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Tall Fences Make Good Neighbors III

Megan and Jason become intimate.
It had been difficult keeping his thoughts on track at work. Time after time, Jason found himself thinking of the sexy co-ed next door and the show she’d put on for him over the weekend. It had been difficult to disguise the physical signs of his mental detours, an all too obvious tenting in his trousers. Even worse, as the end of the day drew near, he found himself unable to think of anything other then Megan’s parting remark.

Don’t do that. It would ruin my plans. See you tomorrow.

He found himself staring at the computer screen, imagining her in her backyard, her legs spread, playing with herself with various toys, climaxing as he watched from his side of the fence…

It was shortly before 6 when Jason pulled into his driveway and shut the engine off. Wasting no time, he hurried inside and shed his work attire, changing into khaki shorts, and a rather loud Hawaiian shirt. Slipping into a pair of flip-flops, he hurried out the back door, an impressive dent in his shorts already quit noticeable as he made a beeline for the fence, fervently hoping that Megan hadn’t had a change of heart.

He slowed as he approached the vantage point he’d enjoyed the two days previous, a slow grin spreading on his face. Beside the rose bush on his side of the fence, someone had cut a circular hole in the planking, leaving a thick film of sawdust at the base of the barrier. It looked to be 12 inches in diameter and waist high on him. The words glory hole popped into his head as he stood there, transfixed, wondering exactly what it was that Megan has planned. Was he expected to, once again, be her voyeuristic partner in another masturbatory experience or had she decided to take it one more step? Knowing that there was only one way to find out, he renewed his pace, only stopping once he reached the wooden barrier. Without a moments hesitation, he knelt, his bare knees pressing against the earth, scrunching down so that his eyes were level with the newly made peephole.

"Hello, neighbor." Megan’s sultry voice was pitched low, sounding shy, belying the brazen way she met his eyes, her emerald orbs less then a yard away. She, too, knelt.

"Hello, babe," Jason replied, swallowing first, somehow managing to keep his voice steady as he regarded her through the hole. She was dressed in a pair of low rise jeans and a light gray cotton belly baring tank, her nipples making obvious dents in the material. "God, you are magnificent."

That brought a grin to her face, as well as a fresh blush to her youthful cheeks. "How was your day?"

"Long. I couldn’t get you out of my thoughts all day." He gave her a grin, before adding: "Not that I tried very hard."

"Good. Like my surprise?"

This time, Jason simply nodded, watching as she sat back on her heels, noting how her jeans hugged her thighs as she spread them slightly, never once taking her eyes from his face, watching his expression as he noticed how dark her crotch was. She’d either spilled something, or…

"I spent the afternoon in the living room, playing with myself while thinking of you. I could have cum several times, but I didn’t. You have no idea how worked up I am. I’m not wearing panties and my jeans are soaked."

"God, I want you so bad, Megan." He winced, wondering if that sounded as lame as he thought it did, his eyes travelling back to her face, hoping he’d not made a mistake. From the way her lips curved into a sultry smile, he rejoiced. Apparently it had been the response she’d hoped for.

She stood, positioning her hands, palms flat, against the fence, her crotch at eye level, her bare feet spread apart so that her legs formed a narrow V-shape.

"What are you waiting for?" She whispered, her voice husky.

Jason blinked, his breath shallow, his heart pounding in his chest, wondering how far she was going to take their little game today. There was only one way to find out. He reached through the opening, running a single finger along the top of her waistband, making the journey from one delicious hip bone to the other, enjoying the soft intake of her breath as he traced a path only her sensitive flesh.

"Such a pretty girl, Megan. I wonder what your parents would think if they knew what you were doing."

"They have no idea what a slut I am." She inhaled suddenly as the tip of his finger slowly returned to its starting place, trailing over her bare skin, her stance unchanging.

He wished he could see her face, wanting to see the desire that he was convinced filled her eyes, but the hole was too small. Only her mid section was in view. At least for now. Reaching down to adjust his cock, he took a few moment to stroke it into a full blown, throbbing erection while running his finger slowly down the zipper of her jeans imagining her drenched pussy an eighth of in inch away, separated only by a layer of thin denim.

"I know, though, don’t I, Megan. Don’t worry, it will be our little secret. As long as you keep me entertained."

He heard her chuckle. It ended in another sharp intake of breath as he slid his hand between her thighs, rubbing her pussy though the material, surprised at how wet she really was. Concentrating, he caught a whiff of her fragrance, fueling his lust for her. He kept rubbing, watching her legs spread slightly further apart accompanied by a soft moan. He felt her thighs quiver, squeezing gently as he continued to play with her, imagining her sweet juices dripping from her pussy as he reached into his shorts once more and caressed his rock hard cock, imagining what it would feel like to stuff it into her tight little hole and pump her full of cum.

He pulled his hand from between her legs, running his fingers over the front of her jeans once more, this time hooking them into her waistband and pulling her forward until she was pressed against the fence. The hole spotlighted her almost perfectly. He imagined what she must look like, her gorgeous tits mashed up against the wood, her cheek pressed against the rough planking. Glancing up, he saw her fingers curled over the top of the fence, gripping it tightly. Her nails were pink, reminding him a Barbie doll. The last two times, she’s been in control, playing with herself while he watched. This time, it was his turn.

Jason undid the top button on her jeans and slid her zipper down, slowly revealing tufts of soft auburn hair while she stood silent and motionless. He paused when her swollen clit sprung free, admiring his view before finishing the job. She was soaked, the edges of her labia were engorged, spreading like petals, framing her slit, slick with desire. Leaning close, he inhaled her musk, smiling at the slight tang of oranges that accompanied it. It was all he could do not to press his face into the hole and lap at her.

"Your cunt is beautiful." He breathed, blowing warm air against it. He loved her reaction as she pressed herself against the cut-out with a lingering moan of need.

"It’s all yours, Jason. Please, I don’t think I can take being teased right now." Her voice was muffled by the barrier between them. Still, he detected a hint of desperation in it.

"Poor girl. You spent all weekend teasing me. Maybe it’s time for a little payback."

Jason ran his index finger from the bottom of her exposed cunt, parting her folds. By the time he brushed her clit, it was coated with her honey. He watched her hips tremble, placing his finger between to his tongue and tasting her for the first time. Like her scent, there was a tangy-sweetness to her nectar. Leaning forward, he pressed his lips against her cunt, and kissed her tenderly, moving his head from side to side until her wetness covered his lips.

"Don’t move, Megan," he commanded, sitting back on his heels and undoing his shorts. Reaching into them, he freed his throbbing erection. A small pearl of precum hung from the mushroom shaped tip. He began to stroke himself slowly, content to gaze at her naked pussy while he thought about every thing he’d ever wanted to do with her, wondering how far she would let him go in fulfilling his fantasies. Right now, he just wanted to fuck her like an animal and make her scream for him. He was pretty sure she’d let him, too. All he had to do was shove his cock inside of her. It’s what she wanted him from him, he was sure of it. Saturday and Sunday had been all about her being in control, but today, the tables had shifted. She had already admitted how desperate she was. Today, it was his turn.

He spoke slowly, his words precise and clear, making sure she could understand him, separated as they were, by the tall fence between their backyards.

"We’re going to play by my rules today, baby. Understand?"

"Yes." He cold barely hear her whimper.

Smiling to himself, Jason caressed the underside of his shaft while wondering just how kinky she really was. Hopefully, he was about to find out.

"The rules are simple, Megan. I’m going to ask you a question and you are going to answer honestly or not at all. Every time you answer, I will reward you. If you choose not to answer, then no reward. Got it?"

"Got it, Jason." He thought he detected a hint of a smile in her answer. Good. He’d hoped she’d play along.

"We’ll start off easy. Are you a virgin?"

He watched in delight as laughter made her hips shake, spiking his own lust so that he had to exert his will to keep from giving into the desire to stroke his cock fast and furiously, not stopping until he unleashed his load. He wanted to cum as much as she did. Maybe even more.

"I lost my virginity when I was 16. I told you I was a dirty little slut."

"Good girl. Reward time."

Jason leaned forward once more, and kissed her, his mouth forming a circle, as he described a smaller circle around her clit with the tip of his tongue. He felt her jerk at first contact, her quiet gasp becoming a low moan as she attempted to push herself through the fence. He kept it up for close to 10 seconds before pulling away, leaving her heaving for breathe and squirming.

"Keep it up, baby. It’s only going to get better." He did the best to keep his voice steady, taking a deep breath, his cock almost painfully stiff, his hands pressed flat against the fence, his face mere inches from her quivering cunt.

"Have you ever had sex with a girl?"

She didn’t hesitate, answering him as soon as he’d finished the question. "Yes. And no, I wasn’t drunk at the time. Three different girls, in fact, and not just once. I like girls almost as much as I like men."

His compensation came as quickly as her answer. This time, he inserted his finger into her dripping hole, curling, curling it upwards into her tight canal in a quest for her g-spot, her soft cry convincing him that he’d found it. He began to stroke her, stopping well short of sending her over the edge and withdrawing his digit. Before he continued, he wiped it dry along the length of his cock, accompanied by Megan’s whimpers.

"Keep it up, sexy, and I might let you cum for me."

"Oh my god, you’d better, or I’ll kill you."

"Ah ah ah!" Jason exclaimed, laughing. "Threats are just going to make the torment last longer."

He waited for her reply, continuing on only after he’d heard a muffled groan from her side of the fence.

"Ever had been in a threesome?"

Again, there was no hesitation. In a husky voice, she answered him. "Yes. And a four way too. Hurry up with my reward!"

This time, he thrust two fingers inside of her, pumping them in and out of her slowly, biting his lip as he listened to her stifled moans, her hips matching his rhythm until he simply stopped and let her do all the work, her hips moving back and forth as she did her best to drive his stiff fingers deep inside her grasping cunt. He let her go until he could hear her moans heighten, pulling his fingers out of her before she reached the point of no return.

"Fuck!" she swore, her voice loud and clear. "I was so close, Jason!"

"I know, baby. But I want to make this last for you. Besides, I have more questions to ask."

"I was in an orgy once, too. It was an Ecstasy party at a beach house."

"Thank you for sharing, but it only counts if I ask the question. Volunteering information doesn’t count." He was quickly revising his image of her. She might look like your typical clean cut co-ed, but apparently, she had everyone fooled. It was time to discover just how kinky she really was.

"Ask me something then!"

"Have you ever let anyone tie you up?"

This time, there was a pause. He waited, wondering what was going through her head. Had he overstepped her boundaries? Had he gone from sexy neighbor to creepy pervert? Would she storm off, slam the door and never speak to him again?

He heard her voice, but it was too quiet to make out. He waited for a few seconds before asking her to speak louder.

"Yes," she said, her voice sounding hesitant. Instead of rewarding her right away, he sat back on his heels, starting thoughtfully up, noting how she flexed her trembling fingers upon the top of the fence.

"Yes?" he repeated, waiting, wanting to know more, afraid to push her past her limits, unable to keep his hands off his cock as he pictured her tied spread eagle to her bed, her drenched pussy spread wide open for him. His erection twitched and he grunted, forcing himself to slow down, wanting the feeling to last forever.

"Yes. Twice. I…liked it. A lot. Since then, I have thought of nothing else…."

Jason took a deep breath, hearing the hesitation in her voice, feeling her embarrassment as she admitted her deepest, darkest secret. He stood, reaching up, placing his hand over hers, squeezing it almost comfortingly, his cheek pressed against the wood where he imagined hers would be. It felt intimate, despite the barrier between them. With his free hand, he guided his cock into her waiting pussy, his legs bent at the knees to accommodate her slightly shorter stature. He felt her shift, imagined her pushing herself up on her toes as his cock sank deep inside of her, only the make shift glory hole allowing him access to her most intimate region.

They stood like that, hearts pounding, breath ragged, otherwise silent, until finally he spoke.

"Tell me, Megan." His words were soft, yet commanding. Gentle, despite the fact that it was an order, not a request. She must have sensed that, her own words just loud enough to carry to his ears.

"Winter break, a few months before you moved in, I hooked up with this guy. He talked me into trying it. The first time, I was a little drunk. He tied me to the bed and fucked me. It was amazing. I felt kind of… helpless, but I liked it. I climaxed so hard I almost blacked out."

While she talked, he began moving his hips slowly, gripping her other hand in his as well, trapping them both upon the fence top while he pushed his thick cock in and out of her tight cunt, taking his time while she shared her dirty little secret.

"The second time, I was sober. I was too embarrassed to ask, but it was all I’d been able to think of, Jason…"

She began to match his rhythm, pushing forward in tandem, doing her best to force his cock deep inside of her, completely engulfing it, backing away as he withdrew, until only his engorged head was encased in her dripping slit.

"It was even better. He tied me on his bed and… called me a dirty little fuck doll, talked dirty to me. I… loved it."

Jason could hear the lust in her voice. He begin to quicken his thrusts, keeping them even, but building speed up slowly as he pumped his swollen cock in and out of Megan, his shorts sliding down his legs and pooling around his ankles.

"He was just here for the break. He went back to Stanford for school. Since then… it’s all I think about. I started going on line, going to BDSM sites. I even bought some things. The latex outfit I wore and two pairs of leather cuffs. I… like to wear them when I play with myself…"

Jason groaned, imagining her in her bedroom, laying on her bed, naked except for the leather cuffs around hear ankles and wrists, fucking herself with her dildo, biting her pillow to muffle her cries when she came. He lost control, suddenly, and began driving into her, almost crushing her hands as he slammed himself against the fence, over and over, crying out suddenly when he released his load deep inside Megan’s pussy.

"Oh, god…" He heard her cry out moments later, her body convulsing against the fence, her muscles squeezing tight around him. "Oh my god, Jason, I…."

She erupted, unable to quiet the sound of passion, her wordless cries carrying. If there were other neighbors about, they must have heard her. Not that either of them cared.

Finally, she relaxed, his softening rod still buried inside of her, his cum, mixed with her juices, running down the insides of her thighs like honey. Only his grip on her hands kept her from sliding down the fence into a heap of satisfaction at the base of the fence. Neither of them spoke for several minutes.

"Megan?" It was Jason who finally broke the silence.

"That was…" she managed, following her words with a breathless chuckle.

"Yes. It was. Intense."

He felt her withdraw, his cock sliding from her slippery cunt, wet and warm as it hung against his thigh. Taking a deep breath, he sank to his knees once more, feeling wonderfully spent, glad that Megan had had the same thought. He stared at her face through the hole, her eyes slightly glazed, her smile dreamy. He had the sudden urge to kiss her. Instead, he reached through the hole and brushed a stray lock of auburn from her face, his hand shaking slightly as he touched her cheek.

"Nice surprise," he murmured, his smile crooked.

"You liked that?" He watched her lift her eyes to his, meeting his gaze and holding it. "What I told you…"

Cupping her chin through the hole, still feeling an overwhelming desire to kiss her, he instead brushed his thumb tenderly over her lips. "Just thinking about you like that turned me on so much."

"You don’t think it’s freaky?"

"I think it’s fucking sexy, baby."

"Good." She took his hand in hers, kissing his knuckles, the corners of her mouth curving wickedly up. "I’m going to take a shower. Same time tomorrow?"

Jason nodded, not trusting his voice. He knelt there, watching her though the hole as she turned away from him and hiked her jeans back up, zipping them closed. Then, blowing him a kiss over her shoulder, she turned, her hair looking magnificent in the sunlight. He watched her, once more imagining her limbs cuffed to the four corners of a bed, his cock slowly thickening again, despite him having just emptied it inside his beautiful next door neighbor. Tomorrow couldn’t come soon enough.

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