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Tall Fences Make Good Neighbors

A mutual exchange between neighbors.
His name was Jason, and he’d moved into the neighborhood in March, having just relocated from New York City. It had taken very little time to decide that he liked Southern California much more then his hometown. The weather, the relaxed atmosphere, and the girls, starting with his next door neighbor.

Her name was Megan, and she shared the house next door with her parents. She was 20, a liberal arts student at the local university, and cute as a button. Deep auburn hair, eyes of emerald, and a dusting of freckles spoke of Irish roots. She was of average height and weight, and toned from years of playing girl’s volleyball. She was the perfect subject for his girl next door wet dreams, of which he had plenty since seeing her for the first time in tight shorts and a tank top which clung like seran wrap to her figure, high lighting her size C boobs rather nicely.

Best of all, she was friendly, welcoming him to the neighborhood the day after he’d moved in, her fingers clutching the top of the plank fence that separated them, standing on tiptoes only the top half of her face visible as she introduced herself. After that, he’d made a habit of spending his free time in the yard, quickly making friends with the bright and fun loving girl 10 years his junior.

As spring turned to summer, they made a habit of chatting over the top of the fence as often as possible, Megan pulling up a chair to stand on, her arms folded along the length of the fence, chin resting on her forearms. She’d talk animatedly about her day, about classes, about this friend or that, making little comments that made Jason wonder if she was flirting, fueling his evening masturbation sessions, his sexy neighbor quickly become the sole object of his lusty fantasies. At 30, he kept himself in good shape, running in the mornings and keeping active in a local basketball league. He was tall and trim, dark hair framing a clean shaven face, his eyes the deep blue of the ocean, and he carried himself with a confidence that he knew women found attractive. Despite all that, he’d yet to put himself out in the dating scene since moving.

As the summer wore on, Megan’s attire reflected the balmy days, favoring sun dresses or skirts whose hemlines flirted with what was decent, or just as often, bikinis that allowed her to work on her tan in the back yard. It was a sight that Jason found rather enjoyable whenever he glanced over the fence and caught her in the act of rubbing sun screen over her shapely calves and thighs, seemingly oblivious to his presence.

"My parent’s are going to Florida for a few weeks." She told him, perched upon the wooden deck chair on the other side of the fence. "Going to be nice. Two weeks of having the house all to myself."

Jason smiled, recalling his college days. "Don’t worry, I won’t snitch on you if you have a kegger or two. Or if your boyfriend spends the night."

Megan simply smiled, shrugging her bare shoulders, her tight red bikini top hugging her ripe breasts like a second skin. "Nope. No parties, no boyfriend. Just going to catch up on some reading while working on my tan."

True to her word, her parent’s departure hadn’t set off a string of wild parties. Most afternoons found her on the chaise in the back yard in one of a small collection of skimpy bikinis, impractical in design unless they’d been designed specifically to tease and tantalize even the most jaded of the male population. Jason became thankful for the fence between him, unable to hide the semi permanent erection in his shorts whenever he glanced over the barrier between them, doing his best not to be obvious as the week wore on.

Saturday came and he did his best to pretend that he really was looking forward to yard work for its own sake, rather then to catch a glimpse of his sexy next door neighbor. Today’s offering was nautical blue with vertical white stripes with ties at either hip. He couldn’t help imagining her tugging the bows looses and letting it fall as she moved across the well manicured lawn. As had become her habit, she took up residence near the lounge chair, a paperback copy of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo close at hand as well as a bottle of lotion and a glass of iced tea. Catching her eye, he waved, a gesture she returned before going on about the business of slathering lotion all over her plentiful bare flesh.

As always, she started with her legs, covering the tops of her feet and ankles, working her way up to her calves. As long as he hovered near the fence he could watch her. As obvious as that was, she hadn’t seemed to mind in the past, and he’d taken her silence as invitation to continue to do keep doing so.

As he watched, her expression turned blissful, with a hint of something less innocent as she squirted the thick lotion onto her hands and began massaging her inner thighs slowly, looking up just in time to catch him watching her. Nonplussed, she smiled coyly, taking her time to cover every square inch of her thighs, her fingers brushing against the edges of her skimpy bikini bottoms almost teasingly. Giving up even the pretense of trimming a nearby rose bush, he moved closer, the butt of his chin pressing against the top of the fence, eyes glued to Megan or, more specifically her briefs. Shading his eyes with one hand, he watched, hypnotized as she continued to cover her skin, her hands stroking over her supple thighs. She shifted, first covering one exposed globe of her firm ass, then the other, spending more time then he thought strictly necessary, not that he minded.

She was a delight to watch, made all the more so by the occasional shift of her gaze towards him, a knowing smirk lifting the corners of her lips. Without conscious thought, he reached into his shorts and adjusted his cock, his erection pressing almost painfully, confined as it was. By now he was sure that there was more to her performance then met the eye. Unable to will his hand to behave, he began to slowly stroke himself as he watched one of his fantasies taking place right before his eyes, silently praying for her to keep going.

His mouth fell open slightly as she moved past her bottoms to her belly, making circular motions that brushed the edge of her striped bottoms, her fingertips slipping just within, never lingering for long. His eyes rose, taking note of how her lashes fluttered each time over closed eyes, the tip of her pink tongue pushing out between her soft lips. She was definitely enjoying herself. Clutching the top of the fence with his free hand, he continued to slowly stroke his full erect cock, unable to tear his eyes away. Even the application of lotion upon her arms and shoulders turned into an erotic vision, her delicate hands leaving her skin glistening in their wake.

He wondered if the show was over when she bent over to place the bottle on the ground at her feet, rejoicing at the perfect view of cleavage it gave him. He realized that his breath had become somewhat ragged and his heart was beating against his ribs. He felt flushed, the heat of the late morning sun combined with the heat of this lovely vixen conspiring to make him perspire.

Straightening once more, she reached behind her. Jason held his breath, not believing his luck as he watched her remove her top, freeing her magnificent globes. They were perfect, or so he thought, full and still firm with youth and obviously natural. Her nipples were the color of rose buds, erect against her large pink areola. Licking his lips, he stared at their thickness, barely even noticing her gaze shifting until it locked onto his, followed by an almost shy smile.

He found the sight of her squeezing out a palmfull of thick lotion erotic, his concealed cock twitching in his hand as she lifted her hands to her full breasts and began to massage it in, leaving glistening smears upon the surface of her flesh. Soon, she began to concentrate on her nipples, her fingers brushing the tips at first before throwing caution to the wind and taking them between her thumb and finger and rolling them, all pretense of simply applying sun screen now gone. Lifting his gaze to her face, he saw her eyes close once more, and her lips part, forming a small ‘O’, her cheeks turning pink as she played with her stiff nubs.

"Oh my god." He let out under his breath, clutching the top of the fence even harder as he stared at her, groaning as she stopped what she was doing to cup her breasts, her thumbs making delightfully slow circles around her swollen nipples.

Again, she glanced his way, her breasts now rising and falling erotically with every breath that she took, pointing them directly at him as she wet her lips once more with the tip of her tongue. The gesture seemed to last forever, ending with a puckering of lips, an obvious kiss directed at him. Once again, he let out a groan, this one apparently audible across the short distance, earning him a fierce blush as she looked away, her eyes settling instead upon the contents of the small white table.

Reaching out, she grasped her tea, the glass covered with the sweat of ice. Bringing it close, she touched the bottom corner of it against her nipple, her entire body clenching gently at the cold touch, a quiet gasp slipping from between her lips. She paused, letting it linger there for a moment, before breaking contact. Holding it over the grass, she plucked a single cube of ice and set it back down.

Jason let go of his cock, suddenly realizing that his excitement was rising too quickly, wanting to enjoy how this played out, wondering how far she would go. He had sudden visions of her calling out his name, cajoling him to climb the fence and fuck her. Or maybe she’d kneel, taking his cock in her hands, guiding it into her waiting mouth, eagerly sucking him off, letting him cum all over her naked body. Just the thought was almost too much to bear as his right hand joined his left in clenching the top of the wooden planks, watching Megan as she continued to play with herself for their mutual pleasure.

A small trickle of water rolled down her breast as she brushed the cube against her hard nipple, sucking air sharply as it touched her hot flesh for the first time. He watched it as it slid lazily over the curve of her breast and down her taut stomach, coming to a stop when it neared her navel. Again, she repeated the gesture on her other nipple stiffening noticeably as it too was kissed by ice. This time the trail of run off pooled in her navel, glistening there like a liquid diamond. Jason had a suddenly longing to dip his tongue into he depression and then follow its path upwards.

Instead, he watched, his cock pulsing with lust, as Megan abandoned her breasts, reaching between her slightly parted thighs to pull her briefs away from her, letting the ice slip from her other hand and disappear within with a whimper, her eyes widening at the sensation. Jason was suddenly glad he’d abandoned his erection as he watched her legs part slowly, wondering if it was the melting ice cube or her pussy that had turned the front panel of her swimsuit dark. As if reading his thoughts, she turned her gaze to him, her lips forming a perfect smile, one full of promises. His self control suddenly crumbling, his pushed his hand inside his shorts once more and began slowly stroking himself even as she lay back on the lounge. Her feet were aimed in his direction, reclining so that he had a perfect view of her exposed tits and the wet patch between her thighs, making it possible for her to watch him even as he watched her, should she wish.

Deftly, she untied the bows at her hips, and her bikini went slack. It still covered her most intimate parts, but he was able to get a good glimpse of the light covering of auburn that crowned her cunt. He thought his heart might burst at the sight. Smiling, her eyes never leaving his face, she lifted her hips and pulled the skimpy top from beneath her ass, discarding it on the lawn, leaving her completely nude, one hand between her legs, covering her from his lust filled stare, her smile turning suddenly nervous.

He hung on the fence, almost afraid to breathe as he watched emotions and thoughts play upon her face, silently lending her his strength, willing her to take the next step, finally breathing a sigh of relief as she revealed herself to him. He wanted to shout hallelujah. Instead he gave her an encouraging smile, coupled with a small nod, speaking directly to her for the first time.

"Your are so beautiful, Megan. God, you are sexy."

That seemed to break the ice for her. Her cheeks colored slightly at his praise, hearing the earnestness in his voice, seeing the way his eyes were riveted between her thighs. She truly was beautiful, her folds parted, the edges tinged reddish pink and glistening in the overhead sun, a small trickle dripping to the chaise as he openly admired her, devouring her with his gaze.

"Now… touch yourself, Megan." He dared, relieved at her nod.

She shifted on the make shift bed, getting comfortable before reaching between her thighs and slowly parting her lips with her fingers, stroking through the cleft between them. Her fingers disappeared up to the first joint of her knuckles, accompanied my a soft moan as she lay back, her other hand stroking over her taut tummy. Her eyes were closed, he noted, not that it mattered. She knew he was watching, that he was a prisoner to her performance. He unzipped his pants, freeing his cock, and resumed stroking, fighting the urge to go faster, wanting to make it last as long as possible. In his thoughts, he pictured her cumming in tandem with him, ecstasy overtaking them simultaneously.

"That’s it, baby." He called out to her, softly enough so that only she would hear him if there were neighbors on the other side of the fence. The thought of anyone else enjoying his private viewing was unbearable. His eyes flickered up, making sure that there were no other sets of eyes gazing into the her backyard. They were thankfully alone.

She took his cue, pulling her lip between her teeth as she kept stroking from the base of her slit to her clit, pausing only to tease her clit free, rolling it gently between her dripping finger tips. Soon, she was simply describing circles around it, each stroke growing more passionate, eager fingers dipping deeper and deeper into her now drenched pussy. He matched her rhythm, grunting softly as the blood rushed to his cock, its head swollen and red, a small glistening pearl appearing at the tip, replaced with another as is slid over the smooth head. He couldn’t hold back much longer, nor did he want to.

"Oh, fuck, Megan, I’m going to…"

It was as if she was waiting for him. As the words spilled out he watched her trembling thighs tighten and her back arch, her fingers plowing one last time through her valley before thrusting inside of her, pumping almost violently until she gave a soft cry, her orgasm rolling through her even as he came, his cum spewing against the fence in thick globs. He milked it, releasing a second jet, and then a third, finally collapsing, his forehead pressed against the rough wood until he could get his bearings once more.

When he finally lifted his head, it was to the vision of her sprawled on the lounge chair, her legs spread obscenely as she gently stroked her sopping wet pussy, each breath inflating her breasts as she whimpered softly. She lifted her eyes, locking gazes with him for a time, finally mouthing something too quietly for him to hear, that looked like it might have been ‘thank you.’

They watched each other, smiles slowly growing on their faces, until finally Megan gathered herself enough to sit up on the chaise. Brushing her auburn hair behind one ear, she broke into a soft giggle, unable to meet Jason’s eyes as she covered her self shyly once more, her hands blocking his view of her deliciously wet cunt.

"I should…." She stumbled on the words, her breasts bouncing magnificently as she stood.

"Yeah, me too…."

He watched her hurry towards the house, his cock growing soft in his hand, enjoying the view of her rounded bottom, each step a delightful sight. She pushed the back door open, pausing in the doorway, looking over her shoulder with a playful smile, her cheeks the color of roses.

"Same time tomorrow?"

Blowing him a kiss, she let out a girlish giggle and disappeared into the house, leaving Jason wondering what delights the next day might bring, calculating the days until her parent’s return, wondering how far Megan might be willing to go with her game. With a grin, he zipped up his shorts and headed inside his house, the sun shining warmly on the wet stain he’d left on his side of the fence.

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