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Tall Fences Make Good Neighbors II

Megan takes the game up a notch.
"Hope you haven’t been waiting long."

Jason grinned, his attention suddenly fixed on the fence separating his yard from the once next door. She was in her usual pose, toned arms folded along the top of the tall barrier, her chin resting on the back of one hand. Her bright green eyes glittered, matching her mischievous smile, as she watched him approach.

"About 24 hours now," he quipped, watching her eyes dip down, aware of the sudden tenting in his shorts. He supposed he should be embarrassed, but her obvious admiration made it difficult to feel anything but anticipation.

"Good. I’d hate to think that my little performance was unappreciated," she shot back, a slight blush on her cheeks, her voice so soft he had to strain to hear her.

He wondered if he should admit to the activities of last night, how he’d replayed the scene in her backyard while jerking off or how hard he’d been since waking up this morning, hoping that she wouldn’t chicken out on her promise.

"I haven’t been able to think of anything else," he answered honestly, his gaze never leaving her face, causing her to blush even deeper. "You were magnificent, Megan."

His answer seemed to please her. She smiled brightly, giggling girlishly, as she suddenly disappeared from sight. "Give me about 15 minutes. Then it’s show time," she called from behind the fence.

Swallowing, Jason nodded, glancing quickly as his watch, wondering what she was doing on the other side of the fence, his cock pulsing inside of his shorts. It was all he could do to stop from reaching into his waistband and stroking it slowly in anticipation.

It was the longest 15 minutes he’d ever endured. When finally it was up, he didn’t waste a second. Stepping up to the plank fence and gripping the top, he peered into Megan’s backyard. The sight he was greeted with stole his breath away. He already knew that the All-American co-ed had a kinky side, but he’d never suspected its depths. Staring at her, he could only wonder if this was but the tip of the iceberg.

Once again she was on the chaise lounge, her thighs pressed together, sitting up, her hands planted firmly behind her. This time she wasn’t wearing her usual bikini. Today, she’d chosen a pair of impossibly shiny latex panties and a matching bra, holes cut into it so that her nipples were proudly on display, standing at attention. Swallowing, he somehow met her brazen gaze, watching as she licked her lips seductively for his benefit, parting her legs as she did so.

Yet another welcome surprise greeted him. The crotch of her panties was cut out. He stared at her revealed cunt, her pussy lips pouting through the oval hole as she slowly spread her legs further and further apart, resting her feet upon either side of the lawn furniture. Reaching down into his shorts, he adjusted his cock, which had sprung to life almost painfully, never once taking his eyes from between her inviting thighs.

"You are so fucking hot," he mouthed, barely noticing the pleased smile she gave him in return.

"Just wait," she replied, loud enough for him to hear. His heart was beating loudly in his chest, pumping blood through him, making him sweat under the warm summer sun. He barely even noticed, his eyes glued to the sight of her displayed cunt.

Megan blew him a quick kiss, before reaching over to the small table beside her. Jason had been so enraptured by the sight of her that he hadn’t noticed the shallow basket upon its surface. Now, his eyes drawn, he let out a low whistle as she withdrew one of several toys she’d filled it with, holding it up for his inspection. The smooth black dildo had to be a good 10-inches long and 2-inches thick, with a bulbous looking head on one end and a disc like base on the other. Like her outfit, it too glistened in the summer sunlight.

She raised it to her lips to kiss its tip just as Jason undid his shorts and tugged down on his zipper, freeing his throbbing cock from its confinement. He felt it spring out almost violently. Wrapping his fingers gently around its girth, he began to slowly stroke himself. Tempted as he was to just jerk himself fast and hard and spray his cum all over his side of the fence, he forced himself to keep his pace slow. After all, Megan has just begun her show. Last thing he wanted to do was to end their game prematurely.

She helped herself to a bottle of lube, pouring it over the black latex cock liberally until ropes of thick liquid were running down its length and dripping onto her bare stomach. He watched in fascination as the stream coursed slowly between her thighs, coating her exposed pussy. He felt his cock twitching in his hand, releasing it before he could went too far, his chest rising and falling, lust taking control of his body and mind.

"Come on, Megan. Put that big black cock in that beautiful fucking pussy of yours," he called out, making sure she could hear his words. Glancing up, he noticed her breasts rising and falling obscenely, obviously as turned on as he was by her performance. Her nipples were swollen with desire and she had a far away look on her face. She smiled dreamily at him, her eyes half closed, as she parted her folds with one hand and slipped the lube drenched cock slowly into her eager pussy.

"Oh my god…" she moaned as it disappeared inside of her, inch my inch. "Oh fuck."

Jason groaned, working his own cock slowly, imaging what it would be like to push it slowly into her sopping wet cunt, stroking along its length and pausing, even as she did once it had disappeared inside of her, only the circular base in view. She left it like that, laying back, spreading her legs even further apart, her back arching up off the lounger so that only her ass, her shoulders, and the back of her head were in contact. Her perky breasts swelled against the tight latex while her nipples pushed through the perfectly cut holes, pointing skyward as she began whimpering with pleasure.

Jason stared, his body pressed against the rough wall separating them, turned at an angle so that he could stroke himself as he watched her over the fence, completely oblivious to his surroundings. He couldn’t help but pull at his cock a little faster as he watched her reach up to tug at her rock hard nipples, the dildo still buried to the hilt inside of her. She moaned, writhing suddenly as she twisted them, her ass rising, her feet planted firmly on the lawn, slowly relaxing once more so that she lay against still on the chaise. Lifting her eyes, she met his gaze, her mouth parted lewdly as if forming a silent O, the pink tip of her tongue protruding outwards.

His eyes were drawn back to her thighs as she reached down between them, slowly withdrawing the fake cock from her tight cunt, twisting it slowly out. He could hear a faint slurping sound as she dislodged it, leaving only the bulbous head of it inside of her.. He imagined her juices mixing with the lubrication pooling beneath her ass. He forced himself to slow down once more, aware of the intense pulsing in his swollen member.

"You still with me, Jason?" she asked breathlessly, obviously as turned on as he was.

"Not going to hold out much longer, baby," he replied truthfully, just as breathless.

As an answer, she withdrew the dildo completely. Lifting her ass up giving him a perfect view of her cunt, she pressed the slick tip of the fake cock against her puckered hole and slowly began to feed it into her ass while he watched unbelievingly.

"My god…" he managed, his cock suddenly twitching again. This time, instead of slowing down, he jacked it harder, unable to help himself as he watched her slowly push the latex monster into her tight ass, a mixture of pained whimpers and lust fueled moans the only sound he could hear. Reaching around behind her, she kept up the pressure, pushing it deeper and deeper. Soon three-quarters of it had disappeared inside of her, and still she kept slowly twisting into her tight ass. She began teasing her clit with her other hand, flicking it and rubbing it in a sudden frenzy, her whole body lifting up, only her shoulders still in contact with the lawn chair.

"Hurry, hurry, hurry…" she moaned.

Unsure if she meant the words for him or herself, Jason kept stroking, frantic to cum for her, hopefully with her. It felt like they were in a race, one that he wanted to end in a tie. He got his wish as Megan suddenly let out a wordless cry, her body jerking as she shoved the last of the latex cock into her ass, her thighs quaking uncontrollably as her orgasm took hold and shook her from head to toe. Jason was only a second behind, shooting his load into a nearby rose bush with an orgasmic groan, his face mashed against the top of the fence. His first spurt of cum was followed by another more violent explosion, and then a third that felt just as intense as the first.

"Oh my god…" they both moaned, almost together, both laughing quietly as they’d realized it.

"Fuck, Megan. You are just too much."

He watched as her breathing slowly returned to normal, still slowly stroking his cock, barely noticing as a thick string of cum dripped slowly from its swollen head. He felt drained, his knees suddenly weak as he watched his partner in crime push herself up, her legs still spread wide, only the black base visible, the rest of her toy still buried in her ass. She made a sound of pure pleasure as she sat up, forcing it deeper inside of her as he in turn emptied his cock of the last of his seed. After that, he simply watched, amazed as she began to bounce gently up and down, slowly fucking herself up the ass.

She came again, this time with a surprised gasp, throwing her head back suddenly as a sharp climax ripping through her body. Laying back, she let the dildo slip slowly from its berth until it lay between her thighs, its services done with, at least for now.

They both remained silent for a time, Megan unable to speak, and Jason not wanting to break the spell. He was content to admire her perfect body; the puffy lips of her drenched cunt, the swell of her breasts covered in skin tight latex, the way her golden hair lay fanned bout behind her head. It was the most beautiful sight he’d ever imagined, let alone actually observed.

Eventually, she lifted her head, smiling shyly at him, reminding him of how young she was, a thought that brought a slight swelling to his soft cock. Reaching between his legs, he began stroking it again, pleased at the response.

"Just lay there, Megan. Just let me look at you while I jerk off. I think I might need to cum again."

Her response was to giggle as she reached into the basket on the table for an unused toy. This time, she came away with a slim pink vibrator. He grinned encouragingly as she turned it on and began to run it up and down her parted slit, pausing to press the tip of it against her swollen clit, meeting his lust filled gaze with one of her own.

They continued to play with themselves, never once breaking eye contact, Jason stroking his now hard cock as she worked her cunt with the vibrating toy. It was, in its way, the most intimate experience either of them had ever enjoyed. He watched her as her mouth slowly fell open and her lashes began to flutter. Her face grew flushed and her breathing labored, a reflection of his own reactions as they both began to near the point of no return.

"Now," he whispered, about to burst.

She came just as he did, his cum hitting the fence and dripping slowly down it even as she cried out.

"Oh my god!" she cried out, loud enough that if anyone has been lurking in the far yard, they’d have heard her clearly.

He watched as she shuddered to her third climax before his eyes, her emerald eyes flying open, still locked upon his sapphire orbs as she collapsed, sprawled like some porn star on the lounge chair. Once again, he let silence reign, his breathing slowly returning to normal, his cock softening in his hand. The sun actually felt good upon it, he thought absently, wondering what it must feel like on Megan’s bare flesh. He felt a sudden longing to run his hands over her, kissing her parted lips with a tender passion as he held her in his arms.

Taking a deep breath, he pushed the thought from his mind. Don’t ruin this, he told himself. Don’t say anything stupid. With that advice firmly in his head, he leaned against the fence, waiting for his play partner to recover which, eventually, she did.

"Enjoy yourself?" she asked, smiling shyly as she sat up, her thighs pushed together as she turned to one side, his view of her young cunt now hidden from view.

"Both times," he replied, a playful grin on his handsome face. "I’m seriously considering calling in sick tomorrow."

Megan laughed, shaking her head as she stood, her golden tresses contrasting against her tanned flesh. "Don’t do that. It would ruin my plans. You get home around six, right?

Wordlessly, he nodded, wondering what was going through her thoughts at the moment. He knew what was going through his: The image of her sprawled upon the lawn, writhing in orgasmic bliss. A broad smile creased his face, thinking of how he was going to enjoy their time together later this evening. Maybe he’d even see if he could replay it in full and cum twice. He was certainly going to try.

He blinked, coming out of his reverie in time to see her retreating across the lawn, her perfect ass encased in a sheath of skin tight latex, wiggling deliciously as she headed for the back door. Turning her head, she paused in the doorway, giving him a lovely view, the silhouette of her gorgeous breasts drawing his eyes as she got in the last word and blowing him a kiss before disappearing from view.

"See you tomorrow."

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