave him a great show. She began to moan as the vibrator worked its magic. I increased the power and she squeezed her left breast. Her hand was a blur. She screamed as she came and about jumped off the seat. I hit the button. The trucker blew his horn and Lynn blew him a kiss as we drove off.

“That was incredible. Pull into the next rest stop, I need to clean up.”

I parked at the end of the parking lot in the shade. I knew it would give her maximum exposure as she walked to the restroom. A few construction workers were eating at one of the picnic tables along the way. As she approached their table all eyes were on her. I hit the button. Lynn grabbed the table for support and glared back at me.

I thought to myself, this is going to be a great road trip.

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